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Testing Cooling fan on 22 250 SE Factory Ed
When I got the bike cooling fan was running a lot. Since then I have re-jetted and it is has not kicked on at all. I am riding in similar weather of mid 50F and slow going. I suspect I was WAAAY lean before but I have also had the tank on and off a few times and had issues seating the tank properly. I am not suspecting a wiring fault but find it odd no fan since the re-jet.  Can I create a short or open at the head temps sensor to force the fan on? Would I just unplug the wire and jumper (
MX Dirt vs Natural Dirt
I mainly do Enduro riding but I recently got into doing some motocross. I noticed that the characteristics of the dirt at an MX track are really different from the natural dirt you find in the woods. MX dirt is really sticky, fluffy and soft. It's also incredibly hard to wash off once it dries up. It takes me twice as long to wash my bike after a day at the track compared to a day of riding in the forest. MX dirt also has a particular smell to it, kind of like a really strong naturey? smell. Als
EFI vs Carburetors
So I’m just curious on your guy’s opinion. I’ve had both EFI bikes and Carbureted bikes. Both are good I’ll admit efi is a bit more snappy. But I also have a 08 CRF 250r (Carbureted) and it feels like a 350. In fact most powerful 250 I’ve ever rode.  I think it has 42 hp which is more hp than most 250s today. And I know after Honda came out with efi in the 2010 models tho I’ve never owned one I’ve heard they where gutless pigs but they got better in later years. Is there a power percentage that


Who is plant based and rides dirt bike here?
So who is a vegetarian or plant based or vegan and rides??  I’m plant based from around when the pandemic kicked in. I especially noticed not eating milk products that my breathing became much better. I did cheat on a piece of pumkin pie at Thanksgiving but no Turkey etc. Im feeling better.    I just noticed that Dylan Ferrandis is plant based. I’ve seen other sports with no meat eating but not as many top guys riding dirt plant based.    So who are plant based for the Tally???
What to eat during a long trail ride
I've noticed over the last yr or so that when I hit the 4+ hour mark of a ride I start to really go down hill. I know I'm going to get tired etc.. but man I feel pretty smoked when I get back from a long trail ride now. When I say smoked I mean I feel lots of aches and pain everywhere not to mention the usual exhaustion. I've tried most of the obvious things like staying hydrated, barely any coffee in the morning, staying hydrated during the week, I eat pretty good and I try to eat throughout th
Pre Diabetic
Low carb meal suggestions that are relatively simple to prepare? Thanks.


300ex plastics
Hello im looking for plastics for the older style 300ex front middle piece of plastic and the piece on the bottom of the handlebars that wraps around from the tank 
Anyone ever run a hot cams chain on the ltr?
I bought a hot cams chain for my ltr and I can’t seem to get it over the second cam no matter what way I try to roll it in. The old cam chain I never had this issue putting the cams in was always easy. I was dumb for not comparing the lengths of the oem one to this one before I tried to install. The tensioner is completely off and nothing seems to be caught up or sticking.  Anyone ever had this issue? I asked a couple of my buddies who build bikes they just said always go oem when it comes to ca
Honda 400EX Smoking????
Hey everyone! I just had my engine rebuilt top to bottom.... And the motor doesn't have more than 5 hours run time.... I started it up today, and it was puffing blue smoke at the start..... I couldn't believe what I was seeing!!!?? The cylinder was bored out to a fresh bore with a new piston kit... My buddy told me that it was probably the cheap oil I was using (Walmart oil mixed with some Motul....) but they were both 10w40 atv oil.... He said that what I used was total crap.😛 He tol

Inside TT

What do the rankings mean?
I just got the “apprentice” rank but I have absolutely no clue what that means or what it allows me to do. Can somebody explain ranks to me and how they work?
New phone app not working
Buddy of mine got a new Samsung galaxy s21 5G and the app won’t work with his phone. It won’t let him post or comment. Any ideas why?
New phone
Kyocera dura force 2 pro, android 9, using the app. I can't reply, post, report, or anything besides read and react... Tried to report a couple bike-specific posts in general that need to be in their bike forum, it just sat there for minutes "SAVING"... Forgot, I can only get to the menu from my account heade. The drop down from the top or side only gives me "sign in" or "create account" options.
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