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Wp xplor shock stack suggestsions
Hi I have a linkage xplor shock with the 12mm inside diameter shims It feels very harsh but looking at the stack needs I think it needs more damping but I would still like to retain compliance in the rocks. I’m thinking more damping might equal a smoother ride? Anyway, I’m open to suggestions. Here’s what I pulled out of the shock comp .2x40 .2x40 .2x40 .2x40 .1x24 .2x38 .2x36 .2x34 .2x32 .2x30 .2x28 .2x26 .15x24 .3x17 .3x17 rebound .1x32 .1x32 .15x21 .2x30 .2x28 .2x26 .2x24 .25x22 .3x18 I was just thinking about adding a face shim to both comp and rebound but was concerned this may be too significant? Thanks for any help.
Kid friendly riding areas in palm springs
Thinking of taking my son down to palm springs to do some riding. We are from Canada but spend a lot of time in that area and would like to bring our bikes down. Is there any areas that my son and I could ride together that are not to difficult. Maybe some place with good view points or cool history behind it. Thanks for any information. 


Harbor Freight Folding Trailer Opinions
I've been looking into some cheaper options for hauling two bikes.  I found online the Harbor Freight 1195 lbs. Capacity 48 in. x 96 in. Heavy Duty Folding Trailer, and read some reviews of guys using this as well. https://www.harborfreight.com/1195-lbs-capacity-48-in-x-96-in-heavy-duty-folding-trailer-62648.html I'd install plywood on top as well of course. My only concern is that it's a bit narrow for two bikes next to each other. I suppose I can mount the bikes in reverse of each other. Has anybody else used this while hauling two bikes? (ktm350 and yamaha yz125 in this case) 
Looking for suggestions on my wife’s first bike
There are many many “what bike should I get” threads on here. But my wife has some very specific criteria. So here goes another. She is 5’6”. Not sure of inseam but has nice long legs.  She weighs 135. She has zero dirt experience, some street experience.  What she would like is a lightweight, easy to ride and learn on, street plated bike. She doesn’t want to learn to be fast or ride anything technical. But she also doesn’t want to be on a heavy duel sport. I was thinking a KTM freeride or similar might be the ticket. What do you ladies think? Any and all suggestions are welcome. Edit: forgot to mention one of the things she wants to be able to do is also take the bike down the backroads a few miles to work on occasion.


Blaster 200 mods
Hey guys i have a 1996 5 speed Yamaha blaster 200 was wondering if there were any mods I could do to it to get more hp and torque and just a better ride also stupid question but wondering if I could make it a 6 speed some how
2006 YFZ sputtering/cutting out.
I have had a YFZ 2006 for the last 3 years and it has ran perfect for me the whole time. I live in Utah at about 4600 feet above sea level and have never had a problem with this bike. After this last winter it will not run right. It keeps sputtering and cutting out after about 1/4 throttle, I figured it was a simple fix or having bad gas and cleaning the carb by pulling the whole thing our and cleaning/replacing the o-rings would fix the problem, but it didn't help at all. I went through everything in the carb and it still runs like crap compared to the years before that I've owned it. Any Ideas on what my problem may be? 
1997 300ex no spark...
I just got in a 1997 Honda 300ex on trade that has no spark... it turns over fine just no spark. I’m also not getting The neutral or reverse lights to light up. So maybe that could be my problem on why the quad isn’t sparking?... need help and didn’t wanna tear into it with a place to start. 

Inside TT

Badge Notification Bleeding
Hello,   I currently have iOS 13 on my iPhone and the ThumperTalk notifications badge bleeds, as you can see in the screen shot. The issue only happens with your application.  
Unable to reply on topics
I see a thread and I go to comment on it and it says I do not have permission to edit... this has just started recently and I don’t know if I have a ban or what’s going on. Thanks
Multiple replies
I'm on the mobile version on line( not the app ) and when I reply and save in a thread, it's not showing. It just goes back not showing my reply in the thread like it didn't save. So I go out of the thread and then go back in shows the multiple replies I sent bc I tried saving over again bc it's not showing that I replied.