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Grease, Tenacious Oil, Triflow


As a professional bicycle mechanic for many years, I've built and prepped bikes for some of the (former) top triathletes and mountain bike racers in the USA. On bicycles, we grease the threads of almost every bolt and metal to metal interface. When I began to ride motorcycles, I did what we always did in the bike industry and greased everything except bolts that require Locktite. This makes maintaining motorcycle much easier as it keeps dissimilar metals from fusing, makes highly torqued bolts and nuts easier to remove, keeps bolt heads from scaring the surfaces they tighten against. I recently read that pro MX mechanics do the same thing for the same reasons.

Also from the bike world, I like to use Phil Wood Tenacious Oil - which is a cross between oil and grease, and lives up to it's name - tenacious. This stuff works really well for lubricating pivots like levers, throttle cable barrels, axles, kickstand pivots and even cables if used as a Triflow chaser. It doesn't dry out, chunk and leave its post - and actually "strings" when it gets hot. DO NOT use Tenacious Oil in cold weather on cables, between throttle tube and bar as it gets too viscous.

Triflow in the squirt bottle is excellent for lubing cables, throttle tubes, carb linkages, tight/hard to reach places. In warmer weather, squirt some Triflow in a cable and immediately chase it with a squirt of Tenacious Oil. Cables will be "butta" smooth for a long time.

Of course, grease shock linkage and bearings as its the best substance for those jobs. Just wanted to let everyone know there are some really good lubricants available that can make your wrenching more pleasurable and make your bike last longer and work smoothly.

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