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Make a sparkplug new again.


Well almost... I swap my plug pretty regularly so it will always be fresh. To freshen up a plug and make it new again, I use a pneumatic spark plug cleaner from Harbor Freight Tools (

I learned this trick back when I was a kid hanging around 'real' mechanic shops. I two or three second blast and my oily plug looked like brand new! The plug cleaner can make a fouled plug work again, and older plugs can be kept in the toolbox or fanny pack as an emergency spare for your bike or someone else's.

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    • By RefonIce
      We are on our 3rd spark plug after 10ish hours of riding.  Does the YZ really eat that many spark plugs or is something else going on?
    • By shift_love
      let me start off by saying, that i am a long time reader, but have never posted until today. I HAVE SEARCHED EXTENSIVELY. all over. i have done multiple fixes and changes. but, here we go...
      I road race in a mini bike series. kx65's are ultra popular and competitive due to their cheapness, speed and weight. I have a kx65, my frineds have kx65's, everyone has kx65's! lol
      My kx65 however seems to have no top end power. I can run lap times close to 2 seconds faster on our endurance bike (which i dont own), and I can always really feel the top end pull on it. Both bikes are modded exactly the same. except one runs race gas, mine does not. I have ridden other peoples kx65's and their bikes also make more top end power than mine does. 
      What its doing is it feels like the top end just flattens out and tapers off right when it should be at peak power. It doesnt bog, it doesnt stutter, it just flattens out and makes no power where there should be 2-4k rpms of more power band. 
      -wiseco 46.5mm piston (72cc), GENUINE keihin pwk28 carb - 132-148 main tested. float level set to factory specs, 42 pilot is golden, clip set to third position, off idle is beautiful, mid is great and will power wheelie shifting from first to second. vforce 3 carbon reeds. moose intake spacer, dent free factory expansion chamber, brand new pro circuit pipe. 
      -crank, piston, and main bearings have 10 hours on them. rings have maybe 1 hour on them, plug color with WOT plug chops in fourth are kinda ehhh, not dark, but not light, but i can never jet it to the point of it being brown on the main jet. i have as of today ordered a 130 main jet to try even leaner settings...color largely remains the same no matter what, power is flatter with richer jetting
      things ive done to try and recitfy this issue
      -new crank seals, split case and resealed it, new piston rings, performed leak down test, held pressure except for at the plugs on the leak down tester. confirmed with soapy water... jetted and jetted and jetted. confirmed timing position. 120psi of compression on brand new rings...maybe they just hadnt seated yet?, new dent free expansion chamber, new head gasket, pit free head, confirmed squish at .65mm at all four corners. squish is however tighter right at the edge due to head gasket being slightly smaller due to 72cc piston (everyone else i race with is like this too though), what else...checked coolant system, no leaks, holds water over the course of a race weekend. 
      last year i ran a grom, it was a pig, i wanted to get results and lap times like i had on my buddies 65, so i got a used clapped out 65 and built it.
      so here we are...makes great bottom and mid power, falls flat on the top, doesnt bog, doesnt stutter, and my gearing is a little bit shorter than some peoples. i get plenty of drive off of other riders on the corner, but they catch, pass me on the striaghts. when trying to pass people, i suck up on them on the brakes and in turns, then they leave me on the straight. its been half a season of me not getting results and im getting heavily annoyed...
       am i simply running out of my powerband and its being exacerbated by slightly shorter gearing? is my clutch slipping and making it feel like it doesnt build anymore power, but the motor isnt really increasing in my stator or coil going bad? who knows. im sure its engine related...
      any more ideas or questions and i will immediately respond because i sit at a desk all day at work, and have pretty much unlimited internet access... 
      long post is looooonnnnngggggggg
      my neighbors are beginning to get pissed at me for screaming around all the time doing plug chops...
    • By simonbaker
      im 20 years old and im from Germany last year I bought my first dirt bike, a 2003 yz 125, i did have no clue about dirt bikes but I have always wanted one so I just bought it. all my knowledge comes from youtube and the internet. Unfortunately I can't go riding very often because of different circumstances, weather sucks here I need my dads car for the trailer etc....
      Here is the issue ever since I got the bike it had a problem with the spark plug. When im at the track the bike starts super well, I ride for a couple labs and then it sometimes just dies, the spark plug is fouled, probably because im riding so slow since im so unexperienced and just getting to know riding (im almost never at full throttle, most of the time id say im at half). I put in a new spark plug and it starts again perfectly... after I go for another few laps the same thing happens again.
      Also one thing I've noticed is that it doesn't run well at idle and often stalls when the clutch is pulled in even after trying to adjust the air screw and the pilot screw.
      Ive tried a hotter spark plug (br8eix) and it helped a little bit but im not sure how long its going to last.
      Do you guys thing I can even try a br7eg? Im scared that it might run too hot and blow up or something, or should I try to rejet it. in that case which jet should I replace? Pilot or main jet? since im only 0- ½ gas most of the time.
      The compression is still good I put in a new top end when I got it and I clean the air filter regularly. 
      I hope some of you may have some tips or answers,
      Thank you in advance
      please excuse any typos or grammatical mistakes..
    • By happybuilder78
      Hello everyone, 
      I am new here so i apologize if there is already a topic about the Honda MT250 Elsinore dirt bike.
      I am just now starting a restoration on my 1976 MT250 Elsinore and I am trying to go through the bike now and see what is re usable and what ill need to replace. Im having trouble finding a good source for parts, possibly because they are now hard to find? im not sure, but i was hoping someone could shed some light on this. 
      Im pretty sure my wiring harness is shot, and needs to either be remade or replaced if i can find a new remake of it. 
      I also know ill be needed new bushings, seals, chain etc....
      One more question! haha........ My bike doesnt currently have lights or a speedometer ( im not sure if it ever did, or if it was removed). Do i need to do any upgrades to the electrical system to add lights and a speedometer?
      Any info would be greatly appreciated
    • By Domcola
      Somebody please help me lol I have a 2009 ktm 300xcw the bike will start fine but wont idle the bike sounds like its hitting a rev limiter or blaaah blaaah blaaah every time I get on the throttle I've tried everything I could think of I've bought new reeds, cleaned all the jets out, changed the powervalve spring,  changed the plug, still nothing I'm going to check the stator and coil tomorrow but I'm lost if it's not the stator or coul