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How to make your own flexible fuel mixture screw


Ever been bored or really ticked off by not being able to reach your fuel screw for trailside adjustments?  Well, I decided to do something about it, and not spend a bunch of money to boot!

Parts liste included:

  • Short length of brass tube.
  • Short piece of old, broken speedometer inner cable.
  • Nut from the rejects bin.  

I welded the nut to the speedometer cable inner and soldered the other end to the fuel screw using the brass tube as a connector.  I didn't need or fab up a holder for the end, but I wouldn't be too hard. My DIY flexible fuel mixture screw works great and the price is right! I highly recommend this mod.

Cheap, but effective DIY fuel mixture screw

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What bike did you fab this up for? So, you'r just installing it as needed vs. creating a retainer so I can stay on the bike? What do you reckon you have in materials cost? Commercial units sell for the low 30 dollar range, so curious... Thx for sharing your handywork.:thumbsup:

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I did this for 04 CRF250X.  Just tuck the nut end under the clutch lever, it stays there and doesn't move.

But you do have a good point.  I'll probably fab something up shortly and will post it.

R&D Flex Jet Fuel Mixture Screw is $30, I may have $4.00 in parts and 30 min in R&D and fab.  So it depends on how I count my time.  But, in reduced frustration.... well worth the time to make it, and not wait on shipping.

Probably do it for my WRs next.


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On 8/7/2018 at 11:50 PM, ronbuell said:

Added a couple more photos.  Tried to add a movie clip but not allowed.

You can't upload a video clip, but if you have the video host on say, Youtube, tap the "share" link below the video, copy the link, and simply past it where in your article that you want it to appear.

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