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Homemade Ice Vest for Hot Weather Riding


During the hot and humid summers here in Atlanta Georgia, I wear my homemade ice vest while riding.

Here are instructions to make a DIY Ice Vest:


I also made an ice pack for your neck and shoulders. I took an airplane neck pillow, took out the padding and replaced it with small plastic 100ml frozen water bottles from Ikea.


I wear it under my chest protector to keep it from moving around and it also acts like a neck roll. Using the ice vest by itself also acts as a chest protector.

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    • By jtiv19
      Ive got the heated jacket liner and gloves from First Gear. (made by Warm and Safe heated gear) I have a duall controller for each. Ive done some searching and it looks like it would be a bad idea to run both at the same.(At full power)
      Jacket liner 90 watts
      Gloves 15 watts each
      I would like to be able to run both at maybe half power for those really cold days. It wont be very often here in eastern NC. I have done the free power mod and have the edge led tail light. Stock headlight and turn signals. I also have battery tenders available at work and home.
      Id like to install a volt meter to monitor whats going on when riding but have no idea where to install it on the electrcal system. Also what is the minimum reading I can go to without doing any damage. Sorry if this has been covered before but I'm pretty clueless when it comes to electricity and dont want to fry my bike.
    • By supervokes
      Every year I set an objective over the winter months (ie lighten my bike, etc.).
      This year it was to rid my bike of all "made in China" goods and support Canadian and US manufacturers to the highest level.
      I am amazed at the number of quality companies in the US manufacturing excellent parts and offering great service (ie Promoto Billet, Cycra, Rekluse, FMF, etc.)
      Anyway, I "think" my bike is now "china free" (cannot control where the manufacturers make the parts), so I am now looking at clothing. Already have the boots and helmet covered (OK, not US made, but not China made either).
      Anybody know of US companies (or other) who manufacturer riding gear (jerseys, pants, etc) not manufactured in China ? I am thinking KLIM off the top of my head ?? Its time for replacement, so I am now looking at options .. "if" they exist ??
      PS ... I don't care if you have all Chinese made parts on your bike... .... a Chinese I-phone ... heck even ride a Chinese bike !! ... I am not debating this (save your opinions), just wondering if ANY companies manufacturer riding gear that is made in the US or Canada (or secondly not in China)?
    • By slolane
      Curious what motorcycle gear others are wearing for different riding on the LRP.
      I'm in need of some summer gear and want a DS helmet too. I just started to look around, for now here is what I use...
      Icon 1000 Chapter jacket in grey. Very high quality piece, love this jacket.
      Couple different pair of gloves depending on temps.
      Firstgear Kilimanjaro Jacket, nice and warm.
      Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 heated gear: Jacket liner, pant liner and leather gloves.
      Firstgear Overpants, I only wear these on the longer rides.
      A few pair of fleece lined jeans and cargo pants.
      I want to pick up a new textile/mesh jacket for those hot days. Since I ride 90% street anyway maybe just a mesh street jacket?
      I'm down to two helmets, an old Shoei RF800 and a new Bell Star Rally Red with monochromatic shield. Unless I'm going to leave my helmet on the bike then I will take the Bell, the auto tinting shield works perfectly, WAY better than some cheaper glasses that I have had that do that. Now am looking to add a DS helmet, maybe the Arai XD-4?
      Funny thing is I have been riding street for 22 years and had the same leather jacket until 2 years ago when I started to get better gear. I always got a new helmet every 5-6 years but that was it really. I have to say having nice gear really makes the ride for me, never really noticed it until recently though.
      Anyway, please share what you have or plan to get, and any advice on DS helmets would be good too.
    • By Muaythaicameron
      Looking to get a camelbak for a scramble this month. Anyone have any suggestions of which to buy? I don't need a huge backpack with the ability to carry tools or anything.