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Jetting D-Base for YZ/WR 250F


Nope it didn't fix it.
I took it back to the shop in traverse city Michigan and they bought and installed a fmf jet kit and told me it was fixed and charged me another $145.00 and now not only does it have a big bog but also has a serious hesitation at mid throttle.
Please help!!

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    • By Ghent's05KDX200
      Looking at a JD Jetting kit for my 2005 KDX200.  Does anyone have any experience with it? I'm not good when It comes to carbs so I thought this might make it easier. let me know your thoughts on it.  here's the link to it https://www.jdjetting.com/xcart5/jdka03-kawasaki-kdx200-95-06-kdx220-97-05-.html?category_id=53
    • By jld86_husky
      I put an aftermarket FMF factory 4.1 exhaust on my bike love the sound and the pipe however on the decel get some popping, was advised to get the jd jetting kit.  I installed the kit very easy plug and play however I need some help with the modes and how to tune can't find any videos online anyone with experience with this kit your input is greatly appreciated.  Thanks
    • By Preston_reed
      I'm new to the forum and need some help! A few weeks back I purchased an 01 drz400e that was pretty ugly and needed some love. The bike had trouble starting, it would only start if you gave it a little bit of throttle and held the throttle barely open until it was warmed up then it would idle on its own. If you did not constantly hold the throttle a little open it would die. It rode pretty well and would rev all the way out just fine. So I assumed the issue was jetting and it was to lean, no problem. 
      I ended up stripping the bike down to the frame, getting the frame powder coated and a bunch of other stuff, I bought supermoto wheels and tires, all sorts of new parts and I'm just now getting everything back together and the bike isn't starting/ running properly at all! As far as the engine/ carb the only thing I messed with was I installed the jd jet kit and did the air box mod using the red needle 3rd place, and the 160 jet. Fuel screw is about 1 and 3/4 turns out.  I cleaned out the rest of the carb as well. I also removed the valve cover , water pump housing and the coolant inlet piece above the exhaust and powder coated them. 
      I don't have the entire bike back together including plastics, brakes, street legal wiring etc. but I do have enough to start the bike and run it so I thought I would do so and it was a complete fail. 
      The bike turns over fine but doesn't seem to want to start unless I give it a little throttle like before. Then it will start up while I'm still giving it throttle but now it barely runs. It sounds bad and sounds like it's running very slow or something. The bike will do this while I hold the throttle a little open for about 30 seconds or so then all the sudden rev up pretty high(which actually sounds pretty good) then die. Oh and it is puffing out some white smoke:(((. 
      I know I must of done something wrong when putting everything back together but I'm no expert mechanic and need help diagnosing the issue. I did check the valves while the engine was out and they were in check. I'm not sure if I ran some of the hoses to the incorrect place, did something wrong with carb, messed up a gasket on the valve cover or water pump or connected the wiring wrong. I would really appreciate any help, I've spent a lot of money on this bike and really want to ride it. 
    • By Sasha Rudolfski
      I just got a JD jetting kit for my fcr39mx.  Supposedly these are supposed to be genuine keihin jets but some of them have the K start and others don't...For example, the 155 main jet is labeled AB155 no K star mark anywhere the pilot jet has a 42 printed on it but no K star, the 160 and the 170 mains do have a K star.  Are they all genuine Keihin jets or have I been given some fugazi fazool jets??? 
    • By Yamalube317
      Well I have been riding for a little now here in RI and the temps have been around 40-50 degrees. I am running jd jetting. 45 pilot 175 main and blue needle number 3. She was running nice when it was 50 out and the needle clip was in the second from the top position. Now it drops to 40 degrees and I have this massive flat spot before the pipe hits. Not a bog, just feels like no power, I have to flick the clutch to get her out of it. I went to blue three like it says in the directions but it doesn’t seem to have helped. 
      I am really thinking of going with the 40 power jet just haven’t bought it yet and done the job been to lazy lol. But what else can I do to rid this flat spot?  Is it my pilot jet?  Should I try a 48?  I’m almost ready to ditch the jd needle and run a zuki necj needle. Thanks for any help.