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Bryan Bosch

The all-new ThumperTalk.com lives! Many seem to like it, a few absolutely hate it, and most seem to have taken the changes in stride. The typical forum stuff is all there, even if some things function a bit differently than you might be used to. Regardless, I thought that it might be helpful to point out some of the more useful and/or interesting features of the new site. In no particular order:


You've always been able to attach an image by browsing your device's hard drive, but now you can do the same via drag-n-drop. Also, to the right of the post editor box, you'll see a menu item called, "Insert other media". This will allow you to attach an image from a URL or from your library of images that you've uploaded previously (think TT cloud).


Also, once an image is embedded in your post, no more thumbnails! Images scale to fit best on the size of screen your viewing on. Bigger screens see bigger images and smaller screens.... I'm sure you get it.


ThumperTalk has more topics than you can shake a stick at and let's face it, you're not interested in even half of them. You likely already know that you can filter by topics you started, posted in, or simply subscribed to. But, now you can build your own custom activity streams that zero in on just the stuff you care most about. Each stream can be given a name meaningful to you and you can create as many streams as you'd like. Custom activity streams are found under the "Activity" link in the main sit nav.


#3 Member Mentions

If you play on Instagram or Facebook, you probably know that you can let specific users know about what you've shared by mentioning them in your post. We now support mentions, but for those of you that are not quite sure this works, simply type @username anywhere in your post. As you type, we'll show you a list of the matching user name(s) to select from. When done, your post will look like that below. Note: those you mention will only be notified if their accounts settings allow it.


#4 More Flexible Search

The new search function is now able to search all site content, not just specific sections, such as forum topics. So, say you're looking for info on what other riders think of a particular tire. Searching "All Content" will pull in anything relevant from forum discussion topics, product reviews, articles, member garages, etc... After you click into the search box, click the down arrow to reveal the search options.


#5 Quick Create Menu

No longer do you have to navigate to a particular part of the website to start a new discussion topic, submit an article or product review, or to update your status.  Just click the  +Create link next to your notifications icon:


#6 Topic Preview on Mouse-over

To preview a topic without opening (from desktop), simply put your mouse pointer on the topic title and give it a sec... The preview will allow you to see the first post, last post, and to mark the topic as read. How do you close the preview? Just navigate away. It will close on its own.


#7 Profile Page Cover Photo

Want your profile page to look sexy like mine? Now you can upload a custom cover page photo to make it your own.

#8 Following Other Members

Want be notified of when an always helpful, knowledgeable member posts stuff? Now you can follow them. Pretty cool right, or kinda creepy depending upon how you look at it. :smirk: How to follow someone? Nav to the member's profile page and click "Follow Member".


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7 minutes ago, Monk said:

Ya, now follow me! Lol

I'm sure if we get to ride this summer I'll be following you :) I just got to try 3 new  features in 2 posts :thumbsup:



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4 hours ago, tim2007 said:

interesting. Be good to find tricks to speed it up too.

We're hard at work on that very issue.  All of our hardware needs to be upgraded and optimized for the new software.  Unfortunately there was no way to optimize before upgrading as we needed the raw performance data in a real live use situation to know what to optimize.  We've been hard at work analyzing performance since the upgrade and will start rolling out hardware changes behind the scenes over the next several weeks.  You may not notice the changes all at once since we are  making refinements one at a time to monitor what works and what needs more work, but it will get faster and faster as we learn from the performance reports and continue to adjust accordingly.

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I don't know if I'm just resistant to change, but I don't like it at all.

I access on my iPad 99% of the time. (Never gelled with the app either. Just the old site on iPad.)

There seems to be lots more adverts, the way of the successful forum I guess.

I have pro racing on a favorite, and used to click it many times a day, and just see if any threads I was interested in had been added to. It seems very "spread out" (adverts and new style) I'm looking a lot less now.

I dislike it so much I think I'm leaving. (Like anyone cares)

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On 3/3/2017 at 6:44 AM, Iffykid said:

Need the "COMING SOON" Where 2 Ride, Classifieds sooner.

We'd likely have been done w/ this, but a few persistent bugs have been hogging up resources the last few weeks.

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On 3/3/2017 at 6:44 AM, Iffykid said:

Need the "COMING SOON" Where 2 Ride, Classifieds sooner.

Assuming you saw that classifieds came about about 1.5 weeks ago? If not, check em' out. They are listed under "Marketplace". They came about pretty good and there is already lots of listings.

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