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Where can I find an exhaust pipe for my 1993 cr250
Hey guys, I've been looking all over but cant find an exhaust header for my 1993 cr250. I'm trying to make it look brand new I have already bought the graphics, plastics, and seat cover that are in the picture below, but i need to find the right exhaust pipe. The person I bought it from had a cr500 fmf burly pipe which fmf made a while ago before they realized the name burly was already taken. If you guys can help me out that would be great. 
Italy is suppose to shut its doors. Does this cancel the races
Jotagas in the US
So after a painful and unexpected split with the French company, I told you all that I was done with Euro companies and wanted to build my own bike here in the US. I found a company in Canada that agreed to build engines for me and I set out to get the money together to pay for that project. While at TKO I came up with the idea to build a bike using a trials engine but a more enduro like frame and components that weighed less and would have a lower seat height. When I got back from TKO I emailed


Honda Ridgeline Haters: get out your pitchforks & torches!
JD Power has crowned the Honda Ridgeline the highest midsized "pickup" in customer satisfaction according to those surveyed: https://www.jdpower.com/cars/shopping-guides/top-5-2020-midsize-pickups-by-customer-satisfaction?make=&model= Top 5 Trucks* for 2020 Honda Ridgeline Ford Ranger GMC Canyon (tie with Ranger) Jeep Gladiator Chev Colorado and deadlast, the mighty Toyota Tacoma 😯 What say you? Is JD Power full of you know what? Sp
Lemme get this straight, Hummer is now a GMC?
GMC just unveiled the 2022 Hummer EV Edition 1, which it has labeled a "supertruck?  Whoa! But, when I watch videos of Tesla SUVs towing, range goes into the toilet.  Interesting none the less. What y'all make of the 2022 Hummer EV ed? Do truck buyers really want these?   
Trail Transit
Has anyone seen one of these? https://www.thedrive.com/news/34102/the-ford-transit-trail-van-has-awd-a-raptor-grille-and-drive-modes-to-conquer-the-elements


Main reason a 4 stroke would blow up
So what are the most common reasons a quad would blow up, I have a predator 500 and its always been a question for me, what can I do to prolong the life as much as possible and avoid a catastrophic blow up. I change the oil every 5 hours, way below spec. New filters as well, what else is a common reason that they blow up? Like if it eventually loses compression I dont mind rebuilding it, what Im scared of is a valve bopping into my piston and wrecking my head. Thanks
2 stroke oil
Hello everyone tomorrow I am about to get my first ever two stroke quad a 2001 blaster 200. I have had many 4 stroke bikes and quads and never had to deal with a two stroke. So dont hate on me too much I am only 15 and my dad never was interested in this stuff. but my question is what 2 cycle oil should i buy thats relativly cheap and where do I buy it cause all I know is the pre measured 50-1 bottles for weed wackers and such. thanks in advance
TPC husqvarna
People still check in here? I am getting new dirt bike to pull double duty as power plant for new TPC 3 wheeler build. Both bike and 3 wheeler might be desert raced but likely mostly to have fun in the Colorado mtns or elsewhere. Leaning towards Hsq FE501.  Also considering FX450 or injected 2 stroke TE300i. Anyone have input? All is welcome.

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Profile display
When I click on my profile it shows that I received 3 warning points that expired 5 months ago. Is this supposed to show permanently? Or can I remove that or request it be removed?
How to Add Signature?
How do you add a footer to all of your posts?  I.e., the part at the bottom of a post were everyone puts what type of motorcycle they have with what mods?  Thanks!
Posting Extremely Slow and Duplicate Posts and Text
Submitting a post takes an excessively long time and results in either a double-post, or duplicating the entire text of the post within the same post.  
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