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Who uses a full face mountain bike helmet for riding woods??
For riding tight woods and limited open riding some here use bicycle full face helmets for riding dirtbike. I know my Dad did in an effort to deal with high heat in the woods and it’s light. Downhill full face mountain bike helmets are well vented too. A bunch shop for light vented motorcycle helmets as well. Some cut vent holes in motorcycle helmets to deal with the heat and keep some of the maybe better motorcycle helmet safety features..  The general thought is if one is going slow for top sp
Recommend DOT legal rear tire for New England for KLX 300
Please give me recommendations for my 1999 KLX 300 for a DOT rear tire for all around New England riding. The bike is at my brother-in-law’s in Connecticut and I get to ride it every year when I visit and get to experience awesome New England riding


Riding with a fractured big toe and sprained foot
Ok so almost a week ago I fractured my big toe and sprained my foot. I was wondering if you guys think it would cause damage and slow the healing process if I were so slip on my alpine star tech 7s and go for a ride. I haven’t had any pain whatsoever besides when I first crashed and I can touch/poke/squeeze my toe without any pain. My foot is black and blue but it’s just a sprain. I don’t want to cause more problems but what do you guys say should I send it and ride for a few hours lightly? And
Post your favorite workouts
I would like to start a thread compiling favorite workouts and YouTube vids. There are so many videos it’s sometimes hard to find good ones especially in one place. I am a fan of calisthenics and body weight movements, but feel free to post up vids of anything you feel beneficial to riding motorcycles. Here is one to start  
Road cycling in here
I know many of us also ride our cycles on the road and thought we could share our journeys and rides here, I rode almost 100 miles over the weekend on three separate rides. We are experiencing warmer than normal temps here in the Catskills of New York State and I figured I'm going to ride and all else can wait. What app do you use when you ride? Me, I have my Garmin and use "Sports Tracker" on my phone (free app). I know that the popular cycling app is Strava but I haven;t used it yet. I do


Yamaha blaster 240cc to 200cc
I have a Yamaha blaster I bought for my daughter it is supposed to be a 240cc. She was riding the crap out of it high rpms for a while then I heard a pop. Now it won't run at all. I bought a new cheap top end off eBay 200cc just to get us back on the road. I'll put in better parts later probably. So the new kit didn't come with a top. So the question is can I reuse the 240 top part (where the sparkplug goes) on a 200 or should I just send it back and get a 240cc jug so the top is the same. I thi
Bought a basket case 2007 KFX 90 for my daughter. Putting it back together and realized it was missing the CDI. If I am going to have drop the money on a new CDI anyways I figured may as look for a high performance one but I am having no luck. Does anyone know who manufactures aftermarket CDIs for this model? Thank you.
Yfz 450 gets spark but wont start
Hello everyone, I just put my engine back together and it wont start. It has spark, and even when I put gas or starting fluid in the cylinder it wont even sputter for a second. I hooked a compression tester up to it and kicked it over and it went up to 140 each time. I checked my valve clearances and they are in specs except for my exhaust. They were .006 and .007. I believe they are supposed to be between .0079-.0098. I'm not sure if that could be why but I'm stumped. I dont know where else to

Inside TT

Hide "Back to Top" button in desktop browsers
"Back to Top" button lower-right is unnecessary on desktop browsers - "Home" key on the keyboard does the same thing.
BS HTML code gfin my posts when I go to edit is annoying
Why does it turn certain words into a clickable link automatically. Then when I go to edit the post I gotta sift through 15 lines of bullshit jumble HTML coding just to find the word/area I want to edit. This pic isn’t the best example but you should see what the post looks like when there’s 3 or 4 blue clickable words in a single paragraph. Almost impossible to sift though and edit. VERY annoying tt. Come onnnnn.  
Timeline and Unread
Using the mobile app I see really odd behavior with the Timeline and Unread discussions   I can see discussions in both for a while, then they all of a sudden disappear - generally both at the same time and they both say “no topic”   Happens even when I don’t open the items to read them. Seems to consistently happen in the evening. Clearing the cache doesn’t seem to resolve it but at some point they populate again   I should add that Participated and Subscribed don’t exhibit th
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