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Just found out the new Competition CRF Honda's are now double overhead cam!
Honda finally got rid of that crap Unicam motor.  I am shocked it only took 20 years.  Could Honda finally be pulling its head out? Inquiring minds hope so.  The Unicam was interesting as a concept, cool even in its innovation, but in practice was such a turd in reliability.  I always thought the problem was Honda using cheap materials, or cutting corners, or just making everything too thin (for lightness).  Anyway, I hope Honda is back.  What are everyone else's thoughts on this?
How to fix grips to handlebar?
Hey there,  i ride a TT600S and a WR450F since years. Throughout the years i never really managed to properly fix my grips to the handlebars - they usually slowly turn. I tried glueing them to the bars with different glues(is perfect for 10h riding, then again kind of loose), tried different makes of both glue and grips nothing really worked for example for a 4 day offroad trip.  What can i do? What a good combinations of Grips / Glue / Magura handlebars?   Thank you so m
Should motorcycles be subject to safety mandates?
A very popular current thread here is the subject of ABS on motorcycles. A bunch of us ride dual sport, adventure, and ride street as well as all types of off road. My firm belief is that in almost every case government needs to get out of the way. Especially regarding motorcycles. We mostly ride for fun. No one really NEEDS  a bike. It's a choice. If my choice is mandated ABS or no ABS, it's none. I like ABS, when I choose to use it. What I see coming is big brother in the way again, and big in


Truck/Toyhauler Towing Questions
I have an 05 Tundra, 4dr, 2WD, 4.7 V8 Automatic O.D.  With information at hand, best I can tell its towing capacity is 7100 lbs.  I'm looking at a 2017 Coleman Latern 300 TQ Toyhauler.  It's dry weight is 6800 lbs.  I would usually have my race bike, pit-bike, generator, tool box, coffee machine, extra socks and various camping amenities, that would easily put me over the 7100 rating.  I'm sure if I latched onto it, it would go down the road, but my gut says it would be an 'overdrive off and dro
Broken ribs recovery
For those of you that have broken ribs. How long before you were on the bike again? I only broke 3.
Help! I suck at racing
Hello, im a vet c motocross rider that just flat suck when the gate drops. At first i thought it was a fitness issue. So i added an offseason training program that now three years later runs all year round. I train at the local tracks 2-3times a week and do cardio 2-3times a week aswell. I can haul ass for 15min or do 35min motos at 85%pace if the track is smooth i can go for an hour. I always train on the tracks with a friend and his grown up son and we're always within a coup


1994 Yamaha blaster spark plug
Here is a pic of my spark plug on my blaster, just wanting to know if it looks good.
03 660 Raptor
Getting a new carb for my bike. Any brand to stay away from. There so damn many having a hard time picking one. 
'03 Honda 400EX New Cylinder and Head Question.
I've been looking through a lot of manufacturers for a cylinder and head. I want to keep it OEM power for now just to spend some time on it stock before we add a cam and such. Looking at a Niche for the cyl./head only. I will put a better piston in it and add my own springs and valves. I don't see enough differences to warrant spending more for the same thing. My crank is off to be rebuilt as I type. Have any of you guys used these parts before? My main concern would only be fitment and bolt thr

Inside TT

Da heck is wrong with my page?
You know at the top the guy on the bike? I can see half of the bike and my alert/notices are covered. Wasn't like this before the recent overhaul. 
Pictures rotate 90* when uploaded
Device: Chrome browser on an Android phone. Problem: When I go to upload a picture to TT off my phone, it rotates the image 90 degrees. If I edit the photo on my phone and rotate the other direction in anticipation of it rotating upon upload, it then doesn't rotate. It seems as if the picture is in portrait orientation, it gets rotated upon upload. If it's in landscape orientation, it doesn't rotate on upload. BTW, I won't be one of the haters and instead say that I actually like the
Links won't open
I use Google chrome on my Motorola cellphone to use the TT app. So far I deleted all cookies in phone, logged out of app and still I cannot open any posted links. If its an actual YouTube video posted I'm good but sometimes it's just a link that won't open. For example the link you provided to check what browser I have won't open either @Brian III
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