Official Launch of the Highly Anticipated Leatt GPX 6.5 Carbon Helmet (Video)

Bryan Bosch

All of us at Leatt are excited to bring you an awesome video recapping our official Media Launch for our brand new GPX Helmet. Nothing but good times were had in the amazing conditions at LACR last week. Along with our GPX 6.5 Carbon Helmet, the media was able to test our new DBX 4.0 Windblock Gloves and GPX 4.5 Lite Gloves. Unsurprisingly we received top class feedback, Check out all the action!









For more info on the new Leatt GPX 6.5 Carbon Helmet, click


User Feedback

The Leatt web site says "from 1285g". I had a large in my house for 3 days and it weighed 1350g on my scale. So, it's a good bit more than 1000g.


I returned mine. The single "turbine" on the forehead left me with a very sore pressure point after 20 mins or so of wearing it. I wore it around the house for about 3 hours in total and it became painful each time. The concept is good but to have the turbine directly in contact with your head puts too much pressure on too small a spot.


The other more glaring problem was that the shell was not aligned to the inner liner well. When you put it on and put your goggles on, you could see that the mouth guard was rotated 1/4-1/2 inch to the right.


The fit was good. Large was right on the money for me since I wear a large in all other helmets I've had recently. The materials seemed excellent. The finish on the shell was excellent. It is a very small helmet shell. You could tell it was obviously smaller when you set it next to my other helmets.


I would have liked to have tried riding in it but the sore spot on my forehead and the poorly aligned shell made it a return item. If it was only the shell issue I would have gladly exchanged it but the pressure point made it a no go for me.

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I would have liked to have tried riding in it but the sore spot on my forehead and the poorly aligned shell made it a return item. If it was only the shell issue I would have gladly exchanged it but the pressure point made it a no go for me.

Yeah, these are designed for round/oval heads, which are the majority of humans out there.  But it sounds like, you have, as I do, are "long/oval" head shape.  This creates a forehead pressure point, and sometimes a little extra room on the sides.  I think the Bell Flex fits okay and a very few others.    But you need to contact the manufactures customer service to get them to tell you for which head shape their helmets are designed.  It does suck having a long/oval head when buying helmets.

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