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Not only do the folks at The Flying Machine Factory make some very sexy exhaust goodies, but they’ve been hard at work on some new clothing designs for 2016 as well.


In March when the snow was blowing at home, we strapped a saddlebag and a willing passenger on the back of the bike and we headed south. When we finally ran out of food and fuel, we were in Daytona Beach, home of two-wheeled fun and sun…and what better place to check out some of this new FMF Racing gear for Spring!


First up we have Nick surveying the scene for jet ski tracks and out of control quads on the beach in Daytona where it’s legal to drive on the beach. He’s wearing the FMF Hustle Tee - $22; one of our favorites due to the appearance of patriotic California state bear “Monarch” and a little Honda…and with a nod to summer he’s wearing the All Time Short - $39.50; in khaki featuring cool slash-cut pockets to stash the phone and assorted sundries.




Next up we started looking under the façade and seeing what was in store for us when the sun went down and we’d be reduced to telling tall bench racing tales just to get some tourists to feed us. We’d do anything to stay out of the snow up North and if that means fibbing a little to stay alive, so be it. That’s right…his name is James Stewart…


While remembering what his last full meal tasted like and the “All You Can Eat” buffet that was promised 48 hours ago, Nicky is looking good top to bottom with his FMF Classy Hat in natural grey - $28; followed up by the Destroy The Start Tee (featuring Andrew Short) in black - $28…and in keeping with the “black is beautiful” theme of this combo, Nick is wearing the FMF Angler Cargo Short in black - $49, featuring a large FMF logo and tons of cargo space for both late night buffet doughnuts and spark plugs…




OK, enough of the beach and sand let’s look at something for racing! The coolest thing we saw in the FMF goodie box this year was the FMF/Fasthouse Collaboration Throwback Jerseys, and these things are so badass we haven’t been able to find anything that looks better on the track this year and that’s saying a lot with all the new colorways and vented fabrics available…just take a look at this.


Described by FMF as “proven and tested at local So Cal tracks and at the world famous Mammoth Motocross. It's sweet! Features vented mesh. Remember, the faster you go the cooler you are…”


Available in three different versions…First up we have our favorite, the white Fasthouse Jersey ll featuring a cool monochromatic design that can match any gear. It’s sleek and just enough of a retro hint to get your point across.



Next up is a real nod to the beginnings of FMF, back when they were commonly known as “The Flying Machine Factory” and echoed with the familiar red and white colors so familiar to ever racer and rider…this is simply known as “The Fasthouse Red Jersey” and it looks fast before we’ve even put it on!





And last but certainly not least in any way is the Fasthouse America Jersey. With its bold red, white and blue design, you’ll can show your patriotic spirit while waxing your adversaries out there in the whoops.




So to sum it all up, this gear is all going fast and click on any of the links for a better description and a chance to put some of this cool FMF Racing clothing and race gear in your 2016 tool box of tricks…


Because looking good is half the battle and staying cool is a priority when you to ride.

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      Year: 05
      Model (E,W,XC,M):EXC
      Carb size (38 or 36mm): 38
      Slide: 6.5, stock
      Main jet: 182
      Pilot Jet: 42
      Air screw (turns out): 1.5
      Needle model/Clip position: DCL 3rd
      Altitude where you ride: 800'-2500'
      Reeds - stock
      Pipe/silencer - FMF Gnarly, 07 XC silencer
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      3. Dep+Dep Silencer std Ignition
      4. Dep+Dep long Enduro Silencer
      5. Stock 05 pipe and stock silencer (96dB)
      6. Stock 06 pipe and 05 silencer (US type96dB)
      7. Stock 06 and 06 Euro Silencer (94dB)
      8. Stock 06 and PC304 (Once touted as ultimate set-up).
      9. PC Works pipe + PC304 Silencer
      10. FMF Factory Fatty+Powercore 2 Silencer
      11. FMF Factory Fatty+Shorty Silencer
      12. 2C pipe + 2C Silencer
      13. Rinaldi Pipe+Rianldi Silencer(YRRD)
      14. Special Yamaha Works pipe+Dep Silencer
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