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Maneuver the Rear of Your Bike Without Burning Your Hands!


While some are fortunate enough to have built-in grab holes, many of us don't. Trying to swing the rear of many bikes can get to be a handful, especially with a hot pipe in proximity, and no handy place to grab onto. I made this strap, and attached it between the seat bolts, since if the sub-frame can handle me sitting on it, it should be able to handle a tug up now and then.

Start off with a old backpack strap about 15" long or so, (2) 1/4" diameter eyelets, and an eyelet pliers. The pliers cost me $8, and the eyelets were $2 for a box of 15, all at WalMart, or you can visit any craft or fabric store.


On my DRZ, 13" seemed about right, when you measure yours, be sure you leave enough room to slide your hand between the seat and strap comfortably so you can lift/swing the rear of the bike. You will want to sew over the ends so they don't fray apart.

After sewing over the ends, install the eyelets in the strap, be sure to leave about 1/4" to 3/8" between the eyelet and the end of the strap, to prevent it being pulled out. When installing on the bike, be sure to place a washer between the bolt head and the eyelet, this will help prevent the eyelet from tearing out of the webbing.




Total investment $10, and a person can make 7 of these with one box of eyelets, so that makes the cost less than $2 per strap.

As long as you don't have anything sticking out of your back pocket, you won't catch on the strap. It just slides out of the way.:ride:

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