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Drz400 engine in crf450r frame?
Can it be done? What do you guys think. Itd be pretty neat to have the ultra reliable but still powerful enough 400 engine in the lightweight and agile crf frame. The biggest downfall of the drz400 is definitely the weight, otherwise pretty much every other thing about it is great. Hybrid dualsport and mx bike. 
2003 Rm 85 has spark has fuel No start
I have a 2003 rm 85 that i bought a few months back and was told it needed a new stator . I replaced the stator and had good spark . still no fire so i got a new coil still no fire so i later started thinking carb jetted wrong or reeds . i checked the reeds they were pretty worn so i just decided to throw in some new boysen carbon fiber ones. Then went on to the carburetor and found out it was pretty clean and had proper jets. Anyone know why it’s still not starting?
What happened to n16ht5?
Always looked forward to his amazing pictures but haven't seen him online in a while. Is he ok?


Oem trailer brake controller???
Can anyone tell me why I cannot buy a factory brake controller for my 11 Chevy Silverado? it has all the  wires and a power supply in the fuse in the panel ,it only needs connected  and a little knockout in the dashboard for the switch controller . It has the tow haul selector on the gearshift , it has the factory seven way plug on the bumper . I think I remember it being an option when I bought the truck new, although I’m not 100% sure of that.  I’ve tried rock auto and the other parts stores a
Hey, can I haul my bike on m/c hitch carrier with my subcompact?
Of course bruh, you're good! 🙈🙈🙈  
Throwing up when racing
Hey I’m having an issue when I do races of puking. I did one a couple weeks ago and rode at 100% the first 2 laps and threw up after the 3rd. Was just over an hour in. Ate pizza the night before as well.    so just did another race. Ate well a few days before. Toned it down in the race to about 80% and made it 3 laps before feeling sick. Slowed down the next 2 and way down on the last one until I threw up mid way through.    I workout 6x a week and do cardio each day. I also do r


2013 yfz450x will crank but won’t start
No idea what’s wrong with my 2013 yfz 450x not starting. It seems like it’s getting air and has decent compression. Is it common for the fuel injector to go out or need cleaned. Please give me some suggestions
2007 yfz 450 header glowing?
Few weeks ago I bought an 07 yfz 450, I took it for a short ride and noticed header was starting to glow. Is that a sign of running to lean? As far as I know bike has moto works sr4 G2 exhaust, stock air box. Does bike need to be rejetted? How many turns for fuel screw? And if so what jets does it need? I’m at 289’ elevation. CA. 
2003 Honda TRX 90
2003  Honda TRX 90 kids bike improvements/project.  Purchased this bike used (1 year old) in 2004 (till she grew out of it) for my daughter. Then it was my sons quad until he moved out.  but while it was his he wanted more power, eventually.  I kept the quad because every one enjoys riding it including myself.  When my son rode it a lot I installed a Powroll Big bore kit, camshaft, ported the head, matched the intake manifold to the head and carb and White Brothers muffler. Bored out the c

Inside TT

Links to Twitter Do Not Work Right On Website / Dark Mode
Using the website, Windows 10, Firefox.  Any fixes would be greatly appreciated, I much prefer the website, and Dark Mode is awesome. A post from Twitter does not embed the content like the mobile app does, it only shows a link.  In addition, the text remains black, which is about impossible to read with the black background of Dark Mode. Here are a couple screenshots of the exact same post, one of the website showing the problem, and one of the app showing a good embed.  
How do I follow a topic using the Thumper Talk app?
I can't figure out how to follow a topic using the TT app. I see buttons for just about everything else except follow a topic so I can save it in my followed topics menu. How do I add a topic to my followed topics menu using the TT app using an android?   
Problem with TT app
so pretty sure my fault, but the app no longer works for me. I cleared my certificates and niw I have quite a few problems with TT and other stuff too Also, I can't access the site without goung advanced and saying it's ok to go to a potentially unsafe site  
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