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Beta 200cc Suspension Help
I'm just getting back into riding after a 20 year break. The suspension has changed a lot and I'm confused as hell on how to get it set up. I'm riding trails/woods mostly, nothing too crazy. I bought a Beta 390 in 2017 and have been loving it. The suspension was pretty dialed in from the factory and I haven't touched it other than setting the sag. I've been riding the new 200cc the past 10 rides or so and I just can't get comfortable on it. I'm so much slower on it and I feel out of control all the time on it. It gets really squirrelly on sand and soft dirt. I've had some pretty epic crashes so far and I'm riding scared. It's hard for me to describe what it's doing exactly as I'm a novice when it comes to suspension. It feels like the front tire isn't planting in the turns and every time I hit some loose soil, the bike dances all over the place. I don't have any issues on my 390. I don't have any turning issues and it's very planted in the turns. I'm running Tubliss in the 390, but the psi is about the same as the 200. I had the best suspension guy in our area come out to the house and set the sag and suspension for me. He moved the bars forward a little bit also. It defiantly seemed to help with the bumps, but I'm still having issues turning and in the soft dirt/sand. I'm 5'9" 185lbs with water/gear.  He made some major changes to the clickers and said it was 'dead'.  He just set the race sag the same as he does other 2-strokes as we couldn't find it in the manual. Any idea what it should be roughly for a 180-190lb rider? I'm wanting to double check the sag. I see the static sag in the manual is 35mm, but I can't seem to locate the 'race sag'.  Also the high-speed (red) adjuster was stuck. It finally broke free and it moves freely now.    I'm thinking about starting over from scratch and trying to adjust it on my own. Is there anyone close to my weight (180-190lbs) that could give me their clicks or settings? I'm running Geomax MX52's on it at 10psi. Not sure if the tires are just too hard or if there is something else at play here.  I'm so frustrated with this bike. I've never ridden a dirt bike that I've felt out of control on. I have a KTM 690, Beta 390, & KTM 1290 and I ride them all with confidence and the suspension seems to work with little to no changes from the factory settings. Any ideas? Lower the forks a bit in the triple clamp? Sorry for the rambling, but in summary I'm hoping someone close to my weight can share their sag and suspension settings with me so I can try something different.   Thanks guys,   God Bless  
Cooper Web ... doesn't give up
I'm not a really a fan of Coopers meaning I think he's a great rider but don't really root for him.  I root for Tomac mostly but often question myself why because, though he is without question the fastest when the he feels it.... he also has a complete lack of personality, and is just sort of boring as shit in the interviews and stuff I've seen.  So I guess I'm favoring his speed and abilities.  Webb comes across as a sour-puss defensive guy.  So both not the most personality filled. But with Cooper... I have to give him all the applause because when someone approaches him he hits another level and fights for his life.  I have not seen anyone do that in years if ever, and do it with quality... not just some cheap brake checks or dive bomb the lines to cut a rider off.  He'll actually just rides faster and makes a quick pass back.  Its not that he just fights for a few corners... he just keeps pushing it and making passes back until the other guy also picks it up or just leaves him.  Anyway its really cool to see, and if he pulls it off more times and perfects it he is going to have a big weapon against the other guys when they try to pass him.  I have not seen anyone do it that way in a long time, certainly not Tomac or any of the other top guys... they just keep riding at their pace.  So kudos to him for making the racing exciting.  Once his speed comes up a tad, which I know he has (like this weekend) he is going to be a force, especially with that fire to fight back.
Front brake disk warped
Hi guys, do any of you know why my front disk would be shaped like a dinner plate?! The outside lip is now so close to the caliper mount is it rubbing on the bracket, and I can’t get it to bend back, it sort of springs one way or the other... i’m guessing the disk is meant to be straight....   any ideas or suggestions would be great!   thanks


Enclosed Trailer Setups
I just bought a 6' x 12' enclosed trailer and I am looking for ideas on how to set it up. Anyone have pictures of the interior of their trailer to share? I did a search but there doesn't seem to be a lot of pictures. Thanks
Truck tool box
Has anyone seen anything on the market like the MX Locker tool box? They aren’t selling them for what I could find. But, it has cut outs in the toolbox where your wheel and forks slide into. I have a short bed so that would be awesome! If anyone is fabricating them or know of a company, please link it!
Hallmark enclose trailer floor covering
So I'm looking for ideas to cover the floor in my enclosed trailer that we have.  It's about 20 ft long and have a propane fridge and sink and heater. We like to do weekend camping in it riding as a family. I bedliner the floor but its black and not really to great.  I'm thinking about doing the rubber roofing paint in it so it's nice and easy to rinse out.  What has everyone done or had a idea to do 


Honda 300ex slight oil leak and tick
So I just traded my bike for this honda 300ex runs good other then the slight tick and oil leak coming out of the brass looking bolt on the top right above the plug boot (not sure what its for or called so not sure what I need to order) and as far as the tick i think I need a new cam chain or tensioner because when I let off at high rpms you can hear it rattling on the right side of the motor thanks for the help In advance 
TRX400EX Rear Spring Options
I am using the rear shock from a 2002 TRX400ex in a moto application. The rear spring is too soft. Can anyone help with a source for a replacement spring? Thanks!
400ex won’t idle but runs good when given gas
I have a 2007 400ex with a big bore kit (don’t know how big). My 400 ran amazing until just recently it would not idle and when given gas would sputter and almost die. It runs amazing in at high rpms but when I let it idle it sputters like crazy and eventually dies. We had two shops look at it and they said nothing is wrong with it, valves are perfect, compression is amazing, and they cleaned the carb and replaced jets that needed to be replaced. I adjusted the idle but it doesn’t make idling better. The air filter is very clean and air box is clean. Please help I need to get it running

Inside TT

Badge Notification Bleeding
Hello,   I currently have iOS 13 on my iPhone and the ThumperTalk notifications badge bleeds, as you can see in the screen shot. The issue only happens with your application.  
Unable to reply on topics
I see a thread and I go to comment on it and it says I do not have permission to edit... this has just started recently and I don’t know if I have a ban or what’s going on. Thanks
Multiple replies
I'm on the mobile version on line( not the app ) and when I reply and save in a thread, it's not showing. It just goes back not showing my reply in the thread like it didn't save. So I go out of the thread and then go back in shows the multiple replies I sent bc I tried saving over again bc it's not showing that I replied.