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Jetting D-Base for YZ/WR 250F


Nope it didn't fix it.
I took it back to the shop in traverse city Michigan and they bought and installed a fmf jet kit and told me it was fixed and charged me another $145.00 and now not only does it have a big bog but also has a serious hesitation at mid throttle.
Please help!!

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    • By troyhaytroy
      I have a 2007 DRZ400SM with a gasket and silicon sealed fmf exhaust, q4 muffler, and powerbomb header. It has a Keihin 39 FCR Racing Carb with all the conversion parts, 3x3 mod, and No Toil foam air filter. The bike has stock gearing and I am 155lbs. Everything else drivetrain related is stock, and it has 12,000 miles. I have the JD Jet Kit for this bike and carb. What is the best starting point for jetting setup with this configuration? Main, pilot, needle, air jets, etc. 
      Also, the carb is extremely difficult attaching back to the stock air box. Is there an easier way than trying to pry it in?
    • By rulo87
      Hi guys,
             I recently got a 2015 250 XC-W, which came with the original jetting, and that I need to re-jet to accommodate  altitude here in Colorado, as most of the riding I do is between 7500-1000 ft.
      I have no experience at all in jetting bikes, as I have always ridden at sea level before, so I'm trying to figure out what's the best choice I can pick from what's out there, or at least the ones I'm aware of.
      Having this said, I have been trying to decide between two choices
      1. Get a JDJetting Kit
      2. Get the Original KTM Needle and Jets that are recommended on the owner's manual.
      Without reading anything or getting any kind of insight, my first impression was, ok, if KTM is making the ones that I need, it would make more sense to get those as the actual manufacturer is making them, but based on what I have been seeing on some sites, seems like the JD ones might even be a better choice, but I was not able to define what makes them better, and if that's actually the case, so wanted to get your thoughts on it.
    • By Rileyboi
      The stage 2 kit calls for 150 main for stock exhaust and 155 main for a aftermarket. Has any one put the 155 in and left the stock exhaust with anticipation of replacing it in the not to distant future? Just trying to prevent myself from having to do a job twice for a stupid reason. Thanks
    • By Ronaldo156
      I saw one member mentioned purchasing a pwk from JD jetting, has anyone else gone that route as well? how do you like it compared to stock? I have one with his needles setup with a new metering rod from one of our honda forum members that was initialy going to be for the honda, but if it would really wake up this tx that would be awesome! for the first couple hours im just running stock factory everything till she breaks in a little, but will be switching soon to a a 50:1, or 60:1 mix with e free/100llav fuel for the sake of motor longevity. the PWK was a real difference on 02, and that new metering rod only makes the intake much more efficient.
    • By gmoss357
      This is a basic copy from the 450 forum but thought it would be useful to us. Please post your jetting specs. Sunruh, can you make this a sticky?
      Model (YZ or WR 250F):
      Timing (WR-YZ):
      Main jet:
      Pilot Jet:
      Fuel screw (turns out):
      Needle model/Clip position:
      Airbox lid (on or off):
      Altitude where you ride:
      Temperature where you ride:
      Other mods:
      Degree of satisfaction: