Flying Machine Factory Fall 2017 Apparel Launch

Bryan Bosch

From the fire, metal, fumes of the So Cal Horsepower Factory to the rolling hills of Zaca Station join us as we take a ride with the Flying Machine Factory for the Fall 2017 Apparel shoot. Since 1973 Don Emler has been creating iconic clothing to follow his power bred FMF exhaust systems. Now over 40 years later the FMF brand is still having as much fun as ever playing with dirtbikes. Join our FMF Athletes, and friends as we twist throttle and hit the 805 Brewery.






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    • By William Van Coller
      I Have a 2015 KTM 450 XC-W factory edition .
      I removed stock muffler and installed an FMF powercore 4 slip-on.
      OMG!.. The bottom end is Insanely powerful!.. But I seem to have lost that mid range powerband pull?..
      Seems flat in mid and I am now often WOT.
      Am I now too lean?. How do I get mid back?.
    • By KATeeples
      This is the exhaust that came on my 2004 DRZ-400. An older model FMF. It's obviously a racing can because it's loud! It is Forest approved as it has a screen in it. Not pretty but works a lot better than stock.  $60 and I'll ship in USA.
    • By Hayden Pratt
      Looking to purchase a used /in good condition dual exhaust for my 2017 CRF 450R. Open to Yoshi's / FMF's / Pro Circuits. Slip on or full system, show me what you got. Make me an offer on price. 
    • By Madmax86
      Hi , 
      Any suggestions about RMX250 after market expansion chamber , my RMX is SJ14A Australian and Domestic Japanese market version and the placement of the expansion chamber is a bit lower then the US version RMX .
      I have already changed my silencer and welded custom mid-pipe  . If i cant find any aftermarket pipe or difficult get can i customize original expansion chamber for a bit extra power ? 

    • By Joel Robin Valadez
      I installed an FMF powercore 4, powerbomb and an EJK on my rally. I feel a boost in power but my MPG's are in the upper 40's while riding as easy as possible. It has stock gearing. This and the K&N filter are the only performance mods it has. I was getting 71MPG with the stock muffler and the K&N. 

      What could be causing it to get such terrible mileage? I had this kit for my previous CRF250l and it got in the 50's when I rode it like I stole it with a 13t front sprocket. I'm not sure where to start besides checking for a leak in the pipes. Is it possible the computer hasn't adapted to the extra fuel yet?