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Bushings for CR500R motor in a CRF450R frame


When mounting a CR500R motor in a CRF 450 Frame, the rear engine mount that the swingarm pivot shaft goes through is more narrow than the CRF engine mount. This leaves the shaft and to some extent, the bearings exposed. I had some brass bushings cut to cover the exposed areas. Attached are pictures and a drawing with the dimensions of the bushings.

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    • By Lucas Hansen
      Just wondering what you guys do to remove black marks on your seat. My 08 crf450r has the red/black seat, and after each ride there are some black marks on the red from my riding pants. Not scuff marks, more like patches of black residue from my pants rubbing on the seat. I’ve tried the magic eraser which seemed to do the trick, but lately they seem like they aren’t coming off. Also tried scrubbing bubbles with a brush and no luck. Not too worried cuz I have an spare OEM seat, but I’d like to keep this one nice. Any ideas? Maybe I shouldn’t wear black pants?
    • By Kenmir
      Hello all!  So I'm having some issues with a 1986 XL600R.  Bike is new to me.  Has an aftermarket muffler (No idea what), and factory air-box.  Bike had 120 main, 115 secondary, 65 main and factory Needle settings.  previous owner said he had just checked the valves and had "Drilled someone in the choke" to make it start better.  It always starts on the second or third kick, runs great in neutral.  Starts a little harder when hot but that's pretty normal.
      The issue I'm having is that at medium throttle riding down the road it hesitates very slightly, and at high RPM in basically every gear it hesitates like its hitting a rev limiter/ loosing spark.  I've checked the plug and its never looked super lean, or super rich.  
      Now for what I've done.  Figured its got a loud aftermarket pipe on it so its probably jets.  Bought a kit that came with some different jets and tried it.  These were a 134 main, 130 secondary, 68 main and some shims to lift the needles a bit.  This did nothing.  I had as well bought a new CDI (With a higher rev limiter) and a new coil, I like being prepared.  So i tried installing these.  No change.  I went back to original jetting, no change.   I then checked the ohms through the stater for the spark circuit and the pulse ohms.  Both were maybe 20 high but I'd blame that on a cheap multi-meter (But maybe I shouldn't).  I also threw a adjustable spark checker and set the gap to around the 1/4 inch the manual says it should throw a spark and it seems to do that fine.  It has fresh high octane fuel in it as well.  So basically all I have left is to double check the valves, but it runs so well otherwise I have hard time believing that the valves are off or that the cam has jumped a tooth or something but I'm open to suggestions now!
      That's all I can think of now, thanks ahead of time everyone!
    • By 400yzturbo
      I have a 1998 Honda CR250 for sale.
      I just finished rebuilding the whole motor. It’s only been started two times for heat cycles.
      I had the cylinder re-plated by millenium technologies.
      The motor has the following new parts:
      -Hotrods crank
      -vertex std piston
      -crank bearings
      -transmission bearings
      -air filter
      It also has new 
      -new radiator shrouds
      The rest of the bike is setup as follows:
      -aftermarket upper clamp
      -IMS pegs
      -pro taper bars
      -excel rims
      -SDG seat
      -FMF fatty pipe 
      -FMF silencer (USFS approved)
      -boyesen dual stage reeds
      -race tech rear spring 180 lbs rider
      If you have questions just ask.
      The bike is nice, but not show room by any means. Reason for not being perfect is that I already have a bike that I built that way and because of what I’m into it, no one is willing to pay for it.
      Thanks for looking.
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      I'm looking for information on how to route the carburetor hoses on a 2005 Honda XR650L. It's a California model, but it has the smog stuff removed and blocked off. It's uncorked and has an FMF slip on exhaust, along with Dave's Mod done. It would be nice to have a diagram, but pictures or even just an explanation would work. Just looking to see how best to set up the carb hoses. Thank you