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How to shave and step a seat


How to shave and step a seat: step by step pics...

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    • By Kawirider04
      Hello i have a 2009 klx 140L that i plan on modifying. I am installing big bore kit to 170cc's, modifying the airbox, high flow K&N air filter, and gutting stock muffler because other mufflers are just too expensive. Once i do this all i know it will WAAAAAAAAY lean it out probably to the point where it wont start. Can i run stock carb and just get new needles and jets? 
    • By clappedoutkx
      1-cylinder 2-stroke engine, water-cooled, with reed intake and exhaust control
      124.8 cm³
      54 mm
      54.5 mm
      Starting aid 
      Kick starter
      6 gear, claw shifted
      Engine lubrication 
      Mixture oil lubrication
      Primary ratio 
      Secondary gear ratio 
      14:50 (13:50)
      Liquid cooling system
      Wet multi-disc clutch / hydraulically operated
      Ignition system 
      Contactless, controlled, fully electronic ignition system with digital ignition timing adjustment, type Kokusan
      Central tube frame made of chrome molybdenum steel tubing
      WP Suspension Up Side Down 4CS
      Shock absorber 
      WP Monoshock with linkage
      Suspension travel Front 
      300 mm
      Suspension travel Rear 
      330 mm
      Brake system Front 
      Disc brake with four-pot brake caliper
      Brake system Rear 
      Disc brake with one-pot brake caliper, floating brake discs
      Brake discs – diameter Front 
      260 mm
      Brake discs – diameter Rear 
      220 mm
      520 X-Ring
      Steering head angle 
      Wheel base 
      1,471±10 mm
      Ground clearance (unloaded) 
      355 mm
      Seat height (unloaded) 
      960 mm
      Total fuel tank capacity approx. 
      11 l Unleaded premium fuel (95 octane), mixed with 2-stroke engine oil (1:60)
      Weight without fuel approx. 
      96 kg
    • By filterx
      Well I've waited until Dec 1st to post this so Dakar Jan 6th to the 17th 2019

      As always looking forward to this big boy event and seeing Short back and hope he does well
    • By Nicholas Dorsey
      Hey all, new member here.
      I've had my KLX650C for about two months now and have somehow managed to break all 6 tabs on the rear hub/coupling. I purchased a KLR hub only to find out the spacing and bearing aren't the same. Does anyone here have one they are willing to get rid of? I cant find one on the internet anywhere.
      Thank you and I appologize in advance if any posting rules were broken in the making of this post.
    • By Noah Palmer
      I’m relatively new to dirt biking, I blew out the shock on my 06 125 and I’m trying to figure out the size of the shock I need (not trying to get a OEM) if someone can link me the size/ where to find a fitting shock it’d be much appreciated