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Can anyone tell me whats the sole purpose of the black tea kettle under the air filter is, it to quieten down the  throttle body sound? will it be louder in this area with it removed? any power increase after removal?
Smoke talk
Im not sure about this but I have my thoughts, but, it seems to me that in the last 4 or so summers, we’ve had a bunch of smoke to contend with for part or most the summer. I do not remember prior summers with the smoke.   I Know there have been fires, it is always warm/hot and dry. I don’t believe it to be be any drier than usual. A   Anyone else notice this or have I forgot beyond 3-4 years?   If this is and has been the case, whats going on? Fire fuels? Fire fighting tactics or lack of? Suppression or extinguishing practices? Just thinking out loud a bit.
Hey everyone, I’m looking for decent maps of OHVs in Washington state. Where would I find them? Thanks


Looking for the ladies!
Moved to Vancouver, Washington. Any local ladies? Got my KTM 250xcw and wanna go do some single track!!
Anyone here lower their truck?
Looking into lowering my 99’ silverado 1500 2wd single cab in the future.   Wanting to do a 4/6 drop with the c notch in the back.   Wondering if anyone has done it and how it rides compared to stock? (Some say it rides miles better over stock).   What kit did you use or recommend? Also any kits that come with new shocks as well for front/rear?   Example photo of what i want my truck to look like (would swap wheels for different ones in black):   ***Please dont post your irrelevant opinions of how “lowered trucks are useless, etc blah blah blah” i want facts and an answer to my questions in a civil manner. Thank you!***
Experience of 6 broken ribs?
Took a 'little' tumble off the supermoto in the dirt section at Crail here in the UK last weekend (sat practice for sunday races)... getting some unconcious time, a free stay at Ninewells hospital with complementary morphine - the end result being 3 snapped ribs and minimum of 3 fractured (#'s 2,3,4,5,6,7) I've done ribs in "1"s before but 6 in one go is new to me. They are on the back of my left side. 2 of the broken ones don't meet and look like: ----____ (made the mistake of looking at the xrays again and matching the images with the internal clicking/grinding) On leaving the hosp on sunday morning, went to watch the racing and manged to hobble about in short bursts not too bad, same at home, BUT while sunday night and last night in bed were bearable, the getting OUT of bed and vertical in the morning was an exruciatingly painfull experience (yelping like little girl) with about 1 hour recovery before I could move around semi normally again. I'm thinking of just sleeping in an easy chair tonight. Meds are currently 2x 500mg CoCodamol and 2x ibuprofen each 4 hrs (UK meds) So the question is: Has anyone who has done multiple ribs at once got any helpful hints on sleeping/getting up in more comfort? The sleeping itself isn't too bad it's the process of getting up from bed that's killing me. Cheers. Ant.


Polaris RZR XP1000/Textron Wildcat, A-Pillar Mount Kit
Polaris RZR XP1000/Textron Wildcat, A-Pillar Mount Kit Our engineers came up with a quick, sturdy, and low profile design to mount lights on the cage of your RZR 1000, or Textron Wild Cat. You will be able to mount these with ease, and have a range of Baja Designs auxiliary lighting to choose from.  Applicable Product: S2 Series Squadron Series XL Series LEARN MORE
Go-To Trails?
To anyone in the Colorado Springs area, what are some of your go-to trail systems for quick day trips? 
Tomahawk A Loop passable on ATV?
Hey guys, My buddies and I have been to Tomahawk trails tons of times on dirt bikes, but this trip we have a couple of us with 400EX type quads and I was wondering if anyone had any experience on the A Loop at Tomahawk on a quad?  I know its marked 50" and wider, but I seem to remember sections of it on the south end that were tight even for the dirt bikes.  Is this a fun/passable trail on an ATV?  I appreciate any feedback, all my searches on the forums only turn up dirt bike related posts. Thanks!

Inside TT

Crashes after closing video
I’ve noticed over the past few days that every time I watch a video in a thread, TT crashes when I close the video. I’m on an iPhone 7, up to date iOS, lots of storage left.   I’d really like it if the app didn’t crash :-)
Pages freeze.
Very commonly, the page I’m reading will freeze. This leaves any control of the page unresponsive. No scrolling, selecting page options or any control at all. I’m forced to close the app, then reopen. Usually, it will freeze again. This has been going on for months.
App is bugging out
Hey guys this thing is acting up. I think it’s running rich, it bogs, loads up, and is spooging.....   Seriously though, on the mobile app I’m having an issue where it double posts and loads slow in one specific thread. This has been happening for about 10 or so days now. And whenever I post in that thread it never loads all the way, and then sends me a post error message, by the post still ends up being there.

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