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    • By LSHD
      My new favorite summer riding shorts. These have a very cool mesh base material but have hard plates on hips, thighs, and even the tailbone. Medium fits pretty tight on me (waste size 32 in Levis), but didn't notice them at all while riding, which surprised me. Can get them used or "new old stock" on eBay for less then $35. New retail is much higher.

    • By Ron Denham
      looking for supermoto guys or girls to brap with. so far theirs 3 of us. looking for a couple more to ride with and get lost and explore with and do fun shit with, 
      no creeps, ass holes, scummy people. keep it real, supermotos, trying to keep it safe and fun and fairly legal and no douchery. theirs a time and place for everything and we dont need tickets and to get screwed up or anything. i sound like a priest or some little bitch saying that but i know alot of shitty people in the world so yea i dont care. 
      3 of us mid 20s, single and free to ride almost all summer other than work getting in the way of riding. we usually just get lost on back roads, towns, wherever the road takes us and cool places. its cool. so hit me up we would love a couple more cool people to chill with and ride with and do supermoto shit with. warren, morris, sussex county areas, washington, hackettstown, even pburg and stuff we ride wherever pretty much, but those general areas. we go out to pa along the deleware alot and stuff, its fun, alright im done typing, just hit me up, we arent bad dudes. id put pics of our bikes and us up and stuff but i dont have any on my computer so, idk just hit me up....
    • By bigbob
      Ok so here it is. Saturday July 1 .   Looking to ride GT or FH...... .
    • By BlackGasHD
      The start of the budget build on my 2017 SSR 125!