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2020 Arlington Post Race, Dragon Back Issue
Imho, the tracks and racing have been great this year. Fewer big injuries too. Possibly due to more difficult tracks. However there seems to be a problem. The same section took out AC and Webb. The Weege show mentioned the riders didn't like the low 5th bump. BTW, his post race walk through the pits is great. JGR is snake bit. 3 riders down in 6 races. Ugg. 9:15 the 450 podium riders speak out about it. All three didn't like how it was built. The 5th bump is lower. 13:00
Fresh thread ·        N2D RE-SPRING & RE-VALVE- no bladders available yet, so we go without that on the shock. Most likely .52/6.6 ·        FRONT TIRES WITH TUBLISS - GT 216AA  ·        REAR TIRE WITH TUBLISS - IRC M5B-E ·        SCOTTS STEERING DAMPER PIN TOWER – install to frame (2019 version) https://www.scottsonline.com/Stabilizer_Purchase2.php?Bike_ID=7222&BI_ID=737219 ·        SCOTTS DAMPER MOUNT - drill/tap/mount to triple clamp (universal mount)
Can I ride with this crack on the rim?
Hello I have a YZ125 and I noticed a crack on the rim when I was changing the tire. I want to go to the track in three days and that isn't enough time to get a new rim and I can't find anyone who could fix it. Do you guys think I could ride with the crack on the rim for a bit?


Can I fit a suzuki drz 125L in the trunk of a Subaru Forester
I am wondering if anyone has ever attempted this. I do not really have access to a truck or a u-haul or anything like that at the moment so I want to see if this can be done. Keep in mind the seats go down in the back of the car.
7x16x7 trailer build.
I’m currently working on my new enclosed trailer. I just got the paint done sans base boards and touch up, and I am waiting on the mx mount 2 bike system to arrive Monday. Once I get that laid out with where I want the bikes I will install the flooring. I ordered some heavy duty vinyl flooring roll that is made for garage floors. I am still working on finishing the lay out for the v nose and if I’m going to put my spare wheelset under the bench or mount them to the wall somewhere. I may build a
Post up pics of your rigs, RVs and toy haulers!
Trucks/Trailers/Toyhaulers I'll start Here's my truck 2001 Chevy 1500HD 6.0 V8 lets see yours


Hi i av a yamaha grizzly and its just suddmnly started poppibg and not reving up fully when in two wheel drive as soon as it goes in four it will tev up fully and drive but in two wheel or reverse it just popping when reved like a limiter is stoping it 
2008 Trx450er hmf pipe glowing red
Hey all, I recently put a full HMF exhaust on my 08 trx and at night time it glows red at the header. During the day it’s not glowing at all it’s only at night. Hmf says to jet it with a 165 jet and a 48 pilot for the air box lid off which mine is and I put them in. I didn’t want it to run lean so I threw in the 170 jet the other day and the pipe glows at night. Quad runs 100% fine no bog no lag no anything. So my question is, is this okay? Or is it lean? Any advice will help, thanks!
Yfz450r or ltz400
I’m in the market to get a wheeler mainly looking at yfz’s from the 04-16 year range since it will be my first quad don’t want to go to dealership since I know I’ll prob end up beating it, anyone have any suggestions on best year model and what problems to look out for ?

Inside TT

What happened to my mobile interface with TT?
Wtf happened?   is all different and stupid 
Notifications NOT working
notifications in the app (that alert you to new posts in threads you follow) is not working
TT App in iOS
It does not work well. I click on a notification and it sends me to the thread, but it’s a blank page. I’ve also seen a pic of a member I gave a STREETS warning to, on the front page of a thread that had nothing to do with him. If you need specifics, let me know.
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