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Off-Highway and Dual-Purpose Motorcycle Sales Soar
IRVINE, CA – August 11, 2020 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) –  Off-highway motorcycle sales rocketed 50.3 percent in the first half of the year compared with the same period last year, while dual-purpose motorcycle sales jumped 20.9 percent in the same time frame, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council Retail Sales Reporting System. Off-highway motorcycles include dirt bikes, trail bikes, competition motorcycles, and other motorized two-wheelers that cannot be used on public roads. Dual
How is tax calculated on a used dirtbike?
I'm in WA state. Looking to buy a used dirtbike. I know I get a bill of sale, but last time I did this the DOL looked up bluebook and charged me tax based on that. Is there a method to show the value of the bike is less than the bluebook value (it's clapped out etc) and pay less tax?


Will regular sauna usage improve your longevity?
This Finnish study says yes: sauna bathing two to three times per week is associated with a 24 percent reduction in all-cause mortality, while sauna bathing four to seven times per week is associated with a 40 percent reduction. That study exhibits a dose-response relationship — the longer and more frequent your sauna sessions are, the longer you tend to live. Sauna usage is also strongly associated with a decreased incidence of cardiovascular disease. Another study has found that using a saun
What do i do with no starter repalacement?
Hi I have a 1980 Gs250t that I restored last summer after riding if I try to start it warm it get really weak , and we have to pop start it. A brand new starter cost 400 dollars to buy, and I cant get the armature new, I tried with little luck to find an aftermarket replacement. I want to know how do I test the starter, I already replaced the brushes.
Trailer wheel bearing grease
Have a lightweight PWC trailer and doing all new wheel bearings on it. Do I need to use specific grease just for wheel bearings, or can I use a quality general purpose/hi-temp grease? I have a good bearing packer tool that I used for steering head bearings before, and I believe what's in it is a quality hi temp bearing grease. Planning on using that, unless I need a more specific type of grease...


11:1 Comp. on Pump Gas?
I have a 2013 TRX400X and I'm planning to put a 11:1 high compression piston in it pared with a stage 2 Hot Cam to get into ATVMX and I'm wondering if I could get away with running 93 octane ethanol-free gas in it. 
First service kymco 450i LE
I just got a new 2019 kymco 450i LE and I'm curious if anyone knows links to how to's on the first service or anything related to it honestly and any sites I can find aftermarket stuff for it seems like it's a hard year to find on most sites it goes from 2018-2020 skips right over mine so any help would be appreciated. 
Wife's Ride
The wife rides by choice, a 2001 honda trx250 recon. I'm about to attempt a top end on it or either have her start charging the parks for fogging mosques. Anyway I'm having trouble trying to determine exactly what years the engine parts interchange. I've gotten mixed documentation doing research so any help would be appreciated. I can just order a kit for 2001 yes, however it seems many parts & kits crossover years above & below the 2001 and contradict from one site to another.  Th

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Move Thumperette forum
Hi. I would like to suggest that you move the Thumperette forum to the General Dirt Bike section. I have trouble remembering where it is and finding it even though I follow it and know it is there. I know there are more women riders on Thumpertalk than are following Thumperettes. This forum is not very active at all and I truly wish it was. Would it be more active if it were easier to find? I would think so. Please consider moving it so we could find out. Thank you!
Update Avatar
I have a picture of all 7 grand-kids together, and I want to update my avatar.  I copied it off a Facebook, and thought I could paste it on here.  I erased my old avatar, but I can't get paste to work.  A little joe 6-pack instructions would be appreciated.  You can finish your pintos and cornbread first, thanks.
How come there's no XL subforum under Honda?
I've seen plenty of XL threads started under the XR forums but you really gotta search to find them and there seems to be enough dudes riding them, so why not have it's own subsection under Honda?  They aren't XRs and they sure aren't CRFs.   Just curious because it would give newbs a place to go first.   There isn't really a forum for us XL guys on the internet.  Be that place.
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