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Pre-Ride or Race Hydration!

Jason Raines

Proper Hydration With Jason Raines

Water makes up about 60 percent of your body weight. You can live up to 40 days without food, but you’ll die within a week without water!

Depending on your size, you lose about 4 cups of water per hour of exercise. If it is hot and humid, that number doubles to 8 cup! So if you are losing it that fast, it has to be replaced. Proper hydration before, during, and after exercise has to be utilized.

I recommend drinking a minimum of eight to ten 8oz glasses of fluid each day. You can also schedule to drink more during the day to get into a solid routine. In some cases, it’s a good idea and very convenient, to wear a drink system around while you are doing daily activities.

Water is the best thing to drink, hands down! There are many types of waters out there (natural, spring, well, drinking, distilled, purified etc.) and over 600 brands. Out of all of these I would recommend purified water because it gives you strict control over your mineral and chemical intakes.

If you can’t force yourself to drink plain old water, you can use a “water flavoring” powder. If you choose a sports drink, make sure it does not have a lot of sugar in it. Always pick sports drinks high in electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. Below, I have listed a few of my preferred drinks instead of water.

Leading up to the race, I try and drink 1 gallon a day (especially in the summer) 3 days prior to race day.

Your hydration level should be attained days before the race, not the day of the raced. If you start too late and drink too much, it will just cause you to go to the bathroom a lot. You have to start early!

The Day of the Race or Ride - I drink heavily until 1 Hour before the race, and then with in the 1-hour countdown until race time I sip fluid very moderately. What this does is lets all the water wean out of your system so you don’t get 2 minutes into the race and are looking for the nearest bathroom.

During the Race or Ride - I use a carbohydrate/electrolytes/protein combined sports drink supplement in my drink system. It is specifically designed to replace the nutrients you are losing during exercise and sweating.

After the Race or Ride - You should be drinking within 30 minutes after the race. I always drink some type of post workout recovery drink instead of water, but water is fine if you don’t have a recovery drink.

Preferred Drink List

Purified Water - Can’t go wrong with plain old water!

Accelerade R4

(This is a post workout recovery drink. This product replenishes your muscle glycogen levels, reduces post workout muscle damage and helps you come back stronger! I use this product before and after the race with great results. I prefer the chocolate flavor; I mix it with either water or milk.)

Accelerade Restore

(This is a post workout recovery drink. It has fewer calories and sugars than Accelerade R4 does. This product is designed for workouts lasting less than an hour, so it is a good post workout drink if your workouts are less than one hour.)


(This is a great product that I use in my drink system. It is the only product that is on the market that combines carbohydrates, electrolytes and protein. It comes in many flavors and also is available with caffeine. My favorite flavors are Orange, Orange w/caffeine and Fruit Punch. It also tastes ok when warm after your ice melts in your drink system on those hot days.)

Accelerade Ready to Drink

(This is a sports drink that is higher in calories than most sports drinks. Combined with protein, electrolytes, minerals, and carbs. This is a great drink to use a few days leading up to an event. This product is basically the “Accelerade” product in a non-powder form.)

Accelerade Hydro

(This is the “light” version of the original Accelerade product with fewer calories and less sugar but it still has good vitamin, mineral, carbohydrate and protein content.)

Vitamin Water

(Vitamin water is a product that combines distilled water with vitamins, herbs and flavors.The downfall to this product is its high sugar content.)


(This is a good product that has some vitamins and minerals in it without a high sugar content. When it comes to a better offering of vitamins and lower sodium, Propel does the trick, making it a more desirable choice for body replenishment.)

Caffeine Guidelines

Caffeine is commonly known to be found in coffee and tea. Caffeine gets you up and going in the morning, but did you know it’s also used as a supplement to enhance endurance! That’s because it temporarily reduces fatigue, increase alertness, and boost muscle capacity. It is also used in diet medications because it accelerates the metabolic rate as much as 16 percent. Blood levels of caffeine peak 30-60 minutes after taking it.

How you react to caffeine is highly individualized depending on your body composition, age, usage patterns, and the amount you take. For example young children are highly sensitive to the stimulating effects. Just one can of caffeinated cola (45mg) in a child can be as stimulating as a whole mug of coffee (275mg) in an adult.

Caffeine makes you heart beat faster and possibly will give you the jitters depending on how you react to it and how much you intake.

There are pros and cons to caffeine intake for athletes, so use your best judgment to gage how your body reacts. My personal use is one medium sized cup of coffee a day in the morning each day and even on the day of a race.

(Below is a guide to the amount caffeine found in beverages and foods)


(Below is a guide to the amount of caffeine found in over-the-counter drugs)

-All measurements are on the standard doses of the product

-Because products are constantly changing, contact the manufacturer for up-dates


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