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13-19 Restyle Kit (20-21 style plastics)
Just saw this posted on FB.. Pretty cool option    
Outdoor Expectations
I'm wondering what you all think now that the SX season done. Tomac doesn't seem in top form, Osborne has been injured, Webb hasn't delivered, looks like it's wide open to me, and that's exciting. 
Newer, better trail markers at Badlands
Wow.  What a difference. For the first time I've ever ridden there, I didn't feel like I was mostly lost all day! They've updated the woods trail markers and it makes a great difference.  They don't have a legend up to tell you what they mean yet, but I assume they will eventually.  I happened to ask at the desk when I signed in. Here's what the signs mean: Orange square with black arrow = ATV trail, or very easy motorcycle trail (be prepared to get stuck behind ATV's, wi


Broken femur.. anyone have experience?
Hey guys, I had a collision with a rock crawler SXS in Moab, Utah about 3 weeks ago. Long story short broke my femur had to get a titanium rod, some wires and screws installed..  My bike (2014 Crf 450r) only suffered a broken radiator and some plastics thank god.  Was wondering if anybody had experience coming back from something like this? I figured this summer is lost. Worst part about this is they cut my brand new fly racing jersey and pants off lol. Thanks in advance. 
Experience with neck injuries?
I was just looking for a little input from other riders and there experiences with neck injuries. My son recently suffered a neck fracture on his c2,c3&c5 vertebrae. The neurosurgeon tied c2-c6 together and he will make a full recovery with a some loss of mobility. I've talked with the Dr. and there will be more conversations on this with him about if he can throw a leg over a bike again. The doc didn't say no he can't he just said he's at a higher risk now. I haven't told my son no, he will
engine swap honda transalp 600 (1988)
hellow everybody. I'm having some engine troubels with my honda transalp 600(build year1988). but i did find an engine from an other transalp but its from the version that was build in 1991. My question now, is this engine gonna fit in my older transalp? Does anybody has some experience with this?  all help is much appreciated!!   kind regards korneel


Opinions on '86 LT250R
Hey guys I'm thinking about buying a 86 lt250r quadracer. It seems like its in OK condition, the guy says it needs rear break caliper, master, and lever (i found one on ebay for $100) and leaks a little from the petcock. Says it has FMF Pipe, DG Silencer, Nerf bars, and an ugly front bumper. I heard its common for these frames to crack but where should I really look for cracks? Also, how can I tell if its an 85 or an 86? Anyways, the quad looks pretty nice other than the ugly bumper and hood. He
Yamaha Bear Tracker 250 over revving
I just put a mikuni vm30-83 on my yamaha bear tracker 250 and I’m having over rev issues . I removed the stock air box and install air filter directly to the carb but I’m still pulling to much air in seems . Any help would be greatly appreciated 
2001 Polaris sportsman 500 no spark please help
2001 Polaris sportsman 500 cleaned carb dropped carb on starter wire and it sparked lost all spark to plug at this point I've replaced stator, cdi,voltage regulator  unplugged speedometer unplugged black wire from cdi tried pull starting it all still no spark I can't find any broken wires I'm at a complete loss with it any suggestions at all out there I'm willing to try to wire an old ford ignition system on it at this point I just need my bile back

Inside TT

Links won't open
I use Google chrome on my Motorola cellphone to use the TT app. So far I deleted all cookies in phone, logged out of app and still I cannot open any posted links. If its an actual YouTube video posted I'm good but sometimes it's just a link that won't open. For example the link you provided to check what browser I have won't open either
Add a "YouTube" channel/site link to the profile
Suggestion: Under the Profile -> Contact Methods, the side has entries for  AIM, MSN, Website URL, ICQ, Yahoo, Jabber, Skype I sure can't keep up with what the cool kids do on social media, but it seems to me that lots of TT members have YouTube channels. Can you add an entry for potential YouTube channels? It might let me increase my number of subscribers from 142 to 144 or so. Wow, soon I'll be in the big bucks.
How to reply?
How do I respond to someone's comment?? Any help would be appreciated!
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