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I MIGHT be able to make my TTR125 Street Legal...
Hey everyone! So I just picked up a TTR125, and after registering it for a green sticker, I got home and realized that under "Body Type Model" it said MC and not TR or MX. I quickly checked my other bikes (YZ's and other models) and saw that they all said MX or TR. I then looked at my motorcycle, and it said MC. So could I make this into an actual MC (motorcycle) or does it say that for all of you guys as well? What's the process like? How can I get it done? Thanks.
TM Racing 300 + Lectron + Wideband O2
I want to share my experience with a Lectron Carb in my 2015 TM Racing EN300 2 stroke. I have been using a Lectron carb for at least 6 month. Always felt like the engine was too hot, no matter how much I tried to richen it with the metering rod but the bike runs reasonably good. After doing a top end rebuild I welded an o2 sensor socket to the pipe… in the bottom part looking backwards. This way I could run a wideband afr meter but when using the cap it is almost invisible. Tod
Shock spring change and static stays the same?
So I have a 21 Kx250. With the stock 5.5kg shock spring and sag set to 105  my static sag was in the high 40s.  I dropped to a 5.0 shock spring and set sag to the same 105 and static is still 48. How is that possible? I would've expected static to drop quite a bit. With the 5.5 I had to have almost zero preload to get 105 sag. The 5.0 is at about 6-7mm preload to get 105 sag.  I'm about 175 no gear.  


Broken Wrist recovery questions.
I have a question regarding broken wrists and recovery.  Back on May 9th I fell and broke both wrists.  The left wrist was not displaced and actually I didn’t realize it was broken for a few days.  The right wrist was displaced and I had a displaced radius break.  The doctor said I split the tip of the radius.   He said surgery was needed and I had surgery on May 18th.  They installed a titanium plate on the radius bone.   I went home in a plaster splint.   On June 2nd. I had a follow up appoint
Honda Ridgeline Haters: get out your pitchforks & torches!
JD Power has crowned the Honda Ridgeline the highest midsized "pickup" in customer satisfaction according to those surveyed: https://www.jdpower.com/cars/shopping-guides/top-5-2020-midsize-pickups-by-customer-satisfaction?make=&model= Top 5 Trucks* for 2020 Honda Ridgeline Ford Ranger GMC Canyon (tie with Ranger) Jeep Gladiator Chev Colorado and deadlast, the mighty Toyota Tacoma 😯 What say you? Is JD Power full of you know what? Spot
Toy Hauler Tie Down Recommendations
There have been a few topics on tie downs and such. More specific to my needs, what are people using in the way of a bike tie down system in a toy hauler? Something that is easily removed so it is not obtrusive to those in the trailer once bikes are off loaded and the trailer is used for lounging and camping. I've been using three tie downs, two on the bars and one on the rear wheel. It's effective but somewhat of a pain and looks like a spider web when I have 3-4 bikes loaded. 


06 TRX450ER Leak Jet Sizing for Bog / Stumble at Cruise
What size leak do most guys recommend for lightly modded machines to fix the typical honda bog on throttle stab? I got an 06 trx450er with an airbox lid delete (stock Honda filter), HMF full pipe, and Hotcam stage 1. The previous owner who did all the mods rejetted the carb but neglected the leak jet. I'm thinking that a #45 or #50 is right on the money but this is my first 450 so I could be wrong, I know #70 is stock and #35 is a popular choice. Also, any suggestions to address a mid to h
Upstate New York Finger Lakes Adventure Ride - June 27, 2021
2004 YFZ 450 hanging idle?
I have a 2004 YFZ 450. The idle was hanging but when I turned the throttle position sensor left the hanging idle went away. Since I turn the TPS down it would not idle even when it was warm. If I turn the TPS right then it will idle great but it then has a bad hanging idle. Does anyone know how to make the hanging idle go away and still have it idle fine? There is no baffle in the exhaust I don't know if that has anything to do with it.  Any help would be great!

Inside TT

Navigating TT
Still figuring out how to get around in TT.  Most here have a "my ride" icon/thumbnail under their avatar.  Where does that come from? Also, is the "garage" only for things for sale?
Links won't open
I use Google chrome on my Motorola cellphone to use the TT app. So far I deleted all cookies in phone, logged out of app and still I cannot open any posted links. If its an actual YouTube video posted I'm good but sometimes it's just a link that won't open. For example the link you provided to check what browser I have won't open either @Brian III
How to reply?
How do I respond to someone's comment?? Any help would be appreciated!
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