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Voile Manufacturing Straps
There seems to be a million and one products to secure, tie-up, or tie-down the gear, equipment, or whatever "stuff" we store and haul. And, I have a garage full of these products because I'm a bit of stickler about organization and stuff staying securely where I tied it down. Recently the folks at Voile Straps sent me a variety of their polyurethane straps to try, so I wanted to share what I think about how they work. Before I dive into performance, I'll cover the highlights of Voile Straps: Manufactured from UV-resistant polyurethane that is both tough and stretchy. Strap buckles come in your choice: Heat treated aluminum that offer increased strength and slimness. Nylon that is non-marring, non-conductive, and non-reflective.   Your choice of 5 colors and several different lengths, including their XL series (thicker, wider, longer, stronger) Order 100+ straps, pay a $75.00 plate fee, and they'll put your logo on each strap. So, how do they work? Unlike other straps that I've used with a pivoting buckle peg & hole system, Voile Straps use a fixed retainer peg with a slight curve to it. Simply slide the end of the strap through the buckle and pull it snug on whatever it is that you're securing. Continue to snug the strap, pulling it over the retainer peg, completing the process by lining up the hole in the strap with the desired amount of tightness. Not only is this process fast & easy, since the straps are stretchy, you can set just the right amount of clamping force. So far I've used Voile straps on coiled electrical cords, to secure an 8' step ladder on my SUV, to keep the rear seat belt buckles in my Jeep TJ from rattling around on the highway when the top is down, securing my Giant Loop tail bag to a rack, and keeping a rain jacket tightly rolled up in my riding backpack. No question that they are super flexible in their uses, are easy to deploy, and they've held mt stuff exactly where I wanted it.   If you're looking for strong, versatile, easy-to-use, and effective straps, whether you're securing stuff to your bike, keeping your shop organized, or honestly, whatever, I think that Voile straps are a good option.
Posted by Bryan Bosch on Jul 19, 2018

Video: 2019 GasGas Enduro Range
The highly competitive GasGas EC enduro and XC cross-country models renew their image by incorporating improvements in the frame and suspension, the engine and the electrical system. The brand from Girona updates the looks of its enduro while keeping intact the wild, attractive line of its unmistakable two-stroke off-road models.  
Posted by Bryan Bosch on Jul 17, 2018

Antigravity Batteries Lithium Ion Battery with Restart Technology
I don't know anyone that doesn't love how light weight lithium ion motorcycle batteries are, but there are still plenty of critics of the technology as it relates to reliability, especially for those that ride in very cold conditions. In some cases, lead acid batteries very well might be a rider's best choice, but there is no question that light weight batteries have come a long way, both in terms of performance and reliability.  Lots of cranking power in a lightweight package So Cal based Antigravity Batteries appears to be one of the leaders pushing the envelope in the lightweight battery segment, recently releasing a "smart" battery that addresses one of the killers of lithium ion batteries: over discharge.  Select Antigravity Batteries feature tech called "RE-START". Simply put, if the on-board battery management system (BMS) detects that the battery is in danger of becoming over discharged, it will automatically put itself into a protective state, preserving enough power for a few starts. Push the RE-START button (remote triggering coming soon) on the battery to bring it back to life. Antigravity Batteries RE-START tech really appeals to me, as my KTM 690 Enduro R has no back-up kickstarter, something we're seeing more and more of. Installation of the Antigravity Batteries RE-START battery was a piece of cake with a negative and positive terminal on both sides of the top of battery. It also fit snugly into the factory battery box, but the factory aluminum retention strap appeared to slightly cover one edge of the RE-START button on the top of the battery. Fortunately I could still hear an audible "click" when pushing it, verifying that the button is still functional. Fortunately I can remove my seat to access the RE-START button without tools, but I can see why Antigravity is coming out with a remote for motorcycles where battery access is more challenging. Press the RE-START button to bring the battery back to life Does the RE-START tech work? Absolutely. To test this, I hooked-up a 12v fan directly to the battery and let it run until it stopped. I pressed the RE-START button once, hit the eButton, and my bike turned over and started like it normally does. Nice! Recently a riding buddy swamped his KLR during a water crossing and in the process of getting the bike restarted, after maybe a dozen pushes of the eButton, without notice, his competing brand lithium ion battery became over discharged, and he was stranded. This is a perfect example of what Antigravity Batteries RE-START technology was designed to avoid.  Over the last several months of riding with my Antigravity Batteries RE-START lithium ion battery, it's been flawless. This includes sitting in a hot Florida garage for a couple of weeks when it was raining non-stop without being charged, start/stop/start/stop dual sport duty, and a number of weekends of hot, humid, & wet Florida trail riding. On my last riding trip to the Ocala national forest, it was super hot, humid, and I was really working the bike riding in deep sand. When taking trailside breaks, the radiator fan would run for 4 to 5 minutes each time (key on with headlight on), and when I hit the eButton, the starter turned over the engine with ease, lighting quickly. With 360 cranking amps @ 10Ah vs. the stock lead acid 190 @ 9.1Ah, I'm not surprised. Pros  Huge weight savings over lead acid (2.5lbs. vs. 6.625lbs.). Faster starts because of stronger cranking power. Smart technology that keeps you from being stranded. Smart technology that extends battery life. Flexible 4-terminal design. Cons  Until remote RE-START button is released, for some bikes, getting to battery RE-START button could be challenging. Bottom-line  If you want the weight savings that lithium ion batteries offer, but without the risks of being stranded from being over discharged, Antigravity Batteries RE-START battery is not only a good choice, being the first of its kind, it's your only choice.
Posted by Bryan Bosch on Jul 17, 2018

Suzuki Introduces 2019 Motocross, Dual Sport, Off-Road and Youth Models
All-new RM-Z250 and DR-Z50 top the list of updated and returning models  BREA, CA – July 17, 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  Led by the advance look at an all-new RM-Z250 motocross machine and the new DR-Z50 mini, Suzuki Motor of America (SMAI) is proud to announce the introduction of its 2019 Motocross, DualSport, Off-road and Youth models including the QuadSport Z90 and QuadSport Z50 ATVs. The completely updated RM-Z250 features a long list of enhancements and performance improvements and now mirrors the cutting-edge styling of its big brother RM-Z450, introduced just last year. For young riders just starting out, Suzuki offers the new DR-Z50 mini. Featuring a host of convenience and safety features, the DR-Z50 is the perfect way to introduce youngsters to the thrill of dirt bike riding. All-new from the ground up in 2018, the RM-Z450 returns with key updates to its suspension while Suzuki’s versatile DualSport and DR-Z400SM models continue to provide owners with class-leading performance whether riding on- or off-road. For those ready to take Suzuki’s renowned motocross bike handling to the trails, the RMX450Z returns for serious desert and woods riders. The DR-Z125L is everyone’s favorite trail bike and returns with RM-Z inspired graphics. 2019 Motocross Models Suzuki’s tradition of building championship winning, high performance motocross machines takes the next step forward with the pre-announcement of the all-new, 2019 RM-Z250. Designed to move it to the head of the 250 class, this all-new stunner features a long list of enhancements and performance improvements. Preliminary information on this new motorcycle is available now with full product details and specifications set to be announced in September. Evolving the fundamental performance elements of ‘RUN’, ‘TURN’ and ‘STOP’ to a new level, Suzuki has infused the Winning Balance into the new 2019 RM-Z250. Suzuki engineers have achieved an even greater level of balance between the race-proven performance of the RM-Z250’s engine and chassis. Particular attention was focused on advancing its ‘TURN’ capabilities to continue Suzuki’s tradition of producing the best handling motorcycles on the racetrack. The styling of the RM-Z250 is all-new and unified with that of the RM-Z450. NEW 2019 RM-Z250 New Aluminum Frame & Swingarm More Power and Improved Throttle Response Sleek New Bodywork & Ergonomics New Coil-spring Fork & Shock/Linkage Champion Yellow with Red/Blue Graphics MSRP $TBA Estimated arrival at dealers: February 2019 *Additional information will be available in September 2018 With a decade’s worth of race win dominance, the 2019 RM-Z450 remains the champion’s choice. Fully-revised in 2018, the RM-Z450 returns with its sleek, race-ready appearance, strong engine and a nimble chassis that continues Suzuki’s tradition of having the best handling 450. To further improve the agile RM-Z450, a new spring has been fitted to the SHOWA BFRC shock with new damping force settings while the coil-spring fork has new damping-force settings as well. Continual improvement is why the RM-Z450 remains the class standard for cornering performance. 2019 RM-Z450 DOHC 4-valve, 449cc, 4-stroke Engine Suzuki EFI with Tuning Coupler System Twin-spar Aluminum Frame & Swingarm New Rear Shock Spring Updated Suspension Settings Champion Yellow with Red/Blue Graphics MSRP $8949 Estimated arrival at dealers: August 2018 2019 RM85 The Choice of Future Champions Strong & Reliable 84.7cc Two-stroke Engine Six-speed Transmission & Manual Clutch Fully Adjustable SHOWA Suspension Champion Yellow with Red/Blue Graphics MSRP $4199 Estimated arrival at dealers: November 2018 Enlist in the RM ARMY and enjoy Suzuki Amateur Racing Support! Suzuki’s renowned RM Army and Amateur Racing Support continues, offering over $3.8 million in contingency, trackside support, and the opportunity to train with Ricky Carmichael at Suzuki’s exclusive Camp Carmichael. Want to see why champions choose Suzuki? Visit www.racesuzuki.com for more information on Suzuki’s Amateur Support Program and enlist in the RM ARMY! 2019 DualSport Models Suzuki offers the best all-around selection of DualSport models in the industry. As evident with the DR-Z400S, Suzuki DualSport models are fun, reliable and capable motorcycles available to anyone who’s ready to take a ride down an off-road trail or ribbon of asphalt. The versatile DR650S sports the ability to reduce its chassis and seat height for rider comfort and confidence while the DR200S is at home trail riding or commuting; delivering an impressive 88 MPG. 2019 DR650S 644cc, Air and Oil-cooled, Four-stroke Engine Push-button Electric Start & Street-legal Lighting Optional Adjustable Seat Height Smooth-shifting 5-speed Transmission Solid Black with Red Graphics MSRP $6599 Estimated arrival at dealers: August 2018 2019 DR-Z400S Liquid-cooled, 398cc DOHC Engine Push-button Electric Start & Street-legal Lighting Slim Chassis with Fully-adjustable Suspension Spoke-style wheels, Aluminum 21” and 18” Rims Solid White Bodywork with Blue/Black Graphics MSRP $6749 Estimated arrival at dealers: November 2018 2019 DR200S 199cc OHC, Four-stroke Engine Low 33.3” Seat Height & 278 Ready-to-Ride Pounds Push-button Electric Start & Street-legal Lighting Over 8-inches of Front and Rear Suspension Travel, Solid White Bodywork with Blue/Black Graphics MSRP $4649 Estimated arrival at dealers: August 2018 2019 Suzuki DR-Z400SM Suzuki’s DR-Z400SM combines a narrow, off-road capable chassis with street-legal components to produce a lightweight, Supermotard package that turns, accelerates, and stops better than many sportbikes. The DR-Z400SM has an inverted front fork, wide, spoke-style wheels sporting sportbike tires, and a 300mm floating front brake rotor. There are two color choices for the 2019 DR-Z400SM; Solid White bodywork with red/black graphics plus gold-anodized EXCEL rims on the wheels, or white bodywork with blue/black graphics and blue-anodized rims. 2019 DR-Z400SM Liquid-cooled, 398cc DOHC Engine Push-button Electric Start & Street-legal Lighting Inverted, Fully-adjustable RM-style Fork Solid White Bodywork with Red/Black Graphics with Wide, Spoke-style Wheels with Gold-anodized Rims 120/70-17 & 140/70-17 Sportbike Tires -Or- Solid White Bodywork with Blue/Black Graphics with Wide, Spoke-style Wheels with Blue-anodized Rims MSRP $7349 Estimated arrival at dealers: September 2018   2019 Off-road Models The new 2019 DR-Z50 is a high-quality, Suzuki-built mini-bike that brings ease and convenience to riders just getting started on two wheels. With an automatic clutch, 3-speed transmission, electric starting and a low 22-inch seat height, this RM-styled bike will help build confidence and riding ability for young, supervised riders. The 49cc engine delivers a smooth, controllable power-band plus adult supervisors can adjust the power level so young riders can learn at a proper pace. Joining the DR-Z50 is the DR-Z125L that’s ideal for riders of intermediate stature and skill, and the RMX450Z that combines elements of the championship-caliber RM-Z450 with features needed for serious trail work. 2019 DR-Z50 NEW Reliable 49cc, 4-stroke Engine Smooth-shifting 3-speed Transmission & Auto-clutch Push-button electric starting with back-up kick starter Keyed Ignition & Power Limiter for Parental Control Inverted Fork & Single Rear-shock Champion Yellow with Red/Blue Graphics MSRP $1749 Estimated arrival at dealers: September 2018 2019 DR-Z125L Compact & Reliable 124cc 4-stroke Single Smooth-shifting Transmission, Easy-pull Manual Clutch Strong Steel Frame & Beam-style Swingarm Telescopic forks & Single, Link-type Rear Suspension Champion Yellow Bodywork with RM-Z Style Graphics MSRP $3299 Estimated arrival at dealers: August 2018   2019 RMX450Z Enduro-ready Off-road Bike based on the RM-Z450 Electric-starting with Kick-start Back-up Competition-ready Instruments and Lighting Black-anodized Wheels with 18-inch Rear Rim Fully-adjustable, SHOWA Fork & Rear Shock Champion Yellow with Red/Blue Graphics MSRP $8999 Estimated arrival at dealers: August 2018   Each new Suzuki DualSport, SuperMoto, Off-road, and ATV model is backed by our Limited Warranty1. Additionally the coverage period and other benefits added through Suzuki Extended Protection. Click here to learn more or visit a Suzuki dealer for details. 1The DR200S, DR650S, DR-Z400S, DR-Z400SM models are covered by Suzuki’s On-road, 12-month Limited Warranty. The DR-Z50, DR-Z125L and RMX450Z models are covered by Suzuki’s Off-road, 6-month Limited Warranty. The QuadSport Z50 and QuadSport Z90 models are covered by Suzuki’s ATV, 12-month Limited Warranty. The competition RM85, RM-Z250 and RM-Z450 models do not have warranty coverage. About Suzuki Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. (SMAI) distributes Motorcycles, ATVs, Scooters, Outboard Motors and Automotive Parts and Accessories via an extensive dealer network throughout 49 states. Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC), based in Hamamatsu, Japan, is a diversified worldwide manufacturer of Motorcycles, ATVs, Scooters, Automobiles, Outboard Motors and related products. Founded in 1909 and incorporated in 1920, SMC has business relations with 201 countries/regions. For more information, visit www.suzuki.com Suzuki, the “S” logo, and the Suzuki model and product names are Suzuki trademarks or ®. Source: Suzuki Motor of America, Inc.
Posted by Bryan Bosch on Jul 17, 2018

5 Key Steps to Training & Racing Well in Heat & Humidity (Pod Cast)
During this Podcast (#18), I outline How to Train and Race in Hot and Humid Conditions for Optimum Performance.  I walk you through 5 key steps to take prior to, during and following training and/or racing to ensure that you perform well in these difficult situations, along with how to correctly recover in the shortest amount of time.  During the first segment, I also outline how to identify and offset a heat stroke. During segment #2, I  address the Role of Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat as it Relates to Performance.  This includes how each of these plays a significant role in your energy levels, performance levels, and your ability to recover.  You might be surprised to learn what it takes to become both lean and strong! Finally, I answers listener’s questions about eating enough to off-set weight gain associated with stress; how to lose fat and not muscle; why eggs are important in a meal plan; and why do I train faster than I race? If you have any questions that you would like me and/or my staff to research and discuss, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email to: Contact@CoachRobb.com Regards, Coach Robb  
Posted by Coach Robb on Jul 09, 2018

Dirt Bikes

Teanaway Open Invite
Saturday and Sunday, camping in the Blewitt Pass area Saturday night. Ride as much of the trails as reasonable.  I've never ridden this area.  Who's interested? Need a guide, experienced riders, and a good place to stage/camp.       
Aug 2nd ypl ride with riddler
What’s it’s like when the riddler comes too town  


the 06+ yz250 of MTB? Does it exist
I really want to get back into mountain biking. I live in san luis obispo ca and there are world class trails all over the place. I want to get in on the action! I used to MTB back in the day and ive been out of the loop for at least15 years. my next door neighbors kid is the manager of a local bike shop, BUT everything he recomends to me is crazy expensive.  the NEW bike that i am interested in is the santa cruz Nomad. apparently its 80% downhill bike but can still do pretty well on the trails.  Im looking for something in the used market like the 06+ yz250. a great bike that has been good for a while, good value etc.    Does such a bike exist? I like to go fast downhill, im more than willing to climb slower in order to have more fun on the descent and hitting jumps. id go full downhill but there is so much trail riding here i want something i can pedal all day too......   budget is under 2k IDEALLY 1500 if possible   Thanks guys!
How to Secure My Bike in My Pickup Bed
I haul my KTM 350EXC in the back of my Colorado pickup. The bike fits nicely in the 6 foot bed and I don't have to think about anything hanging off the back.  But I occasionally ride to events where I need to leave the bike overnight in the truck if I sleeping in a motel or not near the bike and, being the paranoid person that I am, I am afraid someone will make off with my baby. How can I secure it in the bed? There are tiedowns but they are not very robust and would be easily cut. Yes I do have an awesome 16mm thick link chain that's 2m long for home use but what to attach it to in the bed? I have 2 disc alarms that I would use but they aren't too loud. One solution I've come up with would be to attach a ground anchor in the bed but I would need to make it un-unboltable. I don't want to add a hitch ramp. Oh, I could also buy another bike and chain them together - hard to carry away 2 bikes. Thoughts? - Thanks    
Thoughts on old Yamaha generator?
Picked this up at a garage sale this weekend $40. Had it running, generates fine. Waiting on a few carb gaskets to show up. Unreal how heavy it is.. almost 200 lbs. 1986 vintage.   Were these good units? Seems very well built. Wouldn't mind having a generator around...parts seem a little hard to get.    


scratches out of plastic
I have a can am renegade 800 and its plastics are getting pretty scratched up and discolored... aside from buying new plastics what are some ways to get the scratches out and make them look a bit newer? I'm thinking something along the lines of sanding and putting a clear coating on?  
LTA50 blowing 400F within 5 minutes
Hey everyone, I will try to keep this as short and to the point as possible. I picked up a old a 05 LTA50 that uses the long used JR50 2 smoke engine and the seller warned me it had a issue of running hot, i thought no prob- i can easily fix whatever prob this old engine design could throw at me. Handed him $500 bucks and left, I was Wrong! Sure enough after verifying oil injection working, no air leaks, jetting spot on and also running pre mix it the thing still ran hot- 390F via a quality IR gun on the cylinder so i pulled it apart, ordered a wiseco oversize piston and had it bored to match the piston. slapped it together and then it not only ran hot it now locked up tight as it got above 400F. pulled it apart, checked the piston to cylinder and ring end gap and honed + filed the rings to max spec. put it together, same problem. Pulled it apart again, removed all the paint and used a thin coat of air cooled engine paint. re checked jetting, put in colder plug added octane booster- fired it up and then finally it ran for a few more minutes before locking up.  I then picked up larger main (70) and rose the needled to the bottom notch max rich and also added a USB computer case fan to the bike- blowing air onto the head, this has got me about 15 minutes of run time before it gets over 400F, im stumped. Help! 
Quaddzilla VS Banshee Horsepower
My question for all of you is, what real horsepower numbers can be had from the LT500 Quadzilla, and the 350 Banshee? I've seen stock numbers of 51HP for the Quadzilla and 37HP for the Banshee. So what can these two bikes put out with say $1200.00 or so invested into each and still be reliable?

Inside TT

Mac Problem
On my Mac, I see the blue banner above that says thumper Talk supports #hashtags in posts.  But I can't enter, edit, or even go to this place to ask a question.  I'm on a PC to post this question. Do you know of any settings on my local Mac that I can change so I can use it to view and post to TT? thanks
Amazon ad?
About twice a day when visiting TT, I get a pop up for Amazon. When I click close, it takes me to an Amazon page, and I can’t back out of it. I have to close my browser and go back to TT. Problem on my end? Your ads? Not sure. Screen shots attached. Not using TT mobile app. i8 phone. I’ve never been to amazon.com on this phone. Thanks
Having to hit page reload to get page to load, otherwise a blank page
I've been noticing this alot in the past week.  Click on a forum or post and just a blank page loads, then if I click reload the page loads.  Its not just me, it happens on several different computers with different internet carriers.

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