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New project XL175, just shoot me.
Who among us ever, EVER, needed another project..?  CERTAINLY NOT ME.  but, I couldn’t help it.  This old girl was on CL and I talked myself out at $700.  Seller bent my ear with $600 and I offered $500, and now it’s in my garage.  Seems to have been very well cared for, or at least well ignored.  3200 mi on the clock and it shows like much less in terms of dirt, grease, and dents.   Pros: looks amazing for 45 yr old bike.  Tank is perfect, forks look great, overall zero corrosion.  Must’ve been stored in heated garage.  Came with my state plate and a title!  New parts include low rise alloy bars, tires, levers, cables, shocks, headlamp, seat, chain, throttle, fork seals, battery,  cons: needs new carb or some carb parts to repair it, wiring is a bit buggered but not bad.   The previous owners tried to sort the carb issue by buying a new Mikuni to replace the Keihin but the new carb is much too large and unless it can be tuned down I don’t think it’s suiatble.  He said it was running but getting way too much fuel.   The stock Keihin seems to be a bit odd and a little rare.  This one is missing slide, spring and cap, and a few other small parts but maybe it’s salvageable?  Maybe a new carb of different style is the best way to go.  Anyone have any suggestions or a used carb up for sale/trades?   I want to make it look as trimmed down as possible somwas considering eliminating the 6v battery but looking into it more it seems that this isn’t super logical if I want to keep it streetable which I do.  So maybe I will try to come up with a small lipo 6v setup to hide under seat.  These bikes DO need a battery to run, contrary to some reports.  
2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread
Ok, so here in pro we know there are numerous fanboys of 1 brand or another, which always makes for fun debates. With Shootout season upon us, I thought maybe we could have an ongoing thread to bs about the new bikes and shootouts? Vital released their 450 results last night: https://www.vitalmx.com/features/2019-Vital-MX-450-Shootout,6162   A little shocked. Mog might not want to view that one lol. Yam looks to be in the right direction, as the bike keeps getting better. New Kaw seems like a homerun. Honda with some nice tweaks. Suzuki was not changed much, so no surprise there (even though I still would own one for the right price). The KTM/Husky is a bit of a shock. I have heard rumblings of the new bike being a bit of a step back, in some areas. I'm still a bit shocked the KTM would go to 5th. I feel like it is hard to rank that bike so low, considering it's upsides but it is what it is. Discuss......
Lubricating shocks
Hey guys my back shock is a little squeeky when small amounts of force are applied.  I would like to lubricated them without taking them out.  What would I use to lube them and how to apply?  Any help would be appreciated!! 


Finding the solution to arm pump
I know there’s a few of you out there that are just like me. I can’t go 1 easy lap without my arms pumping up to the point where I can’t feel my clutch lever or keep the throttle steady. Gonna attach a picture of my hand after doing one lap below. I wanted to kinda document my strategies to get rid of arm pump, or at least lessen it, as well as have your guy’s input and your own tricks posted. Note that I am not out of shape, I use every muscle in my arms and legs daily at work and I ride my dirt bike almost every weekend and my bmx bike the days in between.   Th first “solution” I am going to try are Steg Pegz on my yz250f. I have them installed and ready to rip this weekend. I’ll post an update when I have one
Toy hauler for less than 20k
Looking for a toy hauler for less than 20k that I can use for traveling for races.  Not looking for anything fancy. Enough to sleep my wife and 2 kids, kitchen, bathroom, awning, and room for bikes and tools.  Any reccomendations?  Also is shopping for one of these like buying a car where they are marked relatively high and can be bargained down?
GM 5.3 or 6.2 liter?
Gonna be in the market for another half ton here soon.  Is it worth it to have the 6.2? The extra torque would be nice, I do some moderate towing here and there.  My current 2002 5.3 I have to drive in 3rd when towing over 3000 pounds or it shifts too much, I think with the new 6.2 it would be a breeze. Concerns with the 6.2 is worse fuel economy (but mabey not?) and that it "requires" premium gas.  I have access to E30 here which 95 octane so that that should be a great replacement for premium since I do not plan on paying extra for premium ever.  I know I sound cheap ass but buying premium all the time really adds up.  If its going to be a big deal I will just buy a 5.3


400l sport polaris 97
I got this 97 400l and cleaned the carb got it to run. Someone removed the airbox and installed an air filter that is too big. I had it off a choked the carb off with my hand and it reved better so i put a thick sock on the filter. It started to idle and runs smooth. I think im getting about 50mph out of it. It doesn't respond to the last 1/4 of the throttle.  Can any one tell me how to clculate the right size air filter?
Trx400ex.. Random wire?!
Just picked up a 2004 400 ex for 500$. As I got it home and was looking I found this random wire hanging down, (circled in red) it obviously doesn’t go there and was wondering what the heck it is? Also the spot circled in green there’s a little bit of exposed wire, is this a problem when washing? Is there anything I should know before washing the bike?
East Fort Rock OHV Conditions
Hi everyone,  New to the forum, anyone know the conditions out at east fort rock? I’m going to be in Bend tomorrow and thinking if it’s worth it to bring the bike. It’s about a 3 hour drive for me . Thanks in advance 

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Where did the land-use forum go?
Cant find anything with the search option
Hello, everytime I try to search for something I can never find anything close to what I'm looking for. I know the information is there because Google tells me TT has what I'm looking for. For example, if I search "Chinese knockoff keihin pwk airstyker carburetor" nothing even close pops up, no matter if I search posting title only or topic or whatever. I know that's a name of a posting. Can you guys please fix this issue? It would make finding info a lot easier and keep multiple repeated threads from being made. Thank you
Can’t Post Pics From App (iOS 12.1)
Hey TT,   Sorry if I’ve overlooked the article or haven’t searched well enough, but does anyone else have to try desktop mode to post pics in topics?   Seems like the buttons may be hidden near the bottom in the app or something.. any thoughts or input?   -Dave