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What did you do to your Beta today ?
With a tip of the hat to a similar thread on the ADV forum, what did you do to yer beloved Beta today ?   I spooned on a fresh MT43 (yum !) and attempted to bump up to a 50 tooth in the rear. I was disappointed to discover the chain was not long enough to accommodate the 50 tooth - and had to revert to the heavily worn stock 48 tooth sprocket.   As my chain still has plenty o' life in it, I'll order me up a IronMan 48 tooth, and bump to the 50 when the chain needs replacin' .
2022 Xtrainer - looking for exhaust flange support
Can anybody link me a flange guard that will fit the Beta?  Will the generic one from Tusk work? Seems to be only for older models.  https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/parts/tusk-exhaust-flange-support-p   Thanks in advance. 


Any good riding injuries?
Let’s see your latest or best injury.    broke my wrist in December on my quad. Got my cast off in March. Broke it again on my xr200 like a week after getting my cast off. Had to have surgery the second time. And just now finally able to ride street again in late august. Waiting for dirt still. 
Who is plant based and rides dirt bike here?
So who is a vegetarian or plant based or vegan and rides??  I’m plant based from around when the pandemic kicked in. I especially noticed not eating milk products that my breathing became much better. I did cheat on a piece of pumkin pie at Thanksgiving but no Turkey etc. Im feeling better.    I just noticed that Dylan Ferrandis is plant based. I’ve seen other sports with no meat eating but not as many top guys riding dirt plant based.    So who are plant based for the Tally???
Wear your damn boots!
I’m guilty. I don’t wear riding boots like I should, but today put an end to that. 3 hours into an awesome ride my boy stalled on a nasty hill, and I just had to show him how to get out of that spot. My foot slipped off the kicker and those nice new IMS pegs really dug in. Our ride was cut short and since it’s the weekend it took an ER visit. 6 stitches later I’ve decided to practice what I preach and wear my boots. Take care of yourselves boys and girls!


Honda 400EX Smoking????
Hey everyone! I just had my engine rebuilt top to bottom.... And the motor doesn't have more than 5 hours run time.... I started it up today, and it was puffing blue smoke at the start..... I couldn't believe what I was seeing!!!?? The cylinder was bored out to a fresh bore with a new piston kit... My buddy told me that it was probably the cheap oil I was using (Walmart oil mixed with some Motul....) but they were both 10w40 atv oil.... He said that what I used was total crap.😛 He tol
2012 Honda trx500fm won’t start. PLEASE HELP
Awhile back I picked up this 2012 trx500fm the whole vehicle was jerry rigged. The ignition fuse was pulled so it would not turn over. He told me it was a starter issue. The starter was completely fine. It ended up dropping a valve and destroyed the head and piston. I have dropped over 500 dollars on the rebuild. The four wheeler still will not fire. It had spark, fuel, air. But will not fire. The guy I bought it from jerry rigged it and tons of shady work. You get the condition it’s in, so is t
Age range for yamaha grizzly 90
I’m looking to buy my son an atv. I’m looking at the yamaha grizzly 90. It says that it is for ages 10 and up but I know that manufactures typically add in a safety factor. Since it will be a gift, I can’t have him sit on it and test it out. So I’m looking for a bit of advice. How well will an 8 year old fit the 2021 or 2022 yamaha grizzly 90? I really appreciate any input since this covid crap prevents doing much in store research. I live over an hour away from the closest store that has 1 of t

Inside TT

What do the rankings mean?
I just got the “apprentice” rank but I have absolutely no clue what that means or what it allows me to do. Can somebody explain ranks to me and how they work?
New phone app not working
Buddy of mine got a new Samsung galaxy s21 5G and the app won’t work with his phone. It won’t let him post or comment. Any ideas why?
New phone
Kyocera dura force 2 pro, android 9, using the app. I can't reply, post, report, or anything besides read and react... Tried to report a couple bike-specific posts in general that need to be in their bike forum, it just sat there for minutes "SAVING"... Forgot, I can only get to the menu from my account heade. The drop down from the top or side only gives me "sign in" or "create account" options.
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