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How to fix Enduro and MX Clothing

Enduro Chris

My ortheses rubbed a hole into the knee area of my Enduro Freestyle pants. Here is how to fix this the fast and easy way..

Tools required:

- Scissors

- Hot Glue Gun

- Hot Air Gun (preferably temperature controlled)

Materials required:

- Old polyester clothing (e.g. old motorcycle pants)

Here is a video showing the procedure (link)

Step 1. Cut a piece of fabric out of the old pant (with about the size of the area to be patched).

Step 2. See if it fits the area to be patched.

Step 3. Using the Hot Glue Gun apply a thin layer of Hot Glue on the patch. The thinner the better..

Step 4. Heat it using the Heat Gun. First find the right temperature to melt the glue but not the patch..

Step 5. Apply the patch with some pressure. Be careful not to burn your fingers..

Step 6. Heat the patched area using the Hot Air Gun. Apply some pressure to the patch afterwards.

Step 7. Apply a very thin coat of glue around the edges of the patch using the Hot Glue Gun. The thinner the better..

Step 8. Heat the sealed edges of the patch using the Hot Air Gun. Let the glue soak into the fabric.

Step 9. Let everything cool down and check the seal. The patch should be as flexible as the original fabric..

Congratulations. You´re done.

Now enjoy and go riding..

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