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63 yrs. old....Am I crazy?
Rode a few enduros and single track over 30 years ago and keep thinking about getting another dirt bike. Even found this website to get more information and it has been great resource. Have been mulling it over for 6 months and have looked at gear to buy and pinned down the bike I think I want.  Just haven’t pulled the trigger. Would be starting over and would need to buy helmet, boots, goggles, and protective gear on top of a dirt bike. Expensive to get back in. Keep looking at the KTM 300 2 Stoke EFI although I have never ridden one. For that matter, haven’t been on a dirt bike in 30 years. At one time, I was pretty good on the trails and just got out of it when I got married and 2 kids came along.  Just remember how much fun it was, but at my age, really don’t want to have an injury. Is the KTM 300 2 stroke too much bike or would a 4 stroke be better, does anyone have suggestions?  Would be riding single track trails an would like to take a trip to Colorado and ride some of the Alpine roads.....Before I get too old.    Thanks guys and  Happy Fathers Day.
$175 Yz125 Build
I thought I’d join the forum with my recent project and some pictures. I picked up this 87 yz125 over the winter. Plastics were bad or missing. Shifter broken, kick starter gear broken, electrical was a mess, and many screws including the carb air screws. I needed a project so what the hell.   I took the motor out to freshen up the top end and clean up the wiring. Got a factory manual and spent hours reading and fixing mistakes of previous owners.   Also how come almost every used 2 stroke bikes for sale have some problem with the power valve? How do people not fix things when they break? Call me ocd but I can’t leave something like that.   Any who the bike runs well now with new rings and a honing. And now the power valve is actually connected.   But I can’t get the clutch to free up. Clutch basket has no grooves and pressure plates look good just can’t knock them loose. My bikes do this from sitting but this one is the most stubborn I’ve encountered.   So few questions. Any tips on freeing up a really stubborn clutch without taking it apart? Can’t find a descent air filter cage, will a pod filter mess with the carb too much? The steering stem bearings fit up to 1995, should I try to get a 95 front end for it? The forks are shot and I’ve been reading they were bad in 87. Also any other advise or previous owners would be great. This is my first Yamaha, have a few Kawasaki’s but I thought what the hell    
Webb Wagon baby
All aboard. 


Harbor Freight Folding Trailer Opinions
I've been looking into some cheaper options for hauling two bikes.  I found online the Harbor Freight 1195 lbs. Capacity 48 in. x 96 in. Heavy Duty Folding Trailer, and read some reviews of guys using this as well. https://www.harborfreight.com/1195-lbs-capacity-48-in-x-96-in-heavy-duty-folding-trailer-62648.html I'd install plywood on top as well of course. My only concern is that it's a bit narrow for two bikes next to each other. I suppose I can mount the bikes in reverse of each other. Has anybody else used this while hauling two bikes? (ktm350 and yamaha yz125 in this case) 
Your Ride Today
I want to start a thread where we talk about where and what we rode today (or recently). I'll go first:  To the convenience store and back, all of 1 mile on my FS, just to get a couple of things for dinner. Did this a couple weeks ago on my road machine:   
Another Hip Question for Dr. Mark
I'm 67 and have been riding and racing offroad for over fifty years.  I've had two arthroscopic operations on my right knee and the doc said I have no cartilage left on my right femur.  I also have a torn ACL on that leg but apparently my insurance won't pay to have it replaced if the patient is over 60 years old.  I also have arthritis in both knees and hips but I have no pain in any joint.  Despite all that I walk 7 miles a day and go to the gym.  About three years ago I started having trouble with throwing my right leg over the seat of my bike.  The muscles in my quads and glutes in my right leg are tight and sore.  Could my knee injuries be contributing factors?  I went to physical therapy for months, a massage therapist, a chiropractor who does Active Release Therapy and taken all sorts of supplements and all I get is temporary relief.  I did go see my orthopedic surgeon and he said that although the x-ray shows arthritis, he didn't think that it was causing my issue.  He said if the pain increased in the joint he could give me a cortisone shot but he didn't think I needed a hip replacement yet.  Thanks for your time.


Z400 rims on warrior350
I've researched and couldn't find a straight answer, but will z400 rims fit on my 98 warrior?
How many atc owners are out there?
I'll start off by saying i own an '83 ATC200X and my DaD has an '85 250r :ride:
Buying a 110cc chinese atv. are all the brands the same?
I am looking at buying my son a 110 atv until he is big enough for a bike. My nephew had one (a taotao) beat on it, no maintenance and it is like 4 years old now, only a few minor issues. I found a place that I can drive to about 4hrs that has tao tao 110 boulder for 525$ out the door. I was just looking online and saw a RPS Raider 6 110CC, it would come out to about $600 delivered which is pretty decent. They look like same atv, have same colors etc. would one be a better quality?

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Multiple replies
I'm on the mobile version on line( not the app ) and when I reply and save in a thread, it's not showing. It just goes back not showing my reply in the thread like it didn't save. So I go out of the thread and then go back in shows the multiple replies I sent bc I tried saving over again bc it's not showing that I replied.
How to put picks on the board lol
I can’t figure it out new to the site driving me nuts thank
Profile name change
How do I change my profile name?