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Camo Dave

EDIT "Rear hubs are all the same from 1992 to 2007 125 on up

The 125s and 250s got the right hub as of 1990 but the bigger bikes didn't use them till 1992."

KTM wheels FIT. I have had people asking me about this for quite some time now so I thought id throw this together.

First YES KTM wheels fit.

Rear hubs are all the same from 1990 to 2007 125 on up. Only difference is Cush drive or not and rim size. I now have 3 different KTM rear wheels that I run A 17” 18” and 19”. The 18” is from a 1995 LC4. The 19” is actually a tallen hub but its for a 2002 KTM 400. The 17 is from a 2004 4XX (don’t remember). I have take pics of all the different rear wheels on my bike to show. Notice that the 18” and 17” both have the cush drive hub. The spacers rotors and sprockets are all stock KTM. This is a direct bolt up fitment. Do note that the KTM rear rotor is the same size as a 400S/E 220mm.

The 18”

KTMwheels052.jpg KTMwheels050.jpg KTMwheels048.jpg

The 19”

KTMwheels057.jpg KTMwheels056.jpg KTMwheels055.jpg KTMwheels054.jpg KTMwheels053.jpg

The 17”

KTMwheels065.jpg KTMwheels062.jpg KTMwheels059.jpg KTMwheels058.jpg

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