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Dirt Bikes

New pony in the stable
Got myself a proper trail bike, 2021 Sherco 300 se Factory edition. Slightly concerned about having a french and german bike locked up together, waiting to walk out to the garage and have one with a knife pointed at the other.  
2003 cr 85 Bad spark
I have a 2003 Honda cr 85.Bike has a weak spark. Having one heck of a time getting it to kickstart, it will bump start. When you hit powerband feels and sounds like it’s hitting a rev limiter. I have done a top end, both crank seals, reeds, new jets(cleaned carb) new air filter, re packed silencer, swapped many plugs, checked coil it’s in spec. When I went to check stator I wasn’t sure which wires were for what. So that info isn’t credible. If anyone could point me in any direction at all that’d
360 Build
For those that may be intetested, an update on my 360 rotary valve MK2 TPI build. Wiring😭 , started, stopped, pulled it all out then started again. Looks better this time,  and there are plenty of wires to run and terminate. 


Rotator cuff full thickness tears
Back in February, had a get off at Elsinore.  A small tip over high sided in a sandy corner went down reached up to break my fall and POP!  Full width, full thickness, tears of BOTH supraspinatus and infraspinatus, torn off the bone.  Been watching lots of Youtube Vids of people telling there stories but of course no moto peps. The recovery is pretty long to get back to normal and seams to be about a year to 100% and about 6-9 months to 80-90% or so. Anyone have an injury like this (
Toy Hauler Tie Down Recommendations
There have been a few topics on tie downs and such. More specific to my needs, what are people using in the way of a bike tie down system in a toy hauler? Something that is easily removed so it is not obtrusive to those in the trailer once bikes are off loaded and the trailer is used for lounging and camping. I've been using three tie downs, two on the bars and one on the rear wheel. It's effective but somewhat of a pain and looks like a spider web when I have 3-4 bikes loaded. 
MCL Injury while wearing Mobius X8
Hey There! So I wanted to hear other peoples opinion on this. Was riding a Turkey Run last Saturday and I have been wearing my Mobius X8 knee braces for almost 5 years now. I have always felt that they are a bit restrictive and I can ride so much better with out them. However in the woods with rocks and hard stuff I think they offer great protection compared to a standard guard.  Well I had laid the bike down a few times but never noticed anything other then the pain in the ass


Trail Master 450U FI 4X4
I actually started a thread in the wrong area Chinese "bikes"  called MotoBuys. First off, I couldn't recommend them, TERRIBLE customer service.  Originally when I purchased the SXS on Apr 2nd it was to ship the following week... that's what they said, it actually shipped almost 2 months later.  I ordered it crated because I needed extra shipping from LA to where I live. Let me stress DHX shipping was FANTASTIC!!!! I'd have no problem using them again, they kept me informed, ev
What piston for 93 pump gas
I’m told the yfz450 I got has a Carillo crank 3mill long rod welded 14.5 custom cp piston plus 1 valves ported polished head stage 3 hot cams and was ran on c45 race fuel. I want to be able to use 93 premium pump gas with these mods is the piston the only thing I need to change?
Terrible steering!
New to side x sides, just got one. Is it the cheap balloon tires that make it dart all over??? Steering components all seem tight, I'm going to check the alignment today. Feels more like driving a boat. 

Inside TT

Navigating TT
Still figuring out how to get around in TT.  Most here have a "my ride" icon/thumbnail under their avatar.  Where does that come from? Also, is the "garage" only for things for sale?
Links won't open
I use Google chrome on my Motorola cellphone to use the TT app. So far I deleted all cookies in phone, logged out of app and still I cannot open any posted links. If its an actual YouTube video posted I'm good but sometimes it's just a link that won't open. For example the link you provided to check what browser I have won't open either @Brian III
How to reply?
How do I respond to someone's comment?? Any help would be appreciated!
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