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2019 Monster Energy Supercross_Round 3 (A2)...Smack Talk Thread
God these triple crown events always throw a wrench into my picks. Different format now with three 12 minute mains. Starts will be prime real estate with carnage behind. Cool heads prevail?  Track conditions should be perfect this time.
Airbox clip rivet
I searched with no luck, but I’m sure I’m not the first person that has came across this. The retaining clip for the air box cover post has lost a rivet. Are rivets this small a common hardware store item or oem must? It still has one rivet hanging on so the clip just needs rotated back into place to put the cover back on but I would like to address it.
Beta EFI Two Stroke Patent
@Boertmann84 posted this in the KTM 2T forum.  Thought it might be of interest to you guys.


Show me your truck bed tie down set up!!!!
Been looking to design my own motorcycle rack type tie down system, to support my needs of strapping tool box in and dirtbike. Want ease of strapping tool box in without bolting the actual box to bed so not a hassle to take off when want to strap dirtbikes in.  Just want to see some of you guys set ups to give me some ideas to work off . Any input helps. Or if anyone knows of a good set up to buy I could possibly modify myself like the ccr sport bed buddy systems.  
Finally got a new trail bike
I have been riding my 2007 Husqvarna TE 450 since it was new.  Now it's old, and needs at least semi-retirement (me too, actually).  Anyway, I decided to make the leap and buy a brand new FE501.  A little too tall, but so is my 450.   The new bike has much better low end torque and weighs about 12 pounds less than the old one...plus better center of gravity and geometry, so it feels much more agile.  Can't complain  about the tall gearing either.  Enough power in low gears for poking around tight trails, and top gear is so wide, the bike will cruise effortlessly at highway speeds.  I ditched the stock Conti tires for a set of Metzler 360s, but they seem to have too stiff a carcass for rocky sections.  I will have to come up with something else.  Getting lighter suspension springs that will match my weight better.  All in all, it's a nice machine.  I have about 300 miles on  it so far.
Need some help/advice
I have my 99 chevy silverado 1500 4.3L v6 and it smells of coolant when you shut it off after driving for awhile. Like today my dad drove it and after he parked it, he said it smelled like coolant. We checked under the hood and saw no visible leaks or anywhere wet if it sprayed. No check engine lights, temps and gauges all where they should be. I have coolant in the reservoir as well. We also checked around the waterpump and no leaks there as well.   Any ideas? Im stumped.   Could it be my heater core going bad maybe? I have been running the heat a lot. The AC also does not work (not cold but blows basically warm air). Could it be something to do with the compressor?


Powder Coating
Does anyone know of a place that will do powder coating here in Colo Springs ? I think I want to do the frame and swing arm black.   Josh
Recon 250 choke question
when i start my dirtbike with the choke on it revs high, then i turn the choke off after a minute or so. on my recon, it wont start with the choke on full.  if i put the choke on 1/4 or 1/2 it starts (it also starts with choke off) and then when i turn the choke on full it stalls.  any ideas what might be wrong and what i can do to fix? this has been happening as long as i owned it, ~2 years. i also recently turned the throttle screw to increase the idle speed,which was low.  
Need tire help
So I'm going to be doing an overhaul on my sister's Yamaha Raptor 80 and one of the things it needs are tires. The stock tire size is 18x8-7 for the rear tires which is what it needs. I can't find these anywhere. I was wondering if anyone knew where to find some or if I could fit a different size on the rims. Ive seen 16x8-7 and 18x9.5-7 but that's it. Would any other size fit these rims or would I have to get new rims?

Inside TT

Create, choosing forum
It won't let me choose a forum when trying to create and therefore can't continue. I see the selections but when I click on them nothing happens. The only ones lit up are report bugs and site usage, the rest are un-selectable.
Adjust/Move rides around in Garage
Is there a way to move around rides in my garage? If not could I suggest that the site adds this feature. Every time you add a ride in your garage it puts the last ride you added first and I’d like to have my favorite, best or even newest ride to display first for people to see then they can scroll down and look at the rest if they like. Also it’d make it easier to add future mods I do to my ride if I can have my most used ride up top. 
App Discussion Tab?
Hey Guys. I can't navigate to clubs or discussions from the app.