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Anybody old enough to remember when there were no whoops
Yup that old. Course if your too old you can’t remember sheit CRS syndrome. So you won’t know much. 
'22 bikes illegal in CA ? Welcome in the club !
Heard that in California '22 offroad bikes will not be allowed on public trails , no plates available and so on . Pretty sad ... Well , thanks to all those enviromentalists I can only say ... welcome in the big club ! Here in Italy offroad is 100% illegal since 1990 , all bikes are forbidden . italian solution ? No plates and go out riding , pretty simple
Reading all the posts of so called insiders and industry people that hear rumors im pretty confident our team this year will be. SEXTON, BARCIA, AND HAMSHIRE.   Now I have no proof or know 100% just going off locker room gossip. Who you think if not those three. BLUE is suppose to be buisy.


Shimano shifter with SRAM derailler...12 spd mtb
So my wife's newish bike was not shifting good throughout the range 12 spd cluster. All SRAM...which I didn't want but I was told it was decent. First SRAM gear setup for me. Tried to adjust but couldn't get it crisp and smooth in every gear. Tried everything....it sucks IMO compared to Shimano. Low 4 or 5 good, high 6 or 7, rattles and not smooth with back pedal freewheel.... or Visa versa. Can I put a 7100 SLX shifter with the SRAM derailler, or maybe change both?  I have the
Camper Battery, what don't I know?
Just bought my first camper, hard side pop up with 12v/120v water, heat, lights, frig and heat pump ac. It has a deep storage battery that is recharged via the 30amp main. Will fully charged be indicated by a 13v + reading with a meter? What is the best charging rate for this type of battery.  Rig is pre wired for Zamp solar. What amperage?  Brand differences beyond price?   
Race Season Training
In conjunction with my season with the new Kawi KX450X I thought I would also outline some of my on/off bike training and diet, as well race results and such. I do race Pro in our local Provincial series.  -Some of the challenges I face is being a bit older then my competitors, my family and being a business owner. Time is what I don't have a lot of. Earlier in the season some of my bike training will have to be done earlier in the morning using lights to guide my way. I go to bed at 8pm a


Honda ATVs Return for 2022 Model Year
Honda ATVs Return for 2022 Model Year Three multipurpose ATVs, one sport model confirmed   July 30, 2021 — TORRANCE, Calif. Among a sizeable group of 2022 powersports models confirmed by American Honda today are four ATVs: the FourTrax Foreman Rubicon, Foreman 4x4 and Rancher multipurpose models—all of which are offered in a variety of trim levels and in new colors—as well as the TRX90X sport model. (The multipurpose 2022 FourTrax Rincon was announced last month.) "H
2004 YFZ 450 hanging idle?
I have a 2004 YFZ 450. The idle was hanging but when I turned the throttle position sensor left the hanging idle went away. Since I turn the TPS down it would not idle even when it was warm. If I turn the TPS right then it will idle great but it then has a bad hanging idle. Does anyone know how to make the hanging idle go away and still have it idle fine? There is no baffle in the exhaust I don't know if that has anything to do with it.  Any help would be great!
Buying a new sport quad
Hey, so I’m looking for a new bike, could be a quad or a dirt bike and if I went the dirt bike way I know what I want but if I get a quad I’m clueless, I’m turning 15 next month and I’m 5,5 l, I’ve had a few kx85s and 150r but I want something fun but fast, I’m looking at ltz400 because they look nice but I want a very reliable quad, I also know that if your buying a race/sport quad your won’t always get reliability but I wanna know what quads y’all have the least issues out of, thank you 

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Removing Messages
How? Notice says my box is full, I see no way to remove them.
Clicking on pages or thread titles=random post/page..?
I did some searching and couldn't find it so... When I click on a new thread I'll find myself randomly somewhere in the thread. Not sure why it doesn't go to the beginning of the thread. Is there a setting I can change? Would love to start at the beginning of the thread. Also when in a thread if I click on a page sometimes I end up at the bottom of the page vs the top. Same thing, can I change this?  Thanks  
Add "Ignore Thread" function?
Some threads are persistent and narrowly-focussed. The won't appeal to everyone. Examples: Post a picture... What did you do to _____ today? Rider groups (e.g., old riders) Humor It would be great if I could prevent these threads from displaying and clogging up my feed. (Similar to the current "ignore user" function...) Could you ask our forum software vendor to support this in a future release? Thanks.
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