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Edelbrock / Header Heat Isolation Honda XR650R


El Cheapo Partial Header Wrap - An Edelbrock installed on a Honda XR650R rests painfully close to the stock header. One cheap method of isolating heat from the bowl is to pick up a muffler patch kit from your local auto parts store. These kits contain a piece of foil backed fiberglass insulation, screen and glue (the glue you don't need) and sell for under five dollars. A can of flat black header paint can be used to spray the foil and screen and stainless steel zip ties will look better than the tie wire I used.

After cutting the insulation and screen to size, I wrapped some heavy duty aluminum foil around the header, followed by the fiberglass, then screen, then tie wired it all together. The wrap in the photos has been on the bike for 2 years and other than needing some spray paint touching up, is still working fine.

The fiberglass insulation will soak up water, so after washing your bike, be sure to run it long enough to burn off any water collected.

Special thanks to Dafna for taking and posting photo's.

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