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Factory Edition Registry

Jarrett H

I thought it would be super cool if everyone listed the number of their factory edition 450(12.5 & 13), and I'll include it in this first post. I hadn't found anything like this made already, so I figured I would get it started. If and when more people post in the thread, I'll update this original post when more numbers are posted. If you have any suggestions let me know. Upload a picture of the placard with your post.



edgeofred, Florida

Naf(Manaf J Hoss), Kuwait


78/555- edgeofred, Florida

259/555- kevkev22(Kevin), Texas

271/555- Pinon-Hills, California


404/555- Byron909, Texas

415/555- KTM777(Greg), Pennsylvania

423/555- Jarrett H, Iowa


445/555- fish10, Pennslyvania

451/555- Brent Dalton, Texas


522/555- mxengineer4, Ohio

543/555- VintageDave393, Texas

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