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$10 PGM-FI HRC Tuner Tool


I'm sure many of you are familiar with the Honda HRC PGM-FI Tuning Tool that costs around $300+ that allows you to modify the fueling and ignition of your EFI CRF.


Well it occurred to me the other day that just as it says on the face of that little expensive box, it's just a Serial to USB interface. What does that mean? There's about $5 worth of hardware in that thing.

Fortunately, you can do the same thing with an OBD2 to USB scanner tool that costs about $10 on eBay.


Do this at your own risk. Obviously.

What you'll need:

  • Honda HRC Software for your year CRF. There is 1 version for the 2009 450R, another version for 2009 AND 2010-2012, and I believe a new version for 13+.
  • OBD2 to USB scanner tool (Again, this is about $10 off eBay) MUST BE FTDI Based (FT232 or FTDI in description for the driver, otherwise this won't work)
  • A few piece of wire/jumpers
  • 12V Battery


  1. Install the software
  2. Plug in your OBD2 Scanner and let Windows install the driver for you, or manually install the driver if it was provided
  3. Unplug the red service/fuel pump plug (on the 2010-2012 450R it is located behind the right radiator shroud)
  4. Create a jumper from the green to brow wires in the plug (See pic below for following wiring illustration)
  5. Place wires in the plug to allow alligator clip attachment
  6. Connect the green and brown jump to pin 5 of the OBD2 connector, and connect the battery negative to that connector
  7. Connect the Orange/Black k-line wire to pin 7 of the OBD2 connector
  8. Connect the Black wire to pin 16 of the OBD2 connector, and connect the +12V of the battery to that connector
  9. Ensure your MIL light is blinking or on, if not, one of your connections is loose
  10. Open the HRC software and select your year
  11. Select the correct COM Port (This can be found by going to Device Manager and looking under COM Ports)
  12. Click read, and you will be prompted with several messages. After the final message that says ...IGNITION OFF, disconnect the +12V and reconnect (basically reset it)
  13. You can then make changes, load new maps, then click write, you'll get a few messages and it will write

NOTES: I believe you have to reset the power after each read OR write, otherwise you'll get an error message saying "Unable to switch ECM into Read/Write mode"





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