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Pirelli Introduces All-New SCORPION MX32 PRO Motocross Tire

Bryan Bosch

Provides Increased Range of Versatility for All Skill Level of Riders


SAN DIRGO, CA – January 17, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Pirelli introduced today its latest motocross tire offering with the unveiling of the all-new SCORPION™ MX32™ PRO rear motocross tire. The debut took place inside Petco Park, the site of the second round of the 2016 Monster Energy Supercross series. Race-winning BTO Sports/WPS/KTM racer Andrew Short, who played an instrumental role in the development of the MX32 PRO, was on-hand to provide a glimpse into the on-track testing and development that went into the new tire that boasts an incredible range of versatility for riders of all skill levels.




In addition to Short, Pirelli-supported race teams, test riders and engineers spent countless hours developing the new MX32 PRO before unveiling the design that provides maximum performance and durability. Whether it’s recreation or competition, wet or dry, the MX32 PRO is sure to outshine the competition.


“The entire Pirelli team has put an extensive amount of time into the development of the new MX32 PRO rear tire,” said Pirelli motocross tire technical specialist, Doug Schopinsky. “The endresult is a highly versatile tire that performs extremely well in a variety of conditions and across a wide range of skillsets.”


Boasting larger block sizes, or “knobs”, the MX32 PRO increases the tread contact area and improves durability on both MidSoft and MidHard soil types. Large void area between the tread pitches assures good self-cleaning. Modified side knobs feature “dimples” to optimize lean angle grip and stability for maximum traction and control in turns. Casing depressions, including the iconic Scorpion mark, increase plant and ride comfort, while the tread spacing and crown radius profile broaden the range usage.




The MX32 Pro rear tire will be available in 110/90-19 (MSRP $139.89) and 120/80-19 (MSRP $145.07) sizes and hits authorized Pirelli tire dealers on April 1, 2016.


To learn more about the complete line of Pirelli motorcycle tires, please visit click here.


Founded in 1872, Pirelli is among the largest global tire makers, and focuses its business on the high end, premium product segment where it is a world leader. Present in over 160 countries, Pirelli has 22 manufacturing sites and employs approximately 38,000 people around the world. Successfully competing in motorsports since 1907, Pirelli is currently the exclusive supplier of the Formula 1 championship, the Superbike world championship, and many other championships around the world.


Pirelli Tire North America (PTNA) services NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) member countries through its Modular Integrated Robotized System (MIRS) facility and research and development center at its Rome, Georgia headquarters, its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Silao, Mexico and its New York City, Montreal and Mexico City sales and marketing offices. The company manufactures, distributes and markets original equipment and replacement tires for export and domestic car/motorcycle applications (US, CA, MX) and Agro/Heavy Truck platforms (MX).



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Tires are produced with petroleum.  With the decline in crude oil prices, we should see a substantial decrease in tire prices.  Yet tire prices continue to climb.

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Surprised no one mentioned, what a blatant rip-off the model designation is of Dunlop's tire, not just the price.

You have it backwards, Pirelli has been using mx32 for a while, that's why Dunlop had to change to mx3s.

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$140 for a tire? I know this is MSRP, but they must be joking.

I thought the same thing. my local dealership was selling other pirelli tires for $75 (after tax)

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$140 for a tire? I know this is MSRP, but they must be joking.


You''re just used to the fact the the only one that makes money on tires is the mfr. All the reselllers use them as loss leaders, pretty much covering their costs of selling them to you.

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I have a previous version of this tire in the mid hard. Pretty good, it doesn't have heavy root/rock deflection issues.  

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