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Cheer our teams on racing the Caselli Challenge!

Bryan Bosch



A week ago we put out a request to the ThumperTalk community looking for four riders (two teams of two) to represent the ThumperTalk community at the 3rd annual Kurt Caselli Foundation Ride Day at Glen Helen Raceway on December 4th.


New for this year is the Caselli Team Challenge where two riders will pair up and participant in an 8-lap race. The riders will need to use only one bike and switch off each lap. There can only be one pro rider on each team. The start will take place Lemans style with one boot from each of the starting riders in a pile in front of the start line. Riders will run to their boot first and then back to their bike before taking off on the first lap.


We had over a dozen teams volunteer to ride on behalf of the community, but unfortunately we could only pick two teams. So, thanks to all of you who tossed your hat into the ring! We wish that there was an opportunity for all of you to race w/ us! Only 30 team slots were available and the folks at FMF Racing & the Caselli Foundation were kind enough to reserve two for us. Thanks Donny Emler Jr & Quinn Cody!


So, who's repping for the ThumperTalk community?


TEAM 1 :ride:


The Young-Guns: 2013 Kawasaki KX450F

  • Name: Carson Giles
  • TT Handle: Carsong241
  • Location: Price, Utah :usa:
  • Age: 20
  • Skill: Pro


Carson Giles

  • Name: James Rhodes
  • TT Handle: Jrhodes41
  • Location: Price, Utah :usa:
  • Age: 20
  • Skill: Expert


James Rhodes


TEAM 2 :ride:


Old-School Vets: 2013 Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

  • Name: William Langholz
  • TT Handle: swingwing
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV :usa:
  • Age: 46
  • Skill: Expert


William Langholz

  • Name: Andrew Triggs
  • TT Handle: triggaaa
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV :usa:
  • Age: 46
  • Skill: Expert


Andrew Triggs


A HUGE thanks to the fine vendors that stepped up to support this grassroots race effort! Everyone was glad to help and quite generous! We say, "Support those that support you!"


Malcolm Smith Racing (MSR) apparel is outfitting the team in its classically styled, tech-rich Legend 71 riding gear and helmets!


Boyesen Engineering is keeping the race bikes cool w/ their SuperCooler Kits, the oil where it belongs with Factory clutch & ignition covers, and awesome power & throttle response on the 2-stroke w/ their Rad Valve!


Malcolm Smith Racing (MSR) hard parts is making sure that the race bikes & riders perform their best by providing a wide-range of performance parts, from air filters, brake lines, & brake pads to skid plates, radiator hoses, and hand-guards!


Motool is kicking down their sweet Slacker Digital Sag Scales so that the race bike's suspension will be operating its best w/ dead-on sag settings!


Acerbis USA is protecting the racer's hands w/ their hand-guards as well making the bikes look great with their quality plastics kits to accept the full custom graphics kits from the folks at MotoFXGraphics.com!


What do you think of the full custom team graphics from http://MotoFXgraphics.com? Did you know that you can design your own right on their website using their MotoWrapR tool?



2015 Kawasaki KX450F





2013 Yamaha YZ250 2-Stroke


We're going racin'! See you at Glen Helen! :thumbsup:


Interested in helping us support the off-road rider safety efforts of the Kurt Caselli Foundation? Click HERE to learn how.

User Feedback

Hello everyone at Thumpertalk! I'm super excited to have been picked to race for Thumpertalk at the Caselli challenge! I hope there are a lot of you who will be able to come out and support us and this great cause, the Caselli foundation. It's gonna be a super fun day of riding and racing!

Kurt Caselli was an awesome rider and great sportsman! I raced with Kurt in 2013 at the Nation Hare and Hound in Panaca Nevada. It was the most fun race that I have done! Kurt Caselli won and I finished second in the 40A class!

Myself and my team mate have been getting our YZ 250 ready to rip up the hills at Glen Helen! I will post some pics of the bike when we have our graphics on.

Come out and join us at Glen Helen on December 4th.

Hope to see you there!

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Carson and I are very excited to represent the young guns on the 4 strokes!! This is going to be a blast representing the Thumpertalk community at this historic event. We really hope to bring as many donations as we can to this amazing event and the Kurt Caselli Foundation!! We remember Kurt at the National Hare and Hound events, socializing with anyone and everyone in the pits.  In my racing following the passing of Kurt, I have noticed the Kurt Caselli Foundation out at the NHHA races keeping the courses marked consistently and helping improve the safety of our amazing sport. Through course prerunners to bright orange vests for the minis, they are out making a difference every weekend.  We will keep you guys posted on the adventure that leads up to the race!!  


If you can donate, please do, because the Thumpertalk community support will help maintain the riding and racing we all enjoy.

James Rhodes, Team #241

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We had an awesome fun day at the Caselli Challenge! The race was not intended to be a serious race but when you put 60 racers on a starting line the race is on! Each team was given a pair of large boxer shorts that the rider had to wear so each lap the riders needed to swap the bike and the boxers! Sounds pretty silly but it was really a lot of fun! We thought it would be fun if everyone had transponders and it lasted for 2 hours.

We were really stoked with the MSR riding gear and helmets! I haven't used their stuff before but it was really nice and comfortable. The bike looked great with the Moto FX graphics, they do a great job preinstalling them on the plastic. Thanks again to Boysen, Acerbis, FMF and Thumpertalk!

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Awesome guys. Glad you had a good time! I missed out on the TT matching donations but just placed a $100 donation due to the generosity of fellow TT member Monk (I won a contest/post he created and am donating half the winnings). Can't wait to see some pics from the event. Cheers.

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The race went great on the results they missed us coming through on around lap five. We ended up 4th in the event but Moto-tally advertised otherwise!! But this being a fundraiser event and not a race we didn't really pursue any further other than looking at our cumulative time and placing our selves in the correct place in our minds haha. The race was awesome we as well wish it had been a longer format. We really had a great race it was awesome the MSR gear did not hinder movement at all and the gear vented perfectly. It was a blast battling our way through this wild and fun event. I would recommend to anyone and everyone make the trip down to Glen Helen next year assuming the event is held there next year. The atmosphere was second to none. We cant thank Thumpertalk and all of the amazing sponsors enough for the opportunity and the memories. The bike ran great thanks to Carson's bike prep. We looked amazing thanks to Moto Fx for the Graphics on the Acerbis plastics and MSR for the awesome gear. Boyesen products kept the oil in the motor and the temperature super cool. Motool kept the bike sag perfectly we set the sag effortlessly before the race. MSR hard parts kept the bike protected and functioning correctly. we wish we could have met more Thumpertalk members at this event. But we are glad we got to share the experience via Socialmedia and online to the Thumpertalk community!! Thank you to all who followed, had a hand in the event, and donated it was an amazing opportunity and a great cause. Hope to see you all there next year!!

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