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Why are ring dings included in "thumper" talk?
It recently occurred to me:  two stroke motorcycles are not "thumpers", so why are they included in THUMPER TALK?
Hard enduro moving away from hard enduro?
Feel like the WESS series if anyone here is following it seems to be moving away from hard enduro races like erzberg or Romaniacs and more into motocross style events. Personally I like the harder more technical events rather then just go fast and big jumps. Am I alone feeling this way? 
'98 WR400f Carb Replacement, with a WR450?
Hi all! First time poster. I recently bought a '98 WR400F that I have been restoring and rendered road-legal. I put about 600 miles on it, and it has developed a major hesitation/bog when I crack the throttle past roughly 60-70%. I presume this is something wonky with the main jet. I'm a total noob when it comes to carbs. I've been reading that these bikes had a failure mode where the carb slide, whatever that is, likes to crack and send metal into the whirley bits in the engine. And that these carbs were generally a PITA to work on. Apparently, you can swap in a newer carb from a WR450 pretty drama-free. Considering that I can buy one of those for maybe $120 more than the carb refresh kit for the existing carb, I think I might do it just to eliminate the failure point and make life easier on tuning.   Anybody have any experience with this, or can point me to a good resource on how to do it? Thanks so much!


Post up pics of your rigs, RVs and toy haulers!
Trucks/Trailers/Toyhaulers I'll start Here's my truck 2001 Chevy 1500HD 6.0 V8 lets see yours
Suzuki MT50 Timing
How do I time my 1971 Trailhopper? PDF file would be helpful.
Road cycling in here
I know many of us also ride our cycles on the road and thought we could share our journeys and rides here, I rode almost 100 miles over the weekend on three separate rides. We are experiencing warmer than normal temps here in the Catskills of New York State and I figured I'm going to ride and all else can wait. What app do you use when you ride? Me, I have my Garmin and use "Sports Tracker" on my phone (free app). I know that the popular cycling app is Strava but I haven;t used it yet. I do like the segments features and that Garmin and Strava can communicate together. I'm picking up a new Specialized Roubiax this week. A little late for this year maybe, but I got an awesome deal on it that was hard to turn down. I'll post pics when I get it home.  


GSXR quad has no spark after I welded on the frame
I have a 2004 gsxr 600 motor in a yfz 450 frame and the motor has no spark. I’ve welded on the frame before without disconnecting any of the electronics without problems, and I’ve started it after that. But this time I fried something. The speedo and the taco work, and the engine turns over, and I hear the fuel pump priming, but after pulling the plugs out and testing them, they don’t work, even with a different plug. I’m thinking I should try new plugs because the one I tested it with wasn’t the right kind, but I don’t think that would make a difference. (By testing it I mean I just hooked up the plug and turned the motor over to look for spark). What could I have fried and what should I do?
Future of Sport ATV Racing with limited 450 options.
Hi All, Looking at the current ATV offroad racing world, the 450 class still leads the way.  With Yamaha being the only manufacturer currently offering a 450cc sport racing ATV, how long till racing starts taking a hit.  I haven't heard any rumors of any of the other manufacturers getting back into the game.  Without an influx of new technology and new ATV's to purchase, I feel that its only a matter of time until the big series' (GNCC) start taking a hit.  There are only so many 450's out there and keeping them up and running especially for the rough running of an offroad series seems like it would be a losing battle.  Props to Yamaha for keeping the segment alive for now.  It just bothers me when there is literally only one player if you want to buy a new machine. Do you guys feel that sport ATV racing is on the way out?  Do you guys anticipate a rebound with manufactures getting back into the field?  Is it just a matter of time till sport ATV racing is done, and everything has moved onto SXS racing?  
So this is a strange one, I have searched the interweb and found no definite answer other than some sort of wire grounding possibly, maybe.  Quad will only start with magic button if rear brake and one of the hand brakes are applied.  I have looked over most of the wires and found no breaks or worn spots, unpluged and reconnected all the connectors.  Has anyone dealt with this? any specific spots to look.  Trying to find the correct wiring diagram too if you have seen it somewhere.

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Anyway to block forum members??
Is it possible to block certain members so you don't have to see anything they post/reply to? I really hope so. 
After receiving and reading-replying to messages how do I delete them.
App is bugging out
Hey guys this thing is acting up. I think it’s running rich, it bogs, loads up, and is spooging.....   Seriously though, on the mobile app I’m having an issue where it double posts and loads slow in one specific thread. This has been happening for about 10 or so days now. And whenever I post in that thread it never loads all the way, and then sends me a post error message, by the post still ends up being there.

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