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How do you feel about "Rider Support" programs?
Rider support programs; what's your feeling about them? On your radar or not really? Do you participate in them and if so, are they valuable to you? Just looking for over all rider feelings, thoughts and experiences with manufacturer rider support programs.
Latest IG post from Ping
Probably get moved, but have yall seen this? I agree with David. It's bullshit! 😡 https://www.instagram.com/tv/CUd4ypPAMnf/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link&fbclid=IwAR3aP9HnWeoJnH4WCXXsxrFvDkIGxGPlFCf6u0h6-LqWOuOZc3AvdmWgK3w
Claiborne--Forest Hill
Anyone able to make a casual, non race trail ride one weekday this week?


*** Help *** CRF250x on bike rack
Making a tight budget work. Ordered a Dave Cooper senior bike rack for my CRF250x. Car is old Ford CMAX with flange fitting tow bar. just noticed a term called nose weight (yes, bit too late) bike is roughly 120kg. guys n gals, would this be safe enough to carry all that weight on the back please? thanks all !
Intermediate/Advanced Rider looking for riding buddies
Hello! My name is Genevieve, and I am starting to try and look for some awesome female riding buddies.  I live in the general bay area (Santa Cruz/Hollister).  My parents met racing motorcyles and I grew up every weekend at Hollister Hills.  My kid-self is actually on the cover of the map there (see image). I consider myself a fairly technical rider and when I am not Trolling I love going on weekend trips to the Mojave, where I plot out and navigate via GPS rides for my parents and their f
Riding a dirt bike after knee replacement?
Does anyone here still actively ride trails or off-road after full knee replacement? I know what doctor will say, but not sure what others have done. Ridding now with bad knee hurts but is doable, but after knee replacement not sure what my future holds. Love my bikes, but....


What Kawasaki atv is this?
I was told it was a 400 something.  Obviously 4 stroke. Anyone now the model trying buy parts
Would you run this cylinder?
I’m thinking I can get away with running this cylinder after a hone what do you guys think? Nothing catches the nail but up and down streaks is definitely visible 
Rust in 1983 atc250r cylinder.
i have this 83 atc250r that has light rust in the cylinder and on the crank i was wondering if anyone knew any place that could proffessionally remove the rust with out damaging anything.the cylinder has a newer sleve with no hours but was left open with nothing wrapped to keep humidity out.

Inside TT

Why am I getting ads now?
After the site maintenance today I have ads all over TT. Was I not getting ads before due to a glitch? What can I do/pay to get ad free browsing?
Pictures rotate 90* when uploaded
Device: Chrome browser on an Android phone. Problem: When I go to upload a picture to TT off my phone, it rotates the image 90 degrees. If I edit the photo on my phone and rotate the other direction in anticipation of it rotating upon upload, it then doesn't rotate. It seems as if the picture is in portrait orientation, it gets rotated upon upload. If it's in landscape orientation, it doesn't rotate on upload. BTW, I won't be one of the haters and instead say that I actually like the
New phone
Kyocera dura force 2 pro, android 9, using the app. I can't reply, post, report, or anything besides read and react... Tried to report a couple bike-specific posts in general that need to be in their bike forum, it just sat there for minutes "SAVING"... Forgot, I can only get to the menu from my account heade. The drop down from the top or side only gives me "sign in" or "create account" options.
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