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2016 FMF Glen Helen National Recap Video

Bryan Bosch

The 2016 FMF Glen Helen National was rampage of intense racing, excited fans, and cold beer. It couldn't have gotten better than it did. Star Racing Yamaha swept the podium at the end of the day with Alex Martin taking the overall.



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    • By DrKayak
      Someone has been busy at the crux of the Flume Trial. Probably Mountain Bikers. 
      This - 

      Is now like this - 

      The other side --

      Now - 

      Looks like they have more marked to nutter too.. 
    • By BigBelly
      Anyone been to Stony in the last week?  Wondering if there is much snow if any or downed trees.  Thanks!
    • By dtfastbear
      Had a pretty awesome time at the Shasta Dam GP on Sunday.  The A/B ride race started at 9AM or so, and their loop was 36 (!!!) miles.  Their race ran REALLY long - so the C race that was supposed to start at 1pm didn't get off the line until 2pm.  Of course, it started raining at exactly 1pm, so we sat there getting soaked and cold on the start line waiting to race.  In what was a GREAT decision, they shortened the course to about 12 miles for us.  I was wearing new shoes (GT216AAA fatty up front, GT333 120 in the back) thanks to the @Mongo134 thread about how great the GT333 is with tubliss.  And, they delivered.  As you can see in the below (blurry) video, ZERO front end washout and great grip on the climbs.
      I'm riding in C Senior Plus (45-49) on a '13 KTM 250XCF-W.  I finished 3rd in class (out of 8).  I ditched my goggles after the first lap, as I was so furiously pulling on the roll-off string that I ran out of film.  Turns out the INSIDE of the goggles were fogged and wet, and rolling off was doing nothing anyway.  I *hated* riding without goggles from a safety standpoint, but man did I ride faster when I was able to actually see!  I was also riding with a partial cast on my left hand, recovering from a torn tendon on my thumb.  This ended up being a non-issue, and my thumb felt great afterward.
      Sorry in advance for the sometimes blurry mud-covered video.  I tried my best to keep it clean, but with wet gloves and constantly trying to keep my own googles clean, there are some sections that are mud covered.  I'll try to edit together the clean sections.  Anyway, this is about 1/2 of my first lap, starting about 15 minutes after the start.
      Thanks so much to the Redding Dirt Riders and the rest of the D36 volunteers.  Truly a first class event!
    • By Bunjy
      Hi, I am thinking of bringing the dirt bikes down from Calgary this summer so the kids can try biking down there. Is there anything relatively close to Carlsbad ? we are not track riders, my 6YO daughter rides a TTR50E and my 8YO son rides a crf125f, and I'm on a wr450. So I need something fairly flat for the 10" wheels on my daughters bike...
      We are down for 8 weeks  but the kids have skateboarding camp and Mason is doing the Padres baseball camp. If there is something within a hour or so of Carlsbad it would be worth bringing the bikes down so they can ride.
      thanks in advance for any help,
    • By RallyeX
      Is anybody going to the Rawhyde's Adventure days today. We are going for the day so if anybody is there say hi! Will be there about 9 or 10am today.
      Jeff & Robin