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Lets see some HL500 Aberg Replica or any cool TT500
There has always been a huge following of these Thumpers. Lets get an updated Thread going of projects from the past & present. My first Thumper was a 77 XT in 1978. What I wanted the most was to build my XT into the ultimate Motocross bike but I barely scraped up enough lunch money to buy the newest & coolest stickers down at Cycle Riders Supply. Plus I had to buy my own tires! The cool Frame kits, Fox Shox, and Simons Forks were all but a dream. I've seen a couple of new
Have the Japanese brands lost their mojo?
In 2017, Honda's CEO, Takahiro Hachigo, said "There’s no doubt we lost our mojo – our way as an engineering company that made Honda... Honda". For years my riding buddies have been discussing why the Japanese were market leaders decades ago, but seem content to rest on their laurels and let the Europeans take over as innovators. Sure, the Japanese are still putting some R&D into motocross. And we are occasionally seeing new adventure models. And occasionally old models get some tweaks.
If you bought a TPI two-stroke bike...
If someone offered you your money back on your TPI bike purchase, would you buy a carbureted bike instead, given a second chance? For me, I'd keep my TPI bike.


Trail bikes for women- suggestions for next bike?
Hey all, I tried posting this before I registered and still don't see it on here- so hopefully it doesn't double post, apologies in advance if it does. I just recently started riding this past year and am enjoying every minute of it, I regret not being bit by the bug sooner. My boyfriend bought me a used TTR125 that I absolutely love but I have to face facts that it's time to get something a little bigger with better components.   Im a petite adult, 5'4 and 112lbs and feel like Im in
What are some good peg tie town systems?
Hi, looking to get a new trailer. Does it seem that a peg tie down system (for lack of a better term) is better than a chock with straps? If so what are some good ones to look at? thanks. 
Just bought a 1979 suzuki gs1000
Hey everyone, as of this weekend im the new owner of a 1979 suzuki gs1000l.  Wasnt looking for one specifically but found it cheap on craigslist and figured why not grab it.  Has under 18k miles and in overall decent shape.  Hasnt run in 4ish years according to previous owner.  Was garage stored most its life so its not all that weathered.  Id say normal amount of surface rust on some parts and whatnot.  He had the tank and side covers painted black prior to its storage, they look okay but could


2005 yfz 450 blowing coolant out of the head and not starting
I have a 2005 yfz450 that I’ve rebuild. Put new piston, cylinder, new used head, intake cam, CDI box, stator, rectifier, replaced head gasket 4 times in this process and still having the same problem. Need help can’t figure it out 
No compression but not smoking
My buddies got a fourtrax 300 and He said he was riding it one night and I just stopped, tried to get it going but ended up having to pull it back with another quad. So I came over his house did the valves(tickin like crazy) cus I thought the rockers where toast they weren't.i pulled the plug and had him kick it and it wouldn't even blow my finger off the hole, so my guess is jumped time and bent valves or is it something else? He also said when he tried to start it when it died he said it spurr
86 Honda 350 fourtrax forman
I was wondering what other jugs will fit on my 350 fourtrax. Because Ik a lot of the older Hondas they used the same parts on most of there atvs. 

Inside TT

Profile display
When I click on my profile it shows that I received 3 warning points that expired 5 months ago. Is this supposed to show permanently? Or can I remove that or request it be removed?
How to Add Signature?
How do you add a footer to all of your posts?  I.e., the part at the bottom of a post were everyone puts what type of motorcycle they have with what mods?  Thanks!
Posting Extremely Slow and Duplicate Posts and Text
Submitting a post takes an excessively long time and results in either a double-post, or duplicating the entire text of the post within the same post.  
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