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WARNING: outlook, live, msn and hotmail email customers

This announcement is no longer active

Brian Wilson

Your emails are being blocked by Microsoft.  

It has been reported (and confirmed) that emails sent to Microsoft owned email accounts are being silently trashed by Microsoft.  We have opened support requests with Microsoft to address this issue, and they have emphatically stated they have NO INTENTION OF FIXING THE ISSUE ON THEIR END. 

Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do on our end. Until Microsoft fixes the delivery issues on their end, you may not be able to reset your password, create a new account, or receive any thread notifications using a Microsoft email account. 

The ONLY way to fix this is if you....Their Customer, contacts their tech support and complains that they are blocking legitimate email you want to receive. This is the only contact email we’ve been able to find for Microsoft email support (please let us know if you find a better contact and we will share it)


What can I do to receive TT email?

We recommend switching to a more reputable free email provider (such as gmail).  You can get a free gmail account at the following link:


You can even automaticlly sync all of your incoming microsoft email to your gmail account (so you don't lose access to other services, old friends, etc.)  Once you have created your free gmail account, follow these instructions to have your Microsoft mail displayed in your new gmail account:


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