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Most tricked out Beta 250/300rr?
What would anyone here want on a maxed out 300rr? What are the best parts? I'm looking at my bike and looking at ideas.. of course I won't be putting on the super expensive stuff but I like to dream right? So please post up the best 250/300 rr stuff for us to look at. I'll post up a couple of pics to start.. feel free to post your bikes with mods etc too..    http://www.enduro21.com/index.php/component/k2/item/1777-my-ride-%E2%80%93-danny-mccanney%E2%80%99s-beta-rr-300-2t       https://www.google.com/search?q=cody+webb+beta+300&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=sSZRU9qtGaiq2QX-gYHwBg&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQ&biw=1310&bih=701
Problem with GYTR Power Tuner
Hi, I am from European country. I bought new ecu (2GB7) from United States for my Yamaha wr250f 17' Now, when i want change the map in my dirtbike i have problem to connect GYTR Power Tuner with ECU. Where is the problem ? American ecu doesn't connect with European GYTR Power Tuner ? Thanks, Adam  
The Webb Wagon
The Webb Wagon seems to be making a big difference in his riding....  Ricky's on board. I'd say it's hard for the Yamaboys to swallow but honestly most of them have jumped on the Orange train like @Chaconne even if they don't admit it...


I work on Hino and Isuzu trucks. Ask me anything.
Aside from limited passenger room, these little cabover trucks would make a cool toyhauler.  They also get reasonable fuel mileage considering that they are not all that aerodynamic.  We see them come in with 600,000-700,000 miles all the time.   The parts are fairly expensive, but it's rare that they need major component replacements if they are maintained.   Some systems are a cakewalk to work on.  Other systems, like the brakes, can be a challenge.   Anyway, if anyone was considering one for purchase, I can probably answer your questions.   Isuzu NPR     Hino FA   
Insurance covering knee braces
For those of you who have had insurance cover knee braces... going to see an ortho on Monday for possible meniscus tear.  How did the process go for getting insurance to cover the braces? If the ortho decides to write me a prescription for some do I tell him I want a specific brand?
Enclosed Trailer Setups
I just bought a 6' x 12' enclosed trailer and I am looking for ideas on how to set it up. Anyone have pictures of the interior of their trailer to share? I did a search but there doesn't seem to be a lot of pictures. Thanks


Electrical issue(?)
I have an 09 WR450 that has recently had the top and bottom end rebuilt. When the bike gets warm after riding for a while it doesn’t want to idle. It’ll just die like it lost power not like its running incorrectly. It has a street legal kit on it wondering if the wiring could be causing a problem somehow. Also has new stator and is giving correct power. Could it be electrical harness?
2003 Yamaha blaster loss of power
So I was riding up a good sized hill and as I peaked it the bike started missing and lost it’s power. I tried seeing if it would make it home but as I put it into first and tried taking off it stalls out as I let my clutch out. I later took it home and now it won’t even go into gear it rolls no matter what gear I try putting the shifting rod in. Does anyone know what the issue is? Maybe the transmission?
Kawasaki Lakota sport 300 is it worth it ?
So my Neighbor has this quad sitting in his yard for years it was covered it’s a 2003 Kawasaki Lakota sport 300 he told me it was sitting because it smoked and he didn’t wanna mess it up so he didn’t ride it he wants to sell it to me for 200 it’s a clean bike is it worth replacing top end and getting back running are there mods I can do to make sure it keeps up with my 300 ex

Inside TT

TT App in iOS
It does not work well. I click on a notification and it sends me to the thread, but it’s a blank page. I’ve also seen a pic of a member I gave a STREETS warning to, on the front page of a thread that had nothing to do with him. If you need specifics, let me know.
Opening TT from Gmail or Google search
From my Android Galaxy S5 Whenever I do a Google search and there are hits that show Thumper Talk as the forum for the results none of the links will open. Same thing when I get feed alerts in my Gmail. I tap it, the screen flashes but won't open the link. I always have Tapatalk open.   Any ideas? Thanks
Using search effectively?
You see a lot of new threads that get criticized for not checking for similar prior posts. I am sure I have been guilty before, but I must say the search feature — at least on the mobile app — is pretty useless.   For example, I am trying to figure out how to change the combo ignition cover / case saver on my son’s KX100 (same tranny as a KX85) into separate parts so as to install a proper case saver. So I type this into the Search field...   “KX85 case saver”   ...and get these hits...     ...none of which (nor the many more below if I scroll) are remotely helpful. I suspect this is because the Search function operates on the boolean “OR” and returns any threads that have “any” of those terms instead of “AND” so the returned threads have “all” of those terms.   Any suggestions most welcome. Or maybe the developers need to improve the feature?