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Needed Some Goggles for My First Trip to Moab- Leatt 6.5


      We brought the Leatt 6.5 Velocity along with us on our first trip to Moab. It was a great trip and we got in some great riding. We thought wearing the goggles all day in the heat & sun would give us a good feel for their performance. Just wanted to share some pictures from the trip and and what we liked & didn't like. 


2018 KTM 300 XC-W Six Days ThumperTalk 20th Build we Rode in Moab


Leatt 6.5 Goggle in Moab

One of our favorite things: Safety. Like everything Leatt makes safety is a chief concern. They carried that over in the goggles and have the highest impact rating out of any goggle. They are actually bulletproof. Well, from a .22lr bullet, but it's still a bullet! They carry the Military Ballistic Impact Rating certification, actually. At least you know your eyes are safe from roost.


Me hoping to see some carnage from the side by sides, no rollovers

We were out in the sun riding for about 4 days straight. When you order the goggles you can choose how much light transmission you want to allow. AKA- how much tint on the lens do you want. You can transmit anywhere between 22-83% light transmission(VLT). The ones I wore all week were 28% light transmission. So, a decent amount of tint. I thought it was the perfect amount. I like little tint in my goggles anyway.   


Choose how much lens tint you want when ordering. These are 28% VLT



If you've ever been to Moab you know it's mostly rock, at least the fun stuff for bikes to ride is. The goggles didn't seem to move on my face when bouncing along over the rocks. That was nice. Sometimes the face of the goggle will slip and slide with your helmet and that can be frustrating depending on when it happens. Im not sure if its the wide 50mm strap or the silicone coating doing the work but its nice not to have any movement. 


50mm strap with anti-slip coating


Triple layer foam was comfortable, even soaked in sweat

I never felt like my field of view was restricted at all. I think the 170* field of vision is achieved by how rounded the goggles are coupled with how they cut the foam. The foam is cut out along your peripheral vision and opens your field of vision up. Thought that was a nice little differentiator from other goggles. 

We didn't need a roller system but for one section. There was a section that was non-stop riverbed crossings and me and the crew were all riding through throwing water and mud everywhere. We did manage to take come pictures of the system before we get everything filthy though!


Roller system is additional $20


Pick your flavor 

One of the things we did not like was they are a bit heavier than some of the other goggles we have tested, like the Scott Prospect for example. Now, some people don't care about weight and it's never a concern and additional weight usually translates into additional structural strength. But we just know how they hold up long term just yet. 

All in all it was a good trip and we got some god use out of the goggles. Especially for the first generation of this goggle Leatt did a great job of understanding what consumer wants, like being able to wear glasses with the goggles, and strives to deliver that at a good price point. 

They are $79 retail & $99 with a roller system so not bad at all considering you can spend 2x that on other premium goggles. 

No real drama on the trip other than having a tire bead fail about 10 miles in on the first ride out! I put in mousses for Moab and the tire ended up failing on a mild rock face and would not hold the bead. 


Impromptu bike stand 


Had to put zip ties around tire so it would stay on the rim and then limped the bike back


Not the best place for this to happen

It was a great trip and we're already planning the next one! 


You can check these out on Leatt's website here. (We do not get anything if you order)

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