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KTM most definitely sucks!
Only a 450 podium sweep?... Meh, if they're really so good, how come they didn't all take the top step?
do you guys ride after work?
I usually daily ride my bike everyday to work; Ihave been thinking of just riding to the trails after work on my CB500x..... big bike I know.. but figured I can spend 2 or 3 hours riding around and exploring while traffic dies down, then ride back home hehe. I can do basic trails on the cb500x. Daily riding everyday though just leaves me an itch to keep riding and hitting some trails so figured this might be a good way to improve my riding a bit quicker and helps me unwind and let the traffic die off lol. any of you guys do the same, or have the opportunity to hit trails after work?
Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread
TEST THREAD What do you think?    Shread / Flame away....   ------------------------------     " We're a different kind of Ride Thread here at Krannietown "   ...Not too hot (KennyMC et al...)   ...Not too cold (insert your name here?)   ...but juuuust right.   " What? Another sandy VJJ ride plan thread. That's great. "     Well, no....but yeah, maybe.   The goal is to create rides with less stopping and waiting due to terrain or rider mis-match, and do more riding. I'm 58, slowing down a bit (pfft..), but still want to ride. I try to ride 50+ miles every weekend, year round. 50 times a year at least.   What I hope we can expect:   - quite likely the same old places, done a little faster, a little tighter,  or a litte bit differntly.  - Some new places, if I can recruit a guide (I will be doing this often, I hope) - Some rides will be PM only: no pm, no coordinates. This is to reduce outside (tree fvcker) scrutiny, and to keep some trails more private and keep out the 'hill rutters' - lots of rain ruts, rocks, boulders, long hills, terrible traction - lots of epic cornering, safe air, 30-60 second whoop fields - very tight but not super steep single track  - no need for new plastics, levers, or two-stroke pipes after every ride. Just every other ride. - no all day crawls - good constant pace, no multiple smoke breaks, no quilting sessions -  track mentality is welcome, to a point. Show me your wheel, I'll show you mine, then pass you. Fvcker. Is that your kill button right there?? - if you are slow, bring a 'buddy' to pair up with, or you might get lost / left behind..but you are still welcome. In some cases this might mean ME. - if you are John Sides/ Greg Johnston / Jr. Delgado fast, you are welcome, but you'll have to do circles to keep site of the group. (No I can't keep up with those guys no way) - if you don't maintain your bike, you are on your own. No pre-ride repair session delays. See ya !  Call me and I can help you fix all the usual issues prior to the ride. - you should bring water and a snack, and probably at least minimal spares and tools on every ride. - rarely a dawn to dusk day on the bike. Did I mention I was old? - All rides within 150 miles of SFV. Usually less than 100.   Ride type (terrain, length, miles, lunch stop, gas stop) will be announced so you can plan your bike, gas, food, drive etc, in advance.                      


Running out of energy
I'm 48, 5'7", and 140 lbs. I have hypoglycemia, and, even at my age, a high metabolism. I have an issue with running out of energy in a race that lasts over about 2 hours. I get depleted and then start making mental mistakes (stalls, crashes, etc) leading to more energy being drained. Haven't had an issue until this year. I try to keep an ok diet and keep fully hydrated but don't do anything special for a race. I've tried Hammer gels and their counterparts (90-100 calories) during a race but they don't give me enough to keep charging. So, what can I do to load up before a race and what about during a race?
Trailer Setup for 6x12
For Christmas I got my two kids dirt bikes (TTR50 and TTR90). In this short period of time, now my wife and I wanted one as well so I got my wife a TTR125 and myself a TTR230 so we can all ride on the trails together. I was fitting 3 bikes in the truck with a ramp until I got the 230 so now I have ordered a 6x12 trailer with a wood floor. I have searched TT forums for my particular question, but I can't seem to find one that matches exactly. I'm trying to have the least complicated but efficient setup as possible for transporting these bikes to the mx park. I'm not really looking to get into the conversation of enclosed vs open. The open utility 6x12 trailer is already on order and being built because I would like to use it for other purposes in addition to hauling bikes. My question is how to setup the trailer. I would love to have the strapless tie down setup. My problem is all the professional systems cost in the $200-$400 range and multiply this by 4 is a problem for me. So I'm thinking I can use D-rings 5/16" through the wood floor with the wood floor bolted to the trailer cross members. I picked up some 1/4" chain from HarborFreight (WLL 1250lbs) and then some 5/16" chain quick links. Then I would use 5/16" caribiners to attach to the footpegs. I've see people use the turnbuckles and I can find an occasional video/picture of people using just the chain. Do I need wheelchocks in addition to the chain? I'm wondering if I need two chains on each side of the bikes to form a triangular tie down? That way the bikes couldn't move forward or backwards and would form a tight tie-down. Or is one chain per side enough? I wasn't planning on putting a box under the bike. What do you think about my plans for tie-down? I could be heading in the complete wrong direction. At this point in time I have been hauling the bikes in the truck with staps on the handlebars so this strapless system is new to me and I want to make sure I do it correctly. Again, not sure if I need chocks or not in the front. Sorry for the long winded explanation. Any suggestions, comments, improvements are very appreciated. Also, if anyone has pictures of something similar, please please share. Here is a link to the parts I was going to use: https://www.ebay.com/itm/10-SNAP-HOOKS-QUICK-LINK-LOCK-5-16-500lbs-working-load-NEW-SALE/131696339846?hash=item1ea9b6ab86:g:uq0AAOSwI-BWJu9x:sc:USPSPriority!30173!US!-1 https://www.harborfreight.com/1-4-quarter-inch-x-35-ft-chain-coil-47698.html https://www.harborfreight.com/516-in-Quick-Links-3-Pc-69061.html https://www.ebay.com/itm/20-3-8-Bolt-On-D-Ring-5000-Rope-Chain-Strap-Cable-Tie-Down-Flatbed-Trailer/361906226254?hash=item54434ac44e:g:rkgAAOSwfVpYpenH   If I have to install chocks I was going to go with these: (I'd rather not have to install these though if possible): https://www.amazon.com/Pit-Posse-Chrome-Motorcycle-Removable/dp/B0158XOGE4/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=pit+posse+wheel+chock&qid=1552911572&s=gateway&sr=8-1    
Handlebar Recommendation
Hello all. I’ve been running Renthal Carbonlite bars on all my MTBs for years. They fit me perfectly.   Does anyone know of a dirt bike handlebar that has similar sweep and feel? I reached out to Renthal but have heard back.


06 yfz 450
This is not my bike trying to repair for a friend he had it rebuilt by someone who we can no longer reach. Bike shut off while riding down the road did not lock up or any and now will not start, motor still turns over with the starter and by by turning it myself Checked the oil and it was empty. I’ve checked valve clearance’s and timing all on point I’ve got it torn down now there is no play in the crank nor any noises. I keep reading it’s the crank bearings that went out but like I said it did not lock up when it shut off. Any advice as to what to next would be helpful thanks
Camping in/near Reading Anthracite?
Looking to spend a weekend single track riding with friends, and prefer to camp somewhere on or very close to the trail with my RV.  I thought I read that overnight camping is not allowed at any of the parking areas?  Are there ANY options?  It doesn't need to be an official campground per say, if they allow overnight parking (eg. wallmart).  I also see there is a campsite called Trailhead Campground in Coal Township and it says they are adjacent to the trailhead.  Is this area good?  Looking primarily for single track. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Banshee help
I was riding my banshee the other day and it just turned off on me i could not get it to start.  The only way i was even getting it to start was by putting gas on the air filter. I am not sure what happened im thinking maybe because my wires for my key are connected cause i have no key. Recently i got 2 new carbs the tors delete kit new throttle cable. Please help me figure this out 

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Amazon referral link? so TT gets $?
Hi I use amazon fairly often would like TT to benefit from my purchases: what is TT's tag or amazon link? thanks  
App needs work
When I click on topics/Links in the TT emails, I am almost always taken to an unrelated TT section in the app.   Searching the app also excludes relevant topics.   I usually type what I’m looking for into google, filled by “thumper talk.” I then use the google result to get me to the right part of the app.   To clarify, I love this forum. The topics and content are awesome. Take this as constructive feedback or make the app better.  
Cannot add brand "GPX" to Garage.
I've been attempting to add the brand "GPX/GPX Moto" to my Garage since April of 2018. Since it is not listed, I've attempted to add it to the "suggestions" and half the time I get an error, the other half the time it kicks me back out back to the previous screen and does not indicate whether the suggestion goes through or not.  These bikes are becoming pretty darn popular, so is there a chance it can be added?   Current models are as follows: GPX TSE250R (Two stroke) GPX FSE250E (four stoke, air cooled) GPX FSE250R (four stroke liquid cooled) GPX FSE450R (four stroke liquid cooled)   Thanks so much. A lot of people have questions about these bikes and can't even read or review people's garages on them because they can't be added.  Windows 10, using Chrome, however it doesn't work on Android either.