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What did you do to your TM Racing motorcycle today?
Always interesting to see what others are doing to their TM motorcycles and this is the spot to share! What did you do to your TM Racing Motorcycle today? Did you fix something? Bolt on something cool? Modding something to make it more durable or perform better? Let's see what you've been up to?
Future of Gas Motorcycles for Recreational Use
As some of you know I have been patiently waiting on Jotagas to get their act together for over a year now on their new enduro model. Developing a new model while under the covid restrictions and lock down have been difficult. No need to go through all of that here. It's all discussed on this forum under the heading of Jotagas in the US. I just completed all of the paperwork for 2022 year models and can tell you that the EPA has upped the restrictions for importers and I see it getting worse. Th
what is most reliable and best enduro bike?
Im looking for the most reliable(least maintenance) enduro bike that is still a good ride. im thinking along the lines of a klx 300 or something of that sort. ideas?


I’ve been looking at harleys for quite some time now. Of course I’d like to go down and buy a brand new low rider s, but unfortunately that’s not in my cards right now. So I’ve been looking at older Dyna’s basically from 2000 and up. There’s so many models superglide, low rider, street bob, fxdx and many more. Any major differences between all of these. I follow twitch and all those guys who have dynas but never say what model they are. Are they all fairly similar? It’s hard to tell them all apa
Your Ride Today
I want to start a thread where we talk about where and what we rode today (or recently). I'll go first:  To the convenience store and back, all of 1 mile on my FS, just to get a couple of things for dinner. Did this a couple weeks ago on my road machine:   
no overdrive
I have A 2002 NPR w/210k, It runs great but does not shift into overdrive and takes a while to shift into 4th. I'm thinking solenoid but Im unsure. Can You Help? 


1985 honda fourtrax 250 clutch compatibility
I have a 1985 honda fourtrax 250 with a really bad slipping clutch I’ve also got a 1992 honda fourtrax 300 it’s way beyond repair but I was wondering how close the clutch’s are and if the one off the 300 would fit onto my 250
Piece inside crankcase broken
Ok so I have a yfz 450 that had a piece on the left side crank case that broke off (my fault) when splitting the cases. I got it welded and it doesn't leak oil anywhere but where it broke is on the semi circle shape that goes around the crank and now that piece isnt flush with the right side crank case. The bike runs fine? And doesn't leak from said spot however I'm worried that maybe there would be an issue with oil sloshing back or any issues related. In the picture I circled the spot   
No spark
Just got my quad back from being fixed, had a new wiring harness out on it started and then I took the spark plug out and put a new one in and wouldn’t turn on checked for spark and there was nothing. What should I try 

Inside TT

Navigating TT
Still figuring out how to get around in TT.  Most here have a "my ride" icon/thumbnail under their avatar.  Where does that come from? Also, is the "garage" only for things for sale?
Links won't open
I use Google chrome on my Motorola cellphone to use the TT app. So far I deleted all cookies in phone, logged out of app and still I cannot open any posted links. If its an actual YouTube video posted I'm good but sometimes it's just a link that won't open. For example the link you provided to check what browser I have won't open either @Brian III
How to reply?
How do I respond to someone's comment?? Any help would be appreciated!
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