Flying Machine Factory Fall 2017 Apparel Launch

Bryan Bosch

From the fire, metal, fumes of the So Cal Horsepower Factory to the rolling hills of Zaca Station join us as we take a ride with the Flying Machine Factory for the Fall 2017 Apparel shoot. Since 1973 Don Emler has been creating iconic clothing to follow his power bred FMF exhaust systems. Now over 40 years later the FMF brand is still having as much fun as ever playing with dirtbikes. Join our FMF Athletes, and friends as we twist throttle and hit the 805 Brewery.






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    • By Bryan Bosch
      We Laugh, We Cry, We Sweat, but we are together! 
      The 2017 Loretta Lynn’s National Championships have come and gone and FMF Racing was on hand to take part in so many special moments at the Ranch and would like to thank all of our athletes for the hard work and determination to make it to the National Championship 40 rider gate.  In the end FMF Riders dominated 19 Championships and put together a quick recap video along with our CHAMPIONVILLE Win ad.
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    • By Carlfroze46
      hello, i am wondering if a 2003 suzuki rm125 fmf powercore 2 shorty will fit on my 2001 suzuki rm125?  i am trying to purchase one for a 2001 but they are all out of stock and i can find a 2003 one. but not sure on the fitment
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      I'm sure this topic has been abused but...I have read that the FMF FACTORY 4.1 RCT Slip On improves the low and mid performance. Does it rob the top end at all to do this? Has anyone that has installed experienced any loss in their top end? Does it still pull as long in 5th?
    • By Bryan Bosch
      The FMF 125 Dream race Triple Crown is our way of bringing back our roots. The origins of motocross was bred on premix and race gas, and some of these legends only dream of ripping a national track on a 2-stroke. After the kickoff in Hangtown that saw a packet gate and some intense racing, we took it Thunder Valley and finally Washougal this weekend where we will be giving away this custom built 2018 FMF Husqvarna TC 125. For the racers that competed in the first 2 races will have their chance to win the bike at the Washougal round. Winner will be chosen at random, so you don’t have to be winning, you just need to have the passion!

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