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Husky Auto Trans Mod


My husky is a 1987/88 430 auto and this is a clutch modification that I made to 2nd and 3rd gear to compensate for excessive wear. This works for my husky and I see no reason why it won't work for other models but I can make no guarantees as I have no experience with other models.

Because autos are now getting long in the tooth and some parts are hard to come by I used this modification to get mine working properly again. As the brass clutch shoes wear down they must, obviously, move out further to engage the drum and mine were having to move 3/8" and were always breaking their springs - often I was breaking four of the six springs after only one hours riding. The maximum operating stretch limit for the springs is about 1/4" (6mm) before they are into the danger zone so I did the following.

I measured how far the shoes were moving to engage and then had them drilled and tapped them to install small screws to reduce the travel. I then had new springs custom made with the neck extended to suit the needed dimensions.

The shoes that I am now using are locally cast and machined items because the holes in the tips of my factory shoes where the springs hook in were flogged out and very oval shaped to the point of being near to pulling all the way through. Hence the shoes in the photos are different to the factory items but do the same job.

The photos show both a standard and custom springs as well as the small screws that I used. Also you can see how the screws were positioned and how the finished item looks. My screws are just a little too close to the shoe tips but that is where the engineer put them so I will live with it.

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nice  work .   what  kind of  money did  that  run you??  .  i  am  sure  that is  something  others  would like to know.   any particular   type  of brass,        there  ware  several   types,  oilite,  red,  etc.....

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very smart idea mate !

at the British MXGP 2 years ago, I wandered into the Cosworth Yamaha trailer and got talking to one of the techies there and he told me that he owned an '84 500AE back in the day and he used to have the clutch shoes lined with a layer of steel when they became worn......sounded like a good idea but much more involved than your fix to the same problem

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