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Gas Monkey for Supercross 2019??
I just read on Transworld Motocross the Gas Monkey will be in 2019
Rear brake pedal while standing downhill
How is this brake pedal need to be adjusted so it can be used without doing bale on the bike on steep downhills?   I mean every advice about rear brake and downhill seems to contradict each other.   1) You should stand up   2) Put weight on the back of the bike, butt towards the rear like how a mountain biker would do a decent. This puts the arches of your feet on the back of the pegs.   3) You should run your brake pedal level with the foot peg.   Well if you do 1 and 2, than you can’t do 3. There is no way i can reach my beta’s sloppy ass freeplay un adjustable rear brake pedal in that position.   If I run the pedal as high as it goes, than i have some way of controlling the rear brake but I still need to bend my right knee, and this time when going up hill or flat ground I start dragging the rear brake....   Also when I see a switch back and want to sit forward on the bike for the turn, I end up locking the rear brake until I realize it and move my foot out of the way. Now I need to ride with my right toes pointing outwards, this ofcourse I did not crash due to locking the rear unexpectedly coming in to a corner.   So how in the world do you adjust the rear brake pedal so it is   1) Accessible while downhill, standing proper body positioning.   2) Is accessible and not dragging while flat or uphill   3) Not so high that standing to sitting transition does not require extreme care.        


Motorcycle Techline
NASG is looking for a Motorcycle Technician for a Motorcycle Techline assignment that I have available with a major automotive manufacture in Torrance. Success in this position has the potential to lead to a permanent associate position for the global leader in powersports product.   Provide industry leading technical support to ensure timely repair of customer machines and collect/document accurate market product issue information Technical Support •           Provide Dealer Location: Torrance CA Job Type: contractor Company: North American Staffing Group, Inc. Posted 8 mins ago View the full job listing
Powersports Account Manager
Are you passionate and knowledgeable about powersports with a drive to grow sales and work with our international customer base of distributors, retailers, and OEMs?  RAM Mounts is experiencing rapid growth and needs a new Powersports Account Manager to join our dynamic team.  Demand for our products is at an all-time high and we want to capitalize on the market opportunities at hand. Work from our head office in South Seattle on most days.  Travel to industry and customer events 15% to 25 Location: Seattle, WA Job Type: Full Time Company: RAM Mounts Posted 9 mins ago View the full job listing
Powersports Sales
Sales Consultant Job Responsibilities • Responsible for greeting and building relationships with customers. • Following up with new and previous customers, using proactive sales techniques. • Possess knowledge on multiple brands and products in the powersports industry. • Follow a structured sales process. • Ready and willing to work overtime during peak season as required. Qualifications & Job Requirements • Work well with Managers, Technicians and Customers, as well as other dealer Location: Dallas-Fort Worth Job Type: Full Time Company: Freedom Powersports Posted 5 mins ago View the full job listing


03 Suzuki LT50 Plastics
I just bought my daughter an 03 Lt50 and she loves it. the only thing that bugs me is the plastics are all jacked up. i can not seem to find plastics other then the 250.00 OEM ones anywhere. thats almost what i paid for the bike lol. I guess i have two questions...... .does anyone offer aftermarket? slightly used? will the newer models fit the 03? the newer models look real nice and i can not imagine that they made drastic changes to the frame, but i am unsure. Best case for me. ....... find a newer set off a newer model cheap. thanks thumper buds for help. i already checked ebay and craigslist.....i am guessing that these bikes are phantoms lol.
1984 or 85 LT50 tank decal
I’m looking for someone who reproduces the a tank decal for a 84 or 85 Suzuki lt50 quad runner. Part # 681100461096W  anyone have any leads? Here is a pic of what I’m looking for. Thank you 
1996 Indy 500 pipe
Can someone please link me to a performance pipe for a 1996 Indy 500? I cant find one.

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Cant find anything with the search option
Hello, everytime I try to search for something I can never find anything close to what I'm looking for. I know the information is there because Google tells me TT has what I'm looking for. For example, if I search "Chinese knockoff keihin pwk airstyker carburetor" nothing even close pops up, no matter if I search posting title only or topic or whatever. I know that's a name of a posting. Can you guys please fix this issue? It would make finding info a lot easier and keep multiple repeated threads from being made. Thank you
Can’t Post Pics From App (iOS 12.1)
Hey TT,   Sorry if I’ve overlooked the article or haven’t searched well enough, but does anyone else have to try desktop mode to post pics in topics?   Seems like the buttons may be hidden near the bottom in the app or something.. any thoughts or input?   -Dave
Unread content
No sure if this is to do with spitting of TS (which IMO is longer over due and might hang out in the TSR more) but have not changed anything and not suddenly not getting any new Unread content today?