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New rider: '01 Suzuki Enduro
Hi.  I've been wanting to get in to dirt biking for a while now and I'm finally looking in to it.  Anyway, I've got my eye on a 2001 Suzuki Enduro DR200 and I'm wondering what I should look for when I go see it.  It looks to be in really good condition and he has the price around 2k.  How much should it be worth?  Also I'm 5'5" and ~120lb if that helps decide whether this bike is right for me or not.  I do very much like the versatility of it and the power shouldn't be too much to learn on. Thanks!
I'm just too tall
It really feels like a curse to be 6'4" and have zero interest in basketball but intense interest in dirt bikes. I can ride for maybe 10 minutes while standing before my shoulders and back get achy and exhausted, forcing me to sit down. My legs are so long and lanky that gripping the gas tank/seat with my knees is out of the question because my knees hover several inches above the seat. While standing, I feel a massive disconnect from the bike. When I try to assume proper riding positions, I look and feel awkward and uncomfortable. I know there are bar-raising, peg-lowering, etc. kits, but for the hundreds of dollars they cost, would the minor changes make the investment worth it at all? It's frustrating to realize that my height alone seems to put me at a disadvantage.  I ride a 2016 yz250x.
Starting out in the track/etiquette?
Hey all, I recently got back into riding dirt. I went out to my local riding area this past weekend and got on some trails an a little on the beginners track. I am much slower than most of the guys out there and am very new to jumping. Any recommendations so that I am not in people’s way, or the annoying newb on the track? Everyone was very nice, I trained my best to hold my line and stay in the right side of the track. Any other help is appreciated. Thanks!


Toy hauler brands to look for and stay away from
So I’ve looked at a handful of used toy haulers. Everyone I look at has water damage of some sort.  I’m thinking my best bet is to just buy a brand new one from any dealer that will offer protection against any kind of water damage with no fine print attached.  So what are some of the more quality built brands that are less prone to water damage and what are some of the crappier brands that I should stay away from? 
Single bike carrier setup.
I know this maybe posted up a zillion times before. Sorry about that. I tried a search on it. But came up empty. I am a bit confused on how to properly set this up? I saw some different vids on this type of setup. Then I saw a vid that the bike rim drops down and then and you insert (removable pin) through the spoke area. (between the hub and rim) to make sure it does not fall off even if tie downs fail ETC. I just got a new tow vehicle (VAN) and a newer dirtbike.  I only used 2 tie downs on my old dirtybike. Just from the handlebars to the center hooks. My carrier came with 2 removable pins. IIRC Pins were used if you put a smaller dirtbike on and only used as a accessory. FYI. I just got some new tiedowns (Pro taper). Is 2 straps OK?? Show me you setup if you have pics of it. Thanks
84 XL250R carb problems
So I have a 84 XL250R and it’s acting like it’s too rich. Bogging with the twist of a throttle and a little backfire. But the air screw is only turned out .5 the way out. Any more and the big dies and slows down rpm and any more and it dies. The bike likes to run with the petcock halfway between off and on so maybe it’s the float bowl?? Can someone help me out and give some advice? Thanks.  


2004 Suzuki Z400 Quadsport sputtering problem
I recently bought a Z400 and found out that when I give it full throttle it will sometimes stutter pretty bad when in second. I discovered that if I downshift to first and shift back into second it normally fixes it. I haven't checked out the jets or plug yet but was curious on if that is the first two things to start with and what would be recommended to check next. The guy I bought it from said he added a inline fuel filter, could that be part of the problem? Any help is appreciated. (P.s. it has a full hmf pipe with a k&n air filter)
2007 Rancher 420 4th gear ‘grinding’
Looking at buying this 420, guy has it up for $1200, says ‘4th gear is grinding’. I’ve searched it up and know you have to open the motor up and it isn’t easy but I wouldn’t do it myself. How much would something like that cost? Or could I just drive it below 4th meanwhile? Not looking to go fast anyway only mostly mudding. Is it a good deal?
Kazuma Falcon 110 Need Help
Hey guys I've got this Falcon and it's making some weird noise when it tries to turn over. I've got some details of the situation in the linked video. If anyone had any ideas I'd be eternally grateful. Thank you.  

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I'm on the mobile version on line( not the app ) and when I reply and save in a thread, it's not showing. It just goes back not showing my reply in the thread like it didn't save. So I go out of the thread and then go back in shows the multiple replies I sent bc I tried saving over again bc it's not showing that I replied.
How to put picks on the board lol
I can’t figure it out new to the site driving me nuts thank
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How do I change my profile name?