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KTM Honda Yamaha agree to make universal batteries for electric motorcycles
Why are dirt/dualsport bikes more expensive than street bikes?
OK, I'm generalizing a bit here but why can I buy a Husky Svartpilen 401 for over a $1000 less than a small-bore dualsport bike (i.e. DR-Z400)? What components make the off-road capable bikes so much more expensive or are the manufacturers just jacking up the prices because they can? 
PITSTER pro lxr190
I recently purchased a 2018 Pitster pro lxr 190. After a little bit of trial and error I got the thing going. First let me tell you some of the issues I had. I received the bike in a crate shipped to my house. I got the thing out of the box and started putting it together. I instantly noticed that the front wheel wouldn’t allign with the front brake caliper. After further review I noticed that the pads were binding up inside the slots keeping the caliper from moving all the way in. Not a big dea


Degenerative Disk Disease
I am 34 and have been diagnosed with it.  Who has it?  Do you still ride?  What in the HELL can make it feel better on my lower back?  I have had sciatica once.  The shot fixed my herniated disk back in 2015.  Now, I have DDD.  I still jump rope, and ride a stationary bike, and I actually feel pretty good.  But, bending over working outdoors picking things up, yeah different story.  Heavy lifting, not so much.  I use my core when I am biking.  I use my core to lift.  I don't bend at the waist. 
Any diabetics? Riding with a Libre or Dexcom?
I just started using a Freestyle Libre and it handled my first ride. I was just wondering if anyone uses this or the Dexcom and if they have ever had any issues with it coming off, etc. I ride with it on the back of my left arm and my Klim vest didn't get in the way. But... just wondering if anyone else out there is using a CGM for singletrack/trail riding. 
Anyone up for a ride today?
I’m in socal near a city called Redlands, anyone up for a ride?


06 Raptor 700 idle and rev issue
im really scratching my head hard on this one. New purchase don't know history well. Been sitting for 3 years. Just cleaned fuel tank and purged fuel line, New fuel pump new oil No cracks no leaks No check engine light Its got compression, 65psi Its got ignition, new spark plug Just Checked and adjusted valves to spec. Corrected timing chain to crank click marks Cleaned throttle body, sensors are normal voltage. Just Cleaned injector. All fuses are good. Starts. Id
1997 arcrtic cat bearcat 454
so first off i can upload pics later tonight, but i got this atv running after draining water out and putting oil in, cut the ignitions switch wires in half and ran 12 volts to them for my power. The 3 charging leads from the stator are cut off (white wires). Then theres 3 wires that are yellow I think come from regulator. Do the 6 hook to eachother? I still have to take front fenders off also, theres a bunch of shit for the dash all unplugs down underneath handlebars. it ran great but isnt gonn
Rebuilt what happened but still smokes like a freight train
I have a 1996 Dakota 300 we rebuilt the top end and I have put multiple sets a head gasket down and two different pistons and she still smokes like a freight train any recommendations what I should do with that troubleshooting cleaned all the oil all the oil filters now the vents

Inside TT

"Internet connection lost"
Android, Samsung S9.  Good signal from tower. Of all the sites I visit, TT is the only one that constantly loses connection, "internet connection lost." I am no technology wizard.  Is my phone the problem?  Is there something I need to do in "Settings?" Thank you! Edit:  This only seems to happen when I use my "back" button.
post reporting
is there a way to report to moderators an unproper post?
Amazon referral link? so TT gets $?
Hi I use amazon fairly often would like TT to benefit from my purchases: what is TT's tag or amazon link? thanks  
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