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Below MSRP when buying new bike?
Getting ready to buy a new 450 in the next month or two and was curious how successful and how far you all were getting the bike below MSRP (I know it’s an estimate). Hoping this may potentially  help others in getting a good price on a new bike if you want to comment on year make and model- TIA. 
TigerTanker returns to Snake Pit/California, May 2019
I'm stoked! Hoping to hit the Snake Pit and a variety of places in Cali. Probably 2-3 weeks You guys are the best, look forward to riding with you all!
Learning area for young rider
Hello all Recently picked up an Xr50 for my 5 yo daughter -  I've put a set of training wheels on it, and she's been having a blast in our cul de sac - I'm a long time street rider, but I did some dirt riding when I was a little younger, and I'm looking to get back in to it.  I live in South King County not too far from Enumclaw. I'm wondering if there are any places around I can take her where she can get some dirt experience - my preference would  be a larger open area or dirt road without too many other riders, large animals, or meth labs (only half kidding here.) I considered the Capitol Forest parking/staging area, but my fear is it's just too busy. I'd appreciate any suggestions Michael


Post up pics of your rigs, RVs and toy haulers!
Trucks/Trailers/Toyhaulers I'll start Here's my truck 2001 Chevy 1500HD 6.0 V8 lets see yours
New truck/suv/van???
I currently use a 2018 Toyota 4Runner as my DD, off-road rig, and bike transport rig. Around town it is a fantastic vehicle that parks easily, handles well in traffic under 50 mph, and gets "acceptable" fuel economy. On the highway it gets tossed around in strong to high winds (which are very common here on the Texas coast 20-35+ mph), it's also a tad light in the steering and can become darty at highway speeds. On a calm day with no real elevation changes I can eek out 20-21 mpg if I keep it under 65 mph, catch 20+ mph winds and you'll be lucky to maintain 14-15 mpg's and it usually falls somewhere near 17 mpg with mixed driving. It can't tow for $hit, anything over 2,000 lbs is a chore for the transmission and motor and it doesn't like any tongue weight over 300-ish lbs at speed or under braking. I love how well it does off-road, it's effortless and floats over soft sand but with the hitch carrier and bike attached it squats and puts the front-end somewhat up in the air with a reverse rake. All in all it's a good vehicle, durable, reliable, low maintenance, and a nice middle of the road size. Things do get tight when both dobermans and the lady friend are in with all of our gear which lately has been nearly every weekend. Prior to the 4Runner I always had 3/4-ton 4x4 diesel trucks, usually lifted with bigger tires, bumpers, winches, etc. I never longed for power and they towed like a dream. Interior space was adequate and anything that couldn't fit inside would go in the bed. Fuel prices suck, as does the maintenance of a diesel, but when you need it you need it. They suck to drive/park around town and in congested traffic, and most of the time it is overkill for my day to day needs, yet I can't stop thinking about going back to one. If we explore a toy hauler or 25'+ camper it'll be all but necessary.  My other half drives a new Lexus LX 570 and I have always wanted a modified 200 series Land Cruiser, preferably the 2016+ models with the latest facelift/redesign. I see the LC as a slightly larger 4Runner with a V8, full-time 4WD, better off-road, and most certainly nicer to drive on the highway. I struggle with the question of whether or not it would make sense to pick up a second one and ultimately have two of the same vehicle, albeit one would stay clean and stock and the other modified for off-road use and overland travel. A 4x4 diesel Sprinter van has become somewhat appealing for the stealth camping ability and for transporting bikes and keeping them out of sight and out of mind from those sticky fingered individuals. It's not ideal for a daily driver, they are very few dealers, they don't have the most stellar track record in the reliability department, and I would still have to build it out both inside and out on top of everything else. The idea of sleeping inside without having to exit the vehicle in inclement weather with my bikes right there next to me and free from prying eyes and sticky fingers is appealing.  So tell me what you use to transport your bike(s) and what you do and don't like about your setup. I like the idea of all of these avenues, but I also know that I need to be somewhat practical and realistic as well. Thanks for any input!
Female friend -- 5'2" -- looking for first dirt bike
A friend of mine -- she just created an account (kamikazi5354) -- is looking to buy a dirt bike. She's 5'2", inseam 28" (don't ask me how I know!). She rides a Kawi Ninja (her 5th street bike) and I imagine after some time she'll be more than proficient tearing around on Arizona desert trails. So, dear Thumperettes 5'2" and shorter, what are you riding? Christina, darling, did you lower your CRF230? If so, how? p.s. I wrote this because she was a bit shy when it comes to creating her first thread. But I imagine, sooner rather than later, you won't be able to keep her quiet.


Future of Sport ATV Racing with limited 450 options.
Hi All, Looking at the current ATV offroad racing world, the 450 class still leads the way.  With Yamaha being the only manufacturer currently offering a 450cc sport racing ATV, how long till racing starts taking a hit.  I haven't heard any rumors of any of the other manufacturers getting back into the game.  Without an influx of new technology and new ATV's to purchase, I feel that its only a matter of time until the big series' (GNCC) start taking a hit.  There are only so many 450's out there and keeping them up and running especially for the rough running of an offroad series seems like it would be a losing battle.  Props to Yamaha for keeping the segment alive for now.  It just bothers me when there is literally only one player if you want to buy a new machine. Do you guys feel that sport ATV racing is on the way out?  Do you guys anticipate a rebound with manufactures getting back into the field?  Is it just a matter of time till sport ATV racing is done, and everything has moved onto SXS racing?  
YFZ 450 problems have you had
Trying to decide between the yfz and the Honda. Going to put the same post in the Honda tread as well. Just wondering about any kind of major problems before I buy. I know the maintenance thing because I had a CRF 250R.
1987 Warrior Mid Range Sputter
Alright, I've had enough. I have a 1987 Warrior that sputters like mad at mid-range. At first, about a month ago, it would only sputter when held at mid-range. Now, it sputters when I hammer it, and if I do anything above idle it sputters. In fact, the only time it doesn't sputter is at full throttle. I rebuilt the carb at the beginning of the season and it ran great for 2 full days. then it went right back to sputtering. I don't care what it takes I need to solve this. I will not let myself get beat by a warrior!

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I can’t reply to my own post How do I fix this ?
I’m a I phone user and I can’t reply to my post
How to ask questions about dirt bike?
Ok I’m really new on this site and am desperately trying to ask fellow riders a question I’m having about my bike. How do I ask a question for everyone to see?