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How to polish aluminum frame test - Mother's Polish and Power Ball


Hi Everyone,

After reading for weeks on the various tips and tricks on how to polish and aluminum frame, I decided to test a few methods using my 2008 YZ250F as the guinea pig. There is so much conflicting opinions online it's really hard to determine the best way to polish and aluminum frame. If you add on top of that all the silly ass remarks and idiots who don't even bother to post photos, it's a recipe for stupidity. Hopefully, this series of posts will help those of you who want to do this yourself and have gotten stuck in all the chaos of opinions.


In this first test, I took probably the easiest method to try and it has a really low cost. I used Mother's Aluminum polish and Mother's Power Ball applicator to polish the right side of my aluminum frame. You can purchased these products at any decent auto parts store for less than $50. I did not use any other products - nothing to take the coat off the stock frame, etc. I did use a few terry cloth towels to hand polish the tight areas where the Power Ball would not work easily. It only took about 1 hour to polish the right side. Admittedly, I did it pretty quick just to get the test results.


You can see pictures of the results at - email if you want other pics. These are high res images that show you the end results well.


While this definitely added some shine to my frame, it was far from trick and not the result I wanted. It ended up giving my frame a shiny and foggy appearance. It was impossible to see any reflection in the frame. It looks better than the stock frame, but not the result most of you want. You can also still easily see a lot of scratches in the frame - bummer. If this isn't the desired result you want - then look for my next post where I try multiple grades of grit to sand the left side.

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