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Anyone have to replace their valve cover gasket(s)?
My 2017 500 RR-S now has over 400 hours and 7,000 miles.  The valve cover has never been off and it has a seep to it down the left/gearshift-side of the head.  Nothing crazy, just that dirt sticks to it and I'm not a fan of any leak.   I have a new valve cover gasket, the spark plug gasket and the bolt gaskets, and a new spark plug all ready to go and will probably change the gaskets out along with the spark plug this upcoming weekend.    When you adjust/check your valves
300 RE VS 300 TPI Jarvis
Anyone ridden these bikes back to back ?  This isn’t a bash on TPI thread ...... sold my 200rr and I’m wanting a 300 now ..... I know the spec etc, I know the Tpi complexity..... but I’ve also ridden the 250 RE 2020 and it was major stiff and not great on fuel..... I did also ride a 2020 TE300i and maybe I got a good one at the time but it was super smooth and suspension felt very plush out the box. Im now choosing between a new 21 RE300 and 21 Jarvis 300i ....... your thoughts please 🤷‍
KTM's 20 year dominance: Has any other manufacturer accomplished so much in 2 decades?
Since 2000, KTM has dominated virtually every aspect of motorcycle racing and recreational riding.  For the past 2 decades KTM went from a boutique European bike to complete dominance in both racing and recreational riding.   In the recessional off road world, they are the #1 bike in the woods. Go to any local staging area,  trail,  poker run, or event, and it's a sea of orange.  Their sales far surpass and other competitor. During the past 20 years KTM has recognized and react


Gasric Bypass
I just love this forum BTW....thanks for all you do. Recently decided to have Gastric Bypass. I am not a big fatty - but I am 6' and 240lbs. My main issue is that I am a Type I Diabetic and can not get the glucose readings in check. I have been a diabetic for 17-years. Will I be able to ride/race after the surgery ? Thanks - Jimmy
Vegan mx racer?
Hey peps   So I’ve recently gone vegetarian after watching “The Game Changer” I’m really considering going completely vegan. I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt 2weeks in to vegatirian. Is there any top riders out there doing this?
KTM 125 XC or KTM 150 XC-W TPI
Looking for a trail bike for my wife. She is 5’4” tall and doesn’t ride trail much. She is also not used to 2 strokes they intimidate her. She has been riding track and racing a women’s beginner class on a 250SXF for about 4 years. Decent balance and control but not used to carrying speed to get over obstacles. The 125 should be easier to lower but I think the 150 will lug up hills better. We may race a hare scramble some day so I am reluctant to buy a KLX140G or similar. What are your thoughts?


Quad talk
Just some of us talking about what we started on a dirtbike thread   @duCOD pro @Drop-Bear
OEM Service Manual
So I have to complete rebuild my 06 YFZ450 engine from the ground up. I wasn’t the one who took it apart and I was wondering what would be the best manual to help with this. I could get a service manual from Yamaha or I could get a Haynes manual and I was wondering which Y’all thought would be best and more descriptive for the job? Thanks in advance 
2003 Honda TRX 90
2003  Honda TRX 90 kids bike improvements/project.  Purchased this bike used (1 year old) in 2004 (till she grew out of it) for my daughter. Then it was my sons quad until he moved out.  but while it was his he wanted more power, eventually.  I kept the quad because every one enjoys riding it including myself.  When my son rode it a lot I installed a Powroll Big bore kit, camshaft, ported the head, matched the intake manifold to the head and carb and White Brothers muffler. Bored out the c

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How do I change my email address related to my account here?
How do I change my email address related to my account here? I don't use my email much this is connected to TT. I have a secondary business email I would like to use. How do I change my Email? Thank you in advance. 
ignore does not work
I have three users on my ignore list. Since a week I see all posts from user 'mog' though he is on my ignore list. I switched the ignore off and on again but it didn't change anything. How can this be? Thx Doc
Message Box
TT is telling me my message box is full. What am I supposed to do about it? 
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