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Holeshot Traction in the Mud!

Way Fast Whitey

Have you ever raced in the mud? Holeshots are a nightmare. But they don't have to be. During race prep of your bike wrap your tires in packing tape. At the starting line have your dad/mechanic/friend cut the tape a pull it off. you'll have perfectly clean tires and have the advantage out of the gate :thumbsup:



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    • By DisplayName
      Anyone hear of some lets say, 60/40 off/on road use tires? I'm looking for some for my DRZ 125 the tires are 17" 70/100 and 14" 90/100.
      I've found slicks, and knobbies obviously but knobbies on the road gets expensive and dangerous then the slicks are like bicycle tire's. Any help would be appreciated.
    • By DucHunter
      NEW PRICE!  Wheels and tires from a 2014 crf450r.  Factory D.I.D wheels are excellent.  No dings, dents, or cracks. Tires are Dunlop MX52.  Front tire is in very good condition, rear is in good shape with lots of life. Would separate rear wheel for trade for an 18" rear that will fit a 2015 CRF450X or the right offer.
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      2002 DRZ400E.   I've had a new 244 in the shed waiting to put it on before a trip I'm taking new week. Went to throw it on and realized it's a 4.60 not a 5.10.  Am I going to be looking at an problems riding with the 4.60 or should I just try and find a 5.10? We're doing a couple of thousand KMs, 75% dirt rest is pavement. Nothing too technical on this trip. 
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      Time to upgrade the front tire on my YZ 125. I ride almost exclusively on singletrack trails at Foresthill, Georgetown, Cow Mountain, and the Sierra Nevada etc.
      Anyone have recommendations for a good enduro front tire? I'd prefer to spend less than $100 on this tire.
      Pretty new to dirtbike tires, so feel free to school me. I replaced my rear with a Motoz Mountain Hybrid, but think I'm gonna spring for a Shinko 505 Cheater next.
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      As the title says, looking for any local input on tire recommendations for northern Idaho trails. Specifically of the steeper, rockier, rootier, greasier variety. 
      Currently a fan of the Shinko 505 Cheater for the rear set up tubeless, Pirelli MX 32 Soft for the front with a bib - anyone got anything better?