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Holeshot Traction in the Mud!

Way Fast Whitey

Have you ever raced in the mud? Holeshots are a nightmare. But they don't have to be. During race prep of your bike wrap your tires in packing tape. At the starting line have your dad/mechanic/friend cut the tape a pull it off. you'll have perfectly clean tires and have the advantage out of the gate :thumbsup:



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    • By Bryan Bosch
      The METZELER brand unveils the new KAROO Street, enabling road tire performance from an off-road style ‘knobby’ tread pattern

      A new METZELER enduro tire extends the KAROO™ range towards a dedicated road use, combining excellent agility and grip, even in wet conditions, with reliable off-road traction
      MUNICH, GERMANY – January 10, 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  METZELERnow extends its highly successful KAROO™ range towards pure road use with the new KAROO™ Street. Delivering excellent road performance, even in wet conditions, the new enduro tire remains aggressively styled, with its knobby tread pattern continuing to provide off-road capability.

      Owners of adventure, ‘enduro street’ and dual-purpose motorcycles are increasingly looking for sport touring performance when used on asphalt, but without sacrificing off-road capabilities. While responding to this market request, however, the METZELER KAROO™ Streetmaintains an off-road look, in character with these types of motorcycles, while delivering excellent road performance on both dry and wet asphalt.
      The METZELER KAROO™ Street tire has been developed for the latest generation of adventure, big enduro and dual-purpose motorcycles, capable of taking dirt roads in their stride. With the KAROO™ Streettire these motorcycles will now be further enhanced to tackle distant road journeys, where good mileage, stability and comfort are fundamental throughout the life cycle of the tire.
      Designed for all levels of cross-country riding, the METZELER brand’s KAROO™ product family now offers a range that spans from the desert all the way to street. The new KAROO™ Street will be available from March 2018 onwards.
      KAROO™ Street, a unique combination of off-road look with on-road agility KAROO™ 3, dedicated to off-road raids and adventure journeys KAROO™ Extreme, a product developed to compete in the professional Rally races Main features:
      On-road agility: KAROO™ Street tire provides excellent handling and grip in comparison to its knobby tire competition, due to the sport touring derived profiles that deliver a typical on-road dynamic behavior. Wet grip and wet handling: Enhanced safety with reliable grip in wet conditions, generated by the high silica compounds that promote chemical grip on wet asphalt. Off-road traction: The KAROO™ Street’s layout of blocks and variable spacing between the knobs provides excellent dirt road traction especially in long-distance clay and hard-packed trails. High-speed stability: Large sized blocks and their coupling to a stiff carcass, provides perfect stability at high speeds on road, even when fully loaded with luggage and passenger. High mileage: KAROO™ Street tire offers high effective mileage, the result of introducing abrasion-resistant compounds.
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      Has anyone used this TUbliss Tubeless Core Tire System?  http://nuetech.com/tubliss/#performance
      I wondering how good this could be. Here is a U-Tube:
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      So I've been here in Utah for 3 years and I've usually stuck to my favorite tires for Washington State, which is the Michelin S12 rear (Starcross Soft Now) and M12 front (Starcross Medium). I'm usually at 5 mile (only riding buddy loves it and I just like riding, but I'm trying to find a decent tire for places like Cherry Creek and American Fork Canyon along with 5 Mile. Anyone have any suggestions? I've been looking at getting the Starcross Medium for the front and possible the Hard for the rear or getting the Maxxis Maxx cross Desert tire for the rear and the Medium Starcross for the front. All help would be greatly appreciated. 
      P.S forgot to mention I am running a 2016 YZ250x. 
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      I just picked up my bike and the shop ordered the tires to my bike. I didnt know exactly what tires they got, I thought they were getting the stock size at least for the bike. Looks there is a taller tire on the back and the front tire looks regular size. Will this cause any issues performance wise or mess with the way the bike runs? View pic below. Thanks for any help in advance.
      Tire purchased: Shinko 705
      Rear Size: 140/80/17
      Front Size:120/70/17 (stock size?)

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      Well it's getting cold, and the only track that is not frozen solid is a deep sand track. Currently we have a Dunlop Geomax MX3S front tire, and a Gibson MX 5.1 paddle rear tire.
      The boy seems to do ok, but I got a recommendation to try the Dunlop Geomax MX11 sand tire on my CRF250. So I got to thinking if there is something better for the CRF150 also? Boy rides big wheels...