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2016 FMF Glen Helen National Recap Video

Bryan Bosch

The 2016 FMF Glen Helen National was rampage of intense racing, excited fans, and cold beer. It couldn't have gotten better than it did. Star Racing Yamaha swept the podium at the end of the day with Alex Martin taking the overall.



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    • By Babyarmholdingapple
      So Friends of Cow Mountain had a work party on a day it stormed and 40 people showed and worked.
      Five of them were former members ISDE members it was stated and some ass was kicked.  
      Post a pic if you were there.  

    • By B.A.M.F
      Preparing for a good one tomorrow
      looking forward to seeing what all this rain destroyed

    • By californiacarver
      Thought I would share a post below from Paragliding Group. As we launch from Potatoe Hill, St, Johns and Middle Creek which is impacted as well. Sounds like its going to be a while. UUuughh

      The status of the Ranch Fire area hasn't changed. The area remains
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      here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd603582.pdf
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      We are also exploring opportunities for volunteer events and should
      have more information on that in late spring or early summer. We
      understand people wanting to return to their favorite recreation areas
      and we are doing everything we can to reasonably reduce risks and
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      Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions.
      Punky Moore
      Public Affairs Officer
    • By Killer450fx
      Me and my buddy just road Rower flats yesterday we met a guy at the bottom of the trail he told me his name on hear is  (Reuben sandwich) I was talking with him and wanted to ride with him and show him the unknown trails my buddy is not the best and I didn't want to hold him up does anyone know who this might be?