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Info on BC riding and clubs etc
Hello all,  I will be moving to Vancouver soon from sunny South Africa and was hoping to get some info on BC riding areas and clubs etc.  Google tells me that there is BCORMA, SDBA, Revy Riders,  Fraser Valley and VIDRA. Are these clubs pretty much in the key riding areas? And those would be Chilliwack, Vancouver Island, Squamish and Fraser Valley? A bit of a bio, If given the choice of fast and flat or slow and technical, I am definitely in the slow technical camp. Got my first bike when I was 6, an Italjet 50cc, and now I am 44 and on my favorite scoot, which is a KTM 250 XC-W. Can anyone give me some advise on how to get into the riding scene that side? If there as clubs that I should join? Better BC focused forums etc? And which areas offer slower/technical riding? Thanks all,  Justin  
Clutch Squeal Part 2 - I am in despair
Long story, but try to keep it short. GG EC 300 2019 Clutch started to squeal after heavy abuse, then squealed even if it was slightly abused/feathered. After a few hours it started to judder. I tried a lot of things but could not get it right and while I was trying a lot it started to drag and I could not start it in gear when hot. That's what I have done so far: Changed gear oil (10/40) and used 15/60 Motul 300V as my friend uses it and his clutch works fine Inspected steel and friction disks, didn't find much, except inner steels had some brown spots. All of them within specs, nothing warped Inspected throwout bearing and pushrod, all good  Replaced steel and friction plates with brand new ones used new oil, Amsoil Dirt Bike 10/50, filled 900cc after clutch swap, oil level above maximum mark (but it always was installed new Rekluse clutch basket, same which is used on 2018 GP model changed clutch fluid and bled system common way, then from the slave side After that all was good for 4 hours, clutch was not abused. After 4 hours clutch started to drag when hot, it was not possible to start it in gear, it immediately died when putting it in gear. So I did the following: Bled system again, once with slave off the bike and piston pushed fully back, then a second time the common way disassembled master cylinder, cleaned everything and installed master cylinder repair kit (though the original parts were in perfect order) bled again, I think I am a bleed master in the meantime lol used the most expensive oil I have found (Nanotrans for 26 bucks per quart) but only filled 800cc so it was exactly at the maximum dot on the sight glass left clutch lever pulled over night, after that a few super tiny bubbles appeared in the reservoir. Yesterday I test rode it for 3 hours and the longer I rode the better it got. Its now almost completely gone and I was a happy man until... THE &%$#@!ING CLUTCH SQUEALED AGAIN ALTHOUGH I DID ONLY AN EASY UPHILL WITH NOT MUCH STRESS FOR THE CLUTCH. I really didn't torture it. If I could afford I'd put it on fire  Should I replace the whole clutch again? I am stumped and I have already invested U$ 590.- I have a new slave on the shelf, but the old one is in perfect condition, not leaking. But I guess that won't change anything either... It's such a great bike otherwise...  
Best truck to carry your dirt bike
It ain’t this Colorado tiny truck with a handicap plate. I use to like my 2000s. Tundra. These new trucks are so tall , makes it hard to load unload your bike


dirtbike moto camper, anyone have em? lets see them!
thinking about selling my truck for one similar to the ones below. I used to do construction back in FL, but have no experience with solar panels or "portable" electricity  so my idea was to run a few 12v batterys for light and some kind of heated rinse off.   
Tore my ACL again
I tore my ACL and lateral meniscus during a Supermoto race in February 2017. I had it repaired in April 2017 using my patellar tendon for the graft. I was committed and good about therapy.   I started riding again in October 2017.   In February this year i was riding a sand trail and dabbed my foot as i was about to lowside in a turn. It wasn’t violent or anything, low speed and routine dab. My leg twisted i felt the pop and immediately knew i damaged something. I was wearing pod k8 knee braces. I walked away fine and pain/swelling was extremely minor. After 7 days all swelling was gone. The first tear my knee was swollen to the point where i couldn’t bend it or walk and was on crutches.   That was my last ride since i knew i damaged something, but thought it was just going to be my meniscus. Saw my Dr. again in June this year and with a quick Lachman test confirmed my graft was torn. MRI confirmed full ACL tear, re-tore lateral meniscus in the same spot, new tear in medial meniscus.   I just had surgery 2 weeks ago and had to use a cadaver since i already used my patellar tendon.   I’m at a loss trying to determine why my ACL tore so easily the 2nd time. The first time it was definitely warranted. Ruling out my surgeon as earlier this week my PT told me he does all ortho surgery for UCLA athletics and also is the surgeon for the Lakers. I knew he had a reputation, but he’s humble, so i had no idea I was paired with such a great doctor.   I’m even more committed to the healing process and therapy because i don’t want to do this a 3rd time or cause more issues down the road. I don’t have any interest in riding for at least 12 months while i work on therapy, but i want to continue with motocross and off roading next year.   I’m just worried because i know I’m going to stick my leg out again in motocross and I’m afraid that’s all it will take for a 3rd tear. I’m built tall and lean with very little muscle mass (classic ectomorph). My dr. Mocks my chicken legs and how loose my joints are naturally. I know that severely works against me, so i don’t plan on riding MX again until I’ve added some muscle to my legs.   Sorry for the long post, but just wanted to discuss with others who have been able to successfully ride MX on a reconstructed graft after one/multiple ACL tears.   I didn’t really have many problems riding with a torn ACL, but that’s guaranteeing a knee replacement down the road. I’d rather try and live with a reconstructed ACL.        
Hitch Rack?
Anyone have success with a hitch rack for their XR? My tongue weight says 400lbs. The XR is 350(ish)lbs, and racks seem to be around 50-80lbs. Any suggestions on rack type, what’s the lightest rack there is, or is it just going to be too much weight. (It’s on a 2012 Mazda CX-9)


Warrior350 DG RCM ll?
Anybody have any input on this exhaust? I can't find any reviews about it.
Warrior350 DG rcm??
I'm looking to get a slip on for my warrior. I couldn't find any reviews on the dg rcm exhaust. Can anyone tell me how it is? I know there are better options, but I have a tight budget.
Suzuki quadrunner lt 160 help please
Hey guys I just bought (not sure of year suzuki quadrunner lt 160) and I picked it up for 500 cash brought it home put 93 gas in it and it wouldnt start. Most likely bc the previous owner ran it completley out of gas even reserve was empty. But I finally got it to start rode it around and it runs rugged, doesnt idle good but will and still cuts off if u let it sit for a minute. So I got seafome and a brand new ngk plug put it in and it will not start. Can amyone please help me step by step on how to give this thing a tune up? I really do not want to lay a finger on the carb im scared of those things. And doea anyone know if I can change the wheels and tiresto something beefier? I would like to even the stance put smaller but wider back tire on and taller front tire on but have no clue what size to get. And I wanted yo get a new front body bc its cracked but geeeeez 200 bucks juat for.the front? Is there another way around this? Thanks please help sincerely mike.

Inside TT

Perhaps I should uninstall/reinstall my APP? For the last month or two my notifications may take hours to pop up, use to be immediate.   Thanks
Trouble logging in
A friend of mine is not able to login using his username and password on the app. He gets a message saying: Log In Failed There is a problem with the forum.  Please contact the forum administrator or try again later. Username is Cmedeiros1993. Can an admin please correct?
After receiving and reading-replying to messages how do I delete them.