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Grips, Grips, Grips, and more Grips!

Brian Wilson

Here is a collection of suggestions and tips by TT members for installing Grips.

There are a few opinions on putting on new grips, but this seems to be the overall best method.

Materials You Need

- New Pair of Grips

- Grip Glue

- Dish Soap

- Water

- Paper Towels

- Sharp Razor or Sharp Scissors

Step 1: Removing Your Current Grips

1.1: Using Scissors

I think scissors is the best tool to use for this, but they have to be sharp. First grab a pair of scissors and cut into/around the end of the grip that is furthest away from the handlebars. Then slide one of the Scissors' blades under the grip and cut (this is why you need sharp ones). Depending on the type of grips you have it's obviously going to be easier to cut the side without the waffles on it. After your finished hacking away at the old grips toss then aside, and continue onto the next step.

1.2: Using A Razor

Take your razor and slide it down the grip at the "top" of it and the "bottom" of it. Depending on how much glue was used to put it on (if any) you might need to slice it a few more times. After taking the grips off, toss them aside and continue onto the next step.

Step 2: Cleaning

In order to install your new grips, you need to first clean the area where the grips go. It's important to try to remove all the excess glue (if used) off of each side. You can use a rag and water to take it off since the glue used was probably elastic type of material which is very easy to take off.

Step 3: Putting on your new grips

3.1: Preparing The Grips

Now that your grip surface area's are clean and ready to go, it's time to install your new dirt bike grips. First take both grips and go to a sink. Put both grips aside and put soap all around your middle finger, (since it's the longest of them all, right?) and then smear the soap around it with your other hand. Then dry off the hand that doesn't have the soap on your middle finger (so you don't get soap on the outside of the grip when you grab it, and put your middle finger inside one of the grips making sure you have soap all around the sides of the grip. Put that grip down so that the entrance of it is in the air and do the same thing to the other grip. When your finished with the other grip put it down next to the other one so that the entrance of the grip is in the air. Now clean off your hands so that theres no soap on them and look at both grips. One hole is smaller than the other, why? The grip with the larger hole goes on the side where your throttle tube is (the right side) and the grip with the smaller hole goes on the left side. Make sure you remember that. Now grab your two grips and go back to your dirt bike.

3.2: Installing Your New Grips

First slide your left grip on, and slide it back off, then do the same to the other one. You just did that to make sure your putting the grip on the right end, and to lube the bar. Now, grab your grip glue and make streaks of glue going from where the top of the grip would be, to the end of the bars. Make about 6 streaks. Now grab your grip and side it all the way on. Do it slowly and try to pull the sides of the grip so that the grip doesn't just push all the glue up, but it actually goes on top of the glue. Once it's on grab some paper towels and get rid of the excess glue that is at the top. Now do the same exact thing for the other grip, and let them sit there for at least 8 hours untouched, so that the glue can dry and so the grip gets secured in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I put my grips on but after my first ride they twisted around. Why?

Answer: You either didn't put enough grip glue on or you didn't allow the grips at least 8 hours to completely dry. If you can try taking off the grips without cutting them and redo everything, or try to straighten them out, roll them back a little and putting glue where it's rolled back then rolling the grips back over the glue.

Question: I don't have any grip glue, what do I do?

Answer: You can try using some other type of strong glue. Some people actually use hair spray, and they say it works but I've never tested it.

Question: Is there anything else I should look for?

Answer: Yes, if there is friction when you twist your throttle remove the grip and install a new one.

This is an excellent tip for whenever you've putting on new grips at the track and don't have any glue.

Take 4 zip ties and put them inside your grip with the rigid side facing the grip and slick side facing the handlebar. You want one on the top, bottom, left and right all around the inside of the grip.

Then you slide your grip on, once its on simply take a pair of pliers and pull the zip ties out...make sure you have a good bite on the tie and pull slowly so you don't break it off in there.

Your grip will be on there really tight to say the least, you don't need to safety wire them, but I do anyway to make me feel better.

The zip ties help the grip go on easy, there is no messy glue and no drying time. :D

Alright if any of you were ever like me you know that it is a hassle to get a grip on sometimes. It always seems as if the grip was too small for the bars... well there has been many attempts at trying to get grips on and many don't work. For instance oiling the inside of the grip so it will slip on, that works to get it on, but then the grip can slip and slide after further use upon it. This trick has worked best for me and I'm sure it will work great for you... Alright find an old windex bottle or any type of spray bottle that isn't used anymore. rinse the prior chemical out thoroughly, now put in a couple squirts of dish washing soap and pour in some water. Now shake it until completely mixed. Spray the inside of the grip thoroughly with the soapy water. Now quickly slide the grip on to the bars or the throttle tube. The benefit of this trick is that it has the slipperiness of oil, but unlike oil the soap and water will dry and evaporate as where the oil wont... most of the time grip glue is not required, it is really your preference... :D
A really simple way to install grips is to use an air compressor with a blow gun nozzle. Simply blow air into the grip as you push it on. The grip will inflate slightly and just float right on. No soap or any other lube. Quick and simple. Also works great to remove grips.
Lay a towel or 2 down around your bike or quad to where nothing can spill on it, take off the old grips by cutting, air gun, oil, etc. Fill the new grip with gasoline (any octane will work but not sure about diesel) and just shove the grip on fast and in a hurry find the place you want the grip to stay and 30 seconds later you wont be able to move them.the gasoline will dissolve out of the grip and never be noticed. I used this trick with Scott grips and it worked great. Hope this tip helps with other brands! :D
With clean bar ends, grab a hi-power hair dryer and heat up the end of the bar you need to apply the grip to. At the same time, heat the grip to make it pliable. Once both are toasty, slather on some grip glue on the bar end, then inside the grip. The heat allows the grip to stretch over the bar end easily and the glue won't get tacky when it's hot. It also allows you to give the grip a twist to distribute the glue, again without the glue getting tacky. I've used this method serveral times now and it's the best I've tried.
Best method I've found to apply grips and eliminate grip twist.

Wrap a double layer of friction tape (black cloth tape available at most auto parts stores) around clean left bar end and throttle tube.

Spray friction tape and inside of grips one at a time with brake cleaner (don't get it onto plastics) and slide grips into proper place and rotation. Clean-up with towel and brake cleaner. Allow to dry overnight.

Works very well for larger hands as this does increase the diameter of the grip slightly, and mine have never twisted.

Instead of grip glue or superglue, use spray paint. I really cant remember where I saw this a long time ago (maybe Dirt Rider) but you can reuse the grips, if you really have to by taking an air hose and compressed air and blowing the grips off.
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I used to build golf clubs and have installed golf grips so many times I can't possibly count them. Here is the way golf grips are installed , and it works just as well for motorcycle grips.

Use 2 sided tape, like golf club grip tape, available at any golf shop. Apply the tape to the bar. Then use something like alcohol, or golf club grip solvent, that will completely evaporate (if using alcohol, be careful to not do so around heat, open flame, or sparks). Put a small amount of alcohol/solvent in the grip, hold your hand over the open end of the grip and give it a shake, coating the entire inside surface of the grip. Now quickly pour the solvent out of the grip and onto the tape on the bar. Quickly slide the grip onto the bar and adjust it as need be, you will have several seconds to adjust the grip before the solvent starts to evaporate. Then let sit for a few minutes until you can't rotate the grip with your hand. That's it!

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