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Harbor freight click type torque wrenches
Working on a fix & rebuild on my motor.  Slitting cases and want to make sure everything is torqued correctly when I reassemble.  Wanted to get input everyone has with harbor freight click type torque wrenches. Are they accurate enough? Do you have good or bad to say about them.    
the "Tony Mod"
Hi people. Here is a easy modification you can perform on your old worn out FCR carb slide. (I just fixed another one today) 🙂 Worn slides make your bike run lean, if it runs at all. Using a greeting card, cut out a few circles. See pic. Place them one by one in the slide until it becomes tight. When it gets tight, take ONE circle out. It should now slide easily with just gravity. Put your carb back together and test. How does it work ? ....well, I
ADV Bikes: Too damn heavy...
There is no excuse for an ADV bike to be over 400 lbs, no bags 1/2 tank of gas. My FJ1200 is 500 no gas, no luggage, 1980s tech. Big engine, poorly packeged in modern terms. Why are the Tenere, and Africa Twin, over 500 lbs?  No excuse... The GS, well, BMW.,


Which Knee Brace - Potentially torn Meniscus
I'm looking for opinions on which knee brace to purchase.. Here's the quick backstory: I fell down and landed on/twisted up my knee... For 2 days I could not straighten my knee as it was painful.  I could walk on it and put pressure on it just fine if I kept it slightly bent.  No bruising, swelling, not painful to touch etc...  Went to Dr. and got sent in for x-rays, which came back negative.  I was told if it doesn't start to 'feel better' in the next 1-2 weeks, I should go in for an MRI.
Permanent storage in a cargo van?
I'm getting a 2020 KTM XC300 soon and parking/storage is not cheap in my area (Vancouver). I also need a way to transport the bike so I'm wondering how viable it would be to get a cargo van to permanently store the dirt bike while also using the van as a daily driver. Are there any major negatives that I may be over looking? My biggest concern would be moisture in the winter (Vancouver gets lots of rain but little snow) although if it's a daily driver, I'd have the heater running 5 days a wee
Post up pics of your rigs, RVs and toy haulers!
Trucks/Trailers/Toyhaulers I'll start Here's my truck 2001 Chevy 1500HD 6.0 V8 lets see yours


YFZ450 need help identifying year without vin
(long story short) So I posted my banshee for sale or trade on CL and this guy has what he says is an 07 yfz450. So I asked about the vin to verify the year and he couldn't find it and finally sent pic of a ground off vin. Obviously he was pretty stupid on the importance of it. What I want to know is how can I look at this bike to tell what year it is? I will post pics to help and if it is stolen maybe someone can see. I have nothing to hide.    
Dirt Bike DB14 110cc TaoTao - Dallas Power Sports
Dirt bike DB14 110cc Tao in Dallas power sports. Dallas Power Sports, we specialize in everything motorized that goes off-road. We’re a licensed dealer with years of experience and thousands of sales under our belts.
Yamaha raptor 80cc won’t idle
I bought an 80cc Raptor for my daughter and can’t get it to idle without the rpms hanging. If I turn in silver screw closest to cylinder it will idle but once you give it throttle it just hangs at high rpms then comes back to idle. Also bogs pretty bad at this setting. Bogs some at the no idle setting but not nearly as bad as the setting with idle.  I cleaned carburetor and jets and pilot is a 12.5. Looks like previous owner took off the air restrictive plate from airbox? I replaced air fi

Inside TT

Captcha is super annoying
Hi, I just bought a 86 XR600R, so I read this site a lot. Tons of great info, but the captcha spoils all the pleasure. Every time I open the site it makes me solve all sorts of puzzles - click checkboxes, recognize pictures of trucks, umbrellas etc. But the most irritating thing is that it forces me to repeat it every like 30 mins when I just read and click through the pages. I have not been spamming or hacking or anything so I don't understand why the captcha is so brutal on me. Is there any wa
No internet connection
I keep getting this error. My internet connection is good, it happens in various locations, on two devices. Seems to be on your end. I'm using the app.
Cannot access the General forum section
I cannot access the general forum on my phone app. No problems on the desktop.  I have closed the app and reopened, no luck.  Suggestions? 
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