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Factory Edition Registry

Jarrett H

I thought it would be super cool if everyone listed the number of their factory edition 450(12.5 & 13), and I'll include it in this first post. I hadn't found anything like this made already, so I figured I would get it started. If and when more people post in the thread, I'll update this original post when more numbers are posted. If you have any suggestions let me know. Upload a picture of the placard with your post.



edgeofred, Florida

Naf(Manaf J Hoss), Kuwait


78/555- edgeofred, Florida

259/555- kevkev22(Kevin), Texas

271/555- Pinon-Hills, California


404/555- Byron909, Texas

415/555- KTM777(Greg), Pennsylvania

423/555- Jarrett H, Iowa


445/555- fish10, Pennslyvania

451/555- Brent Dalton, Texas


522/555- mxengineer4, Ohio

543/555- VintageDave393, Texas

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    • By Luke Guy
      Hi all,
      I have a question that i haven't found some clear cut info about. Id just like to hear it from the community....
      my mate and i are honda CRF boys , and sadly when we were recently on an out ride in the South African landscape, his engine came to a halt & seizure! what a day it was getting the bloody thing back to the car!
      Anyway we are young adults at uni who dont really have a lot of mony spare! we managed to find a way to rapidly replace the bike and to save money. We found a running 2004 yama yz250 2t and the guy traded us a seized 2005 crf250 for this- he specialized in chop shopping Honda and obviously saw value in this trade.
      it obviously came with its quirks....
      this yz250 has:
      -1998 yz 250 motor
      -CDI from an 80cc  yz
      When we first took the bike to the track it would not start. I noticed the following:
      -small holes in the expansion chamber (a few, none bigger than the tip on an Aux jack)- what is the impact of these small holes on the bike? ( i will use fire-gum to fix)
      -muffler does not tightly fit to the end of expansion chamber.
      FYI, fuel mix was 50:1- recommended by the oil we used- i have been told that old Yamaha are better with more oil? 25:1?
      So leading up to my question:
      when we eventually got the bike started (Bump start) it really ran lumpy, and bogged when the accelerator was pulled and eventually died.
      when i get the chance to look at the bike, what is the impact of holes in an expansion chamber?- could this be a reason for  starting and power issue and bogging under acceleration??
      Could this be because of a CDI from an 80cc?
      Could this be Fuel Mix?
      Spark Plug?
      apart from those questions, i am going to change the spark plug anyway- i can assume that maybe this could be due to a faulty plug?- maybe??
      anyway, this is what i know. perhaps you guys would be able to add to my theories or tell me something more that i could investigate?
    • By T-Squared
      Originally purchased this DJH.  FCR Carb to help troubleshoot issues I was having with a 2002 KTM EXC 453 from DJH. Turns out I did not need it. I've since sold the bike. I am including a FastNow Power intake wing.
    • By Juergen99
      Okay I got a 1994 ktm 250 EXC last summer the bike ran great all year started first second kick always. This year when I got it out it seemed like it always just wanted to barely start but never would. I took the carb apart it was very clean but I cleaned it anyways and put it back together I also replaced the spark plug with the same plug I ran in it the previous summer I noticed I had a very weak spark compared to my rm 125 u had to Cup ur hands around it to see it at all if u took the cap off and put a screw driver up there and kicked it over it only tingled and didn’t give a good kick like some people say it is supposed to I replaced the plug anyways and it did start and Idled good for a min and then started to bog down I would give it gas and noting and then would rev real high I tried to ride it just around in first gear and the bike bogged down I would give it gas and it would be a full second and then lulch forward then it either died or u was done with it for the night. The next day I lowered the float bowl some since it seemed like it had too much gas but now I feel as though it is the spark not sparking the gas that is in there. I have tried several things the spark plug that is in it is not the manuals one but it ran fine with it last year so I don’t think that is the problem any suggestions I don’t see it very much online with a weak spark it’s always no spark. 
      I believe this is a topic which hasnt been explored much on here as I havn't been able to find any info.
      I am curious to know if there is a road legal tyre that isnt knobbly that will fit onto standard 21" and 19" rims on a cr250. 
      I plan on commuting on the bike on road and dont thing I'll be using it much on the dirt any more.
      A few days ago I nearly head on with a T junction because the knobblys didnt hold up while breaking.
      Has anyone on here switched from knobbly to road legal flattrack type tyre on original rims?
      Any pros cons to doing this?
      Sizes, makes, options would be appreciated
      Cheers guys
    • By Nils Fleischeuer
      Hi to all, 
      What are the best sounding slip-on pipes for a KTM 990 Adventure R; to get that grunty V-twin sound out?