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NEW! Pod K8 Ultimate Knee Protection System

Bryan Bosch



  • Light weight, pre-preg carbon fiber frames combine with the Human Motion hinge system and modular components allow you to create your own custom knee brace.
  • The brace adapts to a variety of activities and sports though the ability to easily add or remove the impact panels as needed.
  • Superior multi-sport performance
  • 630 grams
  • Ideal for multi-sport applications
  • Removable Impact Panel


POD® ligament knee braces set new standards in user Comfort and Confidence™, POD products fit precisely, stay in position and move so naturally that it won't feel like you are wearing a knee brace.

A POD brace supports your knee by creating an alternate load path to the knee joint that distributes forces away from your ligaments towards more robust parts of the leg.

Many of the world's leading athletes choose POD to reinforce their knees without compromise while thousands of amateur athletes rely on POD to stay active.


The intensity of modern sport places the human knee at significant risk which is why POD developed our own Synthetic Ligaments™ to reduce the strain on yours.

Only POD HUMAN MOTION provides support on demand without compromising performance. It has never been easier to protect your knees.

All POD knee braces use proprietary Synthetic Ligaments™ to reinforce the knee's complex range of motion and are easily replaced by the end user after exposure to significant forces or extended use.

Adjustable extension stops are easily inserted to provide progressive control from 0 to 25 degrees.


  • ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotational and combined instabilities
  • Athletes of all skill levels and intensities
  • Low to high contact / impact activities


  • Protects against hyperextension
  • Provides stability (collateral stabilization)
  • Defined range of motion
  • Relieves fatigue

$399.95 MSRP for left or right, $799.95 pair. Sold by authorized WPS dealers.


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