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WP AER 48 fork fail
My 2018 250 XC fork failed @6 hours. I put on the stand, bled all of the air out, removed the bleeders and re inflated to 15 bar. After doing that I re installed the bleeders and reset the pressure to 9.4 bar. The fork came back to full extension on the stand. As soon as I took it off the stand it sagged .75" I can pull it back to full extension if I hold down the front wheel and lift the fender. If I compress the fork it stays about 1" down into the stroke. Any other ideas?15213830995041521383144624
Ranch Fire Impact Update
Thought I would share a post below from Paragliding Group. As we launch from Potatoe Hill, St, Johns and Middle Creek which is impacted as well. Sounds like its going to be a while. UUuughh   The status of the Ranch Fire area hasn't changed. The area remains closed under Forest Order No. 08-18-17. The information is posted here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd603582.pdf We are in the process of defining our Hazard Tree Management project which involves approximately 7,500 acres where hazard trees need to be treated. This work needs to be done prior to reopening areas. The winter weather always impacts our forest roads so that will be something that needs to be addressed when conditions allow our employees to evaluate areas again. We are also exploring opportunities for volunteer events and should have more information on that in late spring or early summer. We understand people wanting to return to their favorite recreation areas and we are doing everything we can to reasonably reduce risks and reopen areas as quickly as possible. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions. Sincerely, Punky Moore Public Affairs Officer 530-934-1137
Help me Pick the right YZ 250F for MX track
I ride trails with my 350 KTM EXC, not sure of my rating level (D?), went to the MX practice track and loved it: So now looking for a 250F! (for MX only, not trails) But 1st, b4 I buy more than I need: I am a beginner MXer, 56, 6'4" -220lb, will more likely never do the crazy supercross jumps but not afraid of trying normal jumps, know how to trail ride and like to go fast. Will never race Budget is up to $4,500 but if I dont need the latest and greatest bc of my needs; then less $ From tons of reading i settled on the YZ250f because good suspension, good powerband (no need for KTM/Husqy HP at crazy high rpms but more lower'ish power) My question is should I save the $ and get the 04-06'ish (carburated) for the $2,500 range or get 14 up bc of EFI in the $3,500 range or splurge for the 16-17 for $4,500 bc its a world of difference in the handling dept? Big factor will be lower hours and non abuse Thoughts? Thx


Tacoma big enough?
I currently have a Wrangler Rubicon and the lease is up in May.  I use a small utility trailer with my Jeep but it would be nice to not have to tow (speed limit is 55).  Thinking about going to a Double Cab Tacoma with a 5' bed.  I ride a ton and I usually have one person with me.  I am also usually the driver.  Will it work, is it big enough?  I know the back seat is small but if I have two bikes in the bed, can I get two gear bags in the back seat?  Can you get two bikes and one gear bag in the bed?  Anyone with a Taco care to help me out?  Thanks!
Pre Ride Routine/Stretching/Diet/Nutrition/Hydration
@Coach Robb Apologies if you've gone over this like a million times.... I currently take a few advil/tylenol before riding. I'll try to eat a decent sized breakfast, traditional style of eggs toast hashbrowns etc.... Before I take off on bike, I'll guzzle a Gatorade and then try to drink a Gatorade every 60-120 minutes, have one V8 drink, and one cliff bar every 2-3 hours. Combined with some exercising of legs (all muscles), and barbells and push ups for upper body, my susceptibility for cramping has greatly subsided and I have really reduced arm pump early ride upper body fatigue. But, that is in the Winter now, and the real test comes during spring and summer when the rides start going for 8-12 hrs at a time.   I'm 51 yrs old, 220 lbs (about 10-20lbs too much I feel). I have quit drinking for 4 months and exercise pretty seriously 5-6 days per week. My work outs are low/medium intensity. My riding is intense to very intense enduro. During the 4 months, I gained 5 pounds, have gained more muscle definition. I'm disappointed that I'm not losing weight, though I suspect that my evening sugar craving/like a shark frenzy has something to do with all of this? I'm normally not a sweet tooth but anything bad looks really good these days.    I feel like I've got 80% of the equation figured out, but assume you can spot instantly what I should do different, or add to what I'm doing? A couple questions if I may? When I (and others I've observed) drink water instead of Gatorade, I get cramps that are nearly life threatening with pain in my inner thighs. Why? Are cliff bars good bad or ugly? Is there something better? What is the best food for the night before, morning of? Bananas, V8 good?   Thank you for reading my post!    
Suggestions for A truck Camper in a Utility Trailer
I recently got a Pop up Truck Camper. Its a 8 foot unit that fits well on my 2005 Chevy 2500 Duramax with the 6 1/2 ft bed. I am looking at buying a trailer to haul the bikes. I have limited room at my house so I want to try to store the camper on my trailer so I can easily move it around, move it in and out of my shop, and just save space. This got me thinking if I am going to store it on the trailer why not just tow it on the trailer. Now I know I could just go but a travel trailer but I do sometimes go camping without the bikes so being able to throw the camper onto the truck and not have to tow anything will be nice. I think it would be nice to have the option to modify my set up for the trip. If I was going on a long trip riding every day at a different place just put the trailer on the truck and the bikes in the trailer and go. If I am going on a trip where I plan to park the trailer and use the truck or truck the bikes to the trails I put the camper on the trailer.    Does anyone have any experiences with this? I have seen a few different set ups, most are on huge flat bed trailers. I want something small, easy to tow, and can be used as a utility trailer when not used for camping.  Anyone try this?


Kawasaki bayou 300 wire in voltage reg. Broken
One of my other “projects” I say projects in quotations because this one is rough,has one of the wires snapped from the clip that goes into the voltage regulator,right now I just have a wire losely connected to the wire and shoved into the place where the wire should go,and I do not know a permanent way to fix this as the crimp for the lead is stuck inside and broken in a way that is hard to get out of not impossible.and I don’t know what would be the best way to reattach the wire,I don’t want to solder it in place,water mud etc 
Low cost Bluetooth stereo module
If anyone is interested in a simple no headache way to add a Bluetooth stereo amplifier to your ride, check out this product.  It fits in an available switch slot, and you connect it to whatever speakers work for your ride.  Pair with your phone and you have tunes.  Great deal for only 40 bucks! https://www.lightningbugproducts.com/  
Is there any public riding areas near Delray ,Boca,Boynton beach
Belvedere Ed and Florida turnpike is this a area to ride ????

Inside TT

Line Spacing Question
Is there a setting that I can stop the system from double spacing?  The example is from my post this morning where the system added a black row. After I hit enter, the system adds a blank row. Thanks  
TT App in iOS
It does not work well. I click on a notification and it sends me to the thread, but it’s a blank page. I’ve also seen a pic of a member I gave a STREETS warning to, on the front page of a thread that had nothing to do with him. If you need specifics, let me know.
Opening TT from Gmail or Google search
From my Android Galaxy S5 Whenever I do a Google search and there are hits that show Thumper Talk as the forum for the results none of the links will open. Same thing when I get feed alerts in my Gmail. I tap it, the screen flashes but won't open the link. I always have Tapatalk open.   Any ideas? Thanks