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Final Round! "Free MX Graphics for Life!" Member Contest.

MotoFXGraphics.com Contest

I created these graphics using the MotoFX MOTOWRAPR custom wrap designer. Help me win them by clicking the Like button!


Designed by: greg89740


Create your own custom graphics using the MotoFX MOTOWRAPR and enter them in our contest for your chance to win!



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    • By Silvan
      **I know there is already 5,000 posts on this and I am sorry, I just couldn't find what I was looking for**
      I am looking to but a restyled plastics kit for my 05 yz250, and getting a graphics kit from DeCal works put on it. I know there are 5+ types of restyle kit brands, and decal works said to get the polisport, and then select the '06 yz when I am getting graphics for it. my main question is, is my only option to get a restyle kit that makes it look like a '15? or is the '15 look the same as say a '18 look. 
      and can someone just help me confirm that the current plastics I have on are stock/non restyle
      thanks in advanced, I know this subject gets beat into the ground.

    • By Bguthrie
      Cor moto done these graphics terrible fit holes off all that was said was we’re sorry , had anyone else had problems with Cor moto . I ordered a full set it took 5 1/2 weeks to get them ☹️

    • By Whopharded
      On my last bike I used Motocal to design  graphics online.  They turned out great but I didn't like the online aesthetics.   I felt like I should have an online account that would give me better flex for my designs library.   Not to mention the methods to get the design the way I wanted was at time archaic.    If you have experience with other online DIY graphics engines, I'd like to learn of them.
    • By 2strkPINGAS
      Hey guys i recently picked up a 1983 cr80r I stripped the whole bike down to the frame to find a couple of issues but when i went online to find parts i needed i looked at plastics and couldn't find anything anywhere i want them to be Nos OEM or a very close replica wondering if anyone knows where i could source some from.
    • By pat22043
      I just received a set of new graphics for my KTM 300. There are no instructions at all, I guess we are supposed to know how to do it.

      These look to have a paper backing that you can peal off and then stick on the plastic body panels (sidecover, ec.)
      I assume I want to clean the body panels to let the sticky stuff get a good bit. What is a good chemical to use? Contact cleaner? brake cleaner? Acetone? ivory soap?
      Any tips and tricks to get a flat graphic to go on smoothly on a compound curved body panel?