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Logging Corporations our REAL enemy?
Weyerhauser brought up in another thread spurred some thoughts that I've been mulling over for quite some time.  It's funny, years ago we always thought the eco-Nazis were our biggest enemy. Over the past decade, corporate logging companies have not only blocked access, but have actively logged several OHV'S, many with pretty destructive results. And who gave the logging companies the contracts, many times it's our good old US Forest Service looking for $, since the Forest Service is running on fumes and has been for a very long time.  I grew up in a logging family with my grandfather and cousins life long loggers. But, these large logging companies are a much different animal now with corporate lawyers and suit wearing CEO's and management teams, who aren't our friends or advocates in any way shape or form.  There's some examples of clubs working with these logging corporations, aka PSER, but they only run 2 events per year, so it's not like we're getting access, were getting extremely limited public Access (2 weekends) and the PSER gets a private riding area.  Private riding or pay to ride I have a huge problem with as a born and raised Oregonian and public access advocate. Pay to play leads to what Europe and back East have and that's very limited access. Public land is public land. Weyerhauser and other corporations blocking and requiring fees is no different or even worse than the Eco freaks trying to close trails to motorized vehicles.  As a public employee, I don't believe in breaking rules to do what you please, but riding past a corporate logging gate to ride my public land is something I'd consider.  The problem is, game cameras, and the law coming after you.  Might be time to organize and petition, dare I say, a politician, to take up the cause.  It's a real issue and not going to go away.
Devil’s Hole
Has anybody crossed at Devil’s Hole lately?  Wondering how much water is there.  I have seen levels a foot deep, and three feet deep.  
underWeyerhauser gate blockage Teanaway
I called the Ranger station in Leavenworth, anyone know who to call at underweyerhauser to beat up on the phone about these gates blocking off our public land so they can make money off the rich hunters?


Hitch-mounted carrier on 06 Rav4?
Alright y'all, I browsed the archives and couldn't find a concrete answer so I come to you for your sage advice:  Is it a bad idea to do a hitch-mounted carrier to take my beloved 02 DRZ (stock except exhaust, oversize tank and armor) with me from Oregon to Missoula, MT on my 06 RAV4 that can take a class III hitch rated for 350lb? I know that my DRZ is probably 380 and the mechanic is worried about frame damage on the unibody from it bouncing around back there. Has anyone tried this/had experience with it that can shed any light here? I would love to take the DRZ to montana with me but can afford to drop 3-5 hundy on a trailer cus I'm a medical student.      Thanks in advance.
Ford diesel Q
Son will rotate back to US in 5 months and he can't take his Euro car back with him. There's a guy here on base that just ordered a new Wrangled . He's selling his all stock 05 Ford 3/4 ton 4x4 diesel. Original owner, really nice with all the bells & whistles, heated leather etc. I don't know a thing about Ford diesels, haven't even driven one. The guy is asking $10,5 and my son is ready to buy it. Is that a good price for that rig????   Oh it's not a 4 door but it's the extended cab.   85 thousand miles.
What supplements do you take?
So I went to the DR on Friday to have a chat about my health. Kind of get a base line and how best to get to where I need to go. We talked about supplements and he told me look into ZMA and Maca.  I'll know in a week what I need to take once the blood work gets back. Just wondering what works for you guys?


5 Things You Must Know When Using Rod Ends in UTV
Have you ever wondered why you always find a jam nut installed on the threaded rod? It is not there to keep the rod from twisting out from the bearing body. As in most installations the attachment points keep this from happening.   For Example, ,   in this installation the bearing and the rod cannot rotate as they are locked in place by their fixed attachment points. There is an important principle that must be addressed, the threaded joint of the rod in the rod end bearing cannot handle constant push and pull forces that are applied thousands of times.   Note that with this rod threaded all the way into the body there is still significant play or looseness when I push and pull on the system. The threads are not designed for this constant reversing motion. In fact there is a military standard specification that states this eloquently:   MILF-F9490D All threaded joints which carry critical loads shall be positively locked in the assembled position so that load reversal at the threads is prevented.   Always use a jam nut to lock the threads in place, this is a must. Learn More: 5 Things You Must Know When Using Rod Ends #2
Raptor 350 hesitates to go full throttle
I just got a raptor 350 and it idles great but when I go full throttle it hesitates and then goes .Im not really sure how hot raptors are supposed to run but it gets pretty hot and the spark plug is white . and idea what it could be ? thanks
Engine wont turn over when put into gear?
I got some 250cc chinese quad that needs some work, and since it has no kickstart and no battery to power the electric starter, i wanted to put it into gear and spin the front sprocket to make sure the engine turns over. It doesnt move a bit, it is locked solid. At first I started to get worried the motor might be seized but when I put it in neutral and took the spark plug out the flywheel spun freely, but as soon as I put it back into gear, same problem. What could this be? Do these atvs have anything to stop them from moving when not running or something like that? Or does it have some type of transmission problem?  

Inside TT

App is bugging out
Hey guys this thing is acting up. I think it’s running rich, it bogs, loads up, and is spooging.....   Seriously though, on the mobile app I’m having an issue where it double posts and loads slow in one specific thread. This has been happening for about 10 or so days now. And whenever I post in that thread it never loads all the way, and then sends me a post error message, by the post still ends up being there.
Uploading Images
Is there an issue with uploading images?  When I select a jpeg to upload it shows uploading but never uploads.  I would upload a screen shot but...  
After receiving and reading-replying to messages how do I delete them.

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