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Trails From Arrowhead To Big Bear?
Any trails OTHER THAN Devils Hole and Dishpan/Crab Flats?   Those are the only two I’m aware of without touching pavement.
Is this $900 blown up crf 450 worth it?
On letgo someone is selling a “crf 450 2011 blown up”. I don’t have any experience with engines except for research I have done on my own but I have done at least 20 hours of research probably. I know someone who is a retired mechanic if I have questions. Is it worth it? I have a little over $1,000 dollars but I can keep the bike till I save up more money if it’s a really good deal
2019 TM EN300
I'll just leave this here...I've got some video I need to edit from my first ride and my novice dirt biker thoughts. Spoiler...it's facking awesome    


Motorcycle hitch carrier + high rise
I have a motorcycle hitch carrier similar to the one below to haul my bike with my chevy venture van but it sits really low to the road and drags going up hills. I was thinking about getting a hitch riser like this one - https://www.amazon.com/MaxxHaul-70070-Dual-Hitch-Extension but it warns the top receiver is for accessories only and doesnt give a weight limit. Has anyone here ever hauled a dirt bike using these items and if so how'd it work out?
Lefty anyone?
I was wondering if any of the mountain bikers here have or have had Cannondale lefty suspension? The newer designs seem to be really good and well praised. I've always wanted one. I might splurge on a new mountain bike instead of a dirt bike. Ye old RM250 is just too fun. Thought I'd shoot the breeze about it.
Broken Femur
My younger cousin whom I ride with had a bad crash and broke both his femurs this past weekend. Surgery went well he has a long road ahead to recover but he’ll be ok considering the situation. He’s already thinking about being able to ride again. I love riding. I got him into it. But I’m not so sure it’s a good idea for him to get back on a bike. Has anyone here suffered an injury like this and bounced back? Or know if someone who did?


LTR450 won’t start
Just got my LTR back from the shop as it needed a valve cover gasket and I didn’t have time to do it myself. Took it out riding a few times with no issues. I noticed it started to have trouble starting up as time went on. Now today it won’t start. I can hear the starter spinning/buzzing but it doesn’t engage or seem to be turning over anything? Not sure what this is about but not too happy after just getting it back. Bad starter? I wish it was kick start instead sometimes for this reason. Did a bit of research and seems it’s common and is the starter clutch? 
Troubleshooting Arctic Cat DVX 400
I'm having some issues with my wife's four wheeler. It is a 2006 Arctic Cat DVX 400. It was working fine the whole time we've had it, I went out mudding with a few of our friends and got a little deeper than I would have liked, but water never penetrated the air box. I didn't have any problems during the ride (except when my buddy almost ran me over while pushing me through some mud) and now I'm having starting issues... At first when I would try push the starter button, gas would pour out of the carburetor bowl through the overflow tube. I was stumped, so I drained the bowl. (Can't turn off the fuel because the only two settings on the petcock are "On" and "Prime", it was explained to me that this was due to an electronic fuel pump that didn't allow fuel to flow while the engine wasn't turning over.) I tried starting it again and more fuel came out. I decided to capture the fuel (to avoid the mess) and keep trying to start it. The fuel eventually stopped coming out and the motor started. However, when I touch the throttle (no matter how slightly) the engine immediately dies! I checked the air box for any signs of contamination or blockage, there were none. Any thoughts? Thanks for your time.
2000 honda 300 ex front bumper.....
I just picked up a really clean 300ex with a few mods.My question is the aftermarket bumper seems to sit in to far.Ive been online lookn for spacers or something but haven't had any luck.Any ideas??Also I was wondering about adjusting the sprokets alittle to get alittle more top end,I know people have told me this a thousand times,but I always forget which way does what.Thanks for any input you could add.Also let me know what you think of it.Lookn for some heel gaurds as well.

Inside TT

Trouble logging in
A friend of mine is not able to login using his username and password on the app. He gets a message saying: Log In Failed There is a problem with the forum.  Please contact the forum administrator or try again later. Username is Cmedeiros1993. Can an admin please correct?
After receiving and reading-replying to messages how do I delete them.
Posts per page setting?
For the website, is there a posts per page setting?  I went through everything I could see  under profial and account settings, but I cant find anything.  I know the app does it, but is it possible to change in the browser version?