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Rebound valving change for increased shock spring rate
Ok I have a showa shock on a 2006 crf450x that I am rebuilding. I'm planning on increasing my shock spring from a 5.5 to a 6.0 based on race techs recommended rate for my weight etc... Will I need to increase my rebound damping to compensate for the increased spring? Currently my rebound valving has (3) 40x.2 shims before the 24x.10 crossover. I was thinking about adding 2 or 3 more 40x.2 to the stack. I realize this will effect both LSD and HSD. So should I look elsewhere in the stack? Any expe
GPX TSE250R two stroke thread
It's been nearly a season now and I realized the GPX TSE250R two stroke doesn't have it's own thread here yet.    So what exactly is the GPX TSE250R two stroke?    She pulls inspiration from a number of different machines pooled together in a blend that just simply "works".   The engine is based off the Yamaha DT230 Lanza engine, a bike never seen in the United States, with it's closest relative being the Yamaha WR200 here.   After Yamaha ceased pr
I didnt think he could take a ten spot off the corner and win one. He made passes like a boss. Very unusual for him to ride that aggressive.  Now where are the guys saying how awkward the truck must be for him.


Vegan mx racer?
Hey peps   So I’ve recently gone vegetarian after watching “The Game Changer” I’m really considering going completely vegan. I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt 2weeks in to vegatirian. Is there any top riders out there doing this?
1986 Kawasaki ninja zx1000a coolant leak
Hey everyone, figured I'd make a quick post in here for a problem I'm having.  Just picked this bike up a week ago, 1986 kawasaki ninja zx1000a.  It's in pretty good shape considering its age, 29k miles.  Previous owner noticed a coolant leak that looked to be comming from the radiator and decided he wanted to part ways with it.  Bike starts right up and runs well otherwise. Used radiators are fairly cheap so I picked one up on ebay, was said to be tested and working with blemishes from ag
Air Springs for F-150
I haul an enclosed trailer on a daily basis and it has been suggested by a friend that I should add an air spring kit. Has anyone done this and what has your experience been?    Here's the kit I'm considering, any thoughts would be appreciated.  https://www.stage3motorsports.com//view_cart.asp 2017 F-150, thanks. 


300 4x4 fourtrax upgrades
So long story short I ended up with a 93 honda 300 4x4. My dad picked it up while trading/swapping. He bought new front axles and wheel bearings. He didn't feel like fooling with it and gave it to me. Swapped out front end parts and put 25" tires on in place of the giant mud tires. Had a junky homemade lift in the front. I removed it. Figured out the front brakes are missing 90% of the parts, shocks are bad, and rear brake doesn't function at all but fired up with a carb rebuild and new battery.
Is my air cooled 2004 Honda trx300ex overheating?
I took my 04 trx300ex for a ride the other day for about 45 minutes, i never went above third gear and it was about 70-80 degrees outside. When i stopped i noticed the engine was idling alot higher than usual and there was some smoke coming from the jug, not a whole lot maybe it was just old dirt and oil burning off (im not the first owner and i havent cleaned it sine i got it) but it doesnt usually smoke. I went to check the oil to see if it had been burning any and the dipstick was hot enough
Honda trx400ex burning oil
Every time I ride it it burns a lot of oil all the smoke comes out of the top end and no where else my buddy said he replaced everything in the top end and put a bore kit on it can someone please help me with what might be causing the oil to burn like it is

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When I try and reply it says I haven't validated my email. What to do
What to do about validation of email even tho I did
Emoticon disappearance
My Thumbs UP has disappeared from the list for a while now. Why?
I've whitelisted TT on adblock plus but I still get the page that pops up and have to wait for the countdown every time. Any fix? Thanks.  
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