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Computer fans for rads on Dirtbike?


i did This Recently to my YZ426F. i used a 14.4V Drill battery and 2 computer fans. The key is to getting a clean install so you do not make your bike look like trash and you do not get stuck on wires. :cripple: the biggest question that i had when looking how to make these fans was how long they would last. Mine last 4-5 Hours. In all of the trails I've done i haven't ever run out of Juice for them. When i am going fast i can flip a switch and shut them down, but i have never had too.

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I have 2 computer fans on my 2012 WR450 that have been on the bike since new & never had a failure even when I had them mounted on the front of the radiators. I have them running constantly as most of my riding is done in tight technical woods riding. I take no special precautions when it is time to wash the bike which happens after every ride & I ride 3 out of 4 weekends. The computer fans can take a beating.

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Great idea! My yz450 tends to run hot when I'm keeping pace with my little kids. I usually just ride ahead and then back and ahead and then back again. I'm gonna give this a try for sure

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