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Headlight or Number Plate Simple Solution


I found a very simple way to change your X model CRF from headlight to number plate for those who want to zip it around the track. Once the plate is made it takes about 3 minutes to switch one for the other.

It is very simple all you need are 2 1 inch L brackets

2 small carriage bolts

2 washers

existing hardware for headlight mount

simply bolt the L brackets on to the stock triple clamp with your existing mounting hardware

Hold new #plate in position desired ( I found a WR426 works perfect) and mark dots on plate through the holes in the L bracket with sharpie or marker..

drill small holes in plate where you marked them for drilling

remove mounting hardware and L brackets from clamp

insert threaded end of carriage bolts through the front of the plate attach L brackets with washer and nuts and tighten just snug

hold plate in position line up L brackets with triple clamp mount and bolt onto bike

tighten carriage bolts from front of plate with screwdriver

now all you have to switch anytime you want is remove and install to mounting bolts from your top clamp takes about 15 minutes to make plate and about 3 to switch back and forth to ride your chosen condition of track or trail. below is a picture of the finished product. Looks nice I think.

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