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"OVER THE HILL" (and seasoned) TRAIL RIDERS exchange
Some of us "older" trail riders decided we wanted a thread dedicated to our passion.  "Over the hill" came to mind, which according to the Urban dictionary, means 40 and older.  It also describes a lot of what we do.  I also inserted the word "seasoned". which in the English Dictionary indicates, "Having a lot of experience of doing something and therefore knowing how to do it well."  LOL, those words describe us very well!!  Our idea is to have a thread related to trail riding only.  Several of
Trouble shooting/ help?
Hi everyone, My ‘05 YZ250F died in the fall and I don’t know why.  I have spent a lot of hours (mostly on the carburetor) trying to figure it out.  historically it has run beautifully.  Couple of kicks and goes great.  I had to put a used magneto on it when the previous flywheel weight bolts sheared and destroyed it. The bike has a lot of hours on it and could use some valve love but it was running great until it wasn’t.   I was riding casually one day and it started to run a bit crapp


Hip replacement
So my question is ,has anyone had hip replacement surgery and how has it affected riding motocross? 46 and I'm getting both hips done. Love riding still especially with my son , its are thing. I gave up racing but the weekends and practice track riding with him is my thing. 
Dirt bike strapped down in back of truck, tire on lowered tailgate, legal?
Returning to the US (Texas) after 33 years abroad. Is it legal to drive with a dirt bike strapped down in the back of truck with the rear wheel resting on the lowered tailgate?
Campers / Toy Haulers - School me - Show yours
So I've been riding trials competitions and racing for 5 or 6 years now.  Usually they are within 2 - 6 hours of me.   I have been getting up very early in the morning, sometimes as early as 3:00 AM, and driving to the race, racing and driving home.   Last year was a killer for me.  Because of COVID and compacted schedules, many races were doing 2 days events.  I would drive in, race, drive home and then do it again the next day. This year I started thinking about other options.  I conside


Anybody want to do one last Glamis trip before it gets too hot maybe last weekend of March or first weekend of April
Looking for one last Glamis trip before it’s too too hot hoping for last Friday Saturday Sunday of March or first Friday Saturday Sunday of April let me know if anybody’s up for it
2017 yfz450 kills when putting in gear
My son just had his yfz450 rebuilt both crank and top end now that he has it back when pulls clutch and shifts into gear it kills the bike. I know everyone is gonna say bring it back but it’s a friend of his that done it and he’s not available right now to ask or bring it back so maybe just a Lil insight would help. 
350 warrior Hanging idle
So I have a 350warrior. About a ear ago I dropped the oil to do a oil change obv and Chunks of metal came out sooo I took it apart fixed the problem decided to Put a high compression piston in and slapped it back together started it it ran Good only problem when I Hit the throttle it reved up and took like 3 sec to go back down so I though maybe air leek bought a new intake Boot kinda junk but fit sprayed Carb cleaner on the boot to see if theirs any leeks but I’m Good! So Bought Jets Jumped the

Inside TT

Does ThumperTalk have geolocation enabled?
Hello, This is a general inquiry for a moderator...if possible for them to see this. Does ThumperTalk have geolocation enabled? i.e. when a photo is posted, can members extrapolate the location of the post and loc of photo (where originally taken)? when I would post pictures of outdoor trips, will it show exact location of where the photo was taken? many thanks in advance
Profile display
When I click on my profile it shows that I received 3 warning points that expired 5 months ago. Is this supposed to show permanently? Or can I remove that or request it be removed?
"Internet connection lost"
Android, Samsung S9.  Good signal from tower. Of all the sites I visit, TT is the only one that constantly loses connection, "internet connection lost." I am no technology wizard.  Is my phone the problem?  Is there something I need to do in "Settings?" Thank you! Edit:  This only seems to happen when I use my "back" button.
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