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Hello from New member in the UK
Hi, I've just purchased a 1986 Honda XL250R and whilst doing some research most google action was bringing me to this forum so the obvious thing to do was join up....so I look forward to contributing to the community.  First question is where do I post about XLs?....I cant see a dedicated forum? Cheers Craig
If you had to choose only ONE piece of adventure gear, which one
I am looking to buy the ARC line of adventure gear. If only ONE piece could be purchased at a time, which piece makes more sense to get first: the jacket or pants?


2018 Ford F-150 3.3L v6 failure
At 40mph on a dirt road, not loaded and no towing, 28k miles, the engine developed a serious knock deep in the engine.  No warning lights.  My guess is connecting rod or piston failed.   Will be going to the dealer today.  
Help! I suck at racing
Hello, im a vet c motocross rider that just flat suck when the gate drops. At first i thought it was a fitness issue. So i added an offseason training program that now three years later runs all year round. I train at the local tracks 2-3times a week and do cardio 2-3times a week aswell. I can haul ass for 15min or do 35min motos at 85%pace if the track is smooth i can go for an hour. I always train on the tracks with a friend and his grown up son and we're always within a coup
Shoulder surgery
Good day everybody.it's been a month since I had my shoulder surgery where I had a bankart labrum repair with 2 anchors.the thing is that I may have overdone my physical therapy just a week after surgery by lifting my arm more I should have and I was in extreme pain for a few days.my surgeon says that he would not happen to know if I damaged the repairs and an MRI would only be useful after 3 months.but now at 1 month the pain is on a scale of 2/10.but when I do my pt I get the same burning sens


'03 Honda 400EX New Cylinder and Head Question.
I've been looking through a lot of manufacturers for a cylinder and head. I want to keep it OEM power for now just to spend some time on it stock before we add a cam and such. Looking at a Niche for the cyl./head only. I will put a better piston in it and add my own springs and valves. I don't see enough differences to warrant spending more for the same thing. My crank is off to be rebuilt as I type. Have any of you guys used these parts before? My main concern would only be fitment and bolt thr
Yamaha 660 Raptor
So I Replaced my one way bearing after putting a new starter on my 03 not an 04.(freakin’ ordered an 04)Still not starting. Engine spins freely. Spark to the plug. New spark plug, CDI box, rectifier, kill switch and stator. Seems electrical to me but can not place it. Any ideas would be helpful. It’s not even attempting to turn over. 
1997 Suzuki 250 Quadrunner 4wd
I have a 1997 250 Suzuki Quadrunner. I have a new carb, new fuel pump, new petcock, & new voltage regulator. It runs fine at idle, but when I accelerate it spits & sputters. What could the problem be? Please help, I am at a loss at this point.

Inside TT

Pictures rotate 90* when uploaded
Device: Chrome browser on an Android phone. Problem: When I go to upload a picture to TT off my phone, it rotates the image 90 degrees. If I edit the photo on my phone and rotate the other direction in anticipation of it rotating upon upload, it then doesn't rotate. It seems as if the picture is in portrait orientation, it gets rotated upon upload. If it's in landscape orientation, it doesn't rotate on upload. BTW, I won't be one of the haters and instead say that I actually like the
This new site sucks
Come on man
Da heck is wrong with my page?
You know at the top the guy on the bike? I can see half of the bike and my alert/notices are covered. Wasn't like this before the recent overhaul. 
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