Flying Machine Factory Fall 2017 Apparel Launch

Bryan Bosch

From the fire, metal, fumes of the So Cal Horsepower Factory to the rolling hills of Zaca Station join us as we take a ride with the Flying Machine Factory for the Fall 2017 Apparel shoot. Since 1973 Don Emler has been creating iconic clothing to follow his power bred FMF exhaust systems. Now over 40 years later the FMF brand is still having as much fun as ever playing with dirtbikes. Join our FMF Athletes, and friends as we twist throttle and hit the 805 Brewery.






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    • By pickels25
      Hey all, ive been upgrading my 1995 XR250R and have come across many people using this FMF Muffler:
      Has anybody here fit one of these on a 1995 or other pre 96 XR? If not what kind of good aftermarket muffler works with the 1995?

      Thanks and cheers
    • By oeder8140j
      Anyone have this setup or know if they will fit together? My Ti-4 header blew apart and don't wanna buy a whole new system.
    • By jetfuel

      ISDE enduro champion and all-round good guy Taylor Robert crashed hard at the King of the Motos, KTM USA have offered an official update on his condition.
      FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Taylor Robert suffered a hard crash during the King of the Motos event on Sunday in Lucerne Valley, California, where he is currently being treated for internal injuries at a nearby hospital.
      After further evaluation, the doctors have confirmed that Robert sustained injuries to his kidney, liver and intestines. He also fractured his sacrum and L2, L3, L4 and L5 vertebrae.
      Robert underwent a surgery on Tuesday evening and is scheduled for a second surgery on Friday morning to continue the repair of his intestines.
      Team Manager, Antti Kallonen: “The positive news is that the fractures are not requiring a surgery at this time. Taylor is in good spirits and doctors are optimistic for a full recovery.”
    • By underBrad
      I have a bone stock 2015 CFR250L (Smallest bike I've ever owned, actually) No airbox mod or anything like that yet.....struggling to keep up with crazy traffic!
      I need more power out of it. Where is my money best spent? I'd love if the fuel mileage improved too, as I struggle to get over 55mpg. (I'm 6'1", 225lbs with my backpack)
      Assume I only get one thing, I'm on a budget for now.
      Should I just get just the EJK tuner? Just the powercore muffler? Just a header and keep stock muffler? Stop being cheap and get the whole exhaust?
      What gets me the most $$$-to-Horsepower conversion rate here?
    • By FMFRacing73
      Hey TT'ers, hope you don't mind me posting this! Figured some might appreciate!