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MotoFXGraphics.com MX Graphics for Life Contest Round 6 Winner Announced!

Bryan Bosch

The winner of round 6 of the MotoFXGraphics.com "MX Graphics for Life" Member Contest that we're hosting is aka.goose, with his version of the MotoFX "Elite" design. Congrats man! :banana: We think that your design is going to look awesome and we can't wait to see your bike wrapped in them! Be sure to get some good pix and share them up on ThumperTalk. :thumbsup:




Thanks to all whom have entered any of the previous rounds. Did you know that you can play in every round if you'd like? Yup!



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A sincere thank you TT, MotoFX, and to all who voted. Looking forward to posting pics and a review. Super stoked to freshen the bike up for this season. I have a few trips coming up and was barely able to ride last year due to a knee injury, so I'm pumped!

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So far, awesome communication and quick email responses from MotoFX. They customized a little on their own to make the design work for the '07 and added logos as requested super fast and sent a mock-up the following morning after I emailed the files. Kit will ship early next week. I'm stoked. I've seen blue Yamis and I've seen yellow Yamis, but can't remember seeing a blue AND yellow one!


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Received the kit yesterday (that was fast!). Looks great. I'm going to contact them about buying the blue rim stickers and application kit (wasn't sure if that'd be in the pack, but didn't ask as to not bite the hand that feeds) and I'm going to get a price quote on new blue plastics (now that I really look close at my old stock white ones, they're pretty tore up).

I'm familiar with printing sticker kits and must say, these are top notch, good bold color on a high end adhesive with a laminate that is a little clearer and glossier than I'm used to seeing. The shrouds were on a separate piece and it's hard to tell, but the laminate seems to be slightly thicker than the rest of the kit (not sure if they saw my shrouds rubbed through at the knees when they requested pics to verify plastics, or if that's standard for them to do, or I might be tripping and it's the same thickness, I'll update on that later)...If I had one complaint (very minor) is that the holes on the shroud's aren't cut through all the way (nothing an exacto wont fix).


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      MotoFX Graphics - Re-imagining Motocross Graphics

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