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Change the gear oil in your BMW R1200RT

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    • By frickinjim
      106k miles. High mileage, but better looking and better running than a lot of lower mileage bikes because this one has lived its life cruising easy on the open road. Aftermarket large windshield Genuine BMW heated grips Genuine BMW hand shields Genuine BMW hard luggage

    • By Lukeporter
      How can I street legalize my CR 85 expert? I was wondering the specifics of what I’ll need to convert my bike to a dual sport. If you could provide me with any information, please do. 
    • By SmithMan95
      Recently acquired an xr650r that was made into a super moto / dualsport and I’m noticing that the lights dim a lot at low rpms, nice and bright when it’s not idling. Is that normal? Once I was riding around trails at night in lower gears and it started to get very dim, I hopped back on the highway and it didn’t get brighter unless it was at like 7krpm. Turned it off and fired it back up and it was fine. Not sure what that means but it is concerning. Haven’t had that happen again tho, yet. 
      So I was skeptical of this guy telling me it had a high output stator. I checked it tonight and it looks to be aftermarket, just have no idea what it is, and neither does the previous owner....(questionable) 
      i feel like the bike only wants to idle at like 1700, any lower and the lights will get very dim, and sometimes the tachometer resets without the bike stalling cause the power supply gets so low when it’s idling at 1400. 
      So so does anyone know what stator this is? I’m thinking electrosport? 

    • By oh.snap.mike
      First of many posts hopefully

      During January we filmed a commercial for Mitas Tyres here in South Africa. It took 2 months of pre-production, 1 week of filming and 3 weeks of editing to arrive at the final video.

      The riders were David Ellis on the off-road bike (Husqvarna FX450), Altus De Wet on the enduro bike (KTM 300 EXC TPI) and Louis Knipe on the adventure bike (BMW R 1200GS LC)

      I've had heaps of questions of how we went about filming the video and so I've decided to open up the line to whatever anyone would like to know.

      Ask me anything.
    • By DaveU
      I learned to cut the balls of the ends of my clutch and brake levers because with sharp ends on the levers they stick into the ground instead of bending or breaking the lever when you drop the bike.
      So, cut your balls off!