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New Product! Fly Kinetic 2017.5

Chris Cooksey

This past weekend Fly Racing launched their 2017.5 Kinetic Mesh just in time for the summer.  Fly racing is based in Boise, ID, many former professional racers now work at Fly (Jason Thomas “JT$”, Cole Siebler, Kyle Gills, Jeff “NorCal” Northrop) and the designers take their input seriously when designing the gear.  Fly Racing gear is founded on quality and comfort, including high end features at a mid level price point.  

After riding in 80-95 degree heat last Saturday at MesquiteMX I’m still blown away by how well the gear fits. The Kinetic Mesh gear isn't the “pajama style” vented gear from 3-5 years ago.   The older gear left me looking and feeling ridiculous with an untucked jersey and sagging pants.  With the new 2017.5 Kinetic Mesh, if it wasn't for air flowing through me I would have thought I was wearing regular gear. 

 The Kinetic Mesh Pants retail for $114.95 and $38.95 for the Jersey.  Go to www.flyracing.com for more information, all sizes and colors are available in the TT Store.   Check out Jeff “NorCal” Northrop as he explains further the features and benefits of Fly 2017.5 Kinetic Gear.





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I used the Fly Elite Onset Helmet for work yesterday, and I like it.  At home I ride with a Just1 carbon, and you might think going from a $500 helmet to a $125 helmet in the same day might disappointing, but it wasn't.  

Sizing wise, the Fly seem to run on the small side.  What I like about it is that the fit isn't as snug as some, but at the same time it is stable on the skull.  I wear glasses and a loose fitting helmet causes the whole world to shake.  The Fly proved more stable than my personal helmet.  No problems wearing it all day.  

Cooling seemed good, and without as much wind noise as the higher dollar units I have used.  

The nephew, who has now moved up to the mini class in NH&H, is wearing the Fly Onset in the matte finish.  This is the best looking helmet I have seen in a long time.  I love the finish and texture of the matte.  

The only downside so far is the warning that it will fade in the sun, but that may just be because I got the black/red/hi viz.  Hi viz never holds up well in the sun, but sometimes faded they look good too.    


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