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4 stroke silencer on a 2 stroke?
Okay, this is probably a dumb question and I've looked all over google for what would happen but couldn't find anything. Reason for asking is I just sold my TTR 230 and am pretty much dead set on a two stroke 250 for a number of reasons BUT, they're very loud bikes compared to the 230 and I don't want to piss of the neighbors (aka the Forestry cop). I've read about guys wrapping their expansion chambers in heat tape, and silicone (which I'll probably do) and I've also looked at 2 stroke exhausts
ATF vs Engine Oil
Not a common oil thread, so no worries.    I often hear and heard people using ATF instead what the owners manual recommends (mostly motorcycle engine oil 10/40,10/50 suitable for wet clutches acc. JASO MA specs). To be honest I never understood why people use it and many said because its cheap, but does that play a role when less than a quart does the job? After I had (and still having) some troubles with a squealing/juddering clutch I started to do a little research as I knew


Bike vs. Transportation mode
If you ride different types of bikes you've noticed how different groups tend to transport their bikes.  It's quite comical really.  It's like we see what others are using that we associate with and have to fit in with them. Teenagers = truck bed Enduro riders = enclosed trailer (usually white) MX racers = huge camping toy haulers (usually many sweeping colors) Harley riders = either a low shiny aluminum trailer or an orange & black enclosed trailer Trials rider
Osteochondritis - Right Knee
Dr. Mark, If you get an opportunity I would love to get your opinion on this. I have been experiencing pain in my right knee for some time now. The pain kicks in at a position equivalent to roughly half way into a squat. I have recently had an MRI done and I am copying the report from the radiologist below. This is having an impact on my riding as it is causing me to avoid using my right knee where possible - this doesn't always work to my advantage! Any thoughts on how I might resolve the
RIP Ron Hamp
was told ron has died 


1988 fourtrax 300 not getting spark
Just put a new stator on it bc I wasn’t getting power to the coil and wasn’t getting power from the stator so I thought I would replace it and still no power from the stator I have a test light is there any special way to test it ? Anyone know my problem I’m completely lost! 
2007 400EX has repeating miss at idle and periodic stall
OK so did a new topend for guy.  New cylinder, new piston, valve stem seals, adjust valve.   Start her up.  Idling beautiful as she warms for breakin. turn choke off, idles down and then boom ..a random repeating miss. Almost to the point of a stall.  very distinct but random.  Then the miss became a stall.  Also as this symptom rears up the idle needs turned up all the sudden to keep it running.  Its bottomed out now and that's not right. Carb is completely clean (Stock Jetting)
Worn off vin need help
I have 88 Tecate 4 with a very hard to read vin. Any way I can make the digits show up better with what is left?

Inside TT

How to prevent 'menu' on top of club from getting covered by side bar
Is there a wrap function or size function? Thanks!
problem with website
anybody else experiencing this. when i go to a new page in a thread it just sits there with a loading message at bottom of page until i refresh page then loads fine. only does it for this website it actually loads the page but the loading message at bottom doesnt go away, just freezes there.. 
receive plain text emails?
Is there an option to receive plain text email from TT? Thanks.
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