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Anyone see this just posted up?
Last night I saw  this was posted up.. interesting. Not sure about  it. I usually just look at Beta 300 setups mainly.. I’m not sure how legit but interesting.         
Latest IG post from Ping
Probably get moved, but have yall seen this? I agree with David. It's bullshit! 😡 https://www.instagram.com/tv/CUd4ypPAMnf/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link&fbclid=IwAR3aP9HnWeoJnH4WCXXsxrFvDkIGxGPlFCf6u0h6-LqWOuOZc3AvdmWgK3w
KX 85 Dies when letting go off the clutch
My KX 85 idles with choke, when i turn off the choke it runs but I have to give it a little bit of throttle. But when I put it in gear and release the clutch, the bike dies. I tried it on the stand, and that did work. I put the air screw to its neutral position. Does anyone know what could be the problem? Thanks


NKR200 sway
My NKR200 is 21 years old, I bought it in 2000 It sways from side to side and cannot do more than 70kmh I just got home safely, but I dont want to risk using it until I fixed the problem Many years ago I replaced the front shocks What do you suggest ?
Tips for securing dirtbike on hitch carrier when away from vehicle
Hey guys, I'm planning on purchasing a truck & cabover camper in the next few weeks (waiting for the right rig) and then plan to go on a nice long dirtbike. and mountain biking roadtrip. I'll be buying a hitch carrier for the the dirtbike on the rear and a front hitch carrier for the mountain bikes. Wondering if anyone has any tips for keeping the dirtbike as safe as possible while out riding mountain bikes. I was thinking a heavy duty 1/2" chain and a big ol padlock might be as good a
Trailer Tires
I bought a used Harbor Freight trailer and fixed it up to haul my 250x and my daughter's 125ttr.  I want to buy new tires/wheel combo, but Harbor Freight doesn't have them in stock. Any ideas on where to get a 4.80x12 in 4 lug tire/wheel combo?


Yamaha blaster problems!!!
I have a Yamaha blaster when I first got it it was running good never bogged then a couple days later when I ran out of gas I put my gas in it , it ran good then when the quad got really hot from riding it would start bogging and sputtering I just put fresh 32:1 gas in it and still has the same problem but now it’s hard to start when cold it takes about 8 kicks then when warm it’s either a hit or miss it would start and sometimes it will take like 25 kicks when warm please help!!!!!
Rust in 1983 atc250r cylinder.
i have this 83 atc250r that has light rust in the cylinder and on the crank i was wondering if anyone knew any place that could proffessionally remove the rust with out damaging anything.the cylinder has a newer sleve with no hours but was left open with nothing wrapped to keep humidity out.
2014 LTZ-400 no start issue! Plz help!
I have a ltz400 fuel injected model.It was riding fine before, until one day i went to press the Electric start button and nothing happened.it didn’t click , turn over , or anything. I replaced the starter and the battery & i still have the same problem. The neutral light will come on as well but when i go to press the Electric start button nothing happens.If you know what the issue could be please let me know! thanks

Inside TT

Pictures rotate 90* when uploaded
Device: Chrome browser on an Android phone. Problem: When I go to upload a picture to TT off my phone, it rotates the image 90 degrees. If I edit the photo on my phone and rotate the other direction in anticipation of it rotating upon upload, it then doesn't rotate. It seems as if the picture is in portrait orientation, it gets rotated upon upload. If it's in landscape orientation, it doesn't rotate on upload. BTW, I won't be one of the haters and instead say that I actually like the
New phone
Kyocera dura force 2 pro, android 9, using the app. I can't reply, post, report, or anything besides read and react... Tried to report a couple bike-specific posts in general that need to be in their bike forum, it just sat there for minutes "SAVING"... Forgot, I can only get to the menu from my account heade. The drop down from the top or side only gives me "sign in" or "create account" options.
The number of pages in a thread invisibility is annoying
Having to mouse over a thread to see how many pages it has is an annoyance that doesn't need to happen.  Just bring back the visible page count...PLEASE.
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