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Eli bounces back and humiliates the field
Need I say more? The title says it all. Fantastic execution by the Colorado native... Kenny did well also, not nearly enough for eli Though. Musquin, hahaha, he only wishes he had Tomacs speed. Dungey said it best this weekend.."How can someone drop their lap times by 4sec so late in the moto? That's just crazy!"
How inferior are Beta Motorcycles to the competition?
How far behind are the newest Betas from KTM, Gasgas, and Sherco? Is there any reason to get a Beta if you are not shorter? 
2018 ADB 300 shootout
So Gasgas came out ahead of the rest but what were the other bikes in shootout?


Ford diesel Q
Son will rotate back to US in 5 months and he can't take his Euro car back with him. There's a guy here on base that just ordered a new Wrangled . He's selling his all stock 05 Ford 3/4 ton 4x4 diesel. Original owner, really nice with all the bells & whistles, heated leather etc. I don't know a thing about Ford diesels, haven't even driven one. The guy is asking $10,5 and my son is ready to buy it. Is that a good price for that rig????   Oh it's not a 4 door but it's the extended cab.   85 thousand miles.
Looking for the ladies!
Moved to Vancouver, Washington. Any local ladies? Got my KTM 250xcw and wanna go do some single track!!
Diagonal Wheel Chock Mounting Ideas
I'm obviously a newbie on the TT forum, but a long time rider and hauler of things two-wheeled.  I've been perusing all the threads on TT for enclosed trailer set up ideas.  I just sold my old 7x12 and have a 7x16 v nose.  Wanting to maximize efficiency and leave room for an occasional fourwheeler or SxS I've been kicking around the idea of loading the bikes on a slant.  Here's some pics of what I am considering.  The mock up with my little CRF was rock solid.  If I go this route, I will cut the etrack mounting ring in half and weld it to the nose of the wheel hoop-- but I want it to swivel from 45-90 degrees.  The mock-up just has hose clamps holding the ring to the hoop but it was completely solid.  I figure the advantages are extremely quick to remove everything, nothing on the floor and easy to space the chocks depending on bike type/size...  Thought I would throw this out to the collective to for comment prior to putting a bunch of holes in the new trailer!


Engine wont turn over when put into gear?
I got some 250cc chinese quad that needs some work, and since it has no kickstart and no battery to power the electric starter, i wanted to put it into gear and spin the front sprocket to make sure the engine turns over. It doesnt move a bit, it is locked solid. At first I started to get worried the motor might be seized but when I put it in neutral and took the spark plug out the flywheel spun freely, but as soon as I put it back into gear, same problem. What could this be? Do these atvs have anything to stop them from moving when not running or something like that? Or does it have some type of transmission problem?  
Yamaha Breeze 125 manual needed
Hi All does anyone perhaps have a Yamaha breeze 125 service / repair manual or a link for a free download ? YFA / YFM 125cc motor used in the breeze and grizzly 125`s Busy with a total rebuild. Thanks
Polaris scambler 500 front/rear shocks
Are they rebuildable Rear has no nitro left, along with that how do you fill them? Normally there's a shrader valve and this one does not, only a alum screw. It's a fox shox if that helps Fronts are leaking oil  

Inside TT

App is bugging out
Hey guys this thing is acting up. I think it’s running rich, it bogs, loads up, and is spooging.....   Seriously though, on the mobile app I’m having an issue where it double posts and loads slow in one specific thread. This has been happening for about 10 or so days now. And whenever I post in that thread it never loads all the way, and then sends me a post error message, by the post still ends up being there.
Uploading Images
Is there an issue with uploading images?  When I select a jpeg to upload it shows uploading but never uploads.  I would upload a screen shot but...  
After receiving and reading-replying to messages how do I delete them.

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