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125 2 stroke or 250 2 stroke
Im 16 ( Still growing ) 195ibs 5'8 I will be riding trails and around farm(hills) . This is my first bike. I know how to go through the gears and i have experience riding mountain bikes and quads... i was thinking about getting 250 and putting flywheel weight on it to tame the hit a bit.... ?? i assume the 250 would lugg better definitely if i got a flywheel weight but i dont really know....  any advice would be great  🙂
My ‘19 300rr Race Journal
New bike going home.  I got the bike home today and rode it around at house a little bit.  Debating whether I should take it for a spin this weekend, or wait until more of the armor bits get here.  And I should tear it down, check grease, and dielectric grease all the fittings before going out.  Maybe a short easy ride. I really want to ride it. Spark arrestor is on it.  Decided on the FMF.  I put the factory guard back on with it.  Does


Your Ride Today
I want to start a thread where we talk about where and what we rode today (or recently). I'll go first:  To the convenience store and back, all of 1 mile on my FS, just to get a couple of things for dinner. Did this a couple weeks ago on my road machine:   
2011 Escape AWD dirtbike hitch mount
Hey guys my wife has a 2011 Escape AWD which is basically the vehicle we take when we travel. I want to add a hitch and one of those hitch mount dirt bike carriers from HF so I can bring my 96 cr 250 with us next time we go North. She's on board but I know she won't like it if it makes it squat too much in the ass end. Anyone here have an Escape with this setup? Dont wanna spend the time/effort if it's not a good idea. 
Road cycling in here
I know many of us also ride our cycles on the road and thought we could share our journeys and rides here, I rode almost 100 miles over the weekend on three separate rides. We are experiencing warmer than normal temps here in the Catskills of New York State and I figured I'm going to ride and all else can wait. What app do you use when you ride? Me, I have my Garmin and use "Sports Tracker" on my phone (free app). I know that the popular cycling app is Strava but I haven;t used it yet. I do


Honda TRX 300 carb rubber plug ?????????
Ok gents I’m in need of a rubber plug that goes in the carb of my Honda trx 300. Looks to be the same as the old Trx350d rubber plugs. If it’s not in place it runs rich, and I can’t for the life of me find these anywhere on-line as an individual part.    Are these sold separately? Are there substitutes for these? I’ve got my carb all done except for this blasted thing!!! Help!!!  
2016 polaris rzr 900
have a 2016 polaris rzr 900 would idle but won't rev out, everytime I hit the gas pedal it would die, any suggestions?
2000 Bayou 300, idle no rev.
Absolutely no clue how this carb works. I was out spraying weeds and it just quit revving. Idles low but dies the instant you try to give it throttle. Checked the jets and float height, no difference. Ideas? Ought to pitch whatever that carb is and put one of my spare 38mm Keihn AS's on it.  It's not like I really want it to run so I can spray weeds but unfortunately.................................  

Inside TT

No internet connection
I keep getting this error. My internet connection is good, it happens in various locations, on two devices. Seems to be on your end. I'm using the app.
caltrop ads? Sure don't want them
A couple of weeks ago, someone posted a photo of a home made caltrop-type device, and asked what it was. They are, of course, the evil devices spread to deliberately puncture tires to stop movements. I think their use goes back to Roman warriors. So a couple of the usual folks pointed out that they are designed to destroy tires, and maybe crash the bike, stay away, etc. As part of it, I did a general Google search for them, so I could get the spelling right, etc.  Ever since, I get ads on
Missing Thread
There have been a couple of times where I was involved in a thread when the thread disappeared.  When I click on notifications, because someone had responded to one of my posts, I get a message that says, “You do not have permission to view this content”. I’m a bit confused.  What does this mean?
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