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Does A FMF 2 stroke Silencer come ready packed?
Does A FMF 2 stroke Silencer come already packed?
300RR vs 300 xc-w tpi impressions
Over the weekend I had a chance to ride my buddies 2019 XC-W TPI for about 30 minutes on fairly gnarly and whooped out trails. Compared to my 2018 300RR I felt like it lacked bottom end, mid came smoother, top end felt similar but more controlled. The bike also felt heavier and slower steering, although I must mention it had rekluse and Scott's steering stabilizer on it. In the end I loved the fact that it was so smooth with that counterbalancer and was so easy to ride but my bike at the very least feels faster in acceleration and changing directions. My buddy described the 300RR as having a buttery smooth transmission and too twitchy, takes more effort/attention to ride. I also felt the PDS style shock on the TPI kicking the back end pretty high while rolling whoops a bit fast, but that could be totally due to ergonomics/body position I am not used to and/or spring rates that don't match my weight.  Question is are these common impressions of others as well? Is this the difference between how a Beta 300 rides vs a KTM 300?
MEC is no supercross track, not even close. Let's see how the MXGP champ does. This is a easy track for any PRO. No excuses. Let's get this going.   


Enclosed Trailer Setups
I just bought a 6' x 12' enclosed trailer and I am looking for ideas on how to set it up. Anyone have pictures of the interior of their trailer to share? I did a search but there doesn't seem to be a lot of pictures. Thanks
dirtbike moto camper, anyone have em? lets see them!
thinking about selling my truck for one similar to the ones below. I used to do construction back in FL, but have no experience with solar panels or "portable" electricity  so my idea was to run a few 12v batterys for light and some kind of heated rinse off.   
Motorcycle hitch carrier + high rise
I have a motorcycle hitch carrier similar to the one below to haul my bike with my chevy venture van but it sits really low to the road and drags going up hills. I was thinking about getting a hitch riser like this one - https://www.amazon.com/MaxxHaul-70070-Dual-Hitch-Extension but it warns the top receiver is for accessories only and doesnt give a weight limit. Has anyone here ever hauled a dirt bike using these items and if so how'd it work out?


Warrior350 DG rcm??
I'm looking to get a slip on for my warrior. I couldn't find any reviews on the dg rcm exhaust. Can anyone tell me how it is? I know there are better options, but I have a tight budget.
Suzuki quadrunner lt 160 help please
Hey guys I just bought (not sure of year suzuki quadrunner lt 160) and I picked it up for 500 cash brought it home put 93 gas in it and it wouldnt start. Most likely bc the previous owner ran it completley out of gas even reserve was empty. But I finally got it to start rode it around and it runs rugged, doesnt idle good but will and still cuts off if u let it sit for a minute. So I got seafome and a brand new ngk plug put it in and it will not start. Can amyone please help me step by step on how to give this thing a tune up? I really do not want to lay a finger on the carb im scared of those things. And doea anyone know if I can change the wheels and tiresto something beefier? I would like to even the stance put smaller but wider back tire on and taller front tire on but have no clue what size to get. And I wanted yo get a new front body bc its cracked but geeeeez 200 bucks juat for.the front? Is there another way around this? Thanks please help sincerely mike.
Z400 crank but no start (Solved)
It ran fine but stalled out on me last time I took it out. Had a crank no start condition on a 03 ltz400. Got a shim kit for the valves because they were on edge of being out of spec and also cleaned the carb. Spark was also confirmed, still no start. Decided to tear it down, rings were fully compressed inside the Piston so I wasn't getting much compression.   *Before I tore it down a would only get an occasional back fire out of the exhaust when I sprayed starter fluid into the carb trying to start it*   Cylinder looks fine still has a lot of cross hatching.          

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Trouble logging in
A friend of mine is not able to login using his username and password on the app. He gets a message saying: Log In Failed There is a problem with the forum.  Please contact the forum administrator or try again later. Username is Cmedeiros1993. Can an admin please correct?
After receiving and reading-replying to messages how do I delete them.
Posts per page setting?
For the website, is there a posts per page setting?  I went through everything I could see  under profial and account settings, but I cant find anything.  I know the app does it, but is it possible to change in the browser version?