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Defining moments of 2017

Chris Cooksey

Every year there are moments we look back on and point to as the moments that led us to the end results. A2 was full of these moments, I am going to play fortune teller and point out a few defining moments of this year, most of which happened last night.


Ken Roczen and the horrific crash! Nobody wants to see that, whether you cheer for or against a guy, nobody wants to see that. During the broadcast you could feel the mood change from excitement to shock. I can't imagine how Ralph and Jeff feel having to talk about guys battling for 7th and 8th while Roczen lay on the track with his left arm at a 45 degree angle. That was his obvious injury, but a hit like that will clearly have a laundry list of less obvious injuries(concussion, shoulder dislocation, etc…).. This is the moment we will look back at as when the 2017 Championship became Ryan Dungey’s.


Jason Anderson also had a moment that will define his future. Anderson is extremely talented and has shown raw speed and talent, but unfortunately immaturity. Being disqualified and forced to watch the Main event on a night when he could have put himself in title contention is a dose of reality he needs. When a guy is constantly having issues with other riders, sooner or later they need to look in the mirror(this goes for Friese too). Anderson will come back and win some races this year, but giving 25 points to Dungey is a death sentence when it comes to Championship talk. On the bright side some pressure is relieved when points are not a focus and winning races becomes the only goal. Don't be surprised if he wins next week in Arizona. As far as the actual incident with Friese, I have seen way worse and the reaction was not equal to the incident. If you choose to ride that way, don't lose your mind when you get a taste of you own medicine. Give the same respect you want to get back, and always assume Friese is looking to clean you out.


The worst infraction I saw was the way race official John Gallagher did or didn't inform him of the DQ. An official should not be doing an interview before informing a rider and his team of the punishment. This is embarrassing for the sport and shows Gallagher’s self righteous agenda. It's time to remove him from a position of power, his track record is not good. An official or referee is not part of the show and should not be doing interviews, honestly fans shouldn't even know his/her name. If he was doing a good job we wouldn't. The only time anyone notices you is when you screw up, and Mr. Gallagher screwed up big! Time for a change in power.


Eli Tomac, his defining moment came at A1 when he got arm pump. Supercross is a sport that takes a tremendous self belief, if you have any doubts about your bike, training or the competition they will surely surface on track. Had he not gotten arm pump at A1 and kept pressure on Roczen we would be talking about him and Dungey now battling for title. Instead we are waiting for Daytona and the outdoors and wondering if this is his last year on the Kawasaki.


In the 250 class Justin Hill served notice that his confidence and conditioning are where they need to be. Mcelrath is a feel good story and will be there if Hill has any issues, but this Championship is Hill’s to lose. Hill came into the series not very far removed from an injury and has raced his way into shape. The only downside for Hill is by winning the championship he will be forced into the 450 class, but that is a debate for another time.


What do you think will be remembered as defining moments thus far and how do you feel about John Gallagher?

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User Feedback

Roczen was going to win this..... very unfortunate.  As far as Friese, and his mechanic, throw them into the basket of deplorables.


I’ll sleep thru the 450 main event for the rest of the season,  but I look forward to watching Austin Forkner in the 250 west races.
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I agree with you chris on John Gallagher. If this was Nascar or Football they would have been in the trailer with both parties involved handing down penalties. We would find out monday morning why they decided to do what they did, not find out before the team and the athlete. Unprofessional is a understatement, with millions of dollars with sponsors and carrying the spotlight for the manufacture, as a team owner i would be super upset for being blindsided on national television not having the ability to prepare a statement or anything. As for K-Roc it is super sad to see someone weed himself so bad, but with a track that was going away very quickly and riders knowing that it was becoming harder and harder to push did pride and talking get in the way of Kenny backing it down and just being okay with a 2nd or 3rd for the night. You could see it with Dungey he back it way down to make sure he made it to the finish. Along with being super fast you also need to know how to manage a race which i feel is super important to understand. Keep up on the great reporting! 

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If friese`s game is to ride dirty than he should be suspended. Its clear he is not on the level of the top riders. He has a history of pushing riders buttons and that is wrong. I think the only reason he has a ride is as a decoy. When does the AMA look deeper at what he does year in and year out. They go after the guy who looses his cool, who they need to go after is the guy who causes the problem. Supercross does not need riders like Friese and if they continue to allow him to do what he does they will loose this fan.

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In regards to Friese, I would like to see a system put in place like Moto GP. Every dirty or dangerous move accumulates points and when you get to a certain number you sit out a race. Only issue I have implementing this type of system is that it requires an official NOT more concerned with TV time than making the right call.

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