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Headlight protection from debris?
I'm looking for some kind of protection material for a 2021 TE300 front headlight plastic.  Stick on? I've seen TE's with colored headlight plastic but dont know if its protective material or just colored plastic. I had a DS bike with a glass headlight that cracked from flying rocks...  Expensive fix.
The Showdown: Metric vs. SAE? Cast your vote!
If you were king of the world and you had to pick the ONE system of measurement, what would it be: the metric or SAE? Vote in our poll so that we can see how the numbers stack up!
Radiator Hoses
To delete thermostat or not to delete thermostat?   Has anyone seen ill side effects from deleting the thermostat?  Or anyone have issues with the stock thermostat?  I have seen some posts of leaking housings but haven’t had issues with that myself.  Seems like Samco is gold standard.  Anybody had success with any other options?   Bike is 2017 300rr.  I ride it all year in temps from 30 F - 100 F.  


Best bike for intermediate lady rider
I'm looking for a forever dirt bike. I've grown out of my beginners bikes. I'm posting this to try and get an idea of what to buy next. Any one care to throw some ideas out there? I'm an intermediate rider,  I'm small but athletic, I like the 250s but I've been on things like KTMS 520, it's kinda like I'm stuck in the middle. I want more power than the 250s but the KTM sent me to the moon and back, so any I'm put? I'd love to pick your brain;) 
Honda Ridgeline Haters: get out your pitchforks & torches!
JD Power has crowned the Honda Ridgeline the highest midsized "pickup" in customer satisfaction according to those surveyed: https://www.jdpower.com/cars/shopping-guides/top-5-2020-midsize-pickups-by-customer-satisfaction?make=&model= Top 5 Trucks* for 2020 Honda Ridgeline Ford Ranger GMC Canyon (tie with Ranger) Jeep Gladiator Chev Colorado and deadlast, the mighty Toyota Tacoma 😯 What say you? Is JD Power full of you know what? Spot
Your Ride Today
I want to start a thread where we talk about where and what we rode today (or recently). I'll go first:  To the convenience store and back, all of 1 mile on my FS, just to get a couple of things for dinner. Did this a couple weeks ago on my road machine:   


Yfz450 want start
I have a 2006 yfz450 it wont start it just cranks it will try to  start sometimes when you roll it off but it is really hard to get it too it has low compression but the piston is fine sometimes when you try to start it off the electric start it will back fire really loud and it puffs smoke out the exhaust when you crank it with electric start aswell but cant get it to start back does anyone know what it could be
Quad talk
Just some of us talking about what we started on a dirtbike thread   @duCOD pro @Drop-Bear
eton quad wont stop driving
my Eton 70 viper keeps driving when i start it even with the clutch lever pulled in anyone why it would do this (its a automatic and requires you to pull the lever in to start but shouldn't drive)

Inside TT

How do I change my email address related to my account here?
How do I change my email address related to my account here? I don't use my email much this is connected to TT. I have a secondary business email I would like to use. How do I change my Email? Thank you in advance. 
ignore does not work
I have three users on my ignore list. Since a week I see all posts from user 'mog' though he is on my ignore list. I switched the ignore off and on again but it didn't change anything. How can this be? Thx Doc
Message Box
TT is telling me my message box is full. What am I supposed to do about it? 
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