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Beta's response: main bearing failures late model RR300, Xtrainer & RR250
I emailed Beta's head office and several distributors with a list of questions about the main bearing failures in late model RR250, RR300 and Xtrainer models. Thanks to Beta USA for their very prompt reply which appears below (head office took two months to reply). I should add that in some countries the response from distributors and dealers has not always been good (sometimes because head office never told them about this issue!) but there are plenty of social media posts about how suppo
1985 suzuki dr100e
I just baught a suzuki dr100e runs great rides awesome. My only problem is that I want it complete with oem or aftermarket plastics/frame cover but I cant seem to find any online I can fine oem on ebay. For one tho I'm not a big fan of ebay and for 2 for just one oem piece its basically $100 if I'm going to spend that much I will just buy aftermarket. My question is does anyone know what all plastics interchange change with this model.
Weird Issue
There is a bike for sale near me, 2003 YZ450F, and the gentleman claims the bike runs but stalls when it is put in gear. He mentions in his listing, “I think it is the bottom end.” I’m no engine/transmission guru but in what what way would this be a problem with the bottom end? The bike is reasonably priced and I’m willing to do some work to fix it if it isn’t too complicated. What do you guys think the issue may be? Sounds something more like a clutch issue to me. 


Hip Resurfacing /Hip replacement
Hi I was just told I most likely need my hip resurface or replaced because of FAI and to much wear in the cartridge Im 45. My question if I have a resurface or a hip replacement can I still race mx? Or is this the end for me? Thank you for your any advice!
Truck/Toyhauler Towing Questions
I have an 05 Tundra, 4dr, 2WD, 4.7 V8 Automatic O.D.  With information at hand, best I can tell its towing capacity is 7100 lbs.  I'm looking at a 2017 Coleman Latern 300 TQ Toyhauler.  It's dry weight is 6800 lbs.  I would usually have my race bike, pit-bike, generator, tool box, coffee machine, extra socks and various camping amenities, that would easily put me over the 7100 rating.  I'm sure if I latched onto it, it would go down the road, but my gut says it would be an 'overdrive off and dro
Wrap or paint?
So I have a 2019 z900 with a green frame and is currently the stock black was thinking about wrapping it purple was just curious on peoples thoughts on wraps and if it’s the way to go or is I should paint it? Either way plan on bringing it to a shop also any idea on price range? 


Opinions on '86 LT250R
Hey guys I'm thinking about buying a 86 lt250r quadracer. It seems like its in OK condition, the guy says it needs rear break caliper, master, and lever (i found one on ebay for $100) and leaks a little from the petcock. Says it has FMF Pipe, DG Silencer, Nerf bars, and an ugly front bumper. I heard its common for these frames to crack but where should I really look for cracks? Also, how can I tell if its an 85 or an 86? Anyways, the quad looks pretty nice other than the ugly bumper and hood. He
Yamaha Bear Tracker 250 over revving
I just put a mikuni vm30-83 on my yamaha bear tracker 250 and I’m having over rev issues . I removed the stock air box and install air filter directly to the carb but I’m still pulling to much air in seems . Any help would be greatly appreciated 
2001 Polaris sportsman 500 no spark please help
2001 Polaris sportsman 500 cleaned carb dropped carb on starter wire and it sparked lost all spark to plug at this point I've replaced stator, cdi,voltage regulator  unplugged speedometer unplugged black wire from cdi tried pull starting it all still no spark I can't find any broken wires I'm at a complete loss with it any suggestions at all out there I'm willing to try to wire an old ford ignition system on it at this point I just need my bile back

Inside TT

Add a "YouTube" channel/site link to the profile
Suggestion: Under the Profile -> Contact Methods, the side has entries for  AIM, MSN, Website URL, ICQ, Yahoo, Jabber, Skype I sure can't keep up with what the cool kids do on social media, but it seems to me that lots of TT members have YouTube channels. Can you add an entry for potential YouTube channels? It might let me increase my number of subscribers from 142 to 144 or so. Wow, soon I'll be in the big bucks.
How to reply?
How do I respond to someone's comment?? Any help would be appreciated!
ThumperTalk email's format
Hi, I don't know where else to post this feedback, so here it goes. I enjoy reading ThumperTalk emails. But the format of the emails are a bit strange. As you might have noticed, the emails begin with a big picture (almost covering the full screen), then a "Title" and then a brief paragraph with a link for further reading. That is all good, but I think I'd rather see them in this order Title (the title could be the link to further reading...) A brief paragraph (with a link for
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