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Upgrade to a Magura Retrofit Hymec Hydraulic Clutch at Unheard of Prices!
We've secured absolutely killer pricing on German made Magura Hymec Retrofit Hydraulic Clutch Kits for a wide-range of powersports vehicles. If you've been thinking about upgrading to a buttery smooth hydraulic clutch, now's the time. This is a limited-time offer that you'll not see again anytime soon (if at all). SHOW ME THE DEAL  
What is the difference between a four stroke dirt bike and a two stroke dirt bike?
What is the difference between a four stroke dirt bike and a two stroke dirt bike?
Stay safe, protect your brain cells
Together we can rid tt of this virus🦠do your part. Riddlers guidelines to stop this virus called bobtuse-19🦠   🦠hit ignore button 🦠dont interact- you will lose brain cells  🦠report posts    3 easy steps to follow indefinitely. Stay safe Remember you might show symptoms of lost brain cells after interacting with bobtuse-19🦠 right away, but it is a fact you will be more dumber .


Top pro wall sit
Doing some home exercise, trying to keep in shape till the track opens up,got to thinking,I wonder how long these guys that train at the top level could wall sit?
Street Bike Background Picture Thread
Show us the views, please include anything from a brief location description to a full ride report! This forum needs more traffic.
New to me 2003 Yamaha fz1
Hey everyone, I know theres not much action in this forum but figured I'd make a post.  Picked up a 2003 Yamaha fz1 yesterday for an amazing deal.  Bike had been sitting in a collector car storage facility for most of the last 10 years and then in a regular garage for the last couple.  Tank had been drained and looks perfect inside.  Bike as a whole is in like brand new shape.  I got power to it today with a jumppack as the battery is very dead and confirmed the bike only has 3,042 miles. 


98’ two stroke issues (Snowmobile)
Ok so i know there aren't many snowmobile guys on here but its more so an motor based problem, and their are lots of motor experts on this. So i have a 1998 polaris 488 indy super sport. Its a 2 cylinder 2 stroke motor(air cooled), no power valve system and about as basic as it gets. I got the sled not-running for free and the compression was too low to start, i wanted to keep it cheap so i put new rings in it and now the compression is back to where it should be. After the rebuild it fire
How Many Miles On Your ATV?
I have a 2009 Suzuki 750 King Quad. I bought it new and ride it often. I use it for trail riding and hauling stuff when I go fishing. I keep it washed, the oil changed, and check the air cleaner, etc. I've put a set of tires on it and front brakes. Other than that it has been reliable and still runs good. Right now it has over 10,000 miles. 
07 KFX 90...carb keeps overflowing into the air box?
I just picked up an 07 KFX 90 for our son.     It ran a little rough so I tuned it up a little bit.  New plug, adjust cables, air tires, oil changed, clean air filter..fresh gas, pulled carb and disassembled.  Put carb back together and it fired right up.     The only remaining issue is when the engine is off but the fuel is left on..it bubbles up into the air box from the carb to the point where it will literally overflow on to the ground?  It keeps flowing continuously

Inside TT

My Team Membership
I assume you received my automatic paypal Team payment today and I'll be back as usual shortly? 🙂
New App - search by forum
Is there a way to search only a specific forum?  Typically, sites have an option if reading within a forum to search only that forum, as opposed to the entire site. Thanks!
Auto Following forum
Every time a post a reply I automatically "follow" the whole forum. As in, if I reply to Range day report, I get stuck following Town square reloaded. I'm using the TT app on my Android phone. This just started today. 
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