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Possible 2021 RD5 Return for Honda?
Interesting.... @GBow521 Discuss...  
KTM —->Beta? Which Beta 2t vibrates the least?
Greetings, fellow bikers. Been riding on and off for 35 years. Last several bikes were KTM’s...owned older exc/xcw 250-300 2t models, mostly. I have no brand loyalty to KTM. Last bike was a 2019 300xcw tpi. The tpi took away the hit the I loved and am trying to avoid buying another tpi from any mfr. Which brings me here. I’m looking at a 200/250/300rr. But, I have some concerns. The biggest? Vibrations! You all know the KTM 2t are smoother. Don’t lie. I want to know if there is a consen
Tuning, Comparing, and Jetting a '20 and '21 Beta 200RR
My Beta Dealer (whom I also ride with) brought up 2 Beta 200 RRs so we could dive into the tuning and modifying of them. Goal was to get them to lug better for our mountainous Single Track Riding we have here in N. UT and SE Idaho.  Tuning was done at 5000ft elevation, 85 degree F temp, slightly more humid than our normal (around 50%) and horrible Smokey Air (fires from Cali etc) Bike #1 (B1): 2020 200RR ridden all year. Current changes from Stock: Gnarly Pipe, Silencer, Jetting, RK


Who knows about C class motorhomes
So I am looking into a new or newer C class motor home. Which chassis, engine and coach are reliable?  I am trying to get the smallest one with a bench seat on one side and dinette on the other.  I think I have seen them in 24’+  I am a Chevy guy but the majority I see are Fords. In that size I think they are 350’s. The V10’s look like they come in the bigger 30’ ones. I would put a two motorcycle rack on the hitch so I’m not towing a trailer. 
Truck/Toyhauler Towing Questions
I have an 05 Tundra, 4dr, 2WD, 4.7 V8 Automatic O.D.  With information at hand, best I can tell its towing capacity is 7100 lbs.  I'm looking at a 2017 Coleman Latern 300 TQ Toyhauler.  It's dry weight is 6800 lbs.  I would usually have my race bike, pit-bike, generator, tool box, coffee machine, extra socks and various camping amenities, that would easily put me over the 7100 rating.  I'm sure if I latched onto it, it would go down the road, but my gut says it would be an 'overdrive off and dro
Ford 5.4 V8
Good years, bad years or even worth fooling with in a used van? Looking at a clean 2010 van that was a passenger model. Less than 60,000 miles


Yamaha Warrior 350 bogging
I have a Warrior 350 and I needed a carb clean so I cleaned and and put it back on and now it idles fine but when I try to give it gas it sputters and dies down and sometimes it even backfires and pops. What could this be?
400ex crank play
My 2002 400ex was making engine noise. The valves were ticking before but not this bad, got it to start and the ticking or knocking was a lot louder, crank has the tiniest bit of up and down play, think it’s just the valves got worst?
2015 Polaris rzr won’t turn over
So I have a 2015 Polaris rzr, rebuilt the engine. I try starting it and the engine sounds like it’s going to start but it never fully starts. Checked the spark plugs, they are good, fuel injectors are good, got the timing right, checked the Tmap sensor. I have no clue as to why it’s not starting. There also seemed to be an electric issue because my head lights won’t work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated 

Inside TT

Links to Twitter Do Not Work Right On Website / Dark Mode
Using the website, Windows 10, Firefox.  Any fixes would be greatly appreciated, I much prefer the website, and Dark Mode is awesome. A post from Twitter does not embed the content like the mobile app does, it only shows a link.  In addition, the text remains black, which is about impossible to read with the black background of Dark Mode. Here are a couple screenshots of the exact same post, one of the website showing the problem, and one of the app showing a good embed.  
How do I follow a topic using the Thumper Talk app?
I can't figure out how to follow a topic using the TT app. I see buttons for just about everything else except follow a topic so I can save it in my followed topics menu. How do I add a topic to my followed topics menu using the TT app using an android?   
Problem with TT app
so pretty sure my fault, but the app no longer works for me. I cleared my certificates and niw I have quite a few problems with TT and other stuff too Also, I can't access the site without goung advanced and saying it's ok to go to a potentially unsafe site  
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