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my bike wont start
okay so i have my 2015 klx 140l with about 20 hrs on it when i got it i put about 10 on it but every time it was even just  a little cold it would be a pain to start which i know these bikes are really cold blooded but one time we couldn't get it to start at all so we got a new spark plug and it was about time to adjust the valves so we did to the factory size and bike still wouldn't start so we pulled the carb had a blown gasket replaced that cleaned the whole carb and once we put it back on we
Lifan thumpstar pitbike
Im rebuilding a pitbike I don’t know if it’s Lifan with genuine thump star pieces but same engines pretty much I cannot figure out why my timing chain has gotten about 5mm shorter I’ve turned the cam to try release any kinks but still even when I pull it fully tight on the tensioner it still doesn’t reach, any ideas?
Best dirt bike gps
Well I’ve given up on finding a riding partner. And my wife and father-in-law want me to get a GPS for when I am riding alone. Any recommendations. So far he is recommending a Garman with a monthly Prescription


What are the worst injuries that you have faced?
What are some of the worst injuries that you have faced while riding dirtbikes or any other motorsports? We'd like to hear some stories
New Ford Ranger
I used to have a 1987 Ranger with a long box. I remember I could haul 2 full size bikes and gear with the tailgate closed. Can you haul a bike in the new model tailgate open? 
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy..Anybody get injections??
Thinking of trying it for my Trapezium issue (thumb bone) and have read "a lot" about it. Yes its expensive, but looking at the alternative (surgery) and the possibility of having to give up MX and/or dirtbike riding as all the surgeons I've been to say that continuing to ride would be detrimental to the thumb after surgery and recovery. Was even thinking about seeing what it could do for my knees meniscus tear??


Predator 500 burning up CDI’s
I have a predator 500 that keeps melting CDI’s. It ran fine and dandy until it died on a uphill climb. Battery was wiped out too. Tried a buddies CDI, would start for about 5 seconds than die and no spark again. Killed that cdi too. I know for sure this thing is eating up CDI’s so here’s my question. -any possible way the rectifier took a dump and isn’t regulating amperage into the CDI? Thansk
Honda rubicon
Bought a rubicon off Craigslist , it ran then quit.  So cleaned carb ran but ran like crap.  So new oem carb put on , with new throttle position sensor.  Ran better replaced angle sensor and shift motor/actuator . Replaced fuel line and reverse switch .  Damn thing runs good except   u Give it some throttle and it spits and sputters.  Replaced coil and plug .  But the damn thing when u give it gas in forward gears only it spits and sputters !  I have been working on this for a month 
2007 400EX has repeating miss at idle and periodic stall
OK so did a new topend for guy.  New cylinder, new piston, valve stem seals, adjust valve.   Start her up.  Idling beautiful as she warms for breakin. turn choke off, idles down and then boom ..a random repeating miss. Almost to the point of a stall.  very distinct but random.  Then the miss became a stall.  Also as this symptom rears up the idle needs turned up all the sudden to keep it running.  Its bottomed out now and that's not right. Carb is completely clean (Stock Jetting)

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Is there a way to view all the recent threads/post that I have read
Hi, I am trying to find a few post that I have read over the past 2 weeks. I was researching doing a 250x tranny in my 250r and a few people suggested just doing the 4th, 5th gear instead of 3rd,4th, and 5th. No one suggested against this. I went and ordered the 4th and 5th gear and new info has come up that one HAS to do 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. I know that this is the case with using a wr tranny in the R but thought maybe it wasnt a issue in the 2 stroke to 2 stroke swap.  I want to find thes
little fist icon in lower right cornor??
yeah I was just wondering what the little fist kind of icon means is that like a pound like like a hell yeah sort of thing or is that like a you dumbass boom socked to the chin uppercut kind of thing you know I was just wondering..lol.
TT email suggestions
Good morning everyone  I used to receive daily emails from TT. Suggestions on what to read, recent activity and such. I enjoyed the info and or entertainment. About a month ago I stopped receiving emails???? Anyway to get them back again?
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