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Because You Can Abuse a FunnelWeb Filter


A part on my bike is somewhat of a Gladiator. If it is on my bike it means it has lasted the abuse of riding, racing, the elements, the unknown. It means that it has bested other products in that space and is in some way, superior. My current race bike is a 2018 KTM 300 XC-W Six Days. 

Everything I run has been carefully chosen and tested in some very harsh conditions. I am proud of, and believe in, the parts I run. I ran FunnelWeb Filters before being sponsored by them. I reached out and asked for the support because I wanted to run the best filter for my riding. They are a sponsor but they did not pay for these thoughts.  


This is my filter after race conditions for ~12hrs and still running strong. The pyramid foam traps the dirt & sand on the top layer leaving air still able to pass. Said another way, it prevents the dirt from penetrating deep into the filter. This keeps maximum airflow and makes it much easier to clean. Dual-layer filters can trap the dirt between layers and that's what makes them very hard to get clean again. It is easier to oil this design & resists dripping. I've tested them against regular filters and the life wasn't even close to Funnelweb filter life. 


This was side by comparison. Equal time of spinning laps in the super dusty summer. I even ran some dust socks on the twin airs. What I found is that nothing gets past the funnelweb filters. So that's why I run them. I have tested them and seen the performance advantages for myself. 

I need filters to last for 2 day races. Rarely do I need to change filters between days. Every time you take the filter off your bike some dirt gets in no matter how careful you are. If I don't have to remove it, just another advantage. Not popping this thing off in the pits is one less thing to think about. 

The filters I use will get soaked, frozen, muddy, the list goes on of what Hard Enduro races demand. Destry Abbott (10x desert racing champ) & his crew run these, Honda team out of Australia runs these too. Hell, if they're good enough for Geocomo Redondi (2018 WORCS champ) they should work for me. It was designed for combating the dust. They are quite popular in Europe and Australia because of how brutal the conditions are.  

I think of it this way- I expect my filter to still perform even if I lose the airbox cover. I trust the seal of the fwf filters to hold in these conditions. 

These fwf filters have proven themselves and earned their spot on my bike. 




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