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Goggle Trick - Unsticking stuck roll offs


Hello, new to TT.

I would like to share a simple yet very effective trick for your goggles.

When you are using goggles with roll offs, if the lens gets wet, the roll offs will not move because the film becomes stuck to the lens.

What I do is take a length of clear fishing line and route in on top of my lens where the roll off film will be going and tie it to the brackets that hold the film cartridges.

Then, when you put the film across it, is riding on the line and if water gets on the lens, the film will still roll. You really can not tell the fishing line is there and it sure beats yanking and yanking on your string until it breaks.

This article triggered others to email us their verisions of this idea, so here's an addition provided by TT Member: Fernacticus

The trick with the fishing line and the roll offs is better if you loosen the screws holding the canisters on, put a loop of fishing line round one pair of screws, stretch it over the lens and onto the outside of the other pair of screws. Do up this pair of screws and the line is caught underneath the canister. do up the first pair of screws and trim the surplus fishing line off. you now have a double track for the film to run on, water does not make it stick and the lens lasts longer cos nothing is rubbing across it.

British enduro guys have been doing this for years!

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