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Off Road Tool Essentials, what you should carry


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Good list, not gonna go into what I carry (a lot of which is what you do) but a few more important item(s) would also be a couple (or a few) 3' webbing loops and a few carabiners for towing or to pull a buddy's bike up to the trail if it went over the  edge. Also a few different sized master links, decent chain breaker, and chain compressor for getting the master link in place. A plastic medicine bottle filled with nuts n bolts of various sizes. Allen and Torx wrench sets (the folding ones have most sizes, but at least 4, 5 and 8mm aliens). A small folding saw (Corona razor saw is worth the $$). If you're gonna carry CO2 compressed "air" make sure your set up is for Schrader valves (what dirt bike tubes have) NOT Presta (what most bicycle tubes have). Very important. Carry one 21 inch tube if possible, will work on a rear 18 inch wheel. I also have a GPS device in case I need to give my coordinates to a helo in a worst case scenario.

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    • By Tahoe Gator
      My two sons and I are proud owners of new a YZ250X, TTR125 and TTR110 and are anxious to get on them. 
      I'm trying to sort out what tools and repair supplies we should be putting in the car and would appreciate any suggestions on the inventory list itself, or suggestions for any of the specific items on it. 
      What I am pretty sure we need, but will need to buy...
      Spare tubes -- HD? -- for all 6 size rims
      Tire levers. How many? Will any do?
      Tire lever rim protectors? Two? Will any do?
      Spare spark plugs
      What I wonder if we need to get?
      Slime (put it in at the start)? 
      Tools I own and plan to bring
      Metric socket set and open-end wrenches
      Hex wrench
      Various screwdrivers
      Various pliers
      Torque wrench
      Portable compressor
      Tire pressure gauge
      Toolbox for the above
      Soap, bucket, brush
      Headlamp / flashlight
      Tape & zip ties
      Repair stand
      Camp chairs
      Anything that am I missing?
    • By Glenn Winters
      Selling my LC8 Tool Board with Tools. I paid around $4k for these new and never used them, sold the bike.

      You can pick them up (San Angelo, TX), or I will pack and ship them for you on your dime.

      They include a wheel lift, engine bracket, and an switch jack attachment. The tools not on the board are LC4 tools which I did not buy. 

      Tool Board 60029066000, around $440 new.
      Tools 60029061000, around $3480 new.
    • By anthony250f

      Tusk tools used once 

      Crank puller/ installer 50$

      Case splitter 50$

      Flywheel holder 10$

      Flywheel puller 24mm 10$

      Chain riveting tool 25$
      Or 140$ bundle 
    • By 2sm0k3
      Stock tool bag for Drz400sm 
    • By YZRS125
      Complete Park Tools wall mount suspension vise. Only used twice.
      Asking $100 including free shipping to lower 48 states.
      Paypal preferred.