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Flying Machine Factory Fall 2017 Apparel Launch

Bryan Bosch

From the fire, metal, fumes of the So Cal Horsepower Factory to the rolling hills of Zaca Station join us as we take a ride with the Flying Machine Factory for the Fall 2017 Apparel shoot. Since 1973 Don Emler has been creating iconic clothing to follow his power bred FMF exhaust systems. Now over 40 years later the FMF brand is still having as much fun as ever playing with dirtbikes. Join our FMF Athletes, and friends as we twist throttle and hit the 805 Brewery.






Edited by Bryan Bosch

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    • By kdxyardsale
      2012 KLX250S with FMF powerbomb. Melted my DS pants in a hail storm at 12,000 feet trying to get off the mountain in lightning. 
      These were on back order but Rancho Cuchamonga Yamaha online kept my order for months until it was in, and sent it.
      I had to grind angles on the tabs to fit the taper of the bomb. Visually I do not like the hose clamp, but understand function over looks. Fit is super tight. No test ride today, been too sick. Hopefully this does not stick out too far. 
      I will update with how well it works as soon as I test ride it.


    • By Fsxfisherman1
      Does anyone know how to remove the quiet piece on the stock Ktm exhaust?  Thanks
    • By kingweezerdude
      For the life of me, I cannot find any jetting charts for the 2010 KTM 530 xcw, why not?  I purchased this used bike, bogs at low RPM. I'm at 2000 FT in AZ, the main is 175 jet, and idle 42 jet.  Any advice?  
    • By phatfos1
      Hello. I just picked up my 2018 EXC-F 500. I ordered Vortex, FMF 4.1. and I plan to do the reed removal (unless someone suggests a reason to keep it...e.g. does it help w/ low-end torque?) I will do the emission delete, but am looking for suggestions on the best kit (best emission delete kit?) Other than Vortex (or perhaps 2019 500 Six Days ECU), FMF, the reed, and emissions delete, what else should I do? I am VERY heavy for this suspension at 6'2" 235. Should I respring both the fork and the shock? I did search the forum for a "one-stop shop for necessary mods" and didn't find one. I just cobbled this all together by reading and was hoping the fine folks on here would help me avoid any pitfalls. I am also getting the XL 80 Baja Designs LED headlight for camping trips. What else am I missing? The bike is such a slug off the floor. I think we all know that.
      I thought since they came out with the 2019 EXC-F 500 Six days (not street legal) that I may be able to buy that ECU and plug it in rather than the Vortex? Any thoughts on that? Prob won't work but it was just a thought. How much is a OEM ECU?
    • By PapoC915
      I have a 2012 YZ250 with FMF Fatty and Shorty combo right now but I’m not National Forest friendly here in NC. I mainly want to hear from those that have direct experience or knowledge with the FMF Fatty and PC 296 spark arrestor and how it plugs and plays. But also any arguments against it and recommendations are also welcomed! #yz250