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2969 miles, 166 hours and another oil/gearbox change
Summer's here and the time is right, for changing the oil sooner than 20 hours.   I've been riding back and forth to work which is roughly an 11 mile roundtrip/55 miles a week.  Then there has been some riding with the kids and as it has been a nice, warm summer, and that I've had the Rekluse Radius CX, the first time I had changed the gearbox oil there was a lot of material, no chunks of anything, just clutch fiber -slag, and just a little while ago I had the same amount of stuff as I had read that when the Rekluse is new and finding it's place, more stuff comes off the clutch fibers and I did have to adjust the free play gap as the clutch was dragging a bit  but now, when I pull the clutch and give it some gas, the clutch no longer drags. I had put another 750ml of the Motul Transoil Expert 10w 40 in the gearbox and put in 750 ml of Mobil 1 0w-40 in the engine side, the European formula as I figured that come winter I'll want to run the 0w and figured, 'Why not start now?', the stuff is so cheap and if it meets a Porsche gas motor spec, it is good enough for my 500 RR-S, plus, I'm changing it pretty often and about every 10 hours anyway so why not?  I did not change the oil filter but will at the next change.   This Beta 500 RR-S is still going strong.  
Read and weep
2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread
Ok, so here in pro we know there are numerous fanboys of 1 brand or another, which always makes for fun debates. With Shootout season upon us, I thought maybe we could have an ongoing thread to bs about the new bikes and shootouts? Vital released their 450 results last night: https://www.vitalmx.com/features/2019-Vital-MX-450-Shootout,6162   A little shocked. Mog might not want to view that one lol. Yam looks to be in the right direction, as the bike keeps getting better. New Kaw seems like a homerun. Honda with some nice tweaks. Suzuki was not changed much, so no surprise there (even though I still would own one for the right price). The KTM/Husky is a bit of a shock. I have heard rumblings of the new bike being a bit of a step back, in some areas. I'm still a bit shocked the KTM would go to 5th. I feel like it is hard to rank that bike so low, considering it's upsides but it is what it is. Discuss......


Fitness/GPS watch
Just wondering if anyone has tried using these to track laptimes on a track? Don't want a Litpro as I want something that can do more functions such as track fitness for other training. Anyhow I've not seen any recent discussions on this topic, wondered if folks are seeing any good watches out there?
What supplements do you take?
So I went to the DR on Friday to have a chat about my health. Kind of get a base line and how best to get to where I need to go. We talked about supplements and he told me look into ZMA and Maca.  I'll know in a week what I need to take once the blood work gets back. Just wondering what works for you guys?
Experience of 6 broken ribs?
Took a 'little' tumble off the supermoto in the dirt section at Crail here in the UK last weekend (sat practice for sunday races)... getting some unconcious time, a free stay at Ninewells hospital with complementary morphine - the end result being 3 snapped ribs and minimum of 3 fractured (#'s 2,3,4,5,6,7) I've done ribs in "1"s before but 6 in one go is new to me. They are on the back of my left side. 2 of the broken ones don't meet and look like: ----____ (made the mistake of looking at the xrays again and matching the images with the internal clicking/grinding) On leaving the hosp on sunday morning, went to watch the racing and manged to hobble about in short bursts not too bad, same at home, BUT while sunday night and last night in bed were bearable, the getting OUT of bed and vertical in the morning was an exruciatingly painfull experience (yelping like little girl) with about 1 hour recovery before I could move around semi normally again. I'm thinking of just sleeping in an easy chair tonight. Meds are currently 2x 500mg CoCodamol and 2x ibuprofen each 4 hrs (UK meds) So the question is: Has anyone who has done multiple ribs at once got any helpful hints on sleeping/getting up in more comfort? The sleeping itself isn't too bad it's the process of getting up from bed that's killing me. Cheers. Ant.


Yamaha Breeze 125 manual needed
Hi All does anyone perhaps have a Yamaha breeze 125 service / repair manual or a link for a free download ? YFA / YFM 125cc motor used in the breeze and grizzly 125`s Busy with a total rebuild. Thanks
Polaris scambler 500 front/rear shocks
Are they rebuildable Rear has no nitro left, along with that how do you fill them? Normally there's a shrader valve and this one does not, only a alum screw. It's a fox shox if that helps Fronts are leaking oil  
Polaris RZR XP1000/Textron Wildcat, A-Pillar Mount Kit
Polaris RZR XP1000/Textron Wildcat, A-Pillar Mount Kit Our engineers came up with a quick, sturdy, and low profile design to mount lights on the cage of your RZR 1000, or Textron Wild Cat. You will be able to mount these with ease, and have a range of Baja Designs auxiliary lighting to choose from.  Applicable Product: S2 Series Squadron Series XL Series LEARN MORE

Inside TT

After receiving and reading-replying to messages how do I delete them.
App Notifications not working.
The “red dots” are no longer working in the notification center of the mobile app. Threads I follow that have new posts are not showing as having new content.
Crashes after closing video
I’ve noticed over the past few days that every time I watch a video in a thread, TT crashes when I close the video. I’m on an iPhone 7, up to date iOS, lots of storage left.   I’d really like it if the app didn’t crash :-)

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