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How to shave and step a seat


How to shave and step a seat: step by step pics...

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    • By Philliprowe
      Hey guys, new here. I tried the search before doing this but didn’t find too much. Maybe I did it wrong. Well I currently have a 2008 kx250f I just did my oil change 2 days ago and realized the glass having a whitish look to it. Oil that came out didn’t look milky or feel weird though. Bike as been running great and I checked my coolant and levels seem to be fine. Also my crankcase hose has a milky white oil coming out after riding... the oil in the sight glass is fine though? I also checked to my head gasket. I was told I could check it by taking the rad cap off and start the bike to see for any constant bubbles. There was no bubbles besides some little ones and the initial start up but they went away quickly. What should I do?
    • By Mudd butt
      Model Year
      FE 250
      Model Code
      Front - 260 mm disc, Brembo twin-piston floating caliper
      Rear - 220 mm disc, Brembo single-piston floating caliper
      238.8 lbs. (108.3 kg)
      Ground Clearance
      14.57 in. (370 mm)
      Seat Height
      38.19 in. (970 mm)
      1-cylinder, 4-stroke
      Bore x Stroke
      78 x 52.3 mm
      Fuel System
      Keihin EMS
      Fuel Capacity
      2.2 gal. (8.5 l)
      Wet, DDS multi-disc, Magura hydraulics
      25 CrMo4 steel central-tube frame
      Front - WP USD Xplor 48 with preload adjuster; 300 mm travel
      Rear - WP shock absorber with linkage; 330 mm travel
    • By Crhenn23
      Hey guys, I traded my used 2017 ttr230 for a nice used 2012 kx250f. I stripped the kx250f down to the frame and rebuilt it. Took top end off and the piston and cylinder were in great shape. There is no play in the crank or connecting rod. I adjusted the cam chain and valves. It starts first kick and idles perfect. I took it out on the trail for 2 hours and it ran like a champ. 51.7 hours on the bike as it sits now. Here is a video of my bike idling on the stand.
      I have never owned a Kawasaki, and was scared about the loud engine noise. Watched many YouTube videos and noticed the 2011-2016 make the same engine noise even when brand new. Here is another video of a brand new bike with 1.7 hours on it sounding almost the same. 
      Can you guys confirm that this loud engine noise is just a kawasaki thing for my peace of mind haha.
    • By Ghent's05KDX200
      My manual says to run oil 10w-30 or 10w-40. What brand makes the best clutch oil for a two stroke? What oil do you guys and girls run in your Two stroke dirt bikes? any particular ones to stay away from? Also, semi synthetic, full synthetic, or non synthetic?