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How much is Savatgy's cut?
200K seems fair, thoughts?
Stolen 2008 KLX450R Indianapolis
Hello! It is a long shot but last night somebody stole my street legal 2008 KLX450R from my garage on Indianapolis's south side. Please if you happen to see it somewhere let me know. Had Baja design dual sport kit and Acerbis handguards. Also a 2002 Honda XR70 was stolen. Thanks
Paraffin based chain lube
I haven't had a non-o-ring chain in years, so I never think much about chain lube.  I recently bought a bike that came with a non-o-ring chain and was wondering what to lube it with.  I remember when I was a kid my dad told me about people dipping their bicycle chains in hot paraffin wax as a lubricant.  Being a dry material when cool instead of a wet oily or greasy coating seems like it would stay in & on the chain and remain a lot cleaner. I just Googled paraffin chain lube and see that bicycle riders have recently re-discovered using paraffin, in fact it is claimed to be more energy efficient than liquid lubes.  I think they might be adding friction reducing powders, like Teflon to the paraffin. Anyway, I know MX racers prefer non-o-ring chains.  Just wondering if any of them use paraffin? I'm going to give it a try.


Post up pics of your rigs, RVs and toy haulers!
Trucks/Trailers/Toyhaulers I'll start Here's my truck 2001 Chevy 1500HD 6.0 V8 lets see yours
Yes, Another 6x12 Moto/Camping Trailer
OK, a few weeks into the buildout, and I have lighting (80 LED's, separated into "kitchen" lights and main cabin), ceiling insulation, v-nose counter top and smaller shelf, and most of the electrical system. Paint is also mostly done. Window came in and will be installed this week as well. Still need to be done - find where to put the two 10 foot e-tracks (or cut up into smaller sections), solar panel setup, queen size bed placement (and design), sink, and bike chock placement (side by side or ass to ass).  
2001 E-350 14 Pass. Van Build
Growing up, seeing motovans at the track was possibly one of the coolest things.. while I was sleeping in my singlecab pickup. But hey, at the time, in highschool, my truck was cooler than some van. Now at this "age" 24... a van is quite a dang good idea, so I started looking. After a few facebook pots, a buddy of mine knew someone who had a 2001 E350 Passenger van sitting, and would get me a price. he told me it needed a radiator, and the spark plug blew out of cylinder 4 (common 5.4 triton issue). A few days go by, and he calls saying I can have it for FREE! they just needed it gone! So, I go out there with a friend of mine who has a 30ft gooseneck, and some starting fluid to make sure I don't get in too deep... we cant get it to fire without starting fluid, and ruled it out to a fuel pump. We pull the van on the trailer, stop by the parts store, and are headed home. The van was sitting stationary for 4 years... and smelled like it. but we'll get back there.. We dropped the tank, having to cut one of the tank straps and emptied the 4 year old fuel, put a new fuel pump in it, about 5 gallons of premium race fuel (fast and furious), and she fired up.  Next was the spark plug issue, I tapped the threads, and installed a helicoil along with new plug and coil pack, and we were good. Later I replaced the radiator after flushing the coolant system. The next day, we pulled out everything behind the first row bench seats, to include the headliner, rear AC duct, and side panels. Had to cut out the old seat belt mounts, and reinstalled the last bench where the first bench originally resided, since it was longer, but a few inches back to have optimal leg room. Then came the wall install... after lots of measuring once and cutting twice... I got it all figured out, and had the wall installed, then yellow stuffed "expanding foam" around all sides to ensure I wouldn't have fuel fumes in the cab. Finally I installed some flooring, just to give the bare metal some protection.   After that, I was king of burned out on the van, before I even used it. She sat in my driveway for months before I was ticketed for having an unregistered vehicle parked outside.. gotta love florida.. I posted it forsale for a few days, then decided I would getRdone. So, off to the DMV, registered, and custom plates reading "MOTOVAN". Picked up a heavy duty cargo lock, fuel treatment, tons of black ice "little trees", and some R-134 to recharge the AC. She was making her first trip to the track that weekend! We changed the oil, 1,000 miles and 3 years overdue... only 2qts came out.. and sea foamed the green monster. After driving all over town, I parked in the driveway for a second, only to try to move it, and nothing on start up... not even after a jump.. so back to the parts store for a starter. After one of the worst starter jobs ever, she was cranking again. I figured we were problem free... but not before a brake line failed, and had to replace that guy, in order to take her to the track in 2 days! Finally! we were all clear, and we loaded three bikes into the van, and we were off! Two bikes is preferred.. but three worked, juts had to put most of the gear in the cab. Was a great day of riding, before a buddy crashed and ended the day with a concussion and a few compressed vertebrae.. The van made another trip out this past weekend, and developed a new misfire, that ill be taking care of this week, and rechargeing the whole AC system since ill be sleeping in it this weekend for my first race in years! I will add some photos off my phone in a bit, until then, here is my youtube channel I created for the motovan!    


Honda Introduces Pioneer 1000 Limited Edition (LE) Models with I-4WD
First side-by-sides to come with Intelligent Brake Traction Control TORRANCE, CA - November 19, 2016 - (Motor Sports Newswire) - Honda today unveiled two new limited-edition versions of its popular flagship side-by-side, the Pioneer 1000-5 LE and Pioneer 1000 LE, both of which come with a new I-4WD system. Never before used in the powersports industry, this intelligent system is a direct result of Honda's automotive-engineering prowess, and offers three great benefits: brake traction control, hill-start assist and electronic brake force distribution. Combined with the Pioneer 1000's Torque Biasing Limited Slip differential, I-4WD can provide as much tractive force as a locking differential but with reduced steer effort and kickback. The result is excellent grip on a wide range of challenging surfaces, a more relaxed driving experience, and no need to stop and engage diff-lock.     Both Limited Edition versions of the Pioneer 1000 also come with a host of additional upgrades to improve suspension performance, protection, convenience and style, while non-LE models also get several important improvements.     "It's exciting to share the news that Honda is bringing I-4WD differential technology to the side-by-side market for the first time," said Lee Edmunds, Manager of Powersports Marketing Communications at American Honda. "To develop this intelligent system, Honda engineers collaborated with our automotive division and then tailored a system specifically for the rigors of the off-road environment. With I-4WD, the Pioneer 1000-5 LE and Pioneer 1000 LE set new industry standards, putting our flagship multipurpose side-by-side even further ahead of the competition in terms of performance and value."   Pioneer 1000-5 Limited Edition / Pioneer 1000 Limited Edition The Pioneer 1000 is already the industry's benchmark multipurpose side-by-side, with the best engine, drivetrain and chassis, plus the market's only automatic six-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) gearbox. Now Honda introduces two new iterations—the five-person Pioneer 1000-5 LE and three-person Pioneer 1000 LE—that are the first powersports vehicles to come with I-4WD, an intelligent differential system that conveniently combines the four-wheel-drive and diff-lock functions into a single selection mode. I-4WD incorporates the industry's first off-road brake traction control system to manage the amount of slip between left and right front wheels, applying torque to the wheel with greater grip. The result is excellent traction performance in tough off-road conditions, with reduced steer effort and kickback compared to standard diff-lock. In addition, LE models feature hill-start assist to brake while transitioning to the accelerator from a dead stop on an incline, and optimize brake force distribution between the front and rear brakes while coming to a stop—loaded or empty. While I-4WD is the standout feature on the two new LE models, the rest of the list is impressive as well. Adjustable FOX QS3 shocks provide an even smoother ride and improved handling; with a simple turn of a dial, customers can tune the machine for different terrains or driving styles. A beefy new bumper highlights and protects the grill, and aluminum A-arm guards and skid plate protect the vehicle against rocks and debris. Convenience-minded additions include illuminated dash switches for nighttime use; transmission-mode memory function to retain Automatic, Sport or Manual mode after engaging reverse; a pre-wired winch harness, new cabin-storage compartments and cup holders in all four doors. There are even comfort- and style-focused improvements like thicker seat foam, painted bodywork, red springs and A-arms and substantial aluminum wheels. Colors: Matte Gray Metallic Price: TBA Availability: February 2017 More info Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe / Pioneer 1000-5 / Pioneer 1000 EPS / Pioneer 1000 Since its 2015 introduction, the Pioneer 1000 has established itself as the flagship in the Pioneer lineup, with a class-leading 999cc twin-cylinder engine and the industry's first fully automatic six-speed Dual Clutch Transmission. For the 2017 model year, all versions of the Pioneer 1000—including the five-person Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe and Pioneer 1000-5, as well as the three-person Pioneer 1000 EPS and Pioneer 1000—have thicker seat foam for increased comfort, plus a winch-ready wiring harness. In addition, all Pioneer 1000 models get a new memory function that retains the last transmission mode after engaging reverse. All Pioneer 1000 models still boast fully independent rear suspension and long suspension travel, as well as 2,000-pound towing capacities. In addition, the five-person models once again feature the exclusive QuickFlip® system that lets owners switch between seating arrangements for three, four or five people. Topping it all off are Honda's legendary reputation for durability, quality and reliability. Colors Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe: Red, Metallic Blue, Honda Phantom Camo Pioneer 1000-5: Red, Olive Pioneer 1000 EPS: Red, Shale Blue, Honda Phantom Camo Pioneer 1000: Red, Olive Price: TBA Availability: February 2017  
Smoky 400ex
So after doing a new 440 top end on my 400 ex I have a pretty big problem. Somehow its smoking like it’s got clapped rings. Me and my brother are both stumped and can’t think of what could have happened it was a running 400ex that just was getting a little weak.
QuadCross of Nations-2018
Team USA-🏁🏁 https://atvmotocross.com/2018/10/02/team-usa-wins-second-straight-quadcross-of-nations-in-denmark

Inside TT

Photobucket Images
Hi - I have searched but can't see a definitive answer. I have old threads where I used Photobucket links to embed images, which as users know were blocked by PB a while back unless you paid!   But I see that TT have done some clever coding to overcome this, great job.  What interests me though is whether you have actually dragged the images out of PB into TT or if it is still linking to PB?  I want to future-proof my threads and wondering if I should upload the pics or if you have essentially done that for me :) eg https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/942713-my-dr350-project-chapter-2-chassis/?tab=comments#comment-9939007   Thanks
Why did my post move.
Just posted general discussion about a stolen bike. Moved to Northeast Discussion. Why.
How do I delete them?

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