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Round 13 Atlanta SX Trash Talk - CALLING MANIAC998
Yeah, still a week away.  But, trash talking this event might give us something more to do than politics and male-male sex comments.    For 250's, I'll guess Marchbanks for the W, with Lawrence and McAdoo on the podium.  For 450's, I'll go Tomac for the win, KR and Mookie on the podium.  Why Mookie?  Because.... Maniac998, my "long-shot" call is Mookie Stewart on the podium for this event for the bet.  He didn't do as well as AP7 at Daytona, but he was the next guy on the win list fo
Action camera
Does anyone use cheaper action cams other than the top dollar go pro or Dji? Would like to get one but can't justify the price for the little use it would get! Let me know what everyone has  thanks 


Your Ride Today
I want to start a thread where we talk about where and what we rode today (or recently). I'll go first:  To the convenience store and back, all of 1 mile on my FS, just to get a couple of things for dinner. Did this a couple weeks ago on my road machine:   
What are the worst injuries that you have faced?
What are some of the worst injuries that you have faced while riding dirtbikes or any other motorsports? We'd like to hear some stories
6v batteries 2.0
I know I asked this a while back, but, I  really gotta get some new batteries for the toy hauler. My original 12v batteries lasted, I think 5 years. The replacement, 12v marine/deep cycle batteries, are shot at 2 years old. However, I had to buy those in an urgent situation, so... Anyone have any brand of 6v batteries to stay away from? 


Places and Trails to Ride in Edmonton Leduc Area
Just wondering if there are some good trails near Leduc to ride ATV? I see Bruderheim? Is this still an open area to ride around? Anywhere else within 50-75kms of Leduc/Edmonton?
Dirt Bike Mechanic In Calgary
Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone knows of a good shop with reasonable rates in or around calgary? I'm looking to have some work done on my Honda CRF450. Any help would be appreciated!   Thanks!
Trx400x smoke on cold start
I use synthetic oil in me 2013 trx400x and this the first winter I have had it and when I start it up it has a little smoke come out that sees to be oil burning but after it warms up it quits. Should I be worried or is this a problem? 

Inside TT

ThumperTalk email's format
Hi, I don't know where else to post this feedback, so here it goes. I enjoy reading ThumperTalk emails. But the format of the emails are a bit strange. As you might have noticed, the emails begin with a big picture (almost covering the full screen), then a "Title" and then a brief paragraph with a link for further reading. That is all good, but I think I'd rather see them in this order Title (the title could be the link to further reading...) A brief paragraph (with a link for
How to reply?
How do I respond to someone's comment?? Any help would be appreciated!
Does ThumperTalk have geolocation enabled?
Hello, This is a general inquiry for a moderator...if possible for them to see this. Does ThumperTalk have geolocation enabled? i.e. when a photo is posted, can members extrapolate the location of the post and loc of photo (where originally taken)? when I would post pictures of outdoor trips, will it show exact location of where the photo was taken? many thanks in advance
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