How to Bleed Brakes - Video Tutorial

Shane Watts

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      My sons been complaining the last couple races that his brakes are little on the long side and wants me to upgrade them. I've ridden his bike before and the brakes are under par in comparison to my KX450 or my other sons KTM 65SX. I don't want to spend a bunch of money unless it's really a need so these are the options I've come up with. I'm looking for some feedback from anyone thats been down this road.
      1. replace the brakes pads with a more aggressive pad & braided line $100
      2. swap to the dual piston setup from a crf450R and Applied racing bracket total cost about $188 with new pads
      3. oversized 240mm rotor, new pads and adapter $190
      4. oversized 240mm rotor, applied racing adapter, dual piston caliper from crf450r, pads and braided lines $450 or so. (not really an option lol but would be nice)
      The cheapest is option 1 but will it really solve the issue or only be a bandaid and then later I'll end up spending more money.
      Any input would be great.
    • By driftnick
      I got a 09 Suzuki RMZ 250, the front brake felt mushy (but the front brake does work, not much though, and new pads have been installed), so I bled the brake system as the suzuki service manual says to do it, but no luck! I tried bleeding it with mighty-vac, still no luck!, I have tried a few different ways to bleeding the brakes, but I just cannot do it right! Always leaves the brake feeling mushy and not working properly! (lever goes straight to the bar, just a small amount of resistance when I pull on the lever).
      I have tried to bleed brakes on a few of my bikes in the past, but it always ends up giving me a spongey brake at the lever..(I know other people find bleeding brakes difficult, I thought there may have been a sticky on TT about this subject,)
      How does everyone else bleed their brakes?, certain techniques or info would be great, Thanks.
    • By eyeopenher
      if you changed your brakes, what brake pads and/or rotors are you using??? any recommendations??? did you change your brake cables and upgrade??? master cycliders guards??? anything brakes, lets hear em!!!
    • By HondaDude21
      Which do you guys like to use or think is the best? I personally use my front brakes all the time. Just always have. Every time I use back brakes it stretches my chain and makes it loose. May seem like a stupid topic and it is. But if you think about it, you use one a lot more than the other.
    • By 5kcstq
      Hello all...  It was time to replace the front brake rotor on my X, so figured might as well try the floating oversized rotor from RockyMtn ATV/Tusk.  I'm a late/hard braker, and while the stock is sufficient in the dirt, on the street, I could use some more front brake sometimes. Anyhow, the new rotor and caliper bracket installed fine and definitely provide better feel and stopping power in the dirt and on the street.  Overall it seems to be a great upgrade!