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    • By Dylan Swicegood
      Recently got this bike and it was pretty neglected by previous owners. I decided to do some maintenance due to the fact that I broke my wrist.
       I noticed trying to replace the fork seals and bushings that the left side damper compresses and stays compressed fully while the right side pushes in and back out. Any reason as to why?  
      Also the bushings on the dampers are different on both sides. Is that normal? 

    • By Ian Oakes
      Earlier this year I put a Lifan 125 with an automatic clutch into an XR70 for my 9 year old son. Now he's learnt to ride the automatic clutch had become a problem as he's unable to pop the clutch to do wheelies and donuts etc (although he taught himself to slightly depress the gear lever slightly to disengage the clutch and pop the front wheel). I know I can swap the motor out for about $280 AUD off ebay, but I was wondering if it was possible to do a conversion. I've found the following parts on ebay
      Clutch case
      Manual Clutch
      I know I'll also need a lever and cable, but what other parts do you think I'll require?
      I've also seen a conversion kit for $165 USD, but it's for 88 to 108cc engines and once I convert it to local currency and pay for postage I might as well buy another engine, which won't go down well with the wife.
      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    • By Gatorade88
      I have never paid for a brand new dirt bike but might consider it sometime in the future. What's your guys' opinion on maintenance on a newer bike. Is it hard or easy? I have no problem working on dirt bikes at all but have never worked on things like fuel injection, air forks, etc.
    • By BlackEagle077
      I found an old ASV clutch lever in my dad's old motocross gear. I assume it is for a 05-10 KX250F. It was still in the box and looked brand new. I have a 15 YZ250FX and was wondering if the lever could fit on my bike. The ASV clutch lever has a hot start lever on it, my bike does not. If I can't fit the lever on my bike it will give it to one of my friends. One has an 07 YZ250f and the other has a 12 KX250f. If I can fit the lever on my bike could i do anything with the hot start lever or will it just have to hang there?

    • By Jp-2405
      Hi I have a 2017 ktm 85sx 17/14. I was wondering is there anyway to adjust my clutch because when I first start to ride it seems to be dragging a little bit like when I’m in first going down a hill it will engine break a little(not enough to hurt it but I still blip the throttle to be safe)Is there any way to adjust it like a cable. I read the factory manual and all it says is to adjust the lever but I don’t know if that would help but I will try. Any suggestions?