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Are radiator guards necessary for woods riding
Are radiator guards necessary for woods riding and which type are best
Gold Note - Saturday 12/15
weather is dry a lot this week, then a shower Friday.  Could be Gold Note will be in fine carpet condition next weekend
Where to ride at Big Bear? (Red sticker)
Me and my buddy are planning on making a trip up to big bear with our bikes. Neither of us have been there other than to snow board a few times so we do not know the area at all. We will be going up there for a day on Friday and on Saturday we’ll head down to ride Azusa canyon.  At least that’s the plan for now.  We are both somewhere between novice and intermediate skill level depending on type of riding.  We want to ride through some woods, light snow and see some good scenery. If all 3 is possible that would be ideal.  Heres a list of questions to make it a bit easier to compile the info: 1. Where should we stage to have the best access to the trails?  2. Is one day going to be enough to explore big bear or would we need more time?  3. Any special bike prep?( I have 15 350 xcf and he will be on a 16-17 wr250f I believe)  4. I know it’s going to be cold, anything we should bring on trail with us other than usual stuff? (We usually ride desert/corral canyon type riding)  5. We are both usually very busy so it’s rare that we can ride together which is why we we wanted to knock out 2 spots in one trip. How is Azusa Canyon compared to Big Bear? Is it worth it hitting both or would you guys suggest sticking to 1 spot?    Thats all all I can think of right now. Thanks in advance.      


Motocross and age
What ages do people still ride track. I'm 40 an only have a track around here. Today I'm like I'm just over this. Been riding all my life and theres no way I'm ever getting out of it I love it but I really dont see any guys out there my age. At all. Seems like I need to travel to non track riding areas. Idk. Any other 40 year olds feel similar? Or is my body just hammered.
Folding Queen Bed Frame For 6x12 Trailer
Looking for ideas to install a stowaway (folding) bed frame for a queen size air mattress. E-track? Hinges? Two piece bed (half on either side of the trailer that meet in the middle)? Materials to consider - 2x4, 2x3, slats for the top or plywood? So many ideas...
Tracking bikes in woods racing
Alright so I do a local woods racing series similar to GNCC, and i’m having a blast but the tracks range from 9-14 miles. Due to this my lap times varies, so my pit crew doesn’t have a great idea of when i’m coming. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to live stream a gopro while racing in real time? Or if there was a way to use a GPS type thing to track me, where my pit crew can view how far I am, that kinda thing. Not sure if this is even possible but any ideas or experience shared would be appreciated!


Does Yamaha make the engines used in the Grizzly 700?
I heard a rumour somewhere that the motors aren't even made by Yamaha. I'm wondering if Yamaha is throwing in some engine from Chinese manufacturers to cut corners. It may have been a Youtube comment. But Googling does not lead me towards an answer.   Anyone know if the motors in these things are made by Yamaha?   What difference does it make for me? Very little really. Just curious about the motor in my ATV.
400l sport polaris 97
I got this 97 400l and cleaned the carb got it to run. Someone removed the airbox and installed an air filter that is too big. I had it off a choked the carb off with my hand and it reved better so i put a thick sock on the filter. It started to idle and runs smooth. I think im getting about 50mph out of it. It doesn't respond to the last 1/4 of the throttle.  Can any one tell me how to clculate the right size air filter?
Trx400ex.. Random wire?!
Just picked up a 2004 400 ex for 500$. As I got it home and was looking I found this random wire hanging down, (circled in red) it obviously doesn’t go there and was wondering what the heck it is? Also the spot circled in green there’s a little bit of exposed wire, is this a problem when washing? Is there anything I should know before washing the bike?

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Where did the land-use forum go?
Cant find anything with the search option
Hello, everytime I try to search for something I can never find anything close to what I'm looking for. I know the information is there because Google tells me TT has what I'm looking for. For example, if I search "Chinese knockoff keihin pwk airstyker carburetor" nothing even close pops up, no matter if I search posting title only or topic or whatever. I know that's a name of a posting. Can you guys please fix this issue? It would make finding info a lot easier and keep multiple repeated threads from being made. Thank you
Can’t Post Pics From App (iOS 12.1)
Hey TT,   Sorry if I’ve overlooked the article or haven’t searched well enough, but does anyone else have to try desktop mode to post pics in topics?   Seems like the buttons may be hidden near the bottom in the app or something.. any thoughts or input?   -Dave