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inverted fork corrosion
this is a very common problem in hawaii very hard to find a bike without it but just wanting to see if there is a way to either stop the corrosion or remove it completely
Herlings Ducking AMA opportunities?
Something that was kicked around for probably 15 seconds in the KTM Camp....his coming over to AMA this year as he will be too far back to actually contend for a championship. AND was on a few posts....but pretty quickly went away. First the KTM organization doesn't get much if he does. Tomac is going thought Melt Down, Chances are either Musquin or Webb wins the class..:) Maybe a Roczen or Tomac re-ignited in a worst case for KTM scenario. AND chances are if he came over here for a season he would end up somewhere behind the Baggett level of riding....LOL! Maybe top 5...not what the fastest guy on the planet wants to do. So my theory.... the reason he's NOT going to be here is he knows there is nothing to gain and a lot to loose....in image.  And the FIM wanting the GP to be premier, would not like seeing their God of Motocross end up out of the top 5....LOL! BUT if he did.....and he won.... how many in this world have won the premier class on two continents? The two most competitive series on the planet? Might make HIM the GOAT?
anyone looking for a 4 stroke dirt bike motor specificaly a suzuki sp200
i have a 1986 sp200 motor will run just needs a kick starter rod everything in the motor is practically new beside the outside it has a small hole were the elctric cord goes in dont quit rember what is called but i dont want a 4 stroke motor on the bike so im just trying to get some quick cash i do have the wiering harness 250 or best offer let me know if your interested in pics? i also have the carbureator throttle cable  do not have the decompression cable clutch cable 


5.3 Chevy Pick’em up Truck needs some maintenance
I know this will eventually be moved to the truck section but I know I have some smart friends in Town Square. My 2005 Chevy 5.3 WT pickup w/119,000 miles has an oil seep I’m pretty sure in the valve cover gaskets. I bought the truck new and it’s been seeping for quite a while but I never need to add oil between my 5,000 mile oil and filter changes w/Rotella 10W-30 synthetic blend.  The next oil change is at 120,000.  For a while, I was doing the oil at XX3,333, XX6,667, & XX0,000.  I changed the tranny fluid and filter around 60,000, disconnecting the lines, and pumping fresh fluid through the system.   I also want to change the original spark plugs and coolant.  Will the plugs be difficult to get out of the aluminum head?  I’m thinking I should fully warm it up then loosen all the plugs while engine is hot.  I should have installed anti-sieze early on.   On the coolant, there’s no drain on the radiator.  Do I just loosen the lower hose to fully drain the original coolant?  I have new coolant and distilled water ready to go.  What about flushing? I’ve never cleaned the outside of the motor, so this is the first thing I will do and plan to use Zep citrus degreaser. Thank you in advance for any pro tips considering the mileage of this truck. I got over twelve years out of the original battery running a small solar panel in the rear window.
Running out of energy
I'm 48, 5'7", and 140 lbs. I have hypoglycemia, and, even at my age, a high metabolism. I have an issue with running out of energy in a race that lasts over about 2 hours. I get depleted and then start making mental mistakes (stalls, crashes, etc) leading to more energy being drained. Haven't had an issue until this year. I try to keep an ok diet and keep fully hydrated but don't do anything special for a race. I've tried Hammer gels and their counterparts (90-100 calories) during a race but they don't give me enough to keep charging. So, what can I do to load up before a race and what about during a race?
Deisel Mechanic Rules and Regs
Hey guys I'm appllying to job corp but I can't get any information on it or the rules that are there. I do know I want to do heavy operating in the union and they have a deisel mechanic course I'd like to take so what are the rules and regs of that kind of work to give me an idea. And yes I know a lot of rules are just common sense.


2005 highlander apx 100r iso Parts
Need a key switch for a highlander 100r and can’t find anything on these little quads no parts anywhere
Plowing snow with my Ranger 900
Last week we got dumped on Monday night / Tuesday morning.  Early morning project was plowing 7" of fresh powder.   Here's a short video I made:      
smaller lift kit possible?
Just wondering if its possible to modify one of the many lift kits from 2" to 1" or 1 1/2" or so. Cant seem to find a kit less than 2" anywhere (looking for less stress on CVs). From the looks of the pictures it seems that I could just shorten the components on a lathe. This seems like an obvious solution but I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking something. Any input would be great thanks.  Vehicle- 2019 Midsize Polaris Ranger 570.   

Inside TT

Line Spacing Question
Is there a setting that I can stop the system from double spacing?  The example is from my post this morning where the system added a black row. After I hit enter, the system adds a blank row. Thanks  
TT App in iOS
It does not work well. I click on a notification and it sends me to the thread, but it’s a blank page. I’ve also seen a pic of a member I gave a STREETS warning to, on the front page of a thread that had nothing to do with him. If you need specifics, let me know.
Opening TT from Gmail or Google search
From my Android Galaxy S5 Whenever I do a Google search and there are hits that show Thumper Talk as the forum for the results none of the links will open. Same thing when I get feed alerts in my Gmail. I tap it, the screen flashes but won't open the link. I always have Tapatalk open.   Any ideas? Thanks