Carburetor operation and jetting explained



Motorcycle carburetor jetting and operation explained!

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    • By intimdatr
      Been rebuilding an 01 KX125 over the past several months, Kustom Kraft replate and such. Im finally getting around to jetting the bike. 

      Current jetting in the bike is a 50 pilot and 180 main and I'm pretty sure that is the standard jetting for the Pre 01 bikes. I'm showing stock jetting for the this bike is 50/360, is this correct? 

      Does anyone have a good starting point for this bike? It'll be running in 500' elevation and 70-90*. I've seen most people are in the 45/350 area? Edit: Bike has FMF Gold series and Shorty exhaust, stock otherwise. 

      Most recent picture of the turd after new fork seals and Tire/Tube. 

    • By DeeAreZee
      This carburetor was removed from a 2015 DRZ400SM with 800 miles. The bike was undamaged and in perfect running condition at the time of removal. 
      Price includes shipping within the USA
    • By QuinnEXC
      I have a Ktm 200exc that was jetted very nicely. The other day, after doing some of research, I decided I wanted to play around with the powervalve. Now the the bike will rev to a certain rpm and then flatline on power (wont rev out). 1/8 - 1/2 throttle feels very nice, but 3/4 - full throttle wont rev any higher and doesn't have any power. Can anyone help me fix my mistake?