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YZ125 jetting problems
I have a 1996 Yamaha yz125 that I recently bought and I bought a jd jetting kit for it and according to the paper that came with it, it said to put a 380 main and a 40 pilot in which I did, I also installed a new needle provided in the kit(red) at the 4th clip position, the bike runs strong but has some hesitation and break up when trying to get into the band, how do I fix this? Do I need to go richer or leaner? Where do I make changes if needed? I’m not a expert when it comes to jetting by any
Help identifying part
I was riding my dirt bike over some bumps and the chain fell off and jammed. So now it broke off a piece that looks like a sensor or something that has wires. Can someone help me identify the part so I know what it is? Thanks.
Backpack folding shovels for trail maintenance
I used to have a good little back back carry folding shovel but sold it a garage sale we had I think years ago.  Want to buy a new one.  There are several water rut puddles in our trails and they need drainage out the side and down the hill to keep the pits from getting deeper.  Now and then it’s good to dig out some drainage .  Shovel has to be big enough to step on with a boot with enough foldable or sections of bar length to hold steady .   Seeing lots of options on Amazon.   Does anyone here


2021 F250 7.3L V8 and 22 ft trailer
This is our first time using our new set-up for VMX race weekends.
Hyundai Entering the Small Truck Market in 2021
How many of these do you think they will sell (link below)?  I think a bunch...  
Women husky riders
Helllllooooo! I’m new to riding (~6 months in) & in my 40s but relatively athletic. Started on a Yamaha TTR 125 which I immediately grew out of. Got a 2020 KLX140G which I’ve been on for a few months and it still feels too small geometry wise, despite being a good seat height. I see a TON of women riders on Huskies and feel like you might know something I don’t. I’m feeling ready to upgrade again but would love any intel from you ladies riding husqvarnas. Why did you choose a husky? My husba


Can someone help me with a weird 400ex crankshaft issue
I bought a used oem 400ex crank the marks on the crank itself don’t line up like on the old crank. There’s a mark on the gear for the counter balance and a mark on the clutch side of the crank. On my new crank they’re offset unlike the old one i can draw a line straight across to each other. I tried putting the crank together with the gear marks together and the crank hits the balancer. I’m really stumped on the and thinking I have a defective crank. I placed the old crank to the left in t
Seized oil drain bolt on oil filter cover for raptor 700
I’ve got an 06 raptor 700 and I’m having trouble getting this oil drain bolt off for the oil filter cover. As you can see in the attached photo, the head got stripped out from trying to get it out but I cut a slit in the head of the bolt with a Dremel to get some leverage and am using an impact driver combine with heat and wd40 and still nothing. Anyone ever had this problem/ any suggestions? Thanks
2001 Polaris Scrambler 90 won't stay running
I have had a 2001 Polaris Scrambler 90 for many years now. It was running perfectly fine up until about a year ago. I took it to a local shop and was notified that there was no compression and I would need a top end rebuild. After I installed the rebuild kit(piston, jug, rings, pin, gaskets, etc) I still had the same problem that it would not run for more than 10 seconds before dying. I then bought a new carb thinking that was the problem, still didn't fix it. I then thought that the reed valves

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How to reply?
How do I respond to someone's comment?? Any help would be appreciated!
ThumperTalk email's format
Hi, I don't know where else to post this feedback, so here it goes. I enjoy reading ThumperTalk emails. But the format of the emails are a bit strange. As you might have noticed, the emails begin with a big picture (almost covering the full screen), then a "Title" and then a brief paragraph with a link for further reading. That is all good, but I think I'd rather see them in this order Title (the title could be the link to further reading...) A brief paragraph (with a link for
Does ThumperTalk have geolocation enabled?
Hello, This is a general inquiry for a moderator...if possible for them to see this. Does ThumperTalk have geolocation enabled? i.e. when a photo is posted, can members extrapolate the location of the post and loc of photo (where originally taken)? when I would post pictures of outdoor trips, will it show exact location of where the photo was taken? many thanks in advance
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