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Dirt Bikes

Mike alessi was riding his road bike today and was hit by a red chevy truck. Dudes still out there from what I read.    
Clutch problems
This bike I recently got has a rekluse clutch but the original owner set it up so you half hold the clutch in so it doesn’t stall out. He said he likes the feel of having a bit of clutch or w/e.    the problem is even when the bike is in neutral it stalls out and always needs throttle. Any gear I put it in it needs constant throttle so it doesn’t die. Is this the rekluse settings he did? Is this the spark plugs? Do I need to adjust the idle? My cousin said he'd help me fix it. I’m still
If you could buy one Beta right now what would it be??
If you could buy one Beta motorcycle right now.. what would it be? That's simple enough.  With the 2 new model Beta 125 and 200 out and coming out it is just a question. The whole Beta enduro line is filled now.. It is a world difference than in 2009 where it was just a couple of bikes with rfs ktm motored enduro's..in the enduro section.. Of course there's the whole trials line that counts too in this thread. I'm kind of wondering too which would I get.. still thinking.. I was think


Your Ride Today
I want to start a thread where we talk about where and what we rode today (or recently). I'll go first:  To the convenience store and back, all of 1 mile on my FS, just to get a couple of things for dinner. Did this a couple weeks ago on my road machine:   
Rear hitch carriers?
So I have been looking at some of the hitch mounted carriers for my bike and have noticed that seemingly none of them have aux lights?  Concerned about blocking tail lights and plate for that matter.  Is this an issue or am I be too cautious?  Been looking due to being unhappy with the situation when I load in the bed (diagonally or leave gate down).  Hoping to make some trips with the bike in the future and would like to leave the 6x10 trailer at home, and still have the bed for camping gear an
Which Knee Brace - Potentially torn Meniscus
I'm looking for opinions on which knee brace to purchase.. Here's the quick backstory: I fell down and landed on/twisted up my knee... For 2 days I could not straighten my knee as it was painful.  I could walk on it and put pressure on it just fine if I kept it slightly bent.  No bruising, swelling, not painful to touch etc...  Went to Dr. and got sent in for x-rays, which came back negative.  I was told if it doesn't start to 'feel better' in the next 1-2 weeks, I should go in for an MRI.


Im having a 465 stroker built n needing help where to start with the jetting
Help! Idling very high!!!
I have an 83 lt125 Suzuki quadrunner. not normally a 4 stroke guy, but wanted a challenge. A challenge is what I got. Isles fine until it starts getting warmer. I adjusted the idle screw to lower it, but when I went to high throttle and it wouldn’t return to lower idle until I bliped the kill switch. Spark plug and air filter are on there There way. Not sure they will help, but I need them anyway.  thanks guys -Chad
Mikuni intake boot on tao rhino
I'm putting a Mikuni VM26 carb on my Tao 250 Rhino, but CANNOT find the proper intake boot to fit on my engine. Help!!!!!!!

Inside TT

Mobile app, android. How do I "follow" a thread? Thanks!
Captcha is super annoying
Hi, I just bought a 86 XR600R, so I read this site a lot. Tons of great info, but the captcha spoils all the pleasure. Every time I open the site it makes me solve all sorts of puzzles - click checkboxes, recognize pictures of trucks, umbrellas etc. But the most irritating thing is that it forces me to repeat it every like 30 mins when I just read and click through the pages. I have not been spamming or hacking or anything so I don't understand why the captcha is so brutal on me. Is there any wa
No internet connection
I keep getting this error. My internet connection is good, it happens in various locations, on two devices. Seems to be on your end. I'm using the app.
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