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Will this fractured buffer plate be ok to run??
i assumed probably not, but i am getting tired of waiting on the one i ordered as it looks like it was lost in the mail. any chance this thing will work well as-is? the main jet goes in that center hole. or anyone have one they can sell me and send priority? Thanks.     
Riding in Vernal
Hey guys,  I’m visiting family in Vernal and so I brought my bike. Does anyone know of a riding area that I can ride for a 4-5 hour rip?  I don’t know they area at all so please be specific 😋thanks!
Killpecker and Moab trip
Hello All, Im taking a Road trip To Killpecker Sand dunes in Wyoming and then on to Moab Utah. I will be in Killpecker Wy riding there from the 28Th of August (Friday) till The 30th of August ( Sunday) then I'll head to Moab that afternoon, ride around Moab From August 31st till Sept 2nd. Im riding a CRF450R . below is  link to google maps for Killpecker. let me know if you want to get out and ride. https://goo.gl/maps/2yQLZ8dosf3trhSK6


Honda Ridgeline Haters: get out your pitchforks & torches!
JD Power has crowned the Honda Ridgeline the highest midsized "pickup" in customer satisfaction according to those surveyed: https://www.jdpower.com/cars/shopping-guides/top-5-2020-midsize-pickups-by-customer-satisfaction?make=&model= Top 5 Trucks* for 2020 Honda Ridgeline Ford Ranger GMC Canyon (tie with Ranger) Jeep Gladiator Chev Colorado and deadlast, the mighty Toyota Tacoma 😯 What say you? Is JD Power full of you know what? Sp
Forum name change to increase participation.
Hey Ladies. Bryan is helping us try to change some things to get more participation. We need your help? As most of you know, it was called Thumperettes for a long time. Do you like Thumperettes or would something different make it easier for  women find the forum? The name was recently changed to Dirty Girls. Do you like that name? Please give suggestions for a possible name change for this forum.
How does everyone listen to music while riding
I’ve read a few topic on how everyone listen to music while riding I found the topic to be out date so I thought I’d bring the topic up again I’ve got a iPhone X and I’m looking for a half decent set of Bluetooth air buds with noise canceling and can use Siri what is everyone using now a days❓


Wires coming from rectifier to stator getting hot
Well our 2012 ranger xp 4 900 burnt up 20 own regulators and we upgraded to a mosfet relocation kit and regulator and out on a camping trip the connecter between the stator and regulator melted, we hard wired the connection getting rid of any connector just straight wired to the stair to regulator, the wires still get really hot we went through all the convections and grounds, we are really stumped, any input would be greatly appreciated 
Polaris rear sway bar bushings replacement that lasts
My 2007 sportsman 500 had the rear swaybar bushings shredded at just 160 miles. My 2018 570 is going that direction quickly.  On the 500, I went to Orielly auto parts, and bought a poly swaybar bushing kit for a 1968 Mustang. They were still in perfect condition when I sold it last year. They fit a little tight, but worked great. 
banshee won’t start, help!
i’ve got this banshee it’s a 421cc has the stock carbs and tors still on it, was running fine then just stopped, has a shit ton of compression replaced all the ignition shit and has a ton of spark, carbs have been cleaned and synced twice, but can’t get it to start at all at one point it was idling for like 30 seconds but only the left pipe was getting hot and as soon as i gave it gas or died now all i’m getting is it’s popping and backfiring but won’t start i’ve replaced the plugs twice becuse

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Move Thumperette forum
Hi. I would like to suggest that you move the Thumperette forum to the General Dirt Bike section. I have trouble remembering where it is and finding it even though I follow it and know it is there. I know there are more women riders on Thumpertalk than are following Thumperettes. This forum is not very active at all and I truly wish it was. Would it be more active if it were easier to find? I would think so. Please consider moving it so we could find out. Thank you!
Update Avatar
I have a picture of all 7 grand-kids together, and I want to update my avatar.  I copied it off a Facebook, and thought I could paste it on here.  I erased my old avatar, but I can't get paste to work.  A little joe 6-pack instructions would be appreciated.  You can finish your pintos and cornbread first, thanks.
How come there's no XL subforum under Honda?
I've seen plenty of XL threads started under the XR forums but you really gotta search to find them and there seems to be enough dudes riding them, so why not have it's own subsection under Honda?  They aren't XRs and they sure aren't CRFs.   Just curious because it would give newbs a place to go first.   There isn't really a forum for us XL guys on the internet.  Be that place.
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