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Dirt Bikes

Bikes of bygone years
My Rickman Hodaka and my pops Ducati 350 converted dirt bike. 
FX350 Baja prep
Heading out for a 5 day ride in Baja for the first time. Would like to know what mods are needed/suggested for my 2021 FX350. Any other tips are welcome!
Wow things have changed
Damn it’s been a while since I’ve ridden with you boys, or been on here. Lots of changes I see, Kran riding a husky now, is Schmo still around?! How’s EdLang feelin recently?!   Miss you guys. Maybe I’ll tag along on a ride soon... if you’ll have me of course ...


Your Ride Today
I want to start a thread where we talk about where and what we rode today (or recently). I'll go first:  To the convenience store and back, all of 1 mile on my FS, just to get a couple of things for dinner. Did this a couple weeks ago on my road machine:   
Anyone up for a ride today?
I’m in socal near a city called Redlands, anyone up for a ride?
Transit or Boxvan?
THAT'S IT!!!   I'm joining the moto-van movement! Just drove my Tacoma from Phoenix to SoCal over the long weekend for Glen Helen MX and a short ride in Lucerne Valley with bikes and  gear for two people. What a PITA. It's now time to execute the motovan idea I've had for 10 years.   The choice I face is, a high-roof Ford Transit or an ex-Penske/U-Haul 17' box van.   Factors:   1) I looked at Sprinters, but they are expensive and lots of negative feedback re. reliability. Ford Tr


2006 rhino 660 carb options
I have a Yamaha rhino 660 with exhaust and a higher RPM limit revbox and updated clutch was wondering about carb options
Looking for Bars for my Son's KFX, Confused on options
Hi, My son wants to change the Bars on his KFX, We are looking at Pro taper but are open to other brands. I have a set of Renthals on mine but I do not remember what version they are. We would like to keep the Height about the same as stock and he does want a cross bar. We are thinking Pro Taker Mid's. Can stock risers/clamps be used on all or do we need to bu something to adapter them? Any help would be great. Thanks  
New to atvs need help on first sports atv
Hello. I want to start riding sports atvs but i have never driven automatic or manual. I want to know your guys opinion on a starting from 0 beginner like me starting with a 400cc or 450cc sports atv.. will it be way to much to start out with or can i start here and just enjoying it while i get used to it (400cc to 450cc) or should i start with something much smaller like a 250cc sports atv Im just looking for some easy trailing, going up some mountain roads, little rocks or roots.. just l

Inside TT

post reporting
is there a way to report to moderators an unproper post?
"Internet connection lost"
Android, Samsung S9.  Good signal from tower. Of all the sites I visit, TT is the only one that constantly loses connection, "internet connection lost." I am no technology wizard.  Is my phone the problem?  Is there something I need to do in "Settings?" Thank you! Edit:  This only seems to happen when I use my "back" button.
Amazon referral link? so TT gets $?
Hi I use amazon fairly often would like TT to benefit from my purchases: what is TT's tag or amazon link? thanks  
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