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Dirt Bikes

Hi i have a husqvarna 310te 2013 That have kyb 48cc forks and know i have 4.7 forksprings and 6.0 rear  And it feels a little to stiff up front I tryed to find some spring charts? Im 85kg no gear What do you thing do i need softer forkspring?
Ask The G.O.A.T!
ThumperTalk Contributing Editor Eric Hall ( @fudgypup ) will be sitting down with Ricky Carmichael later this month at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA to talk with him about his partnership with Suzuki to raise awareness of childhood cancer and to raise funds to benefit St. Jude's Hospital. Ricky has been traveling the country on his motocross inspired Suzuki Boulevard M109R cruiser having ridden over 1,300 miles through six states and five national parks. R
How to Sell a Dirt Bike (and get TOP Dollar)
I just sold 2 bikes on Facebook.  I had 2 buyers come from 3 and 4 hours away to Kansas City Metro to pay me top dollar – when there were lots of closer bikes. I was amazed they came from so far.  However, there are some horrible listings out there.  Some people just don't know how to sell.  I figure I have purchased and sold around 20 bikes in my day.  I think that makes me a Subject Matter Expert (SME). 1)      Clean it – a) Like you have never cleaned it before.  Power wash.  Foam


Front fork and/or head lift jack and stand
I've always been able to jack up the front of street bikes at the frame or engine to do tire changes, fork maintenance, etc. It appears on my new Versys 1000 this would be difficult to impossible without Kawasaki's proprietary jack and adapters. Looking for advice on a front end jack and am thinking I need one that lifts the head or triple tree. Any advantage to being also able to lift from the forks? Pitbull makes one that does both but it's a bit spendy at $230. Theirs for head lift only
Who's out riding this summer??
Ladies! I've been lurking a few months now. This Thumpette forum isn't as active as I thought it would be. Thought I'd give it a bump start or something.  Now that we are deep into the days of summer, who's out riding? Where have you been riding? On what bike(s)? Are you riding with other women? Any breakthrough moments? I'll start. I've been riding essentially 5 months now, so I'm a new rider. Given my experience level, I've been bumming around in fields/parking areas practicing clu
Second annual Apple Ride 10/05/19
Welp...my friend Karen (KJ) and I had so much fun on our first Apple Ride last October, that we decided to make it an annual event.  So KJ made a Facebook event out of it and invited some people to join in.  I did not expect many riders to respond, because it is somewhat of a "cross-over" event, meaning that it wasn't a full on trail or DS ride, but rather a DS ride with  a trip to an orchard to pick bags of apples stuck in the middle of it.  I don't think that that would be appealing to a lot o


1988 fourtrax 300 not getting spark
Just put a new stator on it bc I wasn’t getting power to the coil and wasn’t getting power from the stator so I thought I would replace it and still no power from the stator I have a test light is there any special way to test it ? Anyone know my problem I’m completely lost! 
2007 400EX has repeating miss at idle and periodic stall
OK so did a new topend for guy.  New cylinder, new piston, valve stem seals, adjust valve.   Start her up.  Idling beautiful as she warms for breakin. turn choke off, idles down and then boom ..a random repeating miss. Almost to the point of a stall.  very distinct but random.  Then the miss became a stall.  Also as this symptom rears up the idle needs turned up all the sudden to keep it running.  Its bottomed out now and that's not right. Carb is completely clean (Stock Jetting)
Worn off vin need help
I have 88 Tecate 4 with a very hard to read vin. Any way I can make the digits show up better with what is left?

Inside TT

How to prevent 'menu' on top of club from getting covered by side bar
Is there a wrap function or size function? Thanks!
problem with website
anybody else experiencing this. when i go to a new page in a thread it just sits there with a loading message at bottom of page until i refresh page then loads fine. only does it for this website it actually loads the page but the loading message at bottom doesnt go away, just freezes there.. 
receive plain text emails?
Is there an option to receive plain text email from TT? Thanks.
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