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Desert Tires
I am new to riding in the desert and the tiny gravel called sand around here. I run Dunlop AT-81's back home because they work well in a variety of conditions and don't climb mud ruts. The one thing I don't like is that with the narrower tread profile on the AT-81 it doesn't grip as well in hard leaning turns- since the tread doesn't wrap around the carcass as far as say, an MX-52 for example. This makes me wonder if I might "skate" less on the BLM trails if I ran a different tire. What tires are popular out here and why?
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Leaky VP Racing fuel jug, any tips?
I have a white VP Racing fuel jug that likes to leak at the junction between the jug and cap.  I can get it sung, but if I try to really tighten it, it pops off the threads. Anybody run into similar issues?  Is there a better O-Ring design out there or do I need a new cap or complete jug?


Yes, Another 6x12 Moto/Camping Trailer
OK, a few weeks into the buildout, and I have lighting (80 LED's, separated into "kitchen" lights and main cabin), ceiling insulation, v-nose counter top and smaller shelf, and most of the electrical system. Paint is also mostly done. Window came in and will be installed this week as well. Still need to be done - find where to put the two 10 foot e-tracks (or cut up into smaller sections), solar panel setup, queen size bed placement (and design), sink, and bike chock placement (side by side or ass to ass).  
2001 E-350 14 Pass. Van Build
Growing up, seeing motovans at the track was possibly one of the coolest things.. while I was sleeping in my singlecab pickup. But hey, at the time, in highschool, my truck was cooler than some van. Now at this "age" 24... a van is quite a dang good idea, so I started looking. After a few facebook pots, a buddy of mine knew someone who had a 2001 E350 Passenger van sitting, and would get me a price. he told me it needed a radiator, and the spark plug blew out of cylinder 4 (common 5.4 triton issue). A few days go by, and he calls saying I can have it for FREE! they just needed it gone! So, I go out there with a friend of mine who has a 30ft gooseneck, and some starting fluid to make sure I don't get in too deep... we cant get it to fire without starting fluid, and ruled it out to a fuel pump. We pull the van on the trailer, stop by the parts store, and are headed home. The van was sitting stationary for 4 years... and smelled like it. but we'll get back there.. We dropped the tank, having to cut one of the tank straps and emptied the 4 year old fuel, put a new fuel pump in it, about 5 gallons of premium race fuel (fast and furious), and she fired up.  Next was the spark plug issue, I tapped the threads, and installed a helicoil along with new plug and coil pack, and we were good. Later I replaced the radiator after flushing the coolant system. The next day, we pulled out everything behind the first row bench seats, to include the headliner, rear AC duct, and side panels. Had to cut out the old seat belt mounts, and reinstalled the last bench where the first bench originally resided, since it was longer, but a few inches back to have optimal leg room. Then came the wall install... after lots of measuring once and cutting twice... I got it all figured out, and had the wall installed, then yellow stuffed "expanding foam" around all sides to ensure I wouldn't have fuel fumes in the cab. Finally I installed some flooring, just to give the bare metal some protection.   After that, I was king of burned out on the van, before I even used it. She sat in my driveway for months before I was ticketed for having an unregistered vehicle parked outside.. gotta love florida.. I posted it forsale for a few days, then decided I would getRdone. So, off to the DMV, registered, and custom plates reading "MOTOVAN". Picked up a heavy duty cargo lock, fuel treatment, tons of black ice "little trees", and some R-134 to recharge the AC. She was making her first trip to the track that weekend! We changed the oil, 1,000 miles and 3 years overdue... only 2qts came out.. and sea foamed the green monster. After driving all over town, I parked in the driveway for a second, only to try to move it, and nothing on start up... not even after a jump.. so back to the parts store for a starter. After one of the worst starter jobs ever, she was cranking again. I figured we were problem free... but not before a brake line failed, and had to replace that guy, in order to take her to the track in 2 days! Finally! we were all clear, and we loaded three bikes into the van, and we were off! Two bikes is preferred.. but three worked, juts had to put most of the gear in the cab. Was a great day of riding, before a buddy crashed and ended the day with a concussion and a few compressed vertebrae.. The van made another trip out this past weekend, and developed a new misfire, that ill be taking care of this week, and rechargeing the whole AC system since ill be sleeping in it this weekend for my first race in years! I will add some photos off my phone in a bit, until then, here is my youtube channel I created for the motovan!    
Ultimate MX Hauler Review
For those of you wondering how the system works and would like to see it in action feel free to check out the vid.


QuadCross of Nations-2018
Team USA-🏁🏁 https://atvmotocross.com/2018/10/02/team-usa-wins-second-straight-quadcross-of-nations-in-denmark
Future of Sport ATV Racing with limited 450 options.
Hi All, Looking at the current ATV offroad racing world, the 450 class still leads the way.  With Yamaha being the only manufacturer currently offering a 450cc sport racing ATV, how long till racing starts taking a hit.  I haven't heard any rumors of any of the other manufacturers getting back into the game.  Without an influx of new technology and new ATV's to purchase, I feel that its only a matter of time until the big series' (GNCC) start taking a hit.  There are only so many 450's out there and keeping them up and running especially for the rough running of an offroad series seems like it would be a losing battle.  Props to Yamaha for keeping the segment alive for now.  It just bothers me when there is literally only one player if you want to buy a new machine. Do you guys feel that sport ATV racing is on the way out?  Do you guys anticipate a rebound with manufactures getting back into the field?  Is it just a matter of time till sport ATV racing is done, and everything has moved onto SXS racing?  
Looking for an electric quad
Looking for an electric quad in say like the $500 price range. What is out there? This will be a toy for the kids. What kind of ages, sizes, etc are out there? Must be an automatic. Does not need to have reverse, but if it does, that is fine Ideally want the most weight allowance possible for a rider. May have an occassional adult as well.

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Photobucket Images
Hi - I have searched but can't see a definitive answer. I have old threads where I used Photobucket links to embed images, which as users know were blocked by PB a while back unless you paid!   But I see that TT have done some clever coding to overcome this, great job.  What interests me though is whether you have actually dragged the images out of PB into TT or if it is still linking to PB?  I want to future-proof my threads and wondering if I should upload the pics or if you have essentially done that for me :) eg https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/942713-my-dr350-project-chapter-2-chassis/?tab=comments#comment-9939007   Thanks
Why did my post move.
Just posted general discussion about a stolen bike. Moved to Northeast Discussion. Why.
How do I delete them?

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