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Anyones wife riding a 18/19' Beta 125 RR-S?
Just curious if anyone has a wife/family member or you on a 125 RR-S? Do you like it? what do you use it for? I have been very curious about this bike for my wife since it comes street legal but was concerned since we live at 8600 feet above sea level the 125 would be a dog. I see now Athena is doing a 183cc big bore and curious now if anyone has had a chance to install one? I know there has been big bores that you can find on Ebay but now a big company is making one makes me very interested. anyone??https://www.ktm-parts.com/AB-21253.html I am guessing the forks are very similar to her 150F with big wheels/230F forks? Not a ton of adjustments?
2018 KTM 300XC or Husqvarna TX300
Looking at getting a new bike this year. Narrowed it down to the 300XC or TX300.   Searched online a bit; are the only differences the plastics, seat and subframe? Anyone rode both and have some input?   I’ve heard nothing but great things about both so I don’t think I can go wrong either way. What would you choose and why?   Thanks
Air filter
I just picked up a DR250s but the thing is that it’s essentially a fully custom job... a completely new carb set up and everything.... that being said on the way home my clamp on air filter flew off (a screen over the carb port)... well i figured i’d step it up from just a simple screen and get a good ole k&n filter to slap on that puppy. after about two hours of searching i am able to find only ONE clamp on filter with a flange that matches my carb... all is well and that comes in the mail today but come to find out that even though the flange fits the diameter of the actual filter DOES NOT and would rub against the shock and the frame and would NOT fit without some heavy hammering... now here i am asking if you guys know of any 2 1/4 flange filters that are short in height and are generally small... also what would u guys do? should i just hammer the hell outta the filter or what? I don’t wanna create any holes that could let unclean air in. But I don’t know. Below is a picture for reference of the bike and the carb port where the clamped on filter would go


Harley-Davidson Technicians Needed
Boswell's is a Nashville based Harley-Davidson dealer with 3 area service locations. We are currenty adding Service Staff at all locations. We are seeking certified Harley Davidson Motorcycle Technicians and offer competitive compensation packages. If moving to the Nashville area and Harley's are your passion, this just be the job your looking for! Location: Nashville, Tennessee, United States Job Type: Full Time Company: Boswell's Harley-Davidson Posted 10 mins ago View the full job listing
Show us your 'moto camping' setup...
Now that winter is upon (most of) us...my wife and I do a lot of daydreaming and planning of next year's adventures. We ride KTM's exc-f's. And we're in the process of acquiring the necessary wares for multi-day bike camping trips. Mostly in Colorado. For the most part, we have the bags and straps for the bikes. Now we're on to specific camping equipment. Curious about what other folks have planned, what equipment they use, and trips they've taken... Do you ride and camp multi day or overnight? Lets see some pics of your rigs, gear, etc...
Ladies I need help
I've been riding now with my husband for two years. I recently moved up to a 2004 Honda 250. Problem is now with a bigger bike, longer rides and learning to slid on the seat I'm now really uncomfortable. I have such bad chaffing...everywhere. I've tried everything I can think of! Even started stealing my husband's boxer briefs to ride in. What do the other women here do to help protect sensitive areas?! 


Warrior 350 Upgrades
I bought a 2001 Yamaha Warrior 350 for my girlfriend. It's kinda a slug, what can I do to wake it up? It is all stock with very little time on it. Any info greatly appreciated.
Warrior 350 oil cooling mod
Can someone please explain how to do an oil cooling mode for a warrior? I read some old forms but they are kind of hard to understand without the pictures, because they don’t work when they are from 2003. Also could you please include links to stuff I have to buy? I’ve heard of the big bear mod, but I don’t want to buy all of those parts, unless they are cheap and someone provides links. Also plz include some that don’t use the big bear mod. Thanks. 
How to make a warrior beat a 400ex
How can I make my warrior beat my friends 400ex? I’m looking for the most efficient mods (price to power, because I don’t have a lot of money) so I can beat him in a race. I’m not looking to get a stage 2 cam because of no low end. Any suggestions? And also, how reliable would it be with a stroker crank in it? Not the top end big bore (too much $) but with the piston they recommend? Thanks

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Cant find anything with the search option
Hello, everytime I try to search for something I can never find anything close to what I'm looking for. I know the information is there because Google tells me TT has what I'm looking for. For example, if I search "Chinese knockoff keihin pwk airstyker carburetor" nothing even close pops up, no matter if I search posting title only or topic or whatever. I know that's a name of a posting. Can you guys please fix this issue? It would make finding info a lot easier and keep multiple repeated threads from being made. Thank you
Unread content
No sure if this is to do with spitting of TS (which IMO is longer over due and might hang out in the TSR more) but have not changed anything and not suddenly not getting any new Unread content today?
I don't get any notifications from the new politics/religion forum. Is this by design, or are they just not working correctly yet?