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Building and Racing an XT/TT500 Flat Tracker

Jimmy Pascol

My "Notes on Building and Racing a Flat Tracker" using a Yamaha XT/TT500 are available for free, without ads or any strings attached.


Flat Track is America's oldest form of motorcycle racing. It's now enjoying a resurgence in the US and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and Australia. It needs more racers and fans to keep going so this is my way of helping keep it alive.


These Notes are a quick start to getting involved in the sideways life at minimal cost and preferably with friends. There's amateur classes at most dirt tracks including classes for knobby tires for anyone wanting to run whatever ya got to experience flat track. Print it off and/or share it with everybody interested in FT. It's all either off the internet or personal experience so there's no copyright problems - so pass it around.


The link to my Dropbox is... https://www.dropbox.com/s/7um5jxpjeqqxjzt/Flat%20Track%20Notes.docx%2011-10-2016.docx?dl=0


"Anything not shared is not of much value".


~ Jimmy Paschall

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    • By BFMDan
      Former National #1 Brian Smith is "going home".

      Howerton, Smith and Crosley Reunite for 2019
      October 24, 2018
      The worst kept secret in the AFT Paddock during the latter stages of 2018 is now totally out in the open – and 100% true. Once again, just as in 2016 when they teamed up to win the AFT Twins championship, ‘Flyin’ Bryan Smith and Ricky Howerton have joined Bo LeMastus and Team Crosley for another shot at the title, again on Kawasaki-powered machinery.
      Of course, if you know anything about Howerton or his history, you know this won’t be just any Kaw-powered Twins racer – just as the machine the team ran in 2016 wasn’t like anything else in the paddock. That bike was both small and light (like Smith), with a frame comprised of small-diameter chrome-moly tubes surrounding an 8-valve vertical twin pumping out just the right amount of tractable horsepower. With all of this surrounded by sleek-but-minimalist bodywork, the entire package conveyed a trickness factor that went all the way to eleven. It was by far the most radical motorcycle on the grid that year.

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    • By phillybeef
      On-board Brad Baker's Indian, Lima Ohio Half Mile 2017
      I believe this is a topic which hasnt been explored much on here as I havn't been able to find any info.
      I am curious to know if there is a road legal tyre that isnt knobbly that will fit onto standard 21" and 19" rims on a cr250. 
      I plan on commuting on the bike on road and dont thing I'll be using it much on the dirt any more.
      A few days ago I nearly head on with a T junction because the knobblys didnt hold up while breaking.
      Has anyone on here switched from knobbly to road legal flattrack type tyre on original rims?
      Any pros cons to doing this?
      Sizes, makes, options would be appreciated
      Cheers guys
    • By zig06
      Personally I really do not follow flat track racing, recently and by accident my DVR picked up and recorded a couple races - so I watched them.  Wasn't expecting much but was totally blown away by how well it was covered!  They had excellent "on bike" footage during the races, plus Jason Weigandt - Ralph Sheheen and Heather DeBeaux really did an excellent job of announcing the races and something that I find so refreshing is that whenever they interview a rider you do not get a sponsor commercial!  Nope, instead you get real answers to real questions ~ incredible!  Not that they don't occasionally plug a sponsor but for the most part they understand that most people can read a jersey while getting interviewed.  Definitely something that the current generation of Motocross and Supercross riders need to learn.
      Seriously guys, I do not follow Flat Track but hopefully my DVR will, it's really worth watching.  FWIW I think the Singles provide better racing than the twins.

    • By Mucci
      Does anyone have the actual mounted and aired up width of a Maxxis DT-1 130-19 flat track tire on a 3.00-19 rim?
      Or a different flat track tire of the same size would also be helpful. Can't find measurements on this size combo.