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2019 430 RR-S fan switch
FWIW, The rr-s fan switch ( FAE 36060, 100c/95c) can be purchased for 1/3 the Beta cost here; https://www.eeuroparts.com/Parts/4268/Auxiliary-Cooling-Fan-Switch-1378504/ The shipping is abit high but still less than half the dealer cost.
180 degree switchbacks
I have a lot of trails around me with steep 180 degree switchbacks. Narrow and tight. I’m pretty good at going up them. Going down I have to dismount and walk the bike. Is there a technique to practice going around these on the downhill? Very narrow single track with nothing to stop you on the downhill side. Going over means you are going for a long roll down a steep hill and best case scenario not getting seriously injured 


Toy hauler brands to look for and stay away from
So I’ve looked at a handful of used toy haulers. Everyone I look at has water damage of some sort.  I’m thinking my best bet is to just buy a brand new one from any dealer that will offer protection against any kind of water damage with no fine print attached.  So what are some of the more quality built brands that are less prone to water damage and what are some of the crappier brands that I should stay away from? 
Harbor Freight Folding Trailer Opinions
I've been looking into some cheaper options for hauling two bikes.  I found online the Harbor Freight 1195 lbs. Capacity 48 in. x 96 in. Heavy Duty Folding Trailer, and read some reviews of guys using this as well. https://www.harborfreight.com/1195-lbs-capacity-48-in-x-96-in-heavy-duty-folding-trailer-62648.html I'd install plywood on top as well of course. My only concern is that it's a bit narrow for two bikes next to each other. I suppose I can mount the bikes in reverse of each other. Has anybody else used this while hauling two bikes? (ktm350 and yamaha yz125 in this case) 
Enclosed Trailer AC Install
I am about to take delivery of my new 8.5x18x7 aluminum enclosed trailer. I have purchased a Furrion 15,500 Chill rooftop AC for the trailer. I had the manufacturer install roof bracing for AC so all I should need to do is cut the hole and install. My question is does anyone have a recommendation of how to place the AC since I can’t walk on top of the trailer?   Thanks Mark


Buying a 110cc chinese atv. are all the brands the same?
I am looking at buying my son a 110 atv until he is big enough for a bike. My nephew had one (a taotao) beat on it, no maintenance and it is like 4 years old now, only a few minor issues. I found a place that I can drive to about 4hrs that has tao tao 110 boulder for 525$ out the door. I was just looking online and saw a RPS Raider 6 110CC, it would come out to about $600 delivered which is pretty decent. They look like same atv, have same colors etc. would one be a better quality?
Starting and idle problems 2007 trx450er
Ok was given a blown up 07 trx450er had a falicon crankshaft 6mm plus a 98mm piston  and 1/4 inch longer sleeve.  Now that I've rebuilt it using some of the parts from the old motor. New case Hot rod 4170 stroker crankshaft,  new bearings, 96mm piston 12:1 and new standard sleeve, gaskets  and seals,  polished and ported intake, hot cam stage 2, sparks exhaust, clean clear premium  gas  and fuel filter to prevent clogging of jets after cleaning, air box no lid on filter with outer sock. Now  everything  is in spec valves intake. 006, exhaust at .011, compression is when cold is 53 psi, hot 60 psi, timing dead on. Carb has fcr has 42 pilot, 75 starter jet, 168 main, 55 leak jet, needle in 3rd clip. Jet screw at 2 1/8 turns.  Problem im.having is it wont start when hot using kickstarter or the electric start. It idles at 2300 to 2500 rpms  after warmed up. Try to turn idle down it dies.  And I cant get it started. Tried everything I read online but nothing seems to work   Need helpful tips or information on what's causing it not to start. Idle screw the black knob is turned 9 full turns to get it started  when it's cold with choke on. At my wits end
97 kodiak 400 fuel leak/carb issues
i have a 1997 kodiak 400 4x4. i picked it up last year for a steal knowing it needed work and this is my first atv. i had it running last year, idled rough wanted to die if i didn't have the throttle pushed a little. noticed fuel under the atv ( long story short it was pouring into my air filter box through the carb air intake.) I am completely clueless on carbs and such so my neighbor was helping me trouble shoot. we took the carb apart, the floats were sticking something bad, and the manifold between the engine and carb was completely tore up. unfortunately i dropped a spring and it was lost forever. so i ordered a new carb and manifold. we just finished slapping the new carb in the atv along with manifold. we turn on the fuel and watch for leaks.... still leaking out of the same spot with a new carb.... Any suggestions for whats going on? any guesses ? Anything i should give a try? thanks for the feedback in advance.

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How to put picks on the board lol
I can’t figure it out new to the site driving me nuts thank
Profile name change
How do I change my profile name?
Any way to edit forum posts?
I posted in the forums a few days ago and would like to post an update in the OP in case any new people see it. I can't find a way to edit something that's already posted. Does this site have that functionality? Thanks.