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Best low pressure tyre gauge
Just wondering what low pressure gauges that riders are using. Gauge quality and accuracy varies widely. Would good to get hold of something decent for the workshop and out on the trail. Cheers 
Salt Lake City SX/ Round 1
What is everyone's thoughts on how this weekend's race is gonna pan out??? Webb needs to come out and win this one to stay in the Championship hunt, so he will come out guns ablazing!!! KRoc needs to chip away at Tomac's points lead, so with his better starts, he will let Webb go and concentrate on keeping ET3 behind him. Tomac will be the fastest one on the track, slicing his way forward from his tentative start, but will ultimately run out of time and have to settle for 3rd f
Figured yous guys needs a thread like this. Nothing serious, just goofing off type shtuff.   This is Rodney He’s a 2020 ktm 300 xc-w tpi Everybody knows Rodney loves the fattys! Fatty tires, fatty pipes etc. etc....   And hes got big meat: we’re talking bout that mighty big M5B!   He also likes to hit rocks, so today we scored some 8 balls!!!   And a new epa compliant crack pipe. The turbine 2 is t


Looking for jackknife sofa with seatbelts for van
We are looking for a bifold or jackknife sofa for 2nd row seat for motovan. We are even looking for used ones. Everything we found is big money and we just want a bottom of the line one. Can anyone help?
Permanent storage in a cargo van?
I'm getting a 2020 KTM XC300 soon and parking/storage is not cheap in my area (Vancouver). I also need a way to transport the bike so I'm wondering how viable it would be to get a cargo van to permanently store the dirt bike while also using the van as a daily driver. Are there any major negatives that I may be over looking? My biggest concern would be moisture in the winter (Vancouver gets lots of rain but little snow) although if it's a daily driver, I'd have the heater running 5 days a wee
2011 Escape AWD dirtbike hitch mount
Hey guys my wife has a 2011 Escape AWD which is basically the vehicle we take when we travel. I want to add a hitch and one of those hitch mount dirt bike carriers from HF so I can bring my 96 cr 250 with us next time we go North. She's on board but I know she won't like it if it makes it squat too much in the ass end. Anyone here have an Escape with this setup? Dont wanna spend the time/effort if it's not a good idea. 


HELP PLEASE 4 Wheler dies when taken of choke
hello i have a 1998 Polaris Xplorer 300 that i just did a top end rebuild on and i am now trying tune the carburetor. the 4 wheeler will idle on choke but if you try and ride it. it is super boggy as i would expect as it is on choke. As soon as i take it off choke tho the engine reves up relly high and shuts off. I have cleaned the carburetor and i know that all my jets are clean. I have also messed with my air screws and i still cannot get it to idle without choke.
Polaris outlaw 90 problems
Carb has been cleaned, fuel is good. Plug is good, compression is good enough to run. Anybody got any ideas?  YouTube link It will idle but won’t get over a certain rpm no matter the throttle you apply
Should I upgrade?
I'm 14 and have rode quads for as long as I can remember. I've recently entered the sport quad world when I sold my old ATVs and bought a TRX 400X back in September. I've since put about 100+ hours on it riding when ever I can to practice for racing. Though I'm now encountering an issue, as someone too young to get a job I'm always on a tight budget and am starting to push the 400X to its limits with the minimal performance upgrades I've installed on it. The shocks especially just aren't cutting

Inside TT

No internet connection
I keep getting this error. My internet connection is good, it happens in various locations, on two devices. Seems to be on your end. I'm using the app.
caltrop ads? Sure don't want them
A couple of weeks ago, someone posted a photo of a home made caltrop-type device, and asked what it was. They are, of course, the evil devices spread to deliberately puncture tires to stop movements. I think their use goes back to Roman warriors. So a couple of the usual folks pointed out that they are designed to destroy tires, and maybe crash the bike, stay away, etc. As part of it, I did a general Google search for them, so I could get the spelling right, etc.  Ever since, I get ads on
Missing Thread
There have been a couple of times where I was involved in a thread when the thread disappeared.  When I click on notifications, because someone had responded to one of my posts, I get a message that says, “You do not have permission to view this content”. I’m a bit confused.  What does this mean?
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