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Homemade Flywheel Holder Tool


They say necessity is the mother of all invention, I agree. I decided to build this flywheel holder because I am unemployed and dont have the money to be throwing around on over priced tools. The other methods some of you may use to remove the crankshaft nut did not work for me. I tried an impact wrench, oil strap, and putting it in gear while holding the brake down. I also did not like the idea of the jamming something in the clutch basket method. If you have also tried these methods and had no luck than building this tool is the way to go. Its like the saying " The right tool for the right job" and this is one case where it where it applies extremely well.

I built this flywheel holder for about $5.50. I have seen this sort of tool go for $30+ dollars online. The price for you will vary by a dollar or so depending on what you already have laying around. I already had some nuts and bolts around so I only needed the steel bar and 4 nuts.

I built this for a 06 YZ250F so you may need to change the bolt size according to you bike. For my bike a 5/16 bolt fit perfectly. I think this tool is simple enough to build for anyone just by looking at the pictures but i will try to detail what i did in each step.

Parts List

3/16 x 3/4 x 3ft steel strip

two 5/16 x 1 1/2" bolts

four 5/16 nuts

one 3/16 x 3/4" bolt

one 3/16 nut

one washer


First, cut the steel strip into one 14" strip and one 6 1/2" strip. You can use a hacksaw, a cutoff wheel, or what ever else you have that can cut steel.


Second, drill a hole using a 5/16(or what every size you need for your bike) drill bit into one end of each steel strip. I used a drill press for this step. If you dont have one a hand drill should work just fine but you will have to work a little more. Put a piece of scrap wood under the steel strip so as not to drill into you work surface.


Next, lay the smaller piece of steel strip on the larger strip with the two 5/16 hole aligned. Place one of the 5/16 bolts through both of the holes to secure the strips for the next step. Both strips should be parallel and squared to each other. Now drill a hole at the other end of the small piece straight threw both pieces. Use a 3/16 drill bit for this step. This hole will be for the pivot screw. You may want to clean up the drill holes and cut ends strip for sharp spots using a file. Place the 3/16 bolt with a washer through the pivot hole and secure it with the nut on the other side.

flywheelholdertool004.jpg flywheelholdertool005.jpg flywheelholdertool006.jpg

Take the two 5/16 bolts and thread a nut to the end of each bolt. The purpose of two nuts on each bolt is to secure the bolt into the tool and to adjust the depth of the bolts into the flywheel.


Now place each bolt into the 5/16 hole and secure it with a nut. Thats it, your done. Simple eh.

flywheelholdertool008.jpg flywheelholdertool009.jpg flywheelholdertool010.jpg flywheelholdertool012.jpg

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