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Why Not Yamaha?
Why don't more people ride Yamaha? Yamaha is the only OEM that puts money back into our trails, both single track and atv trails. Yamaha offers a grant program that land managers and clubs can apply to and get money for projects. Its to bad more OEM's do not put money into the off road programs and into the resource that provides them a place to use their products. 
MY 2019 Beta RR-S Thread
I see there is a 2019 RR/RE thread, but it is pretty dead and didnt include the RR-S. I have been on the 2018 thread but have encountered some differences in the suspension and fueling that made me want to start this one.  I bought mine a week ago and took it straight to the local OHV park (carnegie). Its was a blast, but I felt like I needed to set up the suspension a little. 1.5 hours later and the rear knobs were already ramped. A few days later I went up a nice tight mountain road chasing my old KLR and was again impressed. I went through some fast highway work and noticed pretty quickly that the tires need to be balanced for anything over 50mph. 2hrs later and the rear knobs now had a nice feathered trailing lip.  I took it to work and it handled the freeway fine, although the tires grabbed the rain grooving and were pretty terrifying coming down a curvy freeway mountain pass. Fueling is wonderful. Now for the bad stuff. It came with a nearly dead battery and a very weak charging system. It wouldnt start 6 hours after I bought it. I found that the ground was bad and it charges now, but it is still weak and will need some more electrical reworking. It leaks coolant from two places, as did my friends 2018, but in my case tightening the hose clamps only helped not fixed the problem. It is also leaking from the thermostat housing. It runs hot. At 70 degrees F it will hit 240 in a few minutes of 1st gear rock garden work, which turns on the fan and if I havent turned off the headlight will drain the battery. What will it do in the summer?! Once it is hot the engine is noisy. Loose sounding, like a top end bearing or piston slap. Im going to bring it back to the dealer for them to check it out. The headlight is typical candle aimed at the tire enduro stuff. A $40 LED lamp from amazon and some shimming to aim it made it usable. My rear shock preload had 1/8" of adjustment left and at 185 plus gear and a backpack, call it 205lbs all in, I needed more preload that just wasnt available. I guess a stronger spring is in order. The front forks were ok in the OHV park, but once I got out into the desert and started through the sloppy rock filled washes I decided it was time to set my sag and dampening. The preload adjuster makes no noticeable change to the super stiff forks. The compression adjustment makes no change. The rebound makes the slightest difference. The fork when moving is ok until the front wheel encounters an obstacle and then the bike looses its line. Standing next to the bike and pumping the forks reveals a stiff, sticky, squeaky fork with at most 2 inches of sag. I wonder if they forgot to add oil to the right leg. Over all though the bike still rides great. The power is immediate but not snatchy, the power map switch is very subtle and mostly unnecessary. I think the fork is only a problem when the highspeed damping needs to blow off and the rebound dampening need to control the wheel (Iam not a suspension guru). The rest of the time the bike is planted and happy. With the 13Tooth front sprocket I can crawl through the rock gardens and still have enough legs to run 65 happily on the highway at under 6500rpm although first gear does run out a little fast for  beginner power wheelies. Im getting 38-41 mpg at 3-8000 feet elevation. I now have about 25 hours on the bike and the rear tire wear seems to have settled down. I think I might make it another 15 hours! That sounds funny, but after the first 1.5 hours I was expecting 5.   I am interested in how the other 2019's are doing.


GM 5.3 or 6.2 liter?
Gonna be in the market for another half ton here soon.  Is it worth it to have the 6.2? The extra torque would be nice, I do some moderate towing here and there.  My current 2002 5.3 I have to drive in 3rd when towing over 3000 pounds or it shifts too much, I think with the new 6.2 it would be a breeze. Concerns with the 6.2 is worse fuel economy (but mabey not?) and that it "requires" premium gas.  I have access to E30 here which 95 octane so that that should be a great replacement for premium since I do not plan on paying extra for premium ever.  I know I sound cheap ass but buying premium all the time really adds up.  If its going to be a big deal I will just buy a 5.3
Road cycling in here
I know many of us also ride our cycles on the road and thought we could share our journeys and rides here, I rode almost 100 miles over the weekend on three separate rides. We are experiencing warmer than normal temps here in the Catskills of New York State and I figured I'm going to ride and all else can wait. What app do you use when you ride? Me, I have my Garmin and use "Sports Tracker" on my phone (free app). I know that the popular cycling app is Strava but I haven;t used it yet. I do like the segments features and that Garmin and Strava can communicate together. I'm picking up a new Specialized Roubiax this week. A little late for this year maybe, but I got an awesome deal on it that was hard to turn down. I'll post pics when I get it home.  
Folding Queen Bed Frame For 6x12 Trailer
Looking for ideas to install a stowaway (folding) bed frame for a queen size air mattress. E-track? Hinges? Two piece bed (half on either side of the trailer that meet in the middle)? Materials to consider - 2x4, 2x3, slats for the top or plywood? So many ideas...


if anyone from Colorado, here are the current weather conditions :)
went out 12/14 was thinking of bringing out my dirtbike but man good thing I didnt. I would have been making a trip back. Anyhow just a cringy ATV vlog and exploring 2 trails around rampart range road    
Does Yamaha make the engines used in the Grizzly 700?
I heard a rumour somewhere that the motors aren't even made by Yamaha. I'm wondering if Yamaha is throwing in some engine from Chinese manufacturers to cut corners. It may have been a Youtube comment. But Googling does not lead me towards an answer.   Anyone know if the motors in these things are made by Yamaha?   What difference does it make for me? Very little really. Just curious about the motor in my ATV.
400l sport polaris 97
I got this 97 400l and cleaned the carb got it to run. Someone removed the airbox and installed an air filter that is too big. I had it off a choked the carb off with my hand and it reved better so i put a thick sock on the filter. It started to idle and runs smooth. I think im getting about 50mph out of it. It doesn't respond to the last 1/4 of the throttle.  Can any one tell me how to clculate the right size air filter?

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Hello, everytime I try to search for something I can never find anything close to what I'm looking for. I know the information is there because Google tells me TT has what I'm looking for. For example, if I search "Chinese knockoff keihin pwk airstyker carburetor" nothing even close pops up, no matter if I search posting title only or topic or whatever. I know that's a name of a posting. Can you guys please fix this issue? It would make finding info a lot easier and keep multiple repeated threads from being made. Thank you