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A Lot More Than Your Weekend Rides At Stake


Use it responsibly & sustainably, or lose it, right? That’s how the saying goes when talking about OHV use. If we continue to lose OHV access the impact that will have will be far greater than just losing a hobby or sport.

Americans spend more each year on outdoor recreation than they do on Pharmaceuticals & Fuel, combined(1). The outdoor recreation crowd is an economic engine in and of itself. The industry as a whole generates(2):


Our industry as a whole has a massive impact on the overall economy and we are just starting to learn how wide the impact reaches. Our outdoor recreation economy directly supports 7.6 Million american jobs. Our industry supports more jobs than Food & Beverage service and Real Estate & Leasing(3).


If we continue to lose land and the number of jobs will no longer be needed so we will see unemployment impacted. No one will have the incentive to go to their local dealer and purchase the new vehicle because they have no where to use it. All of the little small mountain, mining towns that rely on those yearly rides and benefits to keep their economies propped up will be first hand witnesses to the power of outdoor recreation.

Our Outdoor Recreation industry is finally being measured and taken seriously at the federal level due to the sheer size. But with that growth comes opposition. We lead a constant effort to fight for our rights to use public land in a responsible & sustainable manner.


“The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets that it must turn over to the next generation increased, and not impared, in value” - Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy did more for national parks than any other president and even over 100 years ago these words hold true.

So what can we do?


We are an industry showing growth year over year. If we are going to keep the American staple that is the Great Outdoors, we are going to have to fight for our right to protect it.


Written by Jon Freehill 



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