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How to Carry Motorcycle Trail Maintenance & Clearing Tools


The pruner and saw are pretty easy to carry.  The lopper is more problematic.  Here is how I carry mine.  So far carrying it here has been a total non-event.  It hasn't  caught on anything or interfered with my riding in any way.

There are two velcro material loops (https://www.harborfreight.com/3-4-quarter-inch-x-35-ft-roll-hook-and-loop-cable-strap-96215.html)  holding the Lopper.  The one on the riders right is looped through the handguard and is just large enough to slip the blade of the lopper through.  The one on riders left just loops around the metal of the handguard  It is adjusted to that the "top" handle of the lopper will fit in it when the blade is in the other.  The bungee holds the lopper firmly against the headlight. 



To install the lopper I hold the lopper upside down,  I slide the "top" handle through the loop on the riders left.  Then insert the blade in the loop on the riders right.  I then swing the lopper down so that the bottom handle sits on the headlight plastic and connect the bungee.  One hook on the bungee hooks to the handguard metal, then down around the lower headlight mount, up and around the "bottom" lopper handle then around the handguard metal, and back to hook on the "bottom" handle of the lopper.




By inserting the blade in upside down and then rotating it down captures the curved portion of the blade and keeps the lopper from moving left to right.




You can see that the riders left velcro loop is loose.  That loop is probably unnecessary, but at least it will hold the lopper somewhat in place if the bungee fails.  The lopper might flop around in that case but it won't immediately fall off.

Yes, carrying it this way has marred the headlight plastic.  I do have a piece of velcro material around the "bottom" handle to minimize the marring after I noticed the damage.  



There is a small space behind the headlight plastic that the pruner fits into nicely without interfering with anything.  I put a rubber band around the clutch tubing and looped it over the pruner handle to keep it from jumping out.

That's it.  I hope it gives you some ideas on how to carry your tools.

Good Luck


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